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Develop Your Own Product in China

Products which are customized to niche markets are becoming more and more popular. Seize the opportunity while you can, and develop products with us that are tailored for your target markets!

custom product design


Eager to launch your own product? Whether developed from an idea, or evolved from an existing product, a great design makes difference. We will submit your specifications for new product development to the right manufacturer to help shape your product ideas into a vivid design.


For new and exclusive products, the tooling needs to be designed from scratch. This is where our strong relationships with suppliers comes into play. Our service ensures fast development of moulding and whatever needed for mass production.

Customized Packing

The look outside is as important as what’s inside. It’s also true in todays consumer world, where attractive packages make the difference between premium and economy. Let us help to create and customize product packaging in China to dazzle consumers before they open the box!

Customized Packing


Before put forward for mass production, an initial sample is provided by the supplier to ensure not only the expected quality, but also the proven concept. It allows you a chance to reconsider either the design or the supplier.



If you have any great idea for a product, we will help you to make it into reality. No matter it’s a creation yet to be developed, or a spin on an existing product, we can find the right OEM & ODM solutions especially for you to brand your own product.

Copyright Protection

Our in-house experts in copyright law have full knowledge of intellectual property regulation, and are prepared to help you avoid violations or infringements. What’s more, our team are ready with legal support if necessary.

Start Your
New Product Development in China

Supply Chain Optimization

We are supplying high quality and profitable products to our partners to grow their business.

A Streamlined Supply Line

Whatever products you need, we develop source and deliver them to you, and help you achieve your sourcing goals: Cost saving, Higher quality, and Faster delivery.

Worry-Free Solution

We bear all the buying risks for you. Our expert team will follow up on each detail of every single order with our high standard. We deliver upon our promise.

The Power Behind Your Business Growth

Wherever you are in your seller’s journey, EJET helps to improve your supply chain, build your brand & maximize your profits so as to grow your business.

EJET Ultimate China Sourcing Book



Our expert team will work with you to provide a new product development service and understand your idea, receive the design files from you, and then work with the supplier to produce the product you want. We will provide a prototype for your approval before starting the production.

It depends from product to product. However, on average it takes around 10-15 days to produce a prototype. Some products may take less time and some may take even more than a month. We will communicate the exact time to you before making the prototype.

There is no alternative for the experience. We have been in this industry for 15 years, and through our years of experience we have learned many lessons, therefore we can help you save a lot of money, and you do not have to bear any risk. We understand your needs well and will provide the right solution each time.

We will sign an agreement with you of non-disclosure and confidentiality. You can rest assured that your information will be fully protected with us along with your design and IP.

Our team will work with you very closely throughout the whole process. Providing you with updates of each and every process in new product development service and once a prototype is made, we will send the sample for your approval. We will ensure that the product is made exactly according to the sample you have approved.

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