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Based in Yiwu China, EJET Sourcing Ltd has been a world-class product sourcing company since 2006. We provide value-added outsourcing purchasing service from source to delivery. We ensure that you have an enjoyable sourcing experience throughout the entire process.

EJET is committed to helping our partners succeed in their business, and we are proud to offer you high-quality, profitable products according to the unique and varied needs of our partners!

Our Services Include:

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We’ll help you get the right product at the right price. All you need to do is place an order and we’ll take care of everything from source to delivery.


When purchasing from China, matching suppliers is an important step. We will help you find the most suitable supplier from our extensive supplier network.



By letting EJET perform the correct quality control and inspections, you can eliminate doubts and ensure that your products meet quality requirements.


With our Amazon FBA service, we will be responsible for the process of product grouping, packaging, labeling, and shipping.

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Through our free one-month warehousing service, EJET warehousing and consolidation services in China can safely store your goods.



EJET’s transportation services provide multiple transportation methods from China to all over the world with the correct quotation.

Why Buy From Yiwu?

FAQ About Yiwu  Agent

If you are not familiar with importing and exporting and want to import many different products from Yiwu, you need a Yiwu Agent to help you manage the different steps of the buying from finding different suppliers, price negotiation, product control, to the delivery, etc.

It all depends on the agent’s ability. At EJET Sourcing, we provide services to manage the entire buying process: from sourcing to client delivery, quality control, regulatory compliance and inventory management.

Most Yiwu agents charge their clients based on the amount of the order. In general the rate varies between 3% and 10%. clients may also have additional charges for specific services such as shipping, certificates, quality control …

EJET provides a wide range of services. We do everything from sourcing to delivery following high standards of service.We can do sourcing, quality inspection, new product development, supplier management, faster delivery, etc.

EJET Ultimate China Sourcing Book


Yiwu Agent: The Definitive FAQ Guide


Sourcing products from Yiwu China? you don’t know where to start in finding a Yiwu agent to guide and help you the entire process? Then, this complete guide is right for you.

Therefore, we got the most worrying and recurring questions from buyers and answered them. and this is what we will see in this article.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Where is Yiwu City?

Chapter 2: What is Yiwu Famous for?

Chapter 3: What do you mean by Yiwu Agent?

Chapter 4: Who Need a Yiwu Agent?

Chapter 5: What Services Do Yiwu Agents Offer?

Chapter 6: How Much is Yiwu Agent Commission?

Chapter 7: Why you need a Yiwu Agent?

Chapter 8: 7 Steps Checklist on How to find the best Sourcing Agent in Yiwu

Chapter 9: Important criteria when considering sourcing agents in China

Chapter 10: How to check Your Yiwu agent?

Chapter 11: What are the Advantages of Yiwu Agents?

Chapter 12: How Can You Find a Reliable/Trustworthy Yiwu Agent?

Chapter 13: Questions to ask when interviewing a Yiwu agent

Chapter 14: Practical tips for finding trusted agents and sourcing companies

Chapter 15: List of the top Sourcing Agent in Yiwu City

Chapter 1: Where is Yiwu City?

With a population of 1.2 million, Yiwu is located on the east coast of central China. It is 300 kilometers southwest of Shanghai, 150 kilometers west of Ningbo Port (one of the largest ports in China), and 100 kilometers south of Hangzhou (the capital of the province of Zhejiang).


However, it has its importance on a global scale for those who have already bought socks, zippers or even a cheap Halloween costume.

The city attracts business tourists from all over the world. Buyers travel there throughout the year to inspect products and place bulk orders. These products are then found on the stalls of hardware stores, souvenir shops and supermarkets on all continents. According to estimates from a local business organization, more than 60% of Christmas decorations, including lights, are made in Yiwu.

Chapter 2: What is Yiwu Famous for?


Yiwu is famous for its small commodity wholesale market, which is the largest wholesale market in the world. The market covers an area of approximately 4.4 million square meters, with more than 80,000 shops thats serve all categories of products may everyone needs, Thousands of suppliers showcased over 450,000 products in over 2,500 product categories.

Therefore, due to the wholesale market, Yiwu is known as China Commodity City (CCC) in the trading world. To know more about this market please check our article about Yiwu international trade market city

Chapter 3: What do you mean by Yiwu Agent?

A sourcing agent is an individual agent hired full-time for you. This individual agent works alone or with another person for support. They can work in a small office or at home.

Some may have worked in a trading or sourcing business before setting up on their own. These agents can be found on the other internet at Freelance sites such as (up work, fivver…).

Contrary, A Sourcing Company Also called an agent but it made up of an entire team of experts. This means they have more suppliers at their disposal, in addition to handling multiple clients at the same time and to know more about a sourcing company check our video below:

Chapter 4: Who Need a Yiwu Agent?

You can’t improvise an international buyer! Importing products from China is not easy because the buying process is quite long if you had to do it on your own: first, find a reliable supplier, verify product compliance, prepare and manage the international shipment, and then distribute.

For buyers who have no experience in import/export or have experience but suffer from many issues and scams, having an agent can be the best choice to avoid all these issues and save on time and costs.

Case Study:

To explain more why you need an agent, we have this example :

To source products from the markets, buyers need to support multiple product categories selecting 2 or more reliable suppliers for at least 1 product which means it will require to contact at least 10 suppliers or more and if the buyer has 5 products means should contact at least 50.

It’s a colossal search, which is why a China sourcing agent/company is useful. The company will take care of grouping all the products and doing all the necessary research.

Chapter 5: What Services Do Yiwu Agents Offer?


As the best sourcing agent in Yiwu, we offer our clients a one-stop solution, and here are the main services offered:

1. Product supplier search

Each agent has this service, it is a basic service. Check and choose suppliers who meet the client’s criteria. Subsequently, a negotiation phase, to obtain the best price and confirm the details of the production.

However, some customers question whether they should have access to supplier information. Some customers even think that a lack of information is a scam from the agent or company.

2. Production monitoring, quality inspection, and shipping organization

Following the choice of the supplier, it is necessary to organize the production. Procurement agents/companies will ensure the entire production process, including that it is finished on time and of good quality.


Following production, quality control will be carried out. For this, they will work with the quality inspection company to minimize defects.

The last step, the expedition, will require a very high level of expertise. In addition to getting a good deal on shipping prices, they will inform you of all the certificates and documents that customs will need.

3. Quality Control

The quality of the product almost always lies in the details. The level of product quality often signifies the success or failure of a business.

EJET aims to provide our customers with the highest service expectations, and quality control is one of the most important services.

Our years of experience are at your disposal and we can provide you with the most comprehensive quality control inspection service to ensure you get the results you want.


4. Warehousing

We provide our multiple warehouses at your service for free in China. we offer a great and flexible service such as:

  • Payment Consolidation
  • Pick up and Delivery
  • Quality Control
  • Palletizing
  • Inventory Management & Report
  • Long Term Storage Options

5. Amazon FBA

EJET provides an exclusive Amazon FBA Prep service for Amazon sellers. We help find the best suppliers, collect products, inspect, label, repackage, bundle and ship to FBA warehouses worldwide.

Here extra services:

  • Receive and Collect
  • Labeling
  • Amazon Pre-Prep
  • Ship to Amazon

6. Shipping Your Goods

EJET’s logistics services are designed to give you a wide choice of shipping from China, covering all routes to any country you specify.

Our professional and experienced logistics team of experts are ready to resolve any delivery issues for you. Become your partner with EJET, all you have to do is sit back and relax and wait for the delivery!

Chapter 6: How Much is Yiwu Agent Commission?


This is an interesting question but unfortunately, there is no set standard rate in Yiwu for agent commission. The thousands of companies or sourcing agents in Yiwu do not have the same way of billing for their service.

The prices vary depending on the scope of the service requested, the methods used, the type of product, and its quantity, here below 3 common billing methods, to give you a general idea about how much is Yiwu sourcing Agent commission :

-Sourcing agents companies in Yiwu typically charge 3% to 10% depends on the total of the order and also the type of products and extra services may the buyer need when sourcing from Yiwu.

Chapter 7: Why you need a Yiwu Agent?

If you are importing products from China for the first time or even a regular importer, for sure you always want to make your buying process quickly and easily and to make that real, sourcing agency services are made for that.

During our experience, here are the top four benefits of using Yiwu agent services:

1. Help find the best supplier at the best value for money

If you are looking for products, you can easily find thousands of suppliers on many online websites such as Alibaba. However, figuring out which supplier will provide excellent quality at the most reasonable price can be very difficult.


However, buying agents can help you find many factories and suppliers that Alibaba cannot supply.

Their prices are generally the lowest in China. But these factory suppliers do not speak English and therefore can only sell their products to foreign importers through trading companies or purchasing agents.

2. Help monitor production and save time

Maybe you already have a large network and know a lot of good suppliers.

But there is another obstacle in the production process. Since you are located outside of China, it can become difficult to follow up with suppliers and ensure production is on schedule.

In addition, the information provided may also be unreliable. You need to communicate with the factory to exchange detailed information on how to make the product and finish the production on time.

Usually, the total tracking time will be 1-2 months, and some product development projects will be longer. You can delegate these responsibilities to purchase agents, saving you a lot of time to focus on your core business.

3. Help monitor Quality control

The role of the purchasing manager is more like a representative of your company on site. In a way, it will be your eyes and your hands in China. During the production process, the buyer can visit the factory to see if the finished product meets the quality standards and your requirements.


After the goods are ready, the agent can check the quality again, then ship the goods to your country/region. In addition, if there are any quality problems or order differences, the agent can help you negotiate with the factory and make sure the final product exactly matches your order.

The agent can persuade the factory to correct the order or to suggest an alternative solution. If you ask a third-party inspection company, they can only tell you that the inspection result is unqualified.

4. Reduce the risks associated with imports

Excellent purchasing agents have extensive experience in product production, product safety, conformity certification, import and export process rules, and international transportation.

Depending on the product to be purchased, it will tell you which certificate is required to import the product into your country, which shipping method is best, and whether the product has potential patent issues.

Chapter 8:  7 Steps Checklist on How to find the best Sourcing Agent in Yiwu


To help you find the ideal purchasing agent for your business, we have compiled the following useful list:

  • Step 1: Define your needs

The first step is to understand the needs of your purchasing agents and suppliers, as well as the needs of the needs. Writing instructions is very useful for your important documents.

For your buyer, this includes the scope of services, language skills, location, experience level, payment method, etc. You must also clearly define your requirements for the manufacturer: which working conditions prevail, which material type and which quality to use? Usage, how long the delivery time should be, etc.

  • Step 2: Set a budget

In the second step, you need to consider your budget. How many units do you want to produce, how much can you spend on the product, and how much can you pay the buyer? It is best not to set a fixed budget to 100%, but to set a range, because there will always be unforeseen expenditures.

  • Step 3: Choose a buying company

As we saw earlier, there are different types of buying companies. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Decide whether you want to work with a single agent, a large sourcing company, or a full-service sourcing and logistics company.

  • Step 4: Find and compare

Now that you know what you need and what type of purchasing agent you want to work with, you can start researching. However, not only Google but also the first result. Instead, use a platform on which you can read different independent reviews of other sellers (such as Sermondo).

Next, pre-select 3-4 buying agents that meet the conditions you set in step 1.

  • Step 5: Obtain different quotations and apply for a commercial license

Now, get quotations from the purchasing agents included in the screening.

The quotation should include the price of each service you want to use, the pricing structure, and how the price is calculated.

Important note: Accompany you to obtain a copy of the preferential business license! Then choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

  • Step 6: Negotiate payment

After choosing a buyer, you still need to negotiate the payment method with them. Large companies usually have a fixed price structure, but you can usually negotiate better prices with independent agents.

In addition, please specify when ordering whether the price of the purchased service will decrease over time.

  • Step 7: Write down all agreed content

In the last step, you need to write down everything you agree to.

Then, both parties (ie you and the buying company) need to reach an agreement (for example, via email or WeChat). For example, it should be clear who caused poor production quality or delayed delivery.

The payment type and amount should also be recorded and confirmed by both parties. In this way, you will have a document that you can rely on in the event of a problem.

Chapter 9: Important criteria when considering sourcing agents in China


Many sourcing agents in Yiwu, companies or individuals are carrying out their purchasing agent activities and to choose the best agent we have listed here 7 important criteria that you have to consider before dealing with any of them :

  • More than 5 years of experience in sourcing activities
  • A team of more than 20 employees to reduce the risk of service failure.
  • Experience in the industry and category of products you are looking for
  • Well-trained staff conduct quality control, audit

  • Integrate into your business department
  • Language and management skills
  • Customer reference

Chapter 10: How to check Your Yiwu agent?


  • Communicate well and look for the response:

When you enter the Yiwu market, there is a communication barrier as most of the sellers only know the Chinese language.

A Yiwu agent will act as your translator but he should be equally fluent in English or in your language. To check for authenticity, communicate with the agent via phone, emails, and instant messaging and look for the response.

If he is ready to engage in the conversation and giving a quick response, he is the right choice.

  • Ask for a reference:

When hiring a Yiwu agent from the company, freelancing website, or online platform, you will be provided with the references in the profile. Otherwise, you can ask for the references and contact details of the previous clients.

Also if you know someone who has already bought goods from an Yiwu agent, he can refer you that agent. The trust is already there because of the previous deals so this will make your work very easy.

  • Ask for customers’ reviews:

You have to look into the Yiwu agent reviews provided by the previous customers. You can also talk to the previous clients and check the authenticity of Yiwu agent services. The reviews are one of the best ways to judge the quality of the agent’s service.

  •  How well does he know about your products?

You need to arrange a meeting to discuss the desired products you need. You have to judge how well the agent knows about the product or what information he has gathered to generate the process.

He must know the manufacturing of your product, the suppliers, the best market to find that product, and all the ins and outs to provide you a high-quality service.

  • How many years he has been in the business in Yiwu?

The experience matters. The more experienced the Yiwu agent is, the more convenient the whole process will become.

Although newbies should be given a chance in the case when you have to make a deal for thousands of dollars for your new business, you should check, how many years the agent has been in the business in Yiwu.

  • Ask for verification approvals from the Yiwu agent?

Verification approvals are necessary to check the authenticity of the Yiwu agent. Ask for the ID of the Yiwu agent, showing its original Chinese name. Also check the business license, tax registration, and company ID.

Chapter 11: What are the Advantages of Yiwu Agents?


Sourcing Agents in Yiwu play an important role that facilitates relationships with suppliers. They specialize in importing goods from various parts of China on your behalf and to know more about the advantages we have listed below some advantages:

  • Spot scams and choose the best suppliers for you.
  •   Time-saving.
  • Yiwu agents can identify new suppliers who manufacture the right products at the right prices and at the right quality
  • Yiwu agents speak the native language and navigate the culture, which means there will be fewer communication barriers and know more much the markets.
  • Agents in Yiwu will take care of everything on your behalf from sourcing to delivery.

  • Reduce your overall expenses
  • Improved safety and security
  • Sourcing agents can visit the factory and carefully check the quality of your goods

Chapter 12: How Can You Find a Reliable/Trustworthy Yiwu Agent?

When you search for Yiwu agents, for sure you are looking for companies with legitimate presence and comments online. Google and Youtube are the best ways for this.

  • Finding Yiwu agent by looking for their portfolios on Google
  • Finding Yiwu agent by looking for their portfolios on YouTube
  • You also need an agent with a real office to make sure that the company is real

  • The agent you choose should be worth the money you will spend.
  • Your Yiwu agent should be professional with experience in the field.
  • Your future agent must offer you a clear and concise contract that is legally binding on both parties.

Chapter 13: Questions to ask when interviewing a Yiwu agent


After you find your reliable and trusty agent you decide to work with, better you make sure many things, and to help you more, we have listed here a list of questions you may have to ask your agent before daily with:

  • How will your Yiwu Agent be paid?
  • Will your Yiwu agent able to visit factories before and during production?
  • Can your agent offer referrals or testimonials from satisfied customers who use their services and buy the same type of product as you? Make sure to contact two of them and get confirmations.
  • Does your agent carry out quality checks themselves? Or do your agent use a specialized third party?
  • Will you receive a weekly production status update?
  • Can your Yiwu Agent share the management system with you? You need to make sure they have processes in place. The vast majority of officers do not follow any set procedure.

  • What guarantee does your Yiwu agent offer in case a supplier scams you? What if the shipments are late? What if you receive unwanted products in your warehouse?
  • Is your Yiwu agent located in the area where your products will be purchased?

Chapter 14: Practical tips for finding trusted agents and sourcing companies


  • Tip 1: Choose an Agent located in Yiwu as a partner, because local companies know more about the Yiwu markets and also factories that offer cheap prices and good quality, and EJET Sourcing naturally combines these advantages.
  • Tip 2: Choose a Yiwu Agent who specialize in a specific industry to make sure that have the expertise and understand your exact needs to avoid any issues that can impact your business in the future
  • Tip3: Ask Yiwu sourcing agents if they can recommend their clients who have been satisfied or take a look at the company trying to find client’s feedback on the internet.

To see our clients feedback we recommend for you to watch our videos on Youtube through this link: EJET client’s Feedback

  • Tip 4: Either way, choose a Yiwu agent with whom you feel confident. With whom you can easily talk about your requirements and your exact specification. Only a professional Yiwu Agent will take care of your needs.

Chapter 15: List of the top Sourcing Agent in Yiwu City

  1. EJET Sourcing

EJET is the leading sourcing company providing all the Yiwu agent services, acting as your online one-stop-shop. It has been dealing with worldwide wholesale buyers for the past 15 years and gained a reputable name among the customers. The services Ejet sourcing company provides as a Yiwu agent are:

  • Supplier chain management
  • Managing factories and product design assistance
  • Raw material sourcing and production
  • Process scheduling with the buyer
  • Sourcing from Yiwu
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Logistics regulation
  • Shipment dealings
  • Payment coordination
  • Hotel booking
  • Airport pickup
  • Procurement services

         2. Leeline sourcing


Leelinesourcing is a sourcing company in China that provides an unlimited supply of products to a wide range of regions around the world from different markets all over China. The services include:

  • Dealing with supplier
  • Buying demanding products
  • Quality inspection of products
  • Arrange meetings
  • Free warehousing
  • Export and import documentation

       3. Jing Sourcing

Jingsourcing covers all the Chinese market along with the Yiwu market giving effective services, free warehousing, and effective quotes on cost. They help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door. No upfront charges, no experience needed. Their agent will guide you step by step.


4. Amanda Intl Group

Amanda Intl Group of sourcing is a one-stop solution for a variety of products. It has a plus service of providing low-cost commission but deals with the Yiwu market only. They provide supply sourcing, good consolidation as well market guiding and translation. They call themselves as the expert in global supply chain.

        5. Union Service

Union Service Is One Member Of Sellers Union Group, Sellers Union Group Was Established In 2010, Which Grew Out Of Sellers Union Co., Ltd Founded In 1997. Union service is different from other sourcing companies as it deals with many partners. This makes the method fast and benefits those buyers who intend to buy from the partners. You will be provided with agents knowing diverse languages and fluent in English.

       6. Golden Shiny

Golden shiny sourcing company deals with the third party for providing the services of product inspection, shipment methods, and warehousing. You can customize the package and product, Golden Shiny will help you deliver it. You should also check out his YouTube channel as this company have a good amount of videos on different topics revolving around Yiwu city.

      7. Yiwu Sourcing Agent

Yiwu Sourcing Agent is one of the Chinese agents located in Yiwu City. The company offers a wide range of solutions and services, from the supply of products,  quality control, and the shipping process.

If you are looking for products and export from China, looking for a supplier or an agent, you can contact them. Their commission starts from 2%. And they provide Reliable and Professional One-Stop Solutions for your purchase at Yiwu market. Enjoy your Yiwu business trip with their best services!

      8. Meeno Group

meeno group sourcing company

Meeno group of trading and sourcing deals with daily consumer products, clothing, electronics, household items, tools, and furniture. It has 5+ years of experience in the trading and sourcing field. and to know more about the best Yiwu sourcing agents please check the link.


By coming to the end of the article, you have known about

  • The complete description of Yiwu city and Yiwu market.
  • How to search for a good Yiwu agent both online and physically?
  • What are the characteristics to look at when dealing with a Yiwu Agent?
  • Checking the authenticity of a Yiwu agent.
  • Scams to be vigilant off when looking for a good Yiwu agent.
  • Top 10 Yiwu sourcing agents you should look upon when finding a good Yiwu agent.

Now you can easily hire the authentic and reliable Yiwu agent of your demand and start the buying process from the world’s largest international trade market. Making Ejet your partner will erase all your doubts and you will run on the road to success.

Good luck with your journey!

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