Have you ever thought when importing products from China that is the Chinese supplier a Manufacturer of Middleman?

Did you wonder the best ways to know a manufacturer from a trader/middleman?

Well, it is very important to understand this difference. Why? Because when you import products from China, your goal is to get the best possible price.

Now, if you have a middleman involved, sometimes after they put their margin, the price of the product can go very high. Your goal is to directly source the products from a manufacturer in order to save your cost.

But, in our experience, we have seen that many clients were scammed by traders/middlemen who showed themselves as the real manufacturer.

In this blog, we will help you to understand the main differences, the advantages of working directly with a manufacturer, and how to differentiate someone from a manufacturer to a trader.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Understanding the definition of Manufacturer and Middleman

Chapter 2: How to Identify a Chinese Supplier is a Manufacturer or Middleman?

Chapter 3: Should I work with a Manufacturer of Middleman?

Chapter 4: Scams by Middleman, showing himself as a Manufacturer

Chapter 5: FAQs about Chinese Supplier as a Manufacturer or Middleman

Chapter 1: Understanding the definition of Manufacturer and Middleman


1. Who is a Manufacturer/Factory as a Chinese Supplier?

It is very important that we should first clear the concept of a Manufacturer. Whenever we call someone a manufacturer, what we mean is someone who is the factory. A direct manufacturer of the product that you want to import.

So they will have R&D, Molds, Production Machines, Assembly lines in the factory. They will be mostly focused on similar category of products.

When you visit a manufacturer, he will be dealing in raw materials and converting them into finished products.

This is who a manufacturer is. It is also important to understand here that someone who is buying parts from different places and putting them together is not a manufacturer but an assembler. He is just assembling the product.

We hope that now you have a clear understanding of who a manufacturer is. So let’s now understand who is a trader/middleman.

2. Who is a Trader/Middleman as a Chinese Supplier?

In simple terms, we can say that a trader or middleman is someone who is providing services to a buyer.

He is in the middle of the manufacturer and the buyer. So for example a trading or sourcing company in China acts as a middleman.

They will connect you with Chinese supplier, source products from them, negotiate the prices for you, arrange samples, place bulk orders and most importantly perform quality control for you.