Do you want to import products from Dhgate and wondering if Dhgate is safe and legit?

Do you want to diversify your sourcing from China to maintain a steady supply chain?

If so, this article is for you. We will introduce you to a B2B and B2C website that rarely gets the spotlight but is a great online Chinese marketplace: DHgate.

DHgate is an alternate to Alibaba and 1688 and provides features that are not available on other websites. Think of it as a similar website to eBay in the USA.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to learn to enter the DHgate ecosystem, and it will conclude with lots of information about how to make the best of this wholesale website for helping your business to grow.

Table of Content

Chapter 1. How DHgate works? Is it Legit?

Chapter 2: The Advantages of Buying from Dhgate

Chapter 3: Misunderstanding in buyers’ mind regarding DHgate

Chapter 4: The Products Available on DHgate

Chapter 5: How Safe Is DHgate for Buyers?

Chapter 6: Safe Payment Methods on DHgate

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions About Dhgate

Chapter 1: How DHgate works? Is it Legit?

1. History of DHgate

DHgate was founded in 2004 by Diane Wang and has been in operation since 2005. It is based in Beijing, China. It started as an ‘online Silk Road’ that linked Chinese products and markets to the rest of the world.


DHgate is a Chinese business-to-business and business-to-consumer commerce marketplace that operates internationally.

Its main purpose is to enable the sale of products from suppliers in China to small and medium businesses or individuals worldwide.

DHgate is also one of the largest B2B online e-commerce marketplaces in China. The website is

From then on, it quickly progressed from 1 million users to 31 million users in 2020. It also established offices in many places in the world like the United States, Australia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

2. DHgate is a Legit Online Marketplace

There is a widespread misconception that DHgate is not a legit online marketplace, but that is far from the truth.

It is indeed a legit and reliable marketplace just like Alibaba and AliExpress. It has a huge variety of products to choose from, which greatly benefits businesses.


Its legitimacy can be verified by the fact that it is part of the Shopify platform.

Furthermore, it has also been a participant in international e-commerce and finance ventures like being a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) since 2011 and making a Sino-Turkish economic platform in 2016.

All of these indicate that DHgate is legit and a reliable online marketplace.

3. DHgate is Pretty Much a Chinese eBay

eBay is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world that is based in the US. And DHgate is virtually the Chinese counterpart of eBay, offering the same kinds of deals, prices, and categories of products and a wide range of sellers.

They both connect businesses to businesses and businesses to consumers and operate worldwide in a similar fashion. The only difference is that DHgate sources goods made in China.

4. The interface of

The interface of is very user-friendly and convenient. It lists the categories on the left side of the interface.

On the top, it lists all the new sales, offers, and deals. New products and popular products are also listed so that customers can find the products that might be looking for.


Furthermore, at the very top, all the terms of service aspects and details of the site are mentioned, such as buyer protection and customer service to aid the buyers in their business transactions.

All these options and more are also linked at the very bottom of the interface so customers can navigate through all possible details and have the know-how of every aspect.

5. The importance of DHgate

DHgate is also one of the largest and the B2B online e-commerce marketplaces in China, standing alongside big names in the industry like Alibaba and AliExpress.

Furthermore, it is used by around 31 million businesses worldwide for sourcing products from China.


Besides, DHgate has hundreds of product categories at very good prices that businesses benefit from worldwide. Hence, in the e-commerce marketplace scene, DHgate is extremely important, and DHgate shopping is a vital aspect of many businesses.

6. Is DHgate really cheap to buy products from?

Another big plus point of DHgate is that products are very cheap and affordable. This is because most of the sellers on the DHgate online store deal in products wholesale, which means that goods are manufactured in bulk which reduces costs.

And then they are also sold in huge amounts, which of course drastically reduce the prices.

Also, the prices for goods bought in bulk are even lower, and since this is a B2B wholesale site, it benefits businesses immensely. Similarly, it also benefits individuals who are looking for a bargain.

Chapter 2: The Advantages of Buying from Dhgate

As DHgate is one of the largest online marketplaces for sourcing Chinese goods, there are many advantages to be gained from DHgate shopping. Let’s have a look at these advantages one by one.


1. Reasonable Security on DHgate Website

Contrary to the belief that DHgate is unsecure, it actually offers reasonable security for its users. Some of its security options include a secure payment process, just like any other such site.

DHgate utilizes an escrow protection service, which means that every payment is made to DHgate directly, and payment is only given to the seller after the buyer confirms the order.

Furthermore, DHgate has a strong customer support system that mediates between buyers and sellers in case of disputes. This is to minimize the risk of scams and incorrect order processing. Hence, security is reasonably ensured on the end of DHgate.

2. variety of products on

Another great aspect about DHgate is that there is a great variety of products all found in one place; this is very convenient for businesses who deal in more categories of products.


The range of goods is from electronics and automobiles to home décor and health/beauty.  This means that businesses can easily source all the products from one place; this saves time and effort to look for products on other sites.

3. Economical Pricing

As mentioned earlier, the price point is one of the best things about DHgate online store; the products are very reasonably priced and affordable.

Furthermore, products bought in bulk are even more on the lower side of the pricing spectrum. And since there is no compromise on quality, you can get the same good quality goods for a low price, saving on costs and building profits for your business!

4. Good Quality Products

While you might have to look through the catalog of goods that are available on DHgate, there are quite a lot of good quality products; it just takes a little time and practice to find them.

As with any other e-commerce online marketplace, there are good and bad quality goods and it is up to you the buyer, to sift through the goods and find what you think is the quality you are looking for.

To find good quality goods, one of the best ways is to read the reviews on the product and decide based on that data. Another way is to check the seller’s details and the customer feedback they have received.

All this will give you a good idea about what the quality of any particular products will be like.

5. Track the Shipping of Your Products

Another security option of DHgate is the option to track the shipping of your product. Once the seller dispatches the order and provides you with the shipping number, you can check it on your account in the section of ‘Order Details’, which will be available after 5 to 10 days.

This option is available for many shipping services like China Post, FedEx and DHL etc.


If there are any issues in the process of shipment tracking, then you as the buyer have some options.

  • Tracking number not given: Ask the seller for the tracking number. If not given, you can take up the dispute with com
  • Unable to track order: DHgate will consider the number invalid and you will need to submit a ‘return and refund’ request to get a full refund.

Chapter 3: Misunderstanding in buyers’ mind regarding DHgate

Several buyers have doubts about the legitimacy of DHgate due to the misunderstandings they have regarding its functions and certain aspects. If you also happen to have some doubts in that regard, keep reading.

1. Longer delivery times? Really!


One of the primary complaints that buyers have about DHgate is that the delivery times for the products are too long.

This is actually not completely correct. Shipping times can vary based on factors such as whether products are in stock or not, the shipping method used and the shipping address of the buyer.

Unpredictable situations like the Covid-19 pandemic can also affect the delivery times.

The shipping of products is done via two ways: commercial shipping and economic shipping. By commercial shipping, we mean options like FedEx, UPS and DHL; these deliver in 5-7 days.

The other option is economic shipping that usually takes some time to deliver. Since this option is free, there are a lot of variable factors involved such as delay in transfer flights.

2. Free shipping! Then why seller charges for shipping

Free shipping option is available on DHgate; if you select that option your parcel will be delivered by economic shipping via services like ePacket or China Post. It is also dependent on the volume and value of goods that you buy.


On the other hand, if you choose the commercial shipping method, then shipping won’t be free, especially for low-volume and value products. Free shipping may still be available if products are very valuable. The costs of shipping will then be added to your expenses.

In short, the free shipping method is available but it really depends on the methods you choose and what kind of products you’re buying.

3. Price raised by the seller when order is placed

Another common complaint buyers have from DHgate is that the price is increased after the order is placed.

This is usually a misunderstanding that can result from the wrong product specifications listed on the site initially. It is not necessarily a scam but can be due to mistakes on part of the sellers. Usually, it can happen with small-scale sellers.


The reason behind this is the miscommunication between sellers and third parties that deal with the product information and specifications on the site.

Regardless, those disputes can be solved mutually or by using the mediation option provided by DHgate that can include refunds or any other deals.

In most cases, however, price misconceptions or variations are not that common, especially if the sellers are medium or large scale enterprises. It is also important for buyers to be cautious and buy from trusted sellers only.

Chapter 4: The Products Available on DHgate

Being one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces, the products available on DHgate online store are of a wide and diverse variety, many categories and good quality. Also, there is an abundance of trusted sellers.

1. Hundreds of Product Categories


DHgate offers hundreds of categories and products that buyers can choose from, which is very convenient for businesses as most product categories are available on DHgate for reasonable prices. Some of these are:

Products That Buyers Can Choose From Products That Buyers Can Choose From
  • Sports goods and apparel
  • Health products
  • Shoes
  • Apparel
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Wedding items
  • Bags
  • Fashion accessories
  • Beauty products: Hair, skincare, makeup, body, etc.
  • Homeware
  • Garden tools
  • Toys and gifts
  • Cell Phones
  • Electronics
  • Computers and games
  • Automobiles and motorcycles

2. Reliable Sellers

There are hundreds and thousands of reliable and trusted sellers on DHgate; most of these sellers operate as large and medium scale enterprises. These sellers are professionals who usually only deal in one category of products in which they are experts.


They also tend to have transparent and clear-cut specifications about the product in terms of price, quality, and manufacturing, etc. Furthermore, reliable sellers have good reviews and customer feedback so be sure to check those.

3. Many Options to Choose From

Even within each category of goods, you will find a great variety of goods listed under it.


For instance, if you’re buying electronics, you will find that there are a great number of options of electronics products available and you can choose from whatever products you wish to buy.

This is the case for all categories and you can choose from among the products according to the design, function, utility and price range that you want. The possibilities are endless!

Chapter 5: How Safe Is DHgate for Buyers?

DHgate offers a range of security and safety options to protect its customers to pay suppliers online.

1. Buyer Protection Policies by DHgate

DHgate has many buyer protection features in place such as

  • Escrow service: payments go to DHgate and are only released to the seller after the buyer confirms
  • Refund options: if your parcel has not been shipped, you can request a refund within 10 days
  • Shipping status: the shipping status of your parcel can be accessed once you get the tracking number; issues regarding shipping can also be resolved as mentioned earlier.


2. Return Policy Offred by DHgate

On DHgate you can choose to refund, return or exchange your products if you can provide legit claims for each of these services. The mechanism for each of these options is given on the website.

In each case, you choose the feature of ‘Open a dispute’ and then deal with the sellers directly by agreeing to or drafting a proposal or through DHgate via their mediation service.

3. Mediation Services

In case of disputes such as delay in shipment, sudden change in prices or damaged products, DHgate offers a mediation service between buyers and sellers to settle the dispute.

The disputes are settled via the Resolution Center and are a great option if the seller and buyer cannot reach an agreement after 5 days.


You can go for this option by clicking ‘Request DHgate mediation’ and then select the reason for the dispute and the desired outcome, which the seller can accept or reject. If rejected, DHgate finds a final resolution after you provide some evidence.

4. Icons Indicating the Attributes of the Seller

Several features indicate whether a seller on DHgate is trusted and reliable. These include rating scores which are given as percentages from 100 and are calculated from the proportion of positive reviews. The number of happy customers can also be seen from this.

Besides, there is a feature that lets you know how many transactions the seller has done.

Chapter 6: Safe Payment Methods on DHgate

DHgate supports all kinds of major payment methods for the convenience of its customers.

1. DHgate accepts payments through credit card

DHgate accepts payments through credit card so if you have Visa, MasterCard or American Express, you can pay without worries. Of course there are country-appropriate credit card options for many countries.


When you select Credit Card as the payment method, you will be taken to the PayPal site where you can pay your order.


  • Payment is traceable.
  • Payment is immediate and convenient. Payment is deposited directly into DHgate’s account.
  • Credit card companies typically provide some level of identity and purchase protection.

2. DHgate accepts payments through Western Union

With more than 150 years of experience, Western Union is a global leader in money transfer services. It helps consumers and businesses send money quickly and reliably. DHgate enables buyers to pay through western union as well.

3. DHgate accepts payments through Paypal


PayPal enables you to send payments quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account. When you select PayPal as the payment method, you go to the PayPal site, where you can send your payment.

Payment is traceable. You can trace the status of your payment using your PayPal account.

4. Online Bank Transfer DHgate accepts payments through

Beneficiary Rich Palace Holdings Limited
Beneficiary Address Unit D, 10/F, China Overseas Building, 139 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Bank Name The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Bank Account 808-056402-838
Bank Address L9, HSBC Building, 673 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Similar to an offline bank transfer, you can opt for an online transfer as well to pay on the spot by entering your PIN. Payment is sent directly from your bank to DHgate’s HSBC bank account in Hong Kong.

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions About Dhgate

1. Is DHgate Legit or is it a Scam?


The question that most interested businesses and individuals want the answer to is if DHgate is legit or a scam. Without a doubt, DHgate is a legit online marketplace from where you can buy Chinese products at good prices and of quality.

As proof of its legitimacy, it offers great security options, customer feedback and reviews, an escrow service, and details of its operations.

All these are extensive measures put in place by DHgate to make sure that customers do not leave unsatisfied and that complete security is maintained.

2. How Can I Contact the Seller?

There is the option of ‘Message’ listed on the product and the seller’s profile. You can also contact sellers by the ‘Online Chat’ option.

3. What is the Procedure for Opening a Dispute?

Sign in to your account, then find the order on your ‘Awaiting Confirm’ and then click ‘Open a Dispute’. Select a reason and confirm one option from the list of options. Confirm proposal and submit.

4. How Do I Know My Payment Has Been Approved?

If the order status shows ‘Pending payment verification’ then payment needs to be verified and after you provide the required documents, the payment will be approved within 24 hours and show up on your order status.

5. Are Products on DHgate Cheap and Substandard?

Prices on DHgate are generally low. Quality can vary but there are very high-quality products available as well.


To conclude, DHgate is a legit and secure e-commerce site that sources Chinese goods worldwide. It has a variety of goods at low prices, many trusted sellers, good customer service, and buyer protection.

Despite the bad reputation it gets, most of it arises from misunderstandings and doubts about delivery times or payment issues.

But with a keen eye and a bit of research, you can find the right sellers and the right products for your business. So start buying from DHgate now!