How to sell on Tiktok

Do you sell your products online and looking for a new and trending way to sell such as Tiktok?

Do you have superb content to engage your audience but looking for a platform to show it?

Well, this is the era of digitalization where everything is at a single click. When the talk is about the mix of entertainment, content creation, marketing, and selling online Tiktok is a big name.

Tiktok is a video-sharing social application with vast features that allow users to create short dynamic videos.

A billion audience is having access to this app and is addicted to the videos and the engaging content the creators are providing.

This gives a great insight to the marketers and business strategists to sell their products through Tiktok by creating the same fun, entertaining and engaging content.

Below we will discuss what is Tiktok, how it gains this hype during the pandemic, how it became the selling product and how you can sell your product online today using new way.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Understanding Tiktok: What is it and how it became so famous?

Chapter 2: Types of Tiktok accounts

Chapter 3: Step by step guide to sell on Tiktok

Chapter 4: Types of ads on Tiktok

Chapter 5: How to track and analyze the sales on Tiktok?

Chapter 6: Key tips to consider while selling on Tiktok

Chapter 7: 5 TikTok Accounts with Most Following in 2021 You Can Learn From

Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions about Selling on TikTok

Chapter 1: Understanding Tiktok: What is it and how it became so famous?

Before going further, we need to understand what is this application, how it works, what are the latest stats and trends. We will also talk about TikTok features and the tips to know and are necessary for getting famous on Tiktok.

Understanding Tiktok What is it and how it became so famous

1)     What is Tiktok and How it works?

TikTok is one of the popular entertaining social apps useful for creating short videos. Its navigation is quite similar to other apps but, there’s a slight difference like you have to scroll videos up and down present in a feed, so you don’t have to tap or swipe.

This social media platform helps the user in producing micro-video content as the time duration is about 15 seconds with the feature of combining videos into 60 seconds.

2)     Explaining the different features of Tiktok

Users can create TikTok videos by applying various filters and effects, editing them, or even adding music to their videos within the app. You can find every type of content there either, fun or entertaining.

Some popular features in this include lip-sync, dance, comedy, vlogs creation, reactions video, talent, and sharing videos related to their lives.

You can also format videos like memes with background sound. Such content can be made using different templates, out coming with the most trending stuff catching the attention of the community.

Explaining the different features of Tiktok

One of the interesting features is creating Duet Videos. In this, you can collaborate with your friend or other random users for making videos. Distance has been covered with this fun engaging the app.

3)     Tiktok audience and statistics

Tiktok audience and statistics

According to the latest update by September 2021, the US reported that TikTok has approximately 80 million active users in a month and 689 million registered users. Out of which 69% are female and 31% are male.

Whereas in 2019

Whereas in 2019, this app was the third most downloaded app all over the world with over 1.5 billion downloads. Even this app is a non-gaming app, it’s breaking the worldwide record as the most downloaded social media app for January 2020.

In April 2020 reports, TikTok is recorded as top among other mobile apps for April revenue because of its outer performance comparable to other apps.

On average, a user opens 8x and spends 52 minutes on this app each day. Mostly the audience is Gen Z’s, teens, and young adults within the age of 16 and 24.

2020 reportsTikTok

4)     What makes Tiktok unique from other social applications?

TikTok mission states, “inspire creativity and bring joy”. This vast statement makes this app unique. Tiktok helps people to create short-form videos which they can share with others. Thus, it encourages users to spend more time on this app.

Other than that, Tiktok offers a number of engaging features like a wide variety of sounds and song snippets with filters and special effects. Due to these unique characteristics, this social app is getting millions of views on a daily basis.

As a user, the more you scroll, the better the content will appear on your feed because it got to know what type of content will cluster you upon based on watch time.

5)     How to go viral on Tiktok?

How to go viral on Tiktok

Thinking of how to hit the top? To get viral on Tiktok, there are three following tips:

  • Since Tiktok is mainly about music so, use trending songs even with business content. This one simple trick can do wonders for your business overnight.
  • Tip number two is “use hashtags” like it’s kind of SEO in the Tiktok app.

You know Tiktok is like YouTube but on steroids. Feels strange but interesting! But how?

  • Getting a million views on YouTube is the hardest deal but on Tiktok, you can gain it overnight because of rapid-fire trends on the TikTok market.

Therefore, the third but most important tip is quick to follow up, daily posting or even thrice a day.

There might be other several tips to make your content go viral but these are the top three tips. So, follow up.

6)     Is Tiktok is feasible for business?

Is Tiktok is feasible for business

With daily 500 million active users, this social media platform is a goldmine even for business purposes.

It has become a known source for certain business niches as it’s a great option for growing your audience. Also, TikTok is a great tool for marketing your desired product and engaging with the community.

7)     How Tiktok became so famous?

Since 2016, as known as the Tiktok launching period. Since, then it has been a well-renowned app in East Asia, South Asia and South-East Asia, the United States, Russia, Turkey, and some other parts of the world.

The massive popularity of this app is due to its lip-syncing and dancing features unavailable in other apps. Thus, making it the most downloaded app from the past 3-4 years.

Chapter 2: Types of Tiktok accounts

Tiktok has set up three priorities while signing up for creation. It includes:

1)     Tiktok Personal Account

Just like any other app, you set a private account like Instagram or on Facebook, a personal TikTok account is like the same for everyday usage.

Personal TikTok account is without any analytic tool or with advanced functionality.

Personal Account

But if you go for setting a Pro account, you’ll find some free-of-cost functions. Since many people set up Tiktok accounts for the professional purpose to reach the desired audience called followers.

There you’ll get to know about Pro TikTok accounts. This Pro account on TikTok adds value therefore, these are known to be professional profiles since they will be offering a variety of tools for content creators.

Benefits related to Pro account:

  • Helps in tracking video metrics, number of followers, and profile views.
  • Analysing content posting dates and views on each video.
  • Track the gender percentage for example, how many men and women are viewing your page and from which part of the country.
  • If you have a TikTok Pro account, you can even download videos with the removed Logo of Tiktok.

Categories in Pro accounts are:

2) Tiktok Creator Account

It is used for growing followers by allowing users to post daily level-up their following. You can have access to detailed analytics regarding your videos, such as checking up with demographics.

Once you reach 10,000 followers, you can join the Creator Fund, which helps you to monetize your views.

Creator Account

Although this account allows individual creators to have more creative space than a personal TikTok account, it lacks the purpose of promoting a true business brand.

3) Ticktok Business Account

It lacks the Creator Fund option, but you can still catch up to the detailed analytics. By signing up for a business Tiktok account, you can add a link in your bio along with business contact information.

Other than that, you can access engagement solutions as well as record tracking options. The focus is on advertising the brand or company image to help people know about the particular products or services through micro-videos.

Chapter 3: Step by step guide to sell on Tiktok

For establishing a Tiktok account for the sale purpose, you have to follow the below step-by-step guide. These steps will help you to create your business account and assist you in selling your products on Tiktok.

1)     Create your account

Step one of creating an account is to download the TikTok app on your gadget and start creating an account. If you are already using a personal TikTok account and want to shift your account to a business one.

Create your account

You can simply do it by switching between your accounts already signed-in in an app.

You can have access to an instant sign-up option either through Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter. If you don’t want to connect with any other account app, so simply add a standard username along with the password.

After login into your account, set up your profile. Choose a profile photo or video, plus add bio information. You can even connect your YouTube channel and Instagram social pages, henceforth a helpful way in advertising your business platform.

2)     Switch to a pro account (Preferably a business account)

Instead of a having personal account, switch to a pro account that can either be of two categories. One is a creator account, while the other one is a business account.

You can monetize a creator account by joining Creator Fund, but it is preferred to a sign-up business account if you want to advertise your services or products.

3)     Create your own unique content

After setting up your account, it’s high time to start creating content. As you already know that this app is unique for dances, comedy videos, lip-sync videos and challenges.

So, instead of only being sales, try to make fun and attractive content to gather the viewer’s attention. The higher the view and share rate, the more your account will go viral. Search for proper suitable hashtags to promote your brand perfectly.

Create your own unique content

Gather the ideas from other competitor brands but never copy others. Use your own unique content to make your place.

You can create challenge videos by putting relatable hashtags on your videos plus merging them with perfect sounds and music features.

4)     Use sponsor branded hashtags

For selling products on this App, try to make your brand known. One of the effective ways to promote your brand is using sponsored branded hashtags.

In TikTok, it is characterized as branded hashtag challenge ads. Users will perform some action using any of the TikTok formats, then they’ll post that video with suitable hashtags especially created by those brands.

Use sponsor branded hashtags

Once the challenge is established, create a paid hashtag that will direct users towards your landing page, hence, it might make a sale for you.

5)     Use videos that are shoppable

Last year, Shopify merchants have collaborated with TikTok which means now they can sell their products on TikTok. Create Business Tiktok accounts and start selling directly.

Since the Shopify app has built-in features of TikTok that will help product owners. Creating videos and posting on a feed where the audience can shop through videos and ads. Thus, TikTok is making a huge impact on the eCommerce industry as well.

6)     Leverage influencer marketing

Just like Instagram, TikTok can also help in promoting your brand. Become partners with renowned “influencers,” especially with large followings.

Brands can contact those influencers who are related to your niche. They will help you promote your product or maybe sell your product.

The foremost benefit of hiring TikTok influencers is that they will advertise your product organically, rather than just doing it for sake of branding to catch the prey.

Leverage influencer marketing

Search the right keywords relevant to your niche or category within the TikTok app to capture influencers present in your space.

Also, you can attract the top influencer pool in TikTok’s Creator Marketplace. It’s a kind of hub where business owners connect influencers with their brands.

You’ll find great influencers suitable for your brand, plus tools to assist you in building an influencer marketing campaign.

7)     Use Tiktok advertising features

TikTok offers advertising companies and different brands a platform to target a specific audience. Run the right kind of advertising to be known in the audience.

For running the ad, you can use their self-service ad platform or speak to their ad managers. They will assist you to begin.

Self-Service Ad Types contains in-feed video ads. These In-feed ads are short clips present on the user’s feed or available on the “For You” Page.

It’s similar to regular TikTok videos as these ads can easily merge into videos organically. This section is only applicable to self-service ads.

Branded hashtag challenges, branded effects, official brand takeovers, and TopView ads all come within the Ad Manager option.

To start videos creation on TikTok, firstly sign up for a business account. After then, you are allowed to be the TikTok Ad Manager.

This Ad manager will help you in brand campaigns creation. Then you’ll be able to choose a goal, such as tracking your reach, brand awareness, traffic, or sales number.

Chapter 4: Types of ads on Tiktok

Types of ads on Tiktok

1)     Hashtag challenge (Branded)

Branded hashtag challenge is another popular ad type on TikTok. This kind of challenge asks users to perform something, either dance or something similar by showcasing the particular product.

The recorded video clip is then posted by using the most relatable hashtag. On the discovery page, these ads are visible.

Clicks on hashtags will direct users to landing pages on TikTok. Therefore, TikTok hashtag challenges help in engaging the audience by building brand awareness.

2)     Brand takeover ads

TikTok Brand takeover advertisements like the name recommend displaying ads on full screen that lasts from 3 to 5 seconds when you open the app.

These Ads are also visible on the “For You” news feed as still GIFS, images, and videos with links that will lead to sales pages within TikTok. You can attach hashtags or add links to your website.

For example, a lip-gloss brand created a Tiktok campaign to publish one of their products known to be a “cruelty-free lip plumping gloss.” 7.6 million impressions and 1.3 million clicks were generated on this ad. It sums up to be an 18.38% click-through rate (CTR).

3)   Infeed ads

These types of ads are short video clips displayed inside the news feed as users scroll the “For You” section. Such ads blend with the TikTok feed making it easier for the user to scroll past soon.

Adding a full-screen feature in-feed ad will be quite attractive. It will stop most of the users from neglecting it. With this type of TikTok ad, users can hit the like button, comment, share and engage with those advertising videos.

For instance, in Japan, one of the beauty brands has created an in-feed ad. Also, they have blended it with interesting music to boost their brand recognition among young adults.

4)     Top views ads

Top Views ads are present on full screen just like Brand Takeovers Ads. But these TikTok ads types differ slightly from other ads. They don’t start playing as soon you open the app or by signing up.

Instead, a 60 -seconds full-screen video is shown with a setting of “delayed play” and sound. This type of advertising also helps to level up brand exposure.

Chapter 5: How to track and analyze the sales on Tiktok?

1)     Install Tiktok Pixel to track events and customer purchase path

Install Tiktok Pixel to track events and customer purchase path

Just like any other app installing TikTok pixel will help you in keeping a track of performance. You can download the pixel and start tracking your sales, views, check out, activities, downloads, add to the cart, and various other events on your website.

Also, the prior benefit of TikTok Pixel is to target the right audience for your ads. For instance, you want to optimize and increase the ad delivery.

So, you’ll be able to show ads to those people who are more likely to convert and purchase your product or service.

The TikTok pixel is a tool built with the coding on your website that can effectively monitor your performances and conversions depending on events.

Furthermore, it will target those users who are responsive to your ads. Thus, this tool is beneficial to use the data for retargeting that will customize the audience.

2)     Track the sale by user activity on your Tiktok

By installing the Pixel tool, you’ll be able to

  • Measure your performance,
  • Track sales and ad
  • And re-target the audience.

Shopify merchants would prefer the “Magic TikTok Pixel” app to track conversions campaigns on TikTok.

By installing this “Magic TikTok Pixel” tool, you can follow up the events such as registration, pages having a product, add-to-cart options, and delivery-related concerns.

Also, it is advantageous in tracking purchases of TikTok users and analysing their data for future purchase trends. For example, you can estimate the total sales per product through this. Such data records will help to re-target and ensure ROI from the ads.

3)     Shopify sales on Tiktok are managed at Shopify dashboard

Shopify sales on Tiktok are managed at Shopify dashboard

Since TikTok is in built-in feature Shopify app. So, Shopify merchants can form and run campaigns through TikTok. Shopify sales can be made through TikTok directly by managing Shopify’s dashboard.

You can do it by creating different kinds of ads, targeting the audience, and optimizing your content.

Chapter 6: Key tips to consider while selling on Tiktok

1)     Be consistent with your content

To be on top of trends on Tiktok, be consistent with your content. Although other apps are complex to establish TikTok is quite easy.

The whole game is quality content with consistency. Create videos daily rather than upload your content thrice a day. It will add value to your account.

Use background music, trending songs even with business content. This simple hack can do wonders for your business which you can see overnight.

Search for hashtags, not vague hashtags, instead find the most relatable as it is like performing SEO in Tiktok.

These all hacks will get you millions of views on Tiktok, as its rapidly growing market. That’s the reason 500 million active users’ record is reported on a daily basis.

2)     Make user-generated videos

User-Generated Content is commonly known as UGC, refers to the term for user-centric content. The Tiktok video content should be designed more for human amusement rather than showcasing your brands or businesses.

You can create brand awareness through TikTok videos but first, the goal should be entertaining viewers. This social media video app focuses on a mission to enhance the creativity of users.

3)     Follow rules offered by Tiktok to feature your product

Establishing any site or app for business purposes should follow certain rules allotted by a particular app or website. Likewise, Tiktok has specific rules offered for creators.

By following them, you’ll be able to feature your product organically. Read the terms and services and policy page first before you launch your product in the TikTok market.

4)     Take your followers to live feeds

Take your followers to live feeds

A good initiative is to conduct live streaming with your followers. On and off you can do it to engage your audience with your account.

It will tell the authenticity of your account. Thus, making your account visible or if it’s your business account, then probably it would help you in monetization.

5)     Don’t forget to add link to your bio

You can add relevant links to your profile bio. As Tiktok will let you add other profile tracking URL’s links and pixels which can help in tracking your ad performance.

Before, this feature was for selective profiles but now it is open for brands as well. This feature will drive traffic to your websites through the app.

Chapter 7: 5 TikTok Accounts with Most Following in 2021 You Can Learn From

  • Michael Lee:

A famous Tiktok sensation named Michael Le trending with 46.0 million followers. This Tiktok celebrity is known by his username “justmaiko” on this app.

Michael Lee

Michael has become the top sensation because of his dancing videos featured with his little brother.

His passion lies within dancing and choreography, which can be seen in his many TikTok video clips. Also, he is a member of the choreographed dance group of Tiktok.

  • Will Smith:

Will Smith with 48.9 Million followers is a well-known actor because of his hip-hop artistry. He has taken many TikTok video challenges, which have become a source of entertainment for many users. These mini-movies on Tiktok reflect his movie career.

Will Smith

Outside TikTok, Will is also growing his acting career by working on his upcoming projects in the hip-hop industry.

  • Spencer Polanco Knight:

Known as Spencer X is famous for its beatboxing with 51.8 million viewers. Spencer is a YouTube star also a renowned name for being fast-paced but with a smooth music video on TikTok. He has been considered an influencer in a good deal of news.

Moreover, he has been an active musician, later followed by beatboxing. Due to his marvellous career, he has been published on NBC’s The Sing-Off.

Spencer Polanco Knight

  • Kylie Jenner:

Kylie Jenner is a renowned Singer, Model, and social media personality, with 36.0 million followers and 446.6m likes. Also, she is running a beauty brand with her name. Now she has become a popular Tiktok sensation.

  • Billie Eilish:

Billie Eilish is among the popular American Singer and songwriters. She is a famous Tiktoker with 35.1m followers and 188.9m likes. She is prominent because of her beautiful soulful voice.

Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions about Selling on TikTok

Frequently Asked Questions

1)     Is it possible to sell on Tiktok live?

Cashing through the Livestream of TikTok is by getting donations from your audience. If your followers are viewing your Livestream so, if they like it, they’ll gonna send you an “emojis,” which is like a tip or token that they’ve bought with TikTok’s currency.

Though there are some rules to earn money with live streaming of TikTok:

  • Minimum 1000 followers are required to be eligible for Tiktok live streaming.
  • For transactions with your earned coins, you need 100 dollars already in your account. As the least pay-out is 100 dollars.

2)     How to sell amazon products on Tiktok?

As Shopify has collaborated with TikTok. So, merchants can sell even on Tiktok. Likewise, Amazon is also a shopping store. For selling your products on TikTok follow some simple steps:

  • Add your brand description in your bio.
  • Target those audiences relatable to your Niche.
  • Add Emoji to Your Content or even in your bio.
  • Give CTA option on your Bio and Posts.
  • Collaborate With Influencers.
  • Use Branded Hashtag Challenge.

3)     How to add a shop on Tiktok?

To add shop on TikTok it is pretty simple. First, download the TikTok app from the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for IOS users. After installation of the app on your phone, open it.

Start creating your free Business Account. Add the information asked while signing up for the business account. Begin with your TikTok account and get discovered. You’re all set free to use!

4)     How to sell on Tiktok with Shopify?

To market your product or services on TikTok with Shopify store, you should know the basics. The first thing is to Make Your Content Vertical, use sound and music to make your content unique. Don’t overfeed your content, rather keep it short, simple and fresh.

Always add CTA (call-to-action) on bio or posts. Make your content fun and engaging so that audience won’t divert. It will help in selling your product.

5)     What are the best-selling items on Tiktok?

The best-selling items on Tiktok include;

  • Home products like Classic Insulated Tumbler with Straw, Glass Cup, Silicone Stretch Lids, kitchen utensils, etc.
  • Beauty and skincare products, for example, NYX face and body concealer serums, lipsticks, gloss, and lotions, etc.
  • LED lights
  • Stationary accessories.


In a nutshell, TikTok is one of the biggest platforms to sell products on. It can help in engaging and spreading awareness among young audiences as well.

Moreover, TikTok is no longer for personal usage only, rather it’s a game-changer for small and large businesses.

Therefore, through this whole article, you can get the idea of almost everything related to Tiktok. For successful opportunities, try to utilize Tiktok with proper marketing and business knowledge.