Yiwu – a paradise for businessmen

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Yiwu , a city where amazing happens!
Yiwu, locates in the middle of Zhejiang Province, borders Guangdong and Fujian in the south, Shanghai economic zone in the north and Ningbo port in the east. The registered population of Yiwu has reached 760 thousand and 1.16 million. As the paradise for businessmen, there are 200 thousand merchants in the market from all over the world everyday, in which overseas merchants living in Yiwu are over 13000.
It is well known to the world for its large small commodity markets and tremendous goods.

Top reasons for you to visit Yiwu
1.Yiwu market is the world's largest wholesale market.
   70000+ suppliers
   5.5 million square meters with 75,000 booths
   1.8 million varieties of goods in 26 categories
2.The Minimum Order Quantity can be in one carton
3.More than 200 Thousands products. In Yiwu, you can get more business  opportunities.
4.Doing business in Yiwu is quite easy.
  Convenient exporting&importing transportation
5. Yiwu market is open all year around except the Chinese New Year.
6 12,000+ foreign businessmen residents enjoy their comfortable life in Yiwu.
Yiwu market:

Inside of the market

Featured Products in Yiwu Market:

Apparel & Shoes
Auto Accessories
Flower Accessories
Gifts & Crafts
Office & School Suppliers

Yiwu is a city full of miracles. You should never miss it.
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