Do you think is Banggood legit and safe for you to buy from?

Does this thought come into your mind when trying to buy goods at

When it comes to buying from China, there are many amazing sites that come to mind. One of those sites is is a Chinese E-commerce site that provides retail goods. It offers a variety of affiliate programs that makes buying easy for everyone. has already been running for more than 10 years, it offers high-quality goods from China to all over the world. This online shop has accumulated a wealth of supply chain resources and provides a quality control system.

For those who still have doubts, read this blog containing all the information about and how you can safely buy products from this site. We have also added some tips that will further help you in buying securely from

Chapter 1: Review – Is Legit to buy from?

Chapter 2:  Advantages of buying from

Chapter 3: How to Buy Safely from

Chapter 4: What Safety Policies does Offers to protect buyers?

Chapter 5: Products Availability on

Chapter 6: FAQs If  Is safe and legit

Chapter 1: Review – Is Legit to buy from?

1. Background of was founded back in 2006 and since then it is providing E-commerce services to every part of the world. The company is operating from Guangzhou, China, and has become a perfect source between local Chinese suppliers and international buyers. is made on a business model which it calls “Top and Superior” strategy. It has enabled the company to sell products in more than 160 countries.

The main markets that buy products from are North America and Europe. However, regions like Asia and the Middle East are also moving towards buying products from

2. Product availability on has got attention due to the fact that it has a wide range of products. Currently, the site is dealing with more than 30 categories and 1,000,000 products under those categories.

The popular products that deals in are from categories like RC drones, tools, clothing, and 3c digital products. Plus, items like home and gardening, automotive parts, electronics also have a good number of buyers in the world.

3. Pros and Cons of


Let’s summarize the facts about into a table. The table shows the pros and cons that will help you determine if that is the site for you or not.

Pros Cons
Cheap prices Delivery sometimes takes time in specific areas
Free delivery (In some countries) Returns are challenging because you have to send products back to China
Wide range of authentic products Some sellers only offer PayPal (downside for buyers who don’t have PayPal)
Varity of suppliers available
Secure payment methods
Secure payment options
Great return policies
Efficient customer support

4. How is able to provide such amazing prices?

Another factor that makes outstanding is the prices the site has to offer. Buyers can get a high-quality item at a very good rate. But, how is able to do that?

Due to its connection with 4 main Chinese purchasing cities (Shenzhen, Yiwu, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou), claims that it can offer good prices. The company targets the best suppliers from these cities and is able to offer amazing prices to buyers.

Secondly, has over 37 warehouses that are scattered all over the world. With that, it can easily ship the products once it gets its hands on the product from the supplier.

The company’s global warehouses are able to inspect the product and provide faster yet cheap shipping when a customer is buying from an Asian seller.

5. Types of Suppliers available on


There are two types of suppliers available on These suppliers are divided into categories such as

  • Official manufacturers
  • Wholesalers

Let’s talk about both of them in detail.

  • Official manufacturers

The first type is an official manufacturer. Official manufacturers are those who make the product on their own and sell them under their own name.

Because these manufacturers create the product by themselves, they are able to give you the lowest price possible. has many famous official manufacturers, for instance, Xiaomi, BLITZWOLF, CREALITY, and Ulefone.

  • Wholesalers

The second type of supplier is wholesalers. With these, you can get an optimum price because here the price depends on the quantity of the product. The more quantity, the better the price.

Wholesalers are able to stock more items of different categories. That means if you are dealing with one kind of product, there is a chance, you will get a lot of choices.

Wholesalers are perfect for buyers who are looking to fill up their inventory with different products of the same category.

6. Payment methods you can use on


If you are concerned that suppliers from will scam you and you will lose your money, then you are wrong.

That is because offers secure payment methods that you can use to pay for that product. Some of the best payment methods available here are:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Boleto
  • Cash on delivery (For specific countries)

Just make sure that the method you are trying to choose is offered by the supplier.

7. Are Reviews on Legit?


One of the concerns that everyone has is whether the reviews are original or not.

Actually, reviews and ratings are important things for a retail company/site. That is because reviews describe the product more than the seller himself describes.

To get more sales, some sellers try to put in fake reviews. They know that reviews will help them in getting more sales. Hence, when you get the order, it is either a fake or a different product.

Buyers, all over the world, try to share their experience (good or bad), so that future buyer can know what they are getting into.

Whenever a buyer gives a rating, it shows the quality of the product or the service the seller is offering. Plus, some buyers also leave the comment which further shows the little details of their buying experience.

In case of, there are positive and negative reviews. However, the thing is those reviews are original and legit.

That is because deals in original products and known brands are working on this site. So, they cannot afford a bad review by selling a fake product. Yes, there are negative reviews but those are mainly related to late shipping.

8. Why is legit to buy from?


Some people in the past have claimed that is not legit, and there are potential scammers available on the site. The thing is that knows this and is cracking down on these scammers.

To deal with that and save you from losing your money, offers return policies so that you can ask for money back if there is an issue.

There are over 6 different types of policies available from Because of these policies, many have insisted that is legit to buy products.

Chapter 2:  Advantages of buying from


The second chapter is the advantages of buying from These advantages has to offer are the main reasons a lot of customers use this specific site.

1. Availability of products at cheap price

As mentioned above, has more than 30 categories in which it is dealing. You can find anything on this site. And, the best part is you can get your hands on official branded products.

Famous companies are selling their products on and there is no chance of a scam. You will get original products.

One more thing there is that, these products come at a very cheap price. We have mentioned the reason why people get a cheap price on, compared to the rest of the E-commerce sites.

If you are looking for branded clothes, electronics, toys, gardening equipment, and sports accessories, then is the site for you.

2. Operating in major markets like USA and UK

Nearly 80 percent of the buyers who purchase products from China are either from the USA, UK, and Europe. Sometimes these buyers face a lot of issues because there is no such infrastructure available for them.

Well, that is not the case with It operates in the UK, USA, and Europe through its warehouses. This makes shipping easy for the buyers if they want to buy the items from a Chinese supplier.

3. International Shipping is sometimes free


Due to the presence of warehouses in different regions, the first advantage is you can get your hands quickly on the product. The second advantage is sometimes there is no shipping fees on the product.

Yes, you heard it right. sometimes provides free shipping on the product if you are buying from an area where they have a warehouse. Free shipping also depends on the deals the supplier is offering you.

4. Great Customer support on

One thing that is loved by almost everyone about is customer support service. If you face any issue regarding ordering or a product is delivered that you didn’t order, then you are at an advantage.

Just send a message to customer support via email or direct chat with the staff and they will get back to you. The amazing thing is the customer support usually replies within 24 hours or less.

5. Return policy is really good for buyers

Back in the first chapter, we mentioned that has over 6 different returns policies. If you ordered a product and receive the one with issues, then you can take full advantage of these policies.

The return system of will help you if you got a fake product or the product is damaged. The policies are according to the conditions and vary from product to product. Don’t worry, we will explain each of the policies later in this article.

Chapter 3: How to Buy Safely from

There are relatively lower scams on when compared to other sites. But, that does not mean, you will not get played.

To help you in getting safe, we have compiled this chapter. Here is what you can and should do.

1. Check the profile of the seller/supplier on

Let’s say that you have decided to buy that wireless charger for the Fossil smartwatch. You open the laptop and visit and add the charger to the cart. Wait, before paying for that item, make sure that you have visited the seller’s profile.

A visit to the seller’s profile will show whether that seller is legit or not. When taking a visit, look at how the seller has described his products.

Do they look professional? These things will show you if the seller is good enough or not.

2. Go through the ratings and reviews of the seller/supplier


The second thing to check whether the seller is legit is that you should confirm the ratings on the page is good. Let’s continue to the charger example.

You have found the charger you were looking for. Before adding it to the cart, go through the ratings of the supplier. marks the sellers out of 5.

And if your seller has a 4 or above rating, then he/she is doing a good job and is providing real items. On a side note, you can also take a look at the reviews and comments of past customers. It will give you a clear idea about what you are dealing with.

3. Always use verified suppliers when buying from

There is no such thing as verified suppliers on That is because all the sellers on are verified. The company gives an ID to each seller that shows that seller is verified and is safe to work with.

By chance, if you don’t see an ID in the supplier’s homepage, there is a chance that the seller is in the verification process. But try to avoid that supplier when buying legit items from

4. Go through the product listing to get a clear idea


Another important tip when buying from is looking at the seller’s product listing.

If the seller is offering more than one item on his/her page, most probably, the seller is legit. That is because no one puts in thousands of dollars to scam buyers. In addition, this will also give you options if you want to buy a similar product.

5. Place the order for a sample and inspect it completely

When you are done with checking out the reviews and seller’s background, place the order. We recommend you place an order for a single or 3 samples. That is because it will help you inspect the item.

Yes, it can be done using a single item. But, sometimes sellers send a high-quality product as a sample when you place a large order. So, 3-4 samples are good enough to inspect.

6. Place the bulk order after completing the inspection

After you have gone through the sample, and are completely satisfied, it is time to place the bulk order.

But, before placing the bulk order, we suggest you ask questions like shipping time, further paperwork required, and shipping methods from the seller.

Chapter 4: What Safety Policies does Offers to protect buyers?


Is legit? Well, if you haven’t got the answer to that, we are here. Actually, has plenty of policies that show is legit.

These return policies are here to protect you from scams and fake products. Let’s talk about some of the main return/exchange policies.

1. After-sales service note during the pandemic

The first policy that offers is related to COVID-19. According to the company “If you have ordered a product that is needed to be returned but cannot due to the COVID-19, you can send the product after the pandemic is over”. In this case, will extend the warranty of the product.

2. 7 Days DOA Product Guarantee

According to this policy, if the item you have received is damaged, different, or not working, you can send the product within 7 days.

Once you have sent the item to the address given by customer support, will send you a new product and will reimburse you for the shipping charges you paid.

If you don’t want any new product, just select the refund option. And after you sending the product back, you can also get the fully refund of the product.

3. 30 days No Reason Return

This policy is for the buyers who are not satisfied with the product. If that is the case, you can send the product back to the seller, but it should be the same one as you received it. Then will give you a partial refund minus the shipping fee.

You have to pay for the return shipping and if you cannot afford higher custom duties, then don’t select express delivery options.

4. Incorrect/Missing items sent policy


This policy is related to any item that is incorrect, missing or damaged. If you have received a product that lies under these three categories, you can get a refund. When receiving the product, make sure that there is no damage or package being opened.

If that is the case, tell and the company will send you a new one/missing one for free. If the seller has sent you the wrong product, will refund you or will send the product that you ordered in the first place.

5. 180 Days up to the Quality of the Exchange or Refund offers 180 days return/exchange on some of the products. Please check with your supplier whether he/she provides the service on this product beforehand.

If you have ordered from these categories, you can get a refund even after 180 days. The products that are eligible are available on the and other online websites such as and

6. Broken screen service policy of

Xiaomi is one of the most popular brands that is available on If you have ordered a Xiaomi phone and the phone screen is broken, will give you a one-time compensation for the phone.

Note that this policy only works with Xiaomi phones and is not eligible for other brand phones.

7. Cancellation policy of

Let’s say that you have ordered a pair of shoes from But after a friend’s suggestion or other things occured, you changed your mind about the shoes and you have decided to cancel the order now.

Well, if the order hasn’t gone into processing, then you can cancel the order. However, if the order is being processed, you can still avail 14-days return policy.

Chapter 5: Products Availability on


Let’s talk about what you can find on the product page of deals in a variety of products. Here are some of the popular product categories that you can find.

1. Women’s Clothing

If you are trying to get into the business of women’s clothing then is the site for you.

That is because you can get branded women’s clothing items from there. Items like women’s shirts, jeans, skirts, blouses, clothing accessories, and shoes can be found here.

2. Men’s Clothing


Similarly, if you are looking for men’s clothing related to shoes, suits, casual shirts, jeans, dress pants, shoes, scarves, mufflers, coats, and warmers, at a very cheap price. Then take a look at the men clothing sellers.

3. Phones & Accessories contains millions of smartphones from various brands. And it also contains phone accessories. Mainly sellers here deal in accessories like phone covers, pop-up holders, chargers, cases, and earphones. A good range of wireless earphones is also available here.

4. Electronics

Blenders, rice cookers, portable washing machines, mixers, and related items have a huge demand. And, sellers from are trying to meet that demand. You can find almost any electronic on the site.

5. Tools, Industrial & Scientific

Tools that are used in the carpeting, steel, and glass industry are also available on

Furthermore, if you are a seller who is dealing in industrial machines like lawn movers, field cutters, then take a look at Chemicals and scientific tools are also present on the official site.

6. Toys Hobbies and Robot


Toys are loved by kids as well as adults, and there is a wide variety of toys available on The amazing thing is you can get the latest toys such as RC cars, drones, programmable robots from this site.

Other than that, hobbies equipment such as paint boards, colors, drawing tools and brushes can also be found here.

7. Computers & Office contains a dedicated section that is related to computer and office equipment. As for computer equipment, you can get keyboards, mouse, headphones, and computer-specific parts. For office use, there are sellers who sell chairs, office tables, and similar items

8. Automobiles & Motorcycles is also for auto mechanics. That is because, you can find automobile parts, for instance, auto gears, engine parts, chassis, motor oil, car nuts/bolts, and differentials here. Some sellers also deal in motorcycle parts but those are limited.

9. Sports & Outdoor


If you are a sports person and you are looking for items such as yoga mats, compression pants/shirts, gym equipment, football, basketball, and other sports items, then is for you. You can get original items at a very good price from here.

10. Home, Garden & Furniture

Some people have home gardening as a hobby and they try to keep their plants safe. That is where gardening equipment comes in. You can get the supplier from this category on Plus, you can also look and buy furniture from here.

Chapter 6: FAQs If  Is safe and legit


1. Is safe and legit? has made a name in the E-commerce market and that is all due to its offering of original products. To maintain the standard, has amazing policies that make it safe and legit for a buyer to buy the product as we mentioned above.

2. What kind of payment methods does offers for safe buying? offers over 20 plus paying methods that a buyer can use. These secure payment methods vary from country to country and supplier to supplier. Some of the secure payment methods that are common to almost every supplier and country are:

  • Credit Card payment
  • Paypal
  • Boleto

3. How to check for verified suppliers on

If you are concerned that the supplier on is not legit, then this is what you can do to confirm whether the seller is verified or not.

  • Look at the ID of the seller (If you can see it then the supplier is legit)
  • Go through the reviews and ratings of the supplier (If the reviews are positive then the seller is good to go)

4. How long does take to deliver? is known for quick delivery and that is because it has warehouses all over the world. If you have ordered a product, then it will take 25-31 business days for delivery. Note that this time can vary because of shipping methods and routes.

5. Can you trust completely on suppliers?

There is no point in trusting completely a supplier. That is because no one knows the nature of a person. Yes, you have been working with that supplier for the past 5 years, but still, it is on you to check the items or paperwork.

Conclusion is one of the few sites that offers hassle-free returns policies so that it saves customers from scammers.

These policies make legit and safe to use. But you still need to do your research to have a safe buying, because you cannot completely trust the supplier

EJET has compiled a guide that shows whether is legit or not. We have also mentioned the tips related to how to select the supplier so that you can get the most out of the buying. We hope that this guide will help you in having safe buying from