Import Furniture From China

Furniture sellers nowadays are increasingly becoming aware of the vast opportunities of importing from China. You will find all types of furniture at discount costs that are significantly lower than retail costs.

But for beginners how to buy from China still remains a big problem. In this article, we will help you to figure out how to import furniture from China.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Why are people import furniture from China?

Chapter 2: Where can we import  furniture in China

Chapter 3: Ensure Your Furniture Meets the Regulations

Chapter 4: Shipping Furniture from China

Chapter 5: Payment Methods

Chapter 6: Common Mistakes When Buying Furniture from China

Chapter 1: Why are people import furniture from China?

China is a major manufacturing base for various products found everywhere throughout the world. A large number of products we utilize each day come from China and furniture is one of them.

Purchasing furniture from China gives you the option of saving your hard-earned money from paying for the different interests of the companies.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors for importing furniture from China.

1. Cheaper price

Buying furniture involves significant expenses. These expenses can greatly be reduced by purchasing and importing furniture from China at a discount rate.

You should consider the possibility of going to purchase and import furniture from china because you will find that furniture costs are considerably lower compared to other countries.

Import Furniture From China to sell

2. Good quality and design

In 2004, China started to be the biggest exporter of furniture. China fabricates the greater part of the furniture of the main designers in the world.

Furniture from China is kept away from the utilization of nails, screws, and glue. When made of top quality wood, the furniture can keep going for a considerable length of time.

This manufacturing technique connects the various parts of the furniture without any visible joints making it look like the whole furniture was worked from only a single piece of wood.

3. The wide selection of furniture

Owing to the enormous number of furniture producers in China, there is a wide variety of designs available to suit various needs. There are almost 50,000 furniture manufacturers in China.

You will find an astounding furniture market while sourcing from China. There is such a significant type of wonderful furniture for your choice.

furniture producers in China

Chapter 2: Where can we import furniture in China

There are 4 options available to import furniture from China, buying from the Chinese Furniture wholesale market, attending Chinese furniture fairs, sourcing furniture online, or selecting a furniture sourcing agent.

Visiting China may include higher expenses as you have to incorporate the expenses of tickets, visas, lodging, etc. however, it gives you more authority over what you can see and purchase.

1. Go to Furniture wholesale market

There are various furniture markets and shopping centers in China. Numerous outlets offer modest furnishings for every need, however, the quality may be not up to the mark. If quality is essential to you, some of the best places to visit are as follows:

  • Shunde Wholesale Furniture Market

Shunde Wholesale Furniture Market

Shunde is situated in Foshan city and is widely recognized as the Furniture City and the Furniture Wholesale Market of China. In Shunde, you will find more than 1,500 producers of furniture and around 3,000 Chinese and worldwide furniture merchants.

  • Louvre Furniture Mall

The Louver furniture shopping center offers a wide assortment of top quality designer furniture at appealing costs. Every store in this mall offers extraordinary designs and the shopping center itself is a wonderful place to investigate. This shopping center is a fundamental hot spot for China’s furniture industry.

  • Red Star Machine Furniture Mall

Situated on the Wenshui Road in the Dadong District the Red Star Machine Furniture Mall exhibits many top furniture brands including Maiso, Beking, Landbond, and Natleer. These stores represent the most recent patterns in furniture. During the sale season, costs drop significantly allowing purchasers to save money.

2. Go to Exhibitions and Fairs

Exhibitions and fairs of furniture displays occur on a half-yearly basis. You might need to time your visit to match with these presentations. The most notable among them are:

  • China International Furniture Fair (CIFF)

Shunde Wholesale Furniture Market

This is China’s and probably the world’s greatest furniture exhibition. It is held two times per year; once in March and once in September.

China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) is the most committed and longest-running business fair taking part in the furniture business.

CIFF covers the whole business chain including home furnishings, home stylistic layout, outside and relaxation furniture, office furniture, business furniture, lodging furniture, and furniture apparatus.

  • Canton Fair (CF)

The Canton Fair is held twice in a year during the spring season and autumn season in Guangzhou. Canton Fair is a far-reaching global exchanging occasion with the longest history, the biggest scale, and the biggest purchaser participation.

Although it is not limited to furniture, you can find a wide variety of furniture here including office furniture, furniture for villas and cottages, antique furniture, mattresses, interior design solutions, furniture for public places to name a few.

Canton Fair to Import Furniture From China

  • Shenzhen International furniture exhibition (SIFE)

Shenzhen International furniture exhibition is held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center once in a year starting from March 19 and ends on March 22. It showcases the highest quality of Chinese furniture.

  • International famous furniture fair (3F)

It is held at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Centre once in a year from March 16 to March 20. Although it emphasizes the local market yet it has also set up an export pavilion for international buyers. There is a large variety of furnishings available and you can find your desired products easily.

3. Sourcing Online

This is without a doubt the quickest and most advantageous technique. There are majorly 3 Chinese wholesale platforms we can source from Alibaba, Global Sources, and Ali express.

  • Alibaba

alibaba website to Import Furniture From China

Alibaba is the largest wholesale platform in China. When importing from Alibaba you should limit your provider choice to those that are appropriate suppliers.

Alibaba is making huge strides to benefit from the lucrative business of furniture and has spent considerably to acquire a 15 percent share in furniture and home decoration chain Easy home.

You will find various furniture suppliers on Alibaba providing a wide variety of furniture for every requirement such as furniture for home, offices, hotels, and much more.

  • Global Sources

Alibaba concentrates on little and medium-sized endeavors, while Global sources concentrated on medium and enormous enterprises. Since 1971, Global Sources has been encouraging exchange between providers in Asia and purchasers around the world.

Although it mainly focuses on electronics and machinery, you can also find here a large number of furniture manufacturers. It also promotes its business through trade shows and magazines.

With a simple search for furniture, we found 26,960 results from 737 suppliers and 54 exhibitors for furniture.

globalsources to Import Furniture From China

  • Ali Express and Ali express are not able among importing organizations around the world. The two sites are claimed by the Alibaba Group. Although the contrast between the two sites can be difficult to spot, yet they have two altogether different plans of action with various qualities and shortcomings.

Ali Express is dependent on a B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to client) platform that connects usually Chinese exchanging organizations with customers abroad.

Ali Express is concentrated on little volume requests for ready-made items rather than specially made items and consequently it is reasonable for little and medium-sized merchants who can’t bear to purchase the whole container of merchandise. You can find a wide variety of furniture here pertaining to the needs of homes, offices, outdoor and indoor furniture, etc.

4. Find a good sourcing agent to