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Do you want to sell pet products on Amazon?

Are you confused to decide which pet products to sell on Amazon?

Nowadays, every second person is fond of having a pet animal at home or the farmhouse. With these rapidly increasing cravings and affection for pet animals, the demand for pet products is also at its peak. Several manufacturers and suppliers have focused on producing and selling pet-related products.

There are a lot of different pet products on Amazon, and it can be tough to know which ones are bestsellers. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the top-selling pet products on Amazon. We’ll also tell you the best advertisement strategies you can use to promote your products.

 So, sit back and read the entire blog vigilantly and attentively.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview of Pet Products Category on Amazon

All successful and experienced Amazon sellers strive to find highly demanding and favored products. Similarly, pet product suppliers on Amazon are making millions by selling sought-after pet products. They are generating massive profits taking advantage of the swiftly growing market of pet products which has risen from $245 to $265 billion in 2022 within a year.

Before we dive into details, it is important to have a good understanding of the pet product business and how it works on Amazon. So let’s find out the basics below:

1) What are Pet Products?

Pet products are materials and goods designed and manufactured specifically for pet animals. Such products include food, treats, litter boxes, collars, leashes, toys, cages, aquariums, automatic toilets, auto drinkers, and pet feeders.

Cannabidiol (CBD) for dogs, freeze-dried dog food, donut dog beds, dog vitamins, cat treats, and pet relaxing beds are in demand and popular pet products.

The pet product manufacturing factories and production units have qualified pet experts who verify and pass the manufactured pet products. They conduct complete research and experimentation to inspect and certify that the products are safe for pets.

2) Why Should You Sell Pet Products on Amazon?

As the largest pet product retailer, Amazon is the most reliable and secure e-commerce marketplace for selling pet supplies. Amazon has a vast customer base with more than 300 million active buyers from all across the globe. Moreover, the pet supplies category on Amazon has seen immense growth in recent years.

With its excellent customer base for pet products, Amazon has become a reputable platform for selling and purchasing pet supplies. You should also choose this e-commerce platform for selling pet products because it features enormous customer traffic for your products and helps you earn considerable revenue.

3) Which Brands Sell Pet Products on Amazon?

Amazon has numerous featured brands selling pet products at the globally-known online marketplace. You will see a lot of brand companies and industries selling pet products on Amazon.

Such featured brands on Amazon include Fancy Feast, Dr. Elsey’s, Hill’s Science Diet, Cat’s Pride, Vet’s Best, PetSafe, Zymox, Pedigree, Greenies, and Temptations.

Moreover, Amazon has its own private label brand, Amazon Basics. AmazonBasics features reliable white-labeled pet supplies such as cat trees, leashes, food bowls, pads, pet beds, pet houses, and dog crates.

4) What are the Most Common Subcategories of Pet Products on Amazon?

Pet products on Amazon have the following general subcategories;

  1. Toys: these are the objects and instruments designed for the amusement of pet animals. Pets play with such things to get entertained and kill boredom.
  2. Edibles: edibles are food products for pet animals. Pets eat or drink suck products joyfully, such as cat food, dog food, treats, etc.
  3. Wearables: pet wearables are the clothes or devices worn by pet animals for their safety, medical diagnosis, tracking, identification, and facilitation.
  4. Topicals: these refer to the medications applied to the pets during the health issues, such as creams, lotions, ointments, and patches.

You can buy multiple pet products for your pet animals on Amazon, referring to the categories mentioned above. All these categories are further divided into several subsections depending on the animal species.

Following are some of the animal sub-sections;

  • Cats: Cats’ subsection includes health supplies, toys, cat food, treats, repellants, collars, and tick flea medicines for cats.
  • Dogs: It contains pet products for dogs like bone toys, collars, dog food, health products, beds, dog apparel, and tick flea medication.
  • Horses: The animal sub-section for horses features the pet products like pest control sprays, stable accessories, health supplies, toys, boots, and blankets.
  • Aquatic animals: This sub-section comprises all the necessary pet products manufactured for marine animals. The products include aquarium decors, aquarium filters and pumps, health products, fish bowls, and feeders.

Chapter 2. What are the Best Pet Products to Sell on Amazon in 2022?

Pet products to sell on Amazon

Who doesn’t want to get welcomed by a cute little creature on returning home? The famous saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend,” shows the strong connection between humans and animals. Having a pet means joy and happiness in life, which is why people like to adopt them.

According to a report by Jungle Scout, 18% of Americans adopted a pet during the pandemic.

People want the best care for their pets and never hesitate to spend a dime on them. Fortunately, it allows retailers to have the best pet products to sell on Amazon.

The demand for pet products has grown substantially over the years, and if you want to know which products are those, you landed right. This chapter will discuss all the hot-selling pet products to kick-start your e-commerce store.

1) Pet Hair Remover

Pet Hair Remover

Pet owners witness unwanted hair on their clothes, bedroom, kitchen, and living area alongside muddy paw prints. Removing pet hair is a fact, and owners have to deal with it every day; resultantly, they are always in need of pet hair remover.

Surprisingly, this is one of the best pet products to sell on Amazon because it’s highly demanded and profitable.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product

$25 $1.68(10-799 pieces)


Buying pet hair remover from Alibaba will help you earn a 93% profit ratio.

2) Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier

Here we have one of the other fantastic pet products to sell on Amazon. People who are always on the go cannot leave their pets behind, so they carry them along. However, taking a pet along without any arrangement is daunting, which is why owners always look for a pet carrier.

Selling pet carriers on your e-store is lucrative and can hook the audience amazingly. Check out the fantastic ratios below.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product


$14.34(300-999 pieces)


Alibaba allows a seller to earn a 71%-79% margin per pet carrier.

3) Cat & Dog food

Cat & Dog food

Another best category for pet products to sell on Amazon is cat and dog food. Pets are given exceptional food to give them essential nutrients, so any person who owns a pet purchases food. Since recent advancements, organic pet food has been introduced with better ingredients. Pet owners always walk the extra mile to provide the best food to their pets.

This gives an excellent opportunity for sellers to offer pet food in their e-store. They are high in demand and have a significant margin ratio.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product

$25 $0.95(5000-999 KG)


A seller could achieve 78% profit on pet food by sourcing from Alibaba.

4) Pet Grooming Kit

Pet Grooming Kit

Raising a pet involves excellent care, and owners are always concerned about keeping their little pal presentable. There are several grooming accessories available on Amazon that enhance the beauty of a pet. This kit includes a trimmer, clippers, scissors, nail cutters, and a comb every household must have.

Above all, it’s a very hot-selling item you can display on your e-store. Source it from Chinese online markets and get huge profits on Amazon.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product

$49 $5.70 (50 pieces)


5) Collar Tracker

Collar Tracker

Pets often get lost, which is the worst nightmare for every pet owner. Therefore, consumers look for pet collar trackers on Amazon that helps them track the location of their pet. It is one of the most lucrative pet products to invest in. It’s an innovative, thoughtful, and quick-selling pet product.

Alibaba offers fantastic prices on GPS collar tracks with great ROI.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product




Buying a collar tracker from Alibababa will allow your brand to get a 68% profit ratio per product

6) Cat & Dog Toys

Cat & Dog Toys

You probably would’ve seen pets engaged in toys to remain busy and productive. A survey conducted in the first quarter of 2022 revealed that pet owners had spent $26 million on cat toys. This makes it among the best pet products to sell on Amazon. The demand is high, and Alibaba offers unique wholesale price packages for Amazon Sellers.

The toys include balls, molar bites, and similar productive toys that keep the pet busy and train them.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product

$25 $1-$2 (10 pieces)


Buying pet toys from Alibababa will allow your brand to get up to a 96%-92% profit ratio per product

7) Pet Warm Bed

Pet Warm Bed

What makes a pet look cuter? Watching them cuddled in a charming, warm furry bed! Pet owners like to keep their pets cozy and take great care of them like family members. They always look for a luxurious portable bed on Amazon, making it one of the trending pet products to sell on Amazon.

Surprisingly, the wholesale price of pet beds is both very profitable and high quality.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product



71% approximately

Buying a pet warm bed from Alibababa will allow your brand to get up to 71% approx profit ratio per product

8) Pet Bathing Showers

Pet Bathing Showers

Pet bath care has substantially grown over the years. As said earlier, pet owner considers their pets like family members and shower them regularly. This requires them to take a cat/dog bathing shower that consumes less water and sprays efficiently.

For retailers, it’s a very profitable product to sell, and upon comparing prices on Alibaba, the results obtained are marvelous.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product

$49 $2(100 pieces)


Buying pet bathing showers bed from Alibababa will allow your brand to get up to 95% profit ratio per product

9) Dog Cage

Dog Cage

Grown adult dogs are tough to keep inside the home, and their huts are often kept in lawns or gardens. Some owners prefer cages to keep them protected. They are made of high-quality aluminum that resists their aggressive movements. If you’re listing pet products on Amazon, source dog care.

We compared Amazon prices to Alibaba and found dog cages very lucrative. Here’s a glimpse of its margin ratio if sourced from Alibaba.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product


$8(100 pieces)


Buying a dog cage bed from Alibababa will allow your brand to get up to a 95% profit ratio per product.

10) Paw Plunger

Paw Plunger

Raising a pet is not an easy task. Pet owners have to face a lot of inconvenience from their little lad alongside love, among which dirt paw prints are on top. Coming home with pets accumulates dirt and sand prints all over the house. Here, a paw plunger is the demand of every pet owner.

This lists it among the hot pet products to sell on Amazon. Check out the compared prices we get from Alibaba.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product


$8(100 pieces)


Buying a paw plunger from Alibababa will allow your brand to get up to a 73% profit ratio per product.

11) Dog Raincoat

Dog Raincoat

Just like humans, animals also don’t like to walk through rain anonymously. Rains are unpredictable in countries like the UK, USA, and Europe, so people always keep a raincoat or umbrella. Similarly, pet owners keep a dog raincoat to prevent their pets from getting wet.

This gives the retailer an excellent opportunity to earn a fortune. Dog raincoats are one of the best products to sell on Amazon. The prices are ideal to source from Alibaba; take a look.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product

$16 $4 (500 pieces)


Buying a dog/cat raincoat from Alibababa will allow your brand to get up to a 75% profit ratio per product.

12) Pet Stroller

Pet Stroller

This is one of the most innovative pet products to sell on Amazon. Pet strollers are designed the same as kids’ strollers. It is made of a waterproof lid that works great in the rain. Pet owners find it very convenient as it can be folded easily in the car and remains user-friendly.

Check out the price comparison between Amazon and Alibaba

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product


$25 (500 pieces)


Sourcing a pet stroller from Alibababa will allow your brand to get up to a 72% profit ratio per product.

13) Pet Water Bowl

Pet Water Bowl

Pet food is served in a very ergonomic design-based bowl made for animals. You probably would’ve seen cats’ and dogs’ faces digging down in a bowl, eating their favorite meal. The material is very sturdy, and the product has a lot of potential to sell on Amazon.

Since every pet owner needs a water bowl for their lad, so they always look for it on Amazon. Here is a price comparison between Alibaba and Amazon.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product

$24 $4 (50 pieces)


Sourcing pet water bowl from Alibababa will allow your brand to get up to 83% profit ratio per product.

14) Dog Leash

Dog Leash

People who own a dog control it with a leash, making it among the most demanding pet products to sell on Amazon. Amazon’s pet products category shows some very stylish dog leashes that seem very impressive. However, a fun fact is that these stylish dog leashes are very cheap to purchase from Alibaba.

Upon observing the price factor on Alibaba, we found it a very lucrative pet product to venture into. Here is the price comparison.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product

$20 $6 (10 pieces)


Sourcing dog leashes from Alibababa will allow your brand to get up to an 82% profit ratio per product.

15) Pet Nail Clipper

Pet Nail Clipper

We have complete confidence in this ergonomic pet nail clipper because it has been approved by professionals (i.e., actual pet groomers and veterinarians). A smooth, precise cut is guaranteed with each clipper’s high-quality, 3.5mm-thick stainless-steel blades—essential for squirmy fur babies. Furthermore, the safety stop design prevents you from cutting down too far and injuring your pet.

This makes it an advantageous pet product to list on your e-store. Take a look at the price comparison.

Cost-Profit Comparison

Retail price on Amazon

Wholesale price on Alibaba

Profit margin per product

$10 $2 (2 pieces)


Sourcing pet nail clippers from Alibababa will allow your brand to get up to an 80% profit ratio per product.

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So if you are looking for a reliable and experienced Chinese sourcing company to help you source products from China, then EJET is the right choice for you. You can contact our sourcing consultant Sunny Qiu for more information and guidance.

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Chapter 3. Top 8 Promotional Strategies for Pet Products to Sell on Amazon

Amazon strategies

Now that you, too, have decided to sell pet products due to their escalating demand in the market in 2022. A question will definitely pop into your mind;

What are the high-yielding tricks and promotional strategies for selling pet products on Amazon?

So, to answer this query and help you grow your pet products selling business on Amazon, we have found excellent marketing strategies for you to sell pet supplies on Amazon. Following are the top eight promotional tips and tricks for selling pet products on Amazon;

1) Conduct Adequate Research.

Performing thorough research is the first and foremost step for selling products on Amazon. The process starts with selecting a product niche or sub-category you want to sell on Amazon. As we have discussed earlier, the pet supplies category breaks down into several sub-categories.

So, you must conduct proper research on each pet product category and subcategories. Adequate pet category research will help you choose the one that is trending and appeals to you the most. You can go through Amazon trend reports to get an idea about the in-demand pet products.

Besides, you can also visit competitor pages and read their customer reviews to spot the gaps. You should conduct keyword research as well. Reliable keyword research tools like Ahrefs help you find relevant keywords on Amazon. Add trending keywords to your product description, title, and bullet points to increase traffic.

2) Get Your Own Amazon Storefront.

An Amazon Storefront is a custom multipage mini-website for individual brands to exhibit their brand offering and product catalog together in one place. It possesses an exclusive URL (Uniform Resource Locator). You can share that unique URL on different media platforms to grab customers’ attention toward your store on Amazon.

Creating an Amazon storefront is an excellent way to run your brand and stand out in a diversified pet supplies category. Though having an Amazon storefront is relatively easy, every active amazon seller can create their brand store.  But, the brand must complete its brand registry and get a registered trademark to acquire the brand store.

Once your brand gets registered, you can create your brand store on Amazon free of cost.

3) Use Animal Lifestyle Images.


As you all know, pet owners are emotionally connected to their pets. They won’t like a product that does not satisfy their emotions and give their pets a delightful experience. Therefore, you should target their pain points and showcase pet products in such a way in your Amazon listing that they get attracted to it.

For this purpose, you can use the animal lifestyle images in your Amazon listing. Lifestyle images of pets playing with or using your products will leave a natural display of them and market them as pet-friendly goods. Moreover, you can also add a short video to make your products look more natural and engaging.

Suppose you have some cat toys to sell on Amazon. It would be best if you infuse an image of an adorable cat playing with that toy joyfully. Such lifestyle images will also help the customers understand the size and dimensions of that product.

4) Use A+ Content for Describing Pet Products.

Amazon A+ content is a tool that offers an outclass opportunity for sellers to exhibit more content, images, and product description. Active sellers on Amazon should use Amazon A+ content to reassure pet owners of the worth and authenticity of their pet products more clearly.

A+ content helps add text on images, point up headlines, insert sizing charts, bolden sentences, and enhance overall brand awareness to the customers. It also allows the sellers to share their brand stories and product values that, ultimately, help them gain the trust of pet owners.

You can access A+ content if your seller central account has been registered with Amazon Brand Registry.

5) Take Advantage of Sponsored Brand Ads.

Having a loyal customer base and shopper traffic is no less than a blessing for Amazon suppliers. You can use sponsored brand ads to reach out to loyal customers. Attach your brand name, logo, and marketable pet products with sponsored ads to advertise them among colossal customer traffic.

This way, loyal customers will recognize your brand and buy products from your store once again. Sponsored brand ads will also engage new buyers in your shop.

6) Get the Best Ratings and Reviews from Your Clients.

customer feedback

Each buyer checks the customer feedback and product ratings before buying anything online from suppliers. Pet owners also go through the reviews to spot the products with the best ratings. Therefore, you should also get positive customer reviews to attract new buyers.

You can get product reviews from your clients by using the Request a Review Button on Amazon or inserting a review request into the product packaging. You can also send e-mails to your customers requesting reviews and ratings.

7) Keep Your Product Prices Competitive.

Keeping the product prices competitive is essential for surviving in the Amazon market and selling more pet products. Pet owners usually want high-quality products at reasonable prices. Therefore, they always compare the product prices and choose a pet product having a fair cost and quality.

Before setting up your product page, search the competitor seller pages and ensure you do not sell too expensive or cheaper than them.

8) Keep Your Customers Happy.

thumbs up

Keeping the buyers happy and satisfied is another crucial tip for running a thriving pet product-selling business on Amazon. As long your customers are satisfied with your services, your selling business is leading on its way to success.

You can keep your customers happy by offering them a smooth buying experience and quality products. You should fulfill all their product requirements and respond to their queries without delay. Also, send them complimentary messages and try to make cordial relations with them.

Chapter 4. How to Stand Out by Selling Pet Products on Amazon? 3 Top Tips

The idea of selling pet products on Amazon is enticing, but surviving and thriving through tough competition is brutal. Amazon pet product sellers have grown significantly over the years, and the revenue generated is surprisingly excellent. Analyses show that the pet industry on Amazon generates $600 million a year, which is too good.

With the presence of renowned sellers on Amazon, a new seller must stand out from them. Are you up aspire to list the best pet products to sell on Amazon? Then you should also know how to stand out from your competitors. This chapter will give you tested strategies to beat your competitors.

1) It is Critical to Reinforce Your Brand’s Pedigree

Do you know how a buyer selects a pet product on Amazon? Most prospects click “Add to Cart” when they find a product visually appealing and helpful. To put your product up front to the consumer, you must reinforce your brand’s pedigree.

Many sellers fail to make sales due to non-reinforcement of a brand. Here are the ways to do so.

  • Using high-quality images
  • Writing amazing product description
  • Showing how the product will be helpful for consumer

2) Competing with Resellers in Pet Supplies Category

The most significant competition sellers face on Amazon is from third-party sellers. On average, 4 or 5 sellers are present on the top three products by brand. This damages sales mechanisms severely, and brands face the consequences like,

  • Sales fall
  • Ratings fall
  • Buyers hijacking

Sellers must inspect pet products being hijacked before listing. Similarly, brands should also improve their customer inquiry response and review negative feedback. Resultantly, this will ultimately help in gaining the audience’s trust.

3) Competitive Product Price

setting product price on Amazon

Pricing is a significant factor to consider when standing out from competitors. Shoppers like to buy products that are of high-quality material and competitive prices. With thousands of sellers doing business on Amazon, it is crucial to keep competitive prices of your product.

Here are a few ways to do it,

  • Look out for competitor price
  • Compare the prices
  • Make sure you don’t sell too low or too high than them

4) Use a Persuasive Product Description.


Top pet brands always adopt psychological strategies to hook a prospect. Similarly, if you want your pet products to sell on Amazon, you should write persuasive product descriptions of your listings. Write the best sales copy using the following tricks,

  • Describe the features of your pet product
  • Show how it can be helpful for consumer
  • Use your credentials to support your claim
  • Sign off by leaving CTA in your content

Chapter 5. FAQs about Pet Products on Amazon


1) Who purchases pet supplies online?

There are a number of people who purchase pet supplies online. Some of these people are pet owners who want to be able to shop for their pet’s needs from the comfort of their own homes. Others are pet businesses that find that they can get a better selection and price on pet supplies online than they can in brick-and-mortar stores. 

Still, others are people who are looking for gifts for pet owners and find that online pet supply stores have a great selection to choose from. No matter what the reason, there are many people who find that pet supplies online are a great option.

2) What are the top trending pet products on Amazon?

Following are some of the most trending products you’ll find on Amazon:

  • Pet Stroller
  • Pet Hair Remover
  • Pet Carrier
  • Cat & Dog food
  • Pet Grooming Kit
  • Collar Tracker
  • Cat & Dog Toys
  • Pet Warm Bed
  • Pet Bathing Showers
  • Dog Cage
  • Paw Plunger
  • Dog Raincoat
  • Pet Water Bowl
  • Dog Leash
  • Pet Nail Clipper

3) What is the Downside to selling on Amazon?

Yes, there are a lot of advantages, but you have to follow Amazon’s guidelines. Additionally, you have very little control over the categories you may utilize and the search results. Even while that hasn’t happened too often thus far, just because you’re generating sales one day doesn’t mean Amazon won’t be taking them all away the next.

4) Can I sell on Amazon from another country?

In most cases, yes, just as Americans can sell on Amazon sites in overseas nations. When you acquire a professional seller account in the United States, you automatically have access to Amazon sites in Canada and Mexico. When you utilize FBA, you send your items directly to Amazon’s fulfillment center in any nation where you want to sell.


The pet product industry is actually a massive market and it is growing bigger day by day. Pets are considered one of the most important parts of our family. So with the increasing rate of income in the world, people are spending more and more money on their pets.

In this blog, we’ve told you about the best pet products to sell on Amazon in 2022. We hope you have enjoyed our article. If you’re looking to start a new business venture and have some experience in the pet industry, selling pet products on Amazon is an excellent way to get started.

If you have any questions about how to sell pet products on Amazon and where to source the highest quality products, please contact us anytime. We’re available 24/7 for your assistance.