Are you planning a visit to Yiwu-China this year? Do you plan to go out and check out the largest market in the world for small commodities? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Yearly, more than 50,000 people visit Yiwu City. Mostly come for business purposes, but people don’t know that Yiwu City is a significant tourist attraction too. There are many places to visit, and the weather is amiable. Hence, people come from around the world!

This guide covers all the aspects of Yiwu for you, from how to reach the city, what to do there, and what places to visit. So, before you book your ticket to China, go through the guide!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Yiwu – The Chinese Town of Small Things 

Before we explore China Yiwu, we will talk about the city in general, its history, and how to reach it domestically and internationally. The first thing that stands out about Yiwu is the beauty of the place. You can check out the beauty of the city in this video.

1) Introduction to Yiwu

Name: 义乌 (yì wū)

Urban Population: 1,483,000

Area: 1,105 square kilometers (about 426 square miles)

Zip Code: 322000

Area Code: 0579

Yiwu Jinhua Zhejiang China is situated in the Zhejiang Province in East China. Initially, Yiwu City was known as Wushang County when it was established in 222 BCE. This was even before the time of the Qin Dynasty. In 624 CE, it was renamed Yiwu. Trade has been an integral part of the city for as long as one can remember. The reason was the arable soil.

Men would “trade” threads, sewing needles, and chunks of sugar for chicken feathers. This is where the trade culture started and is still going strong. These feathers were mainly used to make fertilizers. The first wholesale market in Yiwu dates back to as early as the 1700s.

The city’s geographical location is a significant reason for its rapid development from a small agricultural city to the most significant world wholesale market. It is located near the Ningbo and Shanghai ports, ensuring a straightforward approach.

The main attraction is the Yiwu market. Other attractions include religious places, hotels, amusement parks, restaurants, and other fairs in China. You can look up more information about the history and city information on Wikipedia.

2) Yiwu China Map

To know where is Yiwu china located, you can check the map as you can see from the map. Yiwu has an easy approach from all over. You can reach it by sea or road quickly without any hindrance. The city is just 82 miles away from Hangzhou and 129 miles away from Shanghai.

3) Currency Being Used in Yiwu