Nowadays, more and more people are buying from China. Most of the foreigners choose to buy directly from factories or go to fairs. However, buying from Chinese wholesale markets is another good option especially for those business starters.

Chinese wholesale markets offers nearly any product you could imagine. In Yiwu, you can go to the Yiwu Small Commodity Market, or known as Yiwu international trade city or Futian Market. Nearby yiwu, Haining leather market, Keqiao textile market, and Yongkang hardware market are very popular. In Guangzhou, you can visit the Guangzhou furniture market and Guangzhou lighting Market. Nearby Guangzhou, the Shenzhen electronic market and Chenghai toys Market are also among the best.

There are 3 advantages of buying from Chinese Wholesale Markets

One-Stop Buying Solution

Everything you are looking for is available in these markets. From electronics, cosmetics to clothes, it is the right place to find all you want. In the market, you meet with different suppliers and save effort in traveling from city to city.


Smaller MOQ

Compared to buying directly from Chinese factories or fairs, buying from wholesale market requires much lower MOQ. You could also buy from different suppliers and consolidate the products into one container to save shipping cost.

Competent Price

In China wholesale markets are usually set up in cities close to the manufacturing bases. In one market, plenty of suppliers of similar products are gathered together so that customer could quickly go over them, make comparison and get the best price.
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Top China Wholesale Markets

We list the top 9 wholesale markets worth going below. If you have any sourcing query or need buying guide, please feel free to contact us!

Yiwu International Trade City

Yiwu City Wholesale Market

Yiwu international trade city, also called Yiwu Small commodity Market or Futian market, is the largest wholesale market in the world. You could find any kind of small commodity here…

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Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Guangzhou wholesale markets is the laregest comprehensive wholesale market in the world where you can buy products ranging from fabric, clothing, furniture, jewellry to electronics…

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Shenzhen Wholesale Market

Shenzhen wholesale markets is the best place in China especially to buy electronic products such as phone accessories, computer accessories, and everything related to electronics.

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