Don’t know why businessmen all over China are using Alipay for payment?

Still worried if Alipay is safe to use?

It can be seen how rapidly it is replacing cash and card payments, digital payment is making its way long in China. Above 90% of the Chinese population uses online payment methods to do transactions.

Many foreign visitors find it hard to make online payments for goods and services they purchase. Cross-border transfer takes a lot of commission charges and sometimes several days.

The solution to such problems has now arrived in the form of an online mobile application to what we call ‘Alipay’.

This blog discusses what makes Alipay safe to use by both the Chinese merchants as well as foreign traders. You will also find a comparison of Alipay with equivalent payment method of China and the USA.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Why do we Suggest Buyers Choose Alipay Pay their Suppliers?

Chapter 2: Is Alipay Safe for Foreigners? How can a Foreigner Register an Alipay Account?

Chapter 3: Is Alipay safe? What makes Alipay a Safe Payment Method?

Chapter 4: Alipay VS. PayPal – Is Alipay safer than PayPal?

Chapter 5: Frequently Asked Questions About Alipay

Chapter 1: Why do we Suggest Buyers Choose Alipay Pay their Suppliers?


1. What is Alipay? And how does it work in China?

What’s Alipay? This is an important question by many non-users out there. Alipay is an e-Wallet service that is highly popular in Asia.

Each day millions of transactions take place in China through this advanced e-Wallet mobile application. People pay at shops, online stores, and suppliers through an easy and user-friendly Alipay application.

You should know how does Alipay wallet work. With this Chinese application, you can save your credit card and debit card details in your Alipay.

Then you can use Alipay directly instead of using a debit card and credit card to pay your suppliers, you can pay online with your mobile.

Many users in China depend upon Alipay’s e-wallet to conduct many kinds of transactions. It enables you to not only do country-wise transactions but also send money to relatives living outside China.

With the new ‘90-day pass’ feature, Alipay has become the choice of foreign merchants to want to pay to their Chinese suppliers.

2. More and more countries allowed people to use Alipay for payment


Alipay is being used by merchants worldwide when they got to know what’s Alipay, how does Alipay works, and is Alipay safe. They use it to make payments to their suppliers in China.

It supports 18 different foreign currencies to do transactions overseas. Since its launch in Mainland China, Alipay’s services were introduced and expanded to other countries as well, they are:

Country Country
  • Bangladesh
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Australia
  • United States
  • America
  • Canada
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • UK

3. How can I make an online payment to suppliers with Alipay?

It is quite simple to make an online payment with Alipay. If you don’t know how does Alipay wallet work, use your smart phone, and follow the steps here:

  • Download the Alipay application from the app store onto your smartphone
  • Sign up to create and an account on Alipay/If there is a logged-in Taobao app, you can use your Taobao account to log in
  • Add credit and debit card details
  • Verify your identity, bank information, and phone number

If your supplier accepts Alipay as a payment method, then choose it and find the supplier’s account with the phone number or e-maill address that the supplier provide. The last thing to do is enter the amount, enter your pin, then the payment is finalized.

If you are a desktop user, you will be asked to scan the QR code with your smartphone, confirm the details of the order and enter the pin code. Chinese residents can also send money to the residents living overseas using an option of international transfer.

4. Top Benefits of using Alipay


  • Acceptable by the local merchants and Widely recognized

Not only the Chinese suppliers consider Alipay as a formal payment, many local merchants of other countries (such as Singapore) accept Alipay.

They display the banner ‘We Accept Alipay’ to attract Chinese customers to pay from this application.

Hence for those people who has a Alipay account, when they are visiting other countries can make cashless payments conveniently in Singapore, Vietnam, Canada, etc using Alipay.

  • Safe and secure

Many users face a question before using this application i.e. Is Alipay safe? In short, the answer is yes. The First thing that makes you safe is that you are free from carrying a huge amount of cash in your wallet.

No fear of theft and robbery you face. There are many other things (such as Buyer Protection System) that make it safe and secure to be used.

Your pin code is required before you log in to your Alipay account and also before making any transaction. You can also use the option of fingerprint scanning to enter as an authorized person.

  • Fast and Convenient

How does Alipay work to be fast and convenient for you? The application is user-friendly, you don’t have to re-enter your card details and information before doing each transaction.

Alipay will ask you to set a 6-number password first, and also you can record your fingerprint following the guide. It will be easier for paying every time when you set up a password or a fingerprints record.

When you need to pay somebody, you just need to enter the password or verify your fingerprint, the transaction will be completed directly.

  • Comprehensive

If you know how do Alipay wallet works then you can use it to pay for almost everything you buy in China. It is a comprehensive application that can even help you book your ticket to the cinema and pay the bill for a taxi.

Chapter 2: Is Alipay Safe for Foreigners? How can a Foreigner Register an Alipay Account?


1. How can a foreigner register Alipay account through the official website?

There are two ways to register an Alipay account, by using Alipay app and visit Alipay website. For those who are trying to register from mobile app, you can download English version of Alipay app, just follow the steps that the Alipay shows.

But for those who are going to sign in from the official website, here are the steps to start using Alipay:

Note: Whatever method you use, you need to prepare at least one Chinese bank account.

  • Use Chrome to open the link to the Alipay official website, translate into English and click the button ‘Register Now’.


  • Agree to their terms and privacy policies.


  • Click on ‘Personal Account’ and select your region


From this step, it is important for you to select which country you are. Because ‘Mainland China’ is selected by defaults. If you choose it, you are required to enter a Chinese mobile number and the verification code.

But if you don’t have a Chinese mobile phone, you can choose your own country, and enter your phone number.


  • Enter your basic account information

Next you are required to fill in your personal detail information. Just enter actual information because it cannot be changed later if once registered.

Then the most important is set up your password. One is for login, another is for payment. Note down that the login password need to be 8-20 characters, and the payment password should be 6 numbers.


  • Set your payment method

After finishing your own detail information, like ID number, common address (it can be overseas), you need to add an bank card into your account. The Phone number that you enter should be the same as you use for your bank account.


While enter the card number, you should know that the card must be yours, cause they only allow the owner’s to use their own card. And the card needs to be issued by mainland China, or you can use “Tour Pass” to add the money into your Alipay account.

  • You register successfully and can know how does Alipay wallet works


After that, you will go to this page, which means your registration is successful. What’s more, you not only have a Alipay account, but you can also sign in by using this account.

2. How can a foreigner pay with Alipay?

After registration, you can log in your own account through the mobile app. And while you visit China or any other country which allows to pay by Alipay, you can use it.

Here are the main method for you to know how the payment is completed:

  • Log in to your Alipay account and scan the merchant’s QR Code


After you installed Alipay app, you need to login your account, and select the first button in the top, when there is a QR Code at the counter.

After that, just enter the amount of the payment, then click pay now. But the Alipay still need you to confirm your password or fingerprint is correct first. If it is, the payment will directly send to the seller.

  • Choose pay/collect and show your payment QR Code to the merchant


There are lots of shops have the code scanner which can directly complete the payment. But this time, the amount of money will choose by the seller. Then you need to click the second button “Pay/Collect” and show it to the cashier.

What the cashier gonna to do is focusing on the code, the click the scanner, the payment will directly go to his account.

The problem is that this payment method don’t need you to confirm the password, so if you afraid of the safety issues, you can set up a security system in the setting page, which will allow you to enter the password every time you open the payment code.

3. How can you certificate your AliPay if you need to register a company account?

The register steps are similar with the personal one, you need to Open Alipay website and click the button ‘free registration’.

Then you need to click the button ‘Business Account’ and enter your email address. Then you can start register your business account by following these steps.

  • Choose the business account and choose the “Overseas Enterprise Registration”


  • Then you need to fill in the information in this page


Alipay accepts Gmail, QQ mail and so on for registration, it’s better to choose the one that you use most frequently, so you won’t miss any message from Alipay. And after you verifying the code, the registration is finished and you can promote your Alipay red packet QR code as a seller.

  1. Go to global Alipay sign in page and finalize the certification

Next is the most important step, you need to Enter the basic details of the company in the certification page. You should have the following things ready to certificate your Alipay after registration:

  1. Digital picture of organization code certificate
  2. Digital picture of Unit business license
  3. General public bank account
  4. Digital picture of identity card
  • Click Merchant to choose what kind of services you need, and fill in your detail information


4. Can you attach your foreign bank card? How does Alipay work for this?

Good news for the foreigners! If you are a foreigner, you can attach your foreign bank account to Alipay. This will help you a lot! You can make cashless payments in China using your foreign bank account. Here are a few steps by which you can attach your foreign bank account to Alipay:

  • Enter the Alipay app and select Alipay’s International version


  • Tap “Tour Pass” and Choose load amount


  • Enter your passport details
  • Enter your bank information
  • Complete load money


  • Done successfully! You can enjoy the payment experience for three months.

Before the ‘Tour Pass’ launch, foreign visitors can only use Alipay while their friends or relatives with a Chinese bank account transfer money to their Alipay account. With its introduction, visitors can now load their prepaid cards with money from their international credit and debit cards.

Chapter 3: Is Alipay safe? What makes Alipay a Safe Payment Method?


1. How does Alipay protect users by their Buyer Protection System?

Alipay has an established buyer protection system. This is why the answers to question ‘Is Alipay safe’ is always positive.

If customers receive a product which is not the same as described by the seller or if the product is not delivered to the customers, then you can apply for return the money.

Then the respective transaction amount will be refunded to the customer, either partially or fully, depending upon the situation.

There are advanced security solutions and high data encryption algorithms that secure the personal and financial information of the users, be it sellers or buyers. Since the application has been launched, there has no record seen regarding the information leak of any user.

2. Can someone else use your Alipay account without your permission?


Logically, someone else cannot access your Alipay account without your consent. Strong passwords mechanism and verification methods using face ID, fingerprint scan, etc. have made it nearly impossible to steal your Alipay account. This is how Alipay works to keep your account away from theft activities.

Moreover, the unauthorized transaction is handled by Alipay member protection terms and policies.

Basically, an unauthorized transaction means that money is transferred from your Alipay account to any other account or bank, etc.

but the person to do this operation is not the holder of the respective Alipay account. Instead, someone else is involved in this suspicious activity.

In more simple words, let us say that someone else has stolen your password and after logging into your account, he makes the transaction. That transaction will be an unauthorized transaction.

Now, what makes Alipay safe in this area? If you find such a suspicious transaction been made from your account, you can ask for customer support.

Once it is confirmed that the activity is done suspiciously then Alipay refunds your money back into your Alipay account or the bank account.

However, a proper procedure has to be followed to this which requires related documents and history as well. Another important point is that there is a compensation cap that varies by money resources.

3. Can Alipay be hacked?

Alibaba Group is an e-commerce giant which is recognized in the whole world. It falls under the category of most advanced tech companies in the world.  has empowered Alipay, making it the safe and secure payment channel on Earth.

However, knowing the emerging technologies these days, we should not deny the fact that any website can be hacked.

However, hacking a famous website like Alipay is extremely difficult. It is dangerous too. It will cost the hacker more than anyone can imagine. The users of Alipay should least bother about the hacking of their accounts because Alipay is safe.

4. Is Alipay safe to carry your transactions?


Every transaction that any user makes is tracked carefully by the real-time risk monitoring system of Alipay. It is active 24/7.

It is based on the powerful AI risk engine, and it does a real-time analysis of the transacted data and identifies the risks depending upon many factors. One factor is the user behavior.

AI risk engine has four major features which make it too accurate while working. They are:

  • Evolution
  • Perception
  • AI detection
  • Autopilot

These features work together to detect the common fraud activities as well as the new risks that are never addressed before. The systems respond to them in less than a second.

Here are some attributes which make the AI systems so powerful:

  • Automation
  • Self-learning
  • Precise detection
  • High performance
  • Adaptability

Security from frauds and theft is the biggest concern of any payment method provider. Hence, it is addressed in the best possible ways.

In the initial days of its launch, Alipay was unable to gain the trust of many users. But with the passage of time when people understood how does Alipay wallet work, it gained trust and popularity.

5. Is Alipay safe enough to avoid scams? How can you avoid them?


Alipay is internally so strong in terms of privacy and security that anyone cannot break it internally. However, being a user of the Alipay payment system, you should take some precautions to avoid external risks.

Let us consider the QR codes in this aspect. You probably how does Alipay wallet work with QR scanning. While using Alipay, you often scan QR codes in the retail store.

They are very easy to be used and are popular in the digital world. However, they have a disadvantage too in terms of security. If used inappropriately, someone else can steal your QR code.

Basically, there are 2 kinds of QR codes. They are:

  • Collect codes: for collection of money from the buyers
  • Payment codes: to make payments to the vendors

Anyone can easily generate, replace and copy these codes.

There is a real-time example. Once news got viral that says a man has replaced all collect codes of Alipay on a commercial street.

He did this by covering original codes with his own codes. This attempt resulted in a great loss within a short time duration. This is an example of external risks.

To ensure privacy while using QR codes, consider these tips and avoid being scammed:

  • Make sure anyone else won’t scan your payment code while you are about to show it.
  • Confirm the collect code with the receiver.
  • Do choose the function which acquire you enter payment password or check your fingerprint before opening the payment QR code.

Chapter 4: Alipay VS. PayPal – Is Alipay safer than PayPal?


1. Is Alipay safe and extensive as Paypal?

YES. Alipay is a good payment method application that is equivalent to this USA’s payment method. You can pay for so many things using Paypal as well as Alipay. Some of them are:

  • Pay utility bills
  • Pay the taxi drivers
  • Pay water and electricity bills
  • Transfer money to the suppliers
  • Transfer money to the relatives
  • Book airline ticket
  • Book cinema ticket

So many functions make Alipay very extensive payment applications. Your payments and transactions are being tracked and taken into notice by exclusive algorithms, because of that the security of your money is be ensured. Plus, the applications have customer support services to resolve any issue.

2. The money will go to Alipay rather than the seller before you confirm the transaction

If you are buying products through Alipay (not directly transfer to the seller), you are protected by Alipay. Alipay will keep the payment with itself, and only after you receiving your goods, and click the “received” button, then the payment will go to the seller’s account.

A third-party like Alipay can help you keep your money safer. Because when you find that the products are wrong or not well, you can apply for the refund.

3. The main difference of Alipay and PayPal is FX exchange fees

FX exchange fee brings the main difference between Paypal and Alipay. You should know how does Alipay works. Along with the transaction fee, Paypal also charges their users for the foreign (cross border) FX exchange fees. Opposite to it, Alipay charges for the transaction fee only.

Paypal provides assistance to the wire of funds between the bank accounts of users. On the other hand, after qualification, Alipay moves your funds between buyer and supplier Alipay accounts.

4. The high adoption and user rate prove Alipay is safe enough

Adoption and user rate for the applications of Alipay and PayPal differ among the Chinese population.

As Paypal is an overseas application, it is not so popular in China. Alipay is a dominant Chinese payment application with a huge percentage of users. In 2016, Alipay had more than 600 million users. According to the data collected in 2014, below 2% of the Chinese population uses foreign payment methods.

Chapter 5: Frequently Asked Questions About Alipay


1. What is Alipay?

Alipay is a Chinese payment method mobile application that is also used for many other purposes. You can pay for multiple goods and services.

It is majorly used by Chinese locals to pay for services such as at restaurants, utility stores, or booking flights. Foreign people use it to pay their Chinese suppliers or to send money to the suppliers.

2. Can I use Alipay to pay my supplier without the Chinese bank account?

Yes. You can use the mini program in Alipay which is called “Tour Pass”. It is an easy procedure. Some documents are required like an ID cards and passport pictures.

3. How to safely send money from Remitly to Alipay?

  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Select the speed
  • Select Alipay as the method of payment
  • Enter details of the recipient such as name, email, etc. that are linked with recipient’s Alipay bank account
  • Select method: credit or debit
  • Enter payment details

4. Can you get your money back on Alipay?

If you made a payment with funds in your Alipay Wallet, then the refund will be made to your Alipay Wallet. If you used other payment methods, you can choose your refund to be made to the original payment method or your Alipay Wallet.


This article answered an important question: is Alipay safe? The answer is definitely yes. It provides a security system to avoid scams and hacks. And while paying the seller, you can also choose a safe way by entering the password.

Many people have developed their trust in Alipay due to the protection it offers to its users. What you need to do next is to create an Alipay account, it will make the transaction between you and your supplier more easier.