New Product Development Service

Step by Step Bring Your Ideas into Reality!

Develop Your Own Product in China

Products which are customized to niche markets are becoming more and more popular. Seize the opportunity while you can, and develop products with us that are tailored for your target markets!

custom product design


Eager to launch your own product? Whether developed from an idea, or evolved from an existing product, a great design makes difference. We will submit your specifications for new product development to the right manufacturer to help shape your product ideas into a vivid design.


For new and exclusive products, the tooling needs to be designed from scratch. This is where our strong relationships with suppliers comes into play. Our service ensures fast development of moulding and whatever needed for mass production.

Customized Packing

The look outside is as important as what’s inside. It’s also true in todays consumer world, where attractive packages make the difference between premium and economy. Let us help to create and customize product packaging in China to dazzle consumers before they open the box!

Customized Packing


Before put forward for mass production, an initial sample is provided by the supplier to ensure not only the expected quality, but also the proven concept. It allows you a chance to reconsider either the design or the supplier.



If you have any great idea for a product, we will help you to make it into reality. No matter it’s a creation yet to be developed, or a spin on an existing product, we can find the right OEM & ODM solutions especially for you to brand your own product.