Wondering how to open an Amazon store?

Do you have problems managing your new Amazon store?

Amazon store is an offer of Amazon, the sellers can use to showcase their products and enhance the sales for their brand.

It offers more coverage to the goods by increasing its audience. More people getting access to the content you put on the store means more chances of sales.

Amazon stores are a curated and well-established collection of products that exclusively showcase a brand.

But some businesses which are not familiar with Amazon or online selling, may have problems in open their Amazon stores and manage them.

This blog is dedicated to Amazon store setup. The main questions are “What is an Amazon store? How to open an Amazon store?” So, if you want to enhance your understanding about selling on Amazon stores, then you should read this blog.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: How to Open an Amazon Store? Step by Step Process

Chapter 2: How Does an Amazon Store Help Seller Build Business? Why is it So Popular?

Chapter 3: How to Open an Amazon Store? Essentials to Know Beforehand

Chapter 4: How to Increase Sales with Your Amazon Store?

Chapter 5: Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Store

Chapter 1: How to Open an Amazon Store? Step by Step Process

amazon go grocery

Amazon is one of the giant e-commerce platforms. Amazon stores are an excellent source of driving traffic to the sellers, thus increasing sales.

In this chapter, we will first discuss the checklist of documents and paperwork needed to create an Amazon store, and then we will discuss the step-wise process of creating your account.

1. Checklist of Documents and Paperwork Required

For proving its worth, Amazon keeps on updating its features and adding new and exciting things. One of the new features was Amazon brand stores.

Amazon brand stores are useful for merchants who want to set up their brand for free without putting in a lot of effort.

Before starting the step-by-step process of creating an Amazon brand store, you must know the important documents and paperwork needed for it.

Following is an account of those documents which will help you speed up the process of signing up for the store.

  • Business information

Among all the documentation that you need for creating your Amazon brand store, your business information is the most important. This information includes your legal business name, your address, and your contact information.

  • Email address

Your email address is verified during the process of a store creation. So, you need to have a valid email address.

It helps you to stay updated about your Amazon brand store all the time. You should have an email address that can be used for business.

Email address

It is a better idea to keep your business email separate from your other mailing address.

Because you will start receiving emails as soon as you would sign up for an Amazon account. Keeping a separate email address for business helps you to keep it secure.

  • Phone number

You must have a valid phone number and mailing address to create your Amazon account. Because you may receive calls and get mails from the platform.

Amazon does verification of both these things to ensure the credibility of the seller.

Your phone number must be easily reachable and valid. Your physical or mailing address should also be clear and valid. Otherwise you will never receive the legal documents or other such things by mail.

  • Credit card

For successfully creating your store, you will need an internationally chargeable credit card. Failing to provide a credit card with a valid billing address will halt the process and cancel your registration.

  • Tax ID

The final and most significant thing needed for creating your Amazon account is Tax Identification Number. The tax ID of an individual includes the social security number of the user and his company’s federal tax identification number.

Similarly, the state tax identification number is for the states where you have had tax nexus. So, both tax ID and state tax ID are important for the process of creating an Amazon account.

2. Five steps to open a store

After the preparation of all these documents, you can move on to the next step — “how to open an Amazon store”. Following are the steps that can help you set up your store.

  • Step 1: Create an Amazon seller account

Create an Amazon seller account

If you are new to Amazon, then you will first have to create your Amazon seller account. For this purpose, you will have to go to the official website for the Amazon seller central account sign up.

It will look like the screen shared below. You can sign up by clicking on the yellow button saying sign up.

After registering for an Amazon seller’s account, you will have to get an active trademark registered in the state you want to enroll.

If you have a pending trademark application, then you can head on to the official page of Amazon that deals with IP acceleration. The screen of that page will look like the one shown below.

  • Step 2: Registration of your brand

active trademark registered

One last criterion for creating your brand store is that you will have to display your logo and brand name on your product.

After the successful creation of Amazon sellers central account now, you are eligible for creating your own brand store on Amazon.

For this, you will have to register your brand on Amazon first. For registration head on to the official page of the Amazon brand registry and click on get started.

Now you will have to choose your country-specific marketplace where you wish to enroll your brand. You will be asked about the general information related to the country or state you selected.

egistration head on to the official page

After that, you will have to fill a brief form regarding the legal information of your business. Then, you are directed to the page of the brand registry.

Here you will click enroll now, and later on your enrollment application will go for a review.

  • Step 3: Know the policies of the Amazon store

Amazon works on principles, and thus, it has a detailed list of policies – the creative acceptance policies. These include clauses like:

  • You can only promote the products you own or the ones you are authorized to resell.
  • You will add high-resolution images and proper descriptions of products.
  • You cannot give your address or any contact information,
  • Your brand products should be suitable for the public.

You will have to comply with these policies before starting your store. The guidelines and policies page will look like the screen shared below.

Know the policies of the Amazon store

  • Step 4: Customization of product detail page

After the successful approval of your brand, you can customize your brand store. You can take help from free tools and create your brand stories and product displays.

You can use templates and have fun with the activity. A+ content and stores will assist you in the process. It can help you with adding appropriate text, tables, banners, images, fields, reviews, and others to the products description.

  • Step 5: Building your own store within Amazon store

Building your own store within Amazon store

After creating a seller’s account, and enrolling into the Amazon brand registry, you will have to first login to the seller central account. Then to create your store click on create store option.

You will see three different types of templates i.e., product grid, Marquee, and showcase. Select the template you like the most and then open store builder.

Store builder is very frequently used to build an online brand store in Amazon. Here you can use tile manager to edit the content of your page.

Create your page with a combination of product images, description text, and introduction videos. Use dynamic widgets to trace down the keywords for best-selling products, so that you can optimize your product list.

See the page by using the preview window, make necessary changes, and save by clicking on submitting for publishing. Repeating the same steps will help you to create multiple pages.

After all these steps, your store will be live for the audience.

Chapter 2: How Does an Amazon Store Help Seller Build Business? Why is it So Popular?

How Does an Amazon Store Help Seller Build Business

1. Why should you build a store on Amazon?

A brand brings forth a sense of particularity. Buying from a brand means being a regular customer. The brand has a certain amount of trust among the public, so an Amazon store of your own brand is a new feature.

And it allows you to build your brand on a platform that is already well established.

The popularity of Amazon is the main reason people go for stores. Amazon store is an excellent way of driving sales-oriented traffic to your brand and boosting the loyalty of buyers.

Following are the major reasons that should be kept in mind when you build an Amazon store.

  • Amazon stores are easy to set up. Technical knowledge is not required.
  • Amazon stores can give you chance to interact with a huge organic audience that is interested in buying your product.
  • You can organize the store the way you want. Customization helps you add fantastic themes and present your product in the best possible ways.
  • Amazon store is an opportunity for you to get the best out of your efforts. It has a huge audience, and it can change your fortune forever.

2. How does a store on Amazon work for a seller?

A seller is one of the two main characters of Amazon dealings. Sellers are the business owner who put effort into the products people buy.

Amazon acts as a platform for sellers to find potential clients. It is one of the best e-commerce websites that have millions of users around the world.

Amazon sends goods to almost all countries of the world, so it has a vast network of shipping.  Amazon stores provide the sellers with maximum reach, a secure platform, and many facilities.

The sellers get comfort because Amazon not only allows them to create their stores but also manages them.

3. The estimated cost of selling on Amazon store

The estimated cost of selling on Amazon store

Amazon does not have a fixed rate. The prices keep changing, and unfortunately, with every update, the fee always becomes higher. You have to pay the cost as following mentioned.

  • Signing up fee – $40/month for a professional seller account
  • Amazon charges 15% over each successful sale
  • Monthly Amazon FBA storage fee – $0.75 to $2.40
  • Extra fee for oversized items – $0.79 for each pound after the normal $75.78 fee for 90 pounds limit has reached.
  • Some categories charge a higher fee regardless of the sizes and other features.
  • Other charges may include FBA related services fee.

4. Role of Amazon store for sellers

Amazon Stores is a free tool that is used to create brand stores within the Amazon store. You can create your own brand store on Amazon once you have successfully enrolled yourself in the Amazon registry.

Through your brand store, you can give your customers an exciting and immense experience of the product catalog.

Through your brand store, you can showcase your products to a huge population that daily checks in to Amazon. By binding your store with Amazon, you will get access to an unimaginable number of audiences.

Chapter 3: How to Open an Amazon Store? Essentials to Know Beforehand

need to know

Before starting off with the Amazon store and knowing “how to open an Amazon store” you should know about what it can provide you, how much it will cost, and other such things.

These things will help you decide whether you need to dive deep into this platform or leave it right away. In this chapter, we are discussing the essentials about Amazon stores that you should know beforehand.

1. Pros and cons of opening a store on Amazon

You have to face some problems while dealing with Amazon stores. It is a better idea to fix the drawbacks rather than missing the advantages also. Following are a few advantages and disadvantages of Amazon stores.

Pros of Amazon stores Cons of Amazon stores
Getting started on Amazon is fairly easy. You can create your Amazon store without having any knowledge of coding and programming. Taking care of taxes and accounting can be really difficult when using Amazon fulfillment. You cannot connect your Amazon account to your QuickBooks account without using a paid intermediate tool. Doing all calculations manually seems to be the only solution.
Amazon charges a reasonable amount for creating your store and managing it. If you are selling small-sized products, then you can also get rid of the heavy storage costs. As a new starter, Amazon is not suitable for heavy products as the storage fee depends on the size of the products. So, you may get burdened by a hefty storage fee.
Amazon shares your workload when you create your brand store on its website. Hence you can focus on more significant tasks and grow your business. Despite all your efforts and investments, the deal is all about the customer, and Amazon owns the customer ownership.
Amazon being a global marketplace has access to the ports of many countries so, shipping through Amazon is easy. Shipping charges are not very high so, you can pay them yourself. You also can add the free shipping feature and attract more customers. The unimaginable customer reach comes with no guarantee that your business will always grow. There are many examples of people who succeeded but, higher is the number of those who lost.
Amazon has a better return policy, so if you create your store on Amazon your customers will have more trust in you due to the return policy.

2. Secrets of how to open a store on Amazon

The amazing thing you might not know is that it is quite easy to create and manage an online Amazon store and run it. Following are a few secrets you might not know about Amazon stores.

  • Amazon has introduced some exciting features that help you become more creative with your online Amazon You can create themes of your own and also have the free hand to use the themes already given as templates.
  • Adding your brand story with products, also you can get your own web address on After these steps, it can help you grow your brand, not just business.
  • Using stores insights can totally evolve your experience of running a store online by adding value to it. It will keep you updated about the analytics of your store, so that you can take the necessary steps on time.

Secrets of how to open an Amazon store

3. How to get the maximum benefit from the Amazon store?

You can get maximum benefits from Amazon stores by using all the features they provided you. You can customize your store, add your brand stories, showcase your products in the best possible ways, and also keep an eye on the overall analytics.

The tools provided to you by Amazon stores for your membership are all very helpful. Being vigilant and calculating all the costs, profits and taxes can help you save a lot.

Chapter 4: How to Increase Sales with Your Amazon Store?

The ultimate goal of a business owner is to increase the sales. While doing business on a highly acclaimed online platform like Amazon stores, sales can be increased if you comply with the rules set by Amazon.

How to Increase Sales with Your Amazon Store

Other than that, there are few things that Amazon claims will help you to increase your sales. In this chapter we are discussing all those significant points.

1. Provide detailed information about your brand or products

Winning the trust of the customers is very important. You should provide full detail about the products you are selling to the customers and briefly explain them about your brand.

This will act as a key ingredient to get them thinking seriously about your products.

While introducing your brand and products to the customers, you should make sure you are marking all the pain points of customers.

This is a technique to help buyer in knowing his need and making him realize that your product will add comfort to his lifestyle.

If your rates are cheaper than the market rates, then you should also mention that in description.

2. Design your own shop rather than selecting from a basic template

Selecting templates is easy but designing themes and graphics is more exciting. By designing the aesthetics of your store, you will be able to put your thoughts into reality.

Moreover, if you design the graphics for your Amazon store yourself, it will look more authentic and homogeneous.

Amazon allows you to design the theme of your store and also make it look the way you want to see it. Using this feature, you can attract clients by improving your store theme and get more sales.

The most interesting part is that you do not require any coding skills to design your Amazon store.

esign your own shop rather than selecting from a basic template

3. Advertise your Amazon store on other websites or platforms

Creating a store, designing it, and adding descriptions are not enough. You need to drive the audience to your store. The promotion of your Amazon store is the most important step of this journey.

You should have an effective marketing strategy to boost the influx of quality audiences and their engagement to your Amazon store.

The possible steps you can take to increase your audience include:

  • Having a unique store link to minimize confusions that may occur.
  • Adding noticeable headline search ads for a quality audience.
  • Linking brand store on the product details page.
  • Social media marketing of your store to drive audience from off-Amazon sites.
  • Analyzing the performance of your store to take necessary step.

4. Optimize your advertising activities by using Store Insights

Store Insight is a tool that helps in knowing the performance of your store. You can get access to some significant data like sales, orders, units that have been sold, the traffic to your store, and other such things.

It is a global market research program that is very famous and widely used. You can get your “stores insights” from the “stores builder”, and use it to track the performance of your store.

Optimize your advertising activities by using Store Insights

To increase the number of people visiting your store and get more sales you will have to keep an eye on the analytics of your store.

Tracking the audience with the change you make to the store, you will know what suits your store better. Hence, you can optimize your advertising activities and win the game.

Chapter 5: Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Store


1. Is my business fit for Amazon?

Amazon has made the process of building an online store and maintaining it easily. It welcomes new users and has set an easy way of signing up. Hence starting a business is very easy on Amazon.

But, running a business can be difficult. There is a lot of competition on Amazon. You have to check if your business idea is unique enough to get the attention of customers from around the world or not.

Selling on Amazon needs you to keep your knowledge up to date all the time and comply with Amazon’s policies.

2. Is it worth selling on Amazon store?

The fee charged by Amazon is not very high as compared to other platforms. Creating an Amazon store does not charge you thousands of dollars.

You can create your Amazon store for a small amount as low as $500. Amazon charges only $2.5 for fulfillment (FBA) service. The storage fee is between $0.75 to $2.40. The shipping cost is also very reasonable.

Hence, getting the tasks distributed with a professional platform for a small cost is not a bad deal at all!

3. What are the advantages of opening an Amazon store?

The pros of selling through Amazon stores include the following points.

  • Signing up for Amazon gives you reach to a wider audience that is clearly shown by the statistics. The number of Amazon Prime members is more than 150 million. 150.6 million people use Amazon mobile app and prefer Amazon for their online purchases.
  • Amazon stores are more likely to expand your business around the globe. Amazon allows buying in 100 countries of the world so, you have more chances to grow your business on this platform.
  • Amazon has an influx of customers every day so, your marketing costs can be lowered. You will not need to endure any major marketing costs.
  • Amazon stores your inventory in its warehouses, and you can get rid of all these fatigues by simply paying some necessary fees/charges.

4. What is the cost of opening an Amazon store?

Your store might start running with an investment of only $500 or less. The main expenses include the monthly seller account fee, Amazon fee, cost of products, and shipping costs.

Getting started on Amazon will cost you less than $500, and the monthly expenditures with other expenses may take the cost graph up to almost $1000.

5. Why is the Amazon store significant?

Amazon store helps you to organize all products and sell them internationally. It is a one-stop shop to help you grow your business as customers prefer to buy multiple products from a single store.

By using the Amazon store you can build your brand, boost its reputation and hence increase sales.

The Amazon stores are a great source of showcasing your products and providing you a platform to create a seamless shopping experience. They attract organic traffic and hence increase your sales.


Amazon stores are an immerging feature of Amazon as they are supporting small business owners and giving them real-life experiences. In this blog, we discussed the detailed procedure of “how to open an Amazon store”.

After reading all the content above, we are sure that you have an understanding about how the Amazon stores run and why it is good to register one for your online business.

If you still have any queries related to this topic, you can ping us at  EJET We would love to answer you.