If you are an online seller, the most important question you want to ask is:

What are the top trending products I can sell and make a good profit?

One is always trying to find out the hot products, these products can be your next big hit and your smart way to success in the business.

It is important as a seller to understand what makes a product a good sell and what the different ways to find it are.

In this blog, we will learn about different ways to find the best trending products. What’s more, you can also understand the questions you should ask to qualify that product as a trending product.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: 15 Best Websites to help you perform Trending Products Analysis?

Chapter 2: FAQs about Trending Products

Chapter 1: 15 Best Websites to help you perform Trending Products Analysis?


If you are a new start-up or trying to start an e-commerce business, the most daunting thing for you may be searching for the perfect product. The best trending product will be able to give you a long-term profit, but it is difficult to find out.

However, the amazing part is, due to the active internet connection, you can search for the product that will surely give you a good outcome. And all that is possible due to these product hunting sites.

We are mentioning these sites that consist of features and perks, this information will help you in looking for the product for your online business. Let’s start and discuss these websites.

1. Amazon Suggest – To Find Trending Products


Let’s start with the most famous way to get recommendations from the internet. We all know that what Amazon is and how it is changing the way we buy and sell products.

Amazon inventory is filled with millions of items and people search for their desired items using the search bar.

If you are already a seller on Amazon, you must have used this method to search for the next item you are going to sell. However, if you are a new seller, here is how you can understand this feature. Let’s divide these into steps.

  • Step 1:

Open the website and select the region where you belong.


  • Step 2:

Navigate towards the search bar and type the primary keyword of your niche.

  • Step 3:

Wait for Amazon to give you suggestions related to keywords.


These suggestions are the top searched and trending items by the buyers in your area.

Let’s say that you are opening a store for a shoe brand. Now, the thing is there are multiple items that belong to the shoe category.

There can be shoe types, shoe organizers, or shoe handles. Type the name “shoe” in the search bar and wait for the suggestions.

See, how Amazon is recommending the related searches. Those are the trending products in your area. Using this formula, you can take a look at what type of products are trending in your country/region.

2. Amazon Movers & Shakers – To Find Trending Products

The second method for finding the trendiest item for selling online is Amazon Movers & Shakers. Amazon Movers and Shakers is the list that is generated by Amazon itself.

The list shows the items that have the biggest gains in the last 24 hours. Don’t confuse it with Amazon Top Sellers.

Amazon Top Sellers calculates the list on the basis of customer behavior after 30 days. Whereas, Amazon Movers and Shakers show the trending products on the basis of the last 24 hours.

So, to conclude, Amazon Movers and Shakers is more effective than compared to Amazon Top Selling because it gets updated daily. Now, how can you use this?


You can search “Amazon Movers and Shakers” in the Google and click the link to enter. The top-selling items in the last 24 hours will be shown in the page.

You can also use the filters for checking the status of the product that you want to sell. Apply the filters accordingly and it will do the rest.

3. Google Trends – To Find Trending Products

Amazon Suggests and Movers & Shakers is a good way to search for the trending product. However, there is another thing that you can do for this e-commerce business and that is to use Google Trends.

Google Trends is a platform that is made by Google itself. It shows the hot and latest topics that are in your area. Secondly, it shows the top searches the people made in your country.

The second option is helpful in searching for the item that has the most searches. For instance, if you are trying to start the business of dog treats, type the keyword “dog treats” in the search bar of Google trends.


Google Trends will give you a graph where you will be able to see the line. That line shows the number of searches the people in your area/country made.

You can use the filters to change the country, search results, category type, and search type. It will also show the related topics queries.

Basically, Google Trends is a perfect way to see how your product is behaving in the market. In simple words, it will show how many people searched for that item.

However, you should not depend on Google Trends as these trends can be wrong. Make sure you have the complete research and have all done the backend work before using Google Trends.

4. Jungle Scout – To Find Trending Products


When it comes to searching for the perfect product, the best option is to use Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is basically an Amazon research tool that helps you in finding the best winning product.

Moreover, the application also contains features such as keyword research, estimated sales, and estimated prices for the product. In simple words, it shows which product will be profitable and will help in making a successful business.

In order to make a profitable business, it is important to get your hands on a product that is unique, in-demand, and is listed properly. That is where Jungle Scout comes in. It has a series of features that will help you in doing so.

  • Product hunter

Jungle Scout has a product hunter feature, it helps you in finding the trending product based on factors such as product category, the score of the product (1-10), average price, and the score of success (the higher the score, the better).

  • Product tracker


Secondly, Jungle Scout has a product tracker feature that gives you all the details about the product. Details include parameters such as average price, sales, search volume, and weight.

  • Product database

Jungle Scout has its own database of products that are from Amazon. This section contains info related to the profit calculator, product ranking in the marketplace.


Overall, Jungle Scout is the best website to get information about the related product. It comes in the format of a Google Chrome extension and a website.

To use the Jungle Scout, you need to visit the Jungle Scout website and install the Chrome extension.

Once installed, go to and select the product that you want to evaluate. Open Jungle Scout extension, and it will give you all the related information.

5. Shark Tank – To Find Trending Products

When it comes to product hunting, look for reviews and TV shows related to newly released products is also a good idea to learn more information. That is where Shark Tank comes in.

Shark Tank is a famous product TV shows where millions of startups come and showcase their products. Now, you will be thinking about why this is related to product hunting.


Back in the episode of Shark Tank, a startup came and committed to change the way of playing golf. The name of the start-up was Fling Golf, they designed a new golf fairway that was lightweight and had a lot of features.

Seeing this as a success, the judges gave a good score and bought a percentage of shares. After this episode, Fling Golf got a lot of attention and sold fairways in a huge amount (at a retail price and a sale price).

Shark Tank helped a lot of people in buying Fling Golf fairways and sell them at amazing profits. And that is how the Shark Tank TV series will help you in hunting for the product.

6. AMZScout – To Find Trending Products

Like Jungle Scout, there is another Chrome extension that can be used for finding trending products is AMZScout. We can say that AMZScout is the tool specifically for Amazon selling business.


It has been made for people who want to sell products on Amazon. The tool consists of features such as Amazon FBA fee calculator and sales estimator.

With AMZScout, you can:

  • Search for profitable low competitive products
  • Get popular keywords
  • Buy products from local and international sellers

AMZScout comes with a free trial of 7 days and then you have to pay for the service. After getting the service, follow these steps to search for the product

  • Step 1: 


Enter the name of the product in the AMZScout search bar.

  • Step 2: 

AMZScout search bar

Look through the values that will help you in deciding whether to go for the product or not.

7. Kickstarter – To Find Trending Products

Kickstarter is one of the coolest ways to search for the trending products. Basically, Kickstarter is a platform for new startups that show and raise the funding for their projects.


They describe the product in detail and in return, they get the funding for the project. Then, they use the funding to create the product in mass quantity.

But how Kickstarter is linked with product hunting? Well, there is a way. Kickstarter has its own search bar where you can type the keyword and it will give you suggestions of what you want to search for.

Type the keyword on the search bar and it will take you to the page. As shown in the picture below, we have taken the example of a keyword such as “shoes”.

Now, after the search, what you have to do is take a look at the project funding. As you can see, the first project “Drizzle” has a lot of funding and almost 632% of people have funded the project. That shows that the project is getting a lot of attention.


If you are planning to release a shoe brand made with tree-based material, you can see that it would be a success.

To conclude, type the name of the niche you are targeting on the Kickstarter. Then it will show you the response of the targeted people and their interest in the product.

8. Indiegogo – To Find Trending Products

Next with Kickstarter, there is Indiegogo. Indiegogo is a crowd-sourcing platform where people get funded for their ideas. Indiegogo is the same as Kickstarter, you can get recommendations for your product selling business.


The first option to get the list of popular products is the same as Kickstarter. You use the search bar and observe how many people have funded the project.

You can also check how many people are interested in the product. Then, you look for similar products and do the next step.

The second method is going through the “Popular projects” dashboard. If you are new in the business and don’t know what type of product you should launch, then this dashboard is for you.

Take a look at these projects and analyze the funding (funding shows the interest of people in the project). Then, create a list of different products and filter out the items according to your budget. After that, search for that project on different e-commerce sites.

9. Alibaba & Aliexpress – To Find Trending Products

If none of the websites work for you, then the next solution for product hunting is Alibaba. We all know that what Alibaba is and how you can use it to buy products.

Alibaba has a section called “Top Ranked Products”. Press that button and it will take you to the page where you can see different products.

These trending products are the ones that are bought by a lot of people or many buyers have shown interest by searching for these items.


AliExpress has a section called “Top Trending”. This section shows is officially ranked by AliExpress itself. There is no information about how ranking is done. However, it is enough for you in getting the trending product information.

Locate the “Top Trending” section and press the “View more” option. There you will be able to see the most popular/top trending/best sellers’ products according to the categories. Select the category you want to sell and look through the products.

Both of them work similarly, but there is a little different and that is the calculation of top-ranked products.

With Alibaba, the products are ranked based on their seller’s response time, rating, and reviews from the past customers. Whereas AliExpress calculates the products using a number of searches.

10. Facebook Ads and Groups – To Find Trending Products


Have you ever encountered a minute where Facebook started showing you products in videos or on the home page?

Basically, Facebook shows you the ads based on your interests and the area you are living in. The ads for interests are calculated using the number of times a user has searched for that item.

For instance, if you see an ad for a lamp, then most likely, a lot of people in your country or area have searched for that lamp. Now, Facebook is showing you that ad to get your interest in the product.

How can you use that for product hunting? Well, if you see an ad related to an item, take a screenshot or save that ad.

The product is showing that the ad is trending in your area. Using this technique, you can create a list for business. and then take out the items that you don’t need.

As we are talking about Facebook, there is another way to help you get an idea for your product, that is joining the group that shows top trending products. We have added a series of Facebook groups that will help you.

  1. e-commerce Elites Mastermind
  2. MySilentTeam
  3. Grow and Sell
  4. Ecom Empires

11. Shopify’s Trending Product List – To Find Trending Products


If you are looking for drop shipping business, then Shopify is the perfect platform for you. Shopify has a dedicated section where you can find all the blogs related to products and business.

One blog is related to product hunting where Shopify tells you about the trendy product to sell.

The company releases a list of products every year. On the page, you will also find information such as Global order growth (YOY), Global shops growth selling this product (YOY), and top country where the product is popular.

With this information, you can calculate what type of product will be good for business and attract customers in your country.

12. Etsy – To Find Trending Products

Find Trending Products

For the businesses that are planning to deal in items such as hand-made items, crafts, vintage products, and unique gifts, Etsy is the platform for you.

Etsy has a built-in section where it shows popular gifts. These items are there on the basis of customer reviews, sales, prices, and a number of searches.

This will help you in hunting for a product if you want to start a vintage product selling business. For finding the product using Etsy, you can visit Etsy’s website, and scroll down to the “Popular Gifts right now”.

Popular Gifts right now

There are a limited number of items here. What you have to do is look through the prices and positive reviews. That will tell you how popular the product is. Make sure that you have selected the right country so that it can give you perfect suggestions.

13. Reddit – To Find Trending Products

Reddit is basically a forum where everything is discussed. From the internet to current affairs, technologies to news, you can read about anything here.

Reddit has a search bar where users can post queries about anything. For instance, we have searched the query “best product to sell” and it will give us a number of results. You can read about that.


And if not, there is always an option to create your own forum (it is like a Facebook post). You can mention that you need suggestions for launching some trending products.

And, the kind Reddit users will help you in that. Once, you have the list, you can cancel the products that are not worth your time.

14. Unicorn Smasher – To Find Trending Products

If you are looking for a tool the same as AMZScout or Jungle Scout, but don’t want to pay for the subscription, then Unicorn Smasher is the one for you.

Unicorn Smasher consists of the features of the AMZ tracker and with that, users can get the information related to the trending product. With this, you can get an idea about prices and sales estimation.


It is used all over the world because of easy-to-use UI. Users can move from product to product easily by this tool.

To use the tool, you need to download Unicorn Smasher Chrome extension from the official website. Then open and search for the product you are looking forward to. Click the Unicorn extension and it will give you relevant details.

15. YouTube – To Find Trending Products

Lastly, there is YouTube. Actually, there is a lot you can do on YouTube rather than watching those funny videos.

There are content creators on YouTube that review different products. First of all, you can get an idea about the new product by watching those review videos.

That will show you the size of the product, sometimes creators also mention the price and link to that product page.

YouTube - To Find Trending Products

There is another thing that you can do. Some of the content creators make videos such as “Best products to sell in 20XX”.

These videos will help you in getting your hands on a product that is under your budget. All the relevant information related to the product is given in the video description. So, that is how YouTube is helpful.

To help you get an idea, we have added a series of famous unboxing and review content creators. Go through them and then decide accordingly.

Chapter 2: FAQs about Trending Products


1. What product categories are in demand in 2021?

There are plenty of products that are in demand in 2021. However, if you are looking to sell those items, here are some of the suggestions.

  • Doormats
  • Household storage containers
  • Kitchen towels
  • Bike saddles
  • Handheld device accessories
  • Toy kitchens and play food

2. What kind of products sells fast?

There is no such formula that calculates what kind of item will sell fast. That is because the sale of products depends on the customer to customer and area to area.

For instance, if you are starting a business in a cold area, then probably, the jackets, fire starter kits, charcoal grills will sell fast. The point is you have to research what product is good for the area you are targeting.

3. What are the most search product categories in Google?

As of now, these are the most searched product categories on Google.

  • Tech
  • Kitchen gear
  • Toys & games
  • Accessories & apparel
  • Gaming
  • Sports & fitness
  • Home goods
  • Personal care

4. What are top 10 most search products on Google?

According to the searches, these are the top ten searched products on Google.

  • Laser hair removal tool
  • Head scarfs
  • Detangling hairbrush
  • Hair wigs
  • Water bottles
  • Breathing masks
  • Sanitizers
  • Tissue roll
  • Straight leg jeans
  • Shapewear

5. Are trending products always cheap?

No, it is not always like that. Trending products can be sometimes very expensive.

Basically, trending products are not calculated on the basis of prices. There are other factors including, sales, demand, area, customer reviews, etc. So, there is a chance you will encounter expensive trending products.


Searching for the perfect product is a difficult task and is an important one. All of your future sales depend on it. We have compiled a guide that consists of top tools to locate the product that will give you long-term profits.

We hope that this guide will give you a sense of idea about how to do the product hunting and what to look for. If you still face any problems, there is an option to contact We are at your service.