Tips on Sourcing Products from China

Sourcing successfully from China is the key factor to make your business growing, while how to source efficiently and safe from China is still a challenging. Many buyers has ever had bad experience when sourcing from China and suffered a lot.

Here below are three main ways for the buyers to follow when sourcing from China:

Sourcing online

Sourcing online is the fastest way for you to find your product suppliers. You can find a great number of the suppliers just by a click away on the website and get a direct contact with them. Alibaba is now the most commonly used platform for many oversea buyers. However, it will take you a long time to communicate with the suppliers during your order process, and with so many suppliers listed online, it is quite difficult for you to choose a reliable one from the multiple choice.

Coming to China for a direct source

Some buyers will choose to come to China directly for their items sourcing: attend the Fairs, go to the wholesale markets or visit the factories. Working by this way, you can audit the manufacturers by your own, talking to the suppliers directly, and feel the products quality in advance. It is a safer way for you to take for the further business. But coming to China directly is a little bit costly on your time and money, you will need to make a full preparation ahead to make your trip smoothly.

China Sourcing Tips

Working with a sourcing agent

Now more and more buyers choose to work with sourcing agents in China to help them on their buying. A good sourcing agent can act as your eyes in China and handle all the trading process for you: products sourcing, buying, price negotiating, manufacturer auditing, quality controlling, sample sending, shipping arranging, etc. It is a great way which can largely save your time and energy. With their help, you can released from those complicated procedures and focus on your own business. Just take the notice that you have to find a reliable agent to work with to avoid any potential risk in future cooperation.

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