products to sell on Amazon FBA

Amazon has been one of the most famous spots to find and purchase products to sell on Amazon FBA.

This reputation has permitted it to set up its own satisfaction technique known as Fulfillment by Amazon, essentially known as FBA.

With regards to selling things on the internet, your selection of items is the most significant factor in your prosperity.

The size and weight of your merchandise is the principle part in deciding your transportation costs, stock expenses, and warehousing costs

. They are the core of your online business and influence each part of the manner in which you get things done.

In order to help our customer gain more profit from Amazon’s business, we post this step by step guide.

After reading our post, surely you will know the criteria of good products and bad products, and learn tools and strategies to find appropriate products to boom your business.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Seven Criteria to find profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA

Chapter 2 Products not good for Amazon FBA

chapter 3 Selling wholesale products on Amazon

Chapter 4 Some tools that help to find products to sell on Amazon FBA

Chapter 1. Seven Criteria to find profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA

Before you start looking for items to sell on Amazon, there are a few criteria to remember that will assist you with becoming fruitful in building your business.

Adhering to these criteria will help with keeping your investigation grounded in realities as opposed to purchasing stock dependent on rumors and emotions.

Here are some of the characteristics of good products to sell on Amazon FBA.

a- small size and lightweight product

Avoid huge things — the delivery costs will truly leave you with nothing. The equivalent goes with overwhelming items.

The smaller and littler an item is, the less transporting costs. With respect to toughness, this helps shield you from client grievances, and from sluggish shippers who handle bundles.

Staying within Amazon FBA’s classifications of Small Standard-Size (15-inches) and Large Standard-Size (18-inches) will ensure that the costs involved are low and the profit margin is high.

b- Price of the product

The simpler and less expensive it is to fabricate the item you’re keen on selling, the more prominent your possibility of increasing a clean benefit.

Additionally, consider Amazon’s satisfaction and capacity charges.

For anybody new to Amazon selling, it is as mart thought to pick items that are in the price range of $10-$50.

You can extend the price range with time when you have got experience. Keep in mind, this isn’t the sacred goal of valuing.

We prescribe this value for beginners since you can ship more volume with an almost no in-advance payment.

Moving more items will assist you in getting more input and surveys. The low price also guarantees that clients don’t think a ton before hitting ‘Purchase’. They are happy to relinquish such sums.

products to sell on Amazon FBA

c- Brand of the product

In the event that you have brand generic items that you can offer at the most minimal value, you should find products to sell on Amazon FBA. Actually the brand name of a product does not attract customers on Amazon.

With this kind of item posting, you’ll be clashing with different dealers and the most reduced cost typically wins. In the event that clients need a unique brand name product, they’ll shop on that merchant’s site to get it.

On the other side, if they’re looking for a product where the brand name doesn’t make a difference and costs do, Amazon is the place they’ll go.

d- Quality of the product

At the point when you’re finding products to sell on Amazon FBA, it’s critical to get great quality items from your providers.

Sell low-quality things and Amazon may drop your postings or even dismiss your posting benefits out and out.

Negative reviews and below 5-star surveys may make customers avoid your item, leaving your deals in a droop.

On the off chance that you need to stay away from these circumstances, it’s imperative to find a way to guarantee quality control.

Pre-shipment assessments can assist you with accomplishing the quality levels you’re searching for.

To do the review, an assessor will go to your plant in China once your request is about 80% finished.

The assessor checks a predetermined number of items, in light of a standard called AQL (Acceptable Quality Limits). In the event that your shipment is small, it might be a smart thought to examine the whole shipment.

e- Popularity of the product

The number of customers’ reviews is perhaps one of the most ideal ways we can check the degree of rivalry for an item. We realize that item reviews are one of the primary ways Amazon positions items.

That is the reason we take a gander at the number of surveys so intently before entering the market for an item. Things that have adequate interest from purchasers imply that the size of the specialty merits seeking.

Are there in excess of 500 deals per month for comparable items? Are there in any event more than 1000 deals per month by the main venders of the item? The responses to these inquiries will decide whether the item you are examining merits adding to your wait list.

Comparative items that have a 5,000 blockbuster rank or littler in the primary classification is acceptable to pass judgment on the prevalence of an item.

But remember, there are special cases in which you can’t apply the above mentioned formula such as in the case on iPhone.

f- Seasonality of the product

Search for the items that sell consistently all the year round and not simply during certain occasional periods. Utilize GoogleTrends to identify regular deals spikes you can without much of a stretch maintain a strategic distance from.

A large portion of the top-selling Amazon items is not occasional. Regular items are useful for experienced Amazon merchants that have enormous portfolios. An enormous portfolio can undoubtedly oblige things that sell during different seasons.

A hugely selling product in winters may not be selling in summers at all yet the loss of income is immediately supplanted by something that sells well in summers.

Chapter 2. Products not good for Amazon FBA

Not all items are perfect to sell on Amazon FBA. FBA expenses can diminish your benefits in the event that you select an inappropriate product.

For instance, if your item is larger than average or weighs an excessive amount you may wind up really loosing cash in the wake of paying Amazon to deal with, store and transport your item and give client care.

Perhaps the most straightforward approach to choose the correct thing to sellon Amazon FBA is to center your inquiry as opposed to keep it all the way open.

By eliminating some terrible product types you will rapidly have the option to pass on poorly conceived notions and devote increasingly gainful time to achieve success.

  • Things for under $10:There are less products to sell on Amazon FBA. The thing is, they are typically sold by Amazon itself.

          As a rule, Amazon FBA isn’t useful for things less expensive than$10. Taking into account all the charges (stockpiling expense, satisfaction expenses,                     commission) you will make nothing.

  • Amazon FBA Prohibited Products: If something isn’t on Amazon there is an opportunity it isn’t there on the grounds that it’s restricted.

          To start with, Restricted Products. Those items can’t be sold on Amazon. That is all. Second, FBA prohibited items. Those items can’t be sold on FBA

Products not good to sell on Amazon FBA

  • Fake products: Maintain a strategic distance from fake products. All items that have been unlawfully recreated, replicated, or fabricated can be legitimately devastated by Amazon.
  • Oversized products. To the extent the size of your thing is concerned, it is significant you pick an item that can fit inside a standard size box (18″ x 14″ x8″). Transportation costs increment significantly on the off chance that you surpass that size.
  • Products with weight more than 20 pounds. While choosing your item, be certain that the all out weight of the unit doesn’t surpass 20 pounds, however put forth an attempt to choose items that are a lot lighter than that. this will save you a lot of amount when shipping.
  • Avoid products that are expensive to ship
  • Avoid trademark products
  • Don’t go for the products that have poor demand. Try to find products that have more than 3000 sales per month
  • Avoid selling the products that have high competition
  • Avoid products that need authorization to sell on Amazon
  • Avoid selling electronic products
  • Avoid products with moving parts. They are at a risk of being broken during the transportation process
  • Avoid fragile items
  • Avoid supplements. There are a ton of liabilities that accompany items that are eaten or applied to the skin

Chapter 3. Selling wholesale products on Amazon

Selling on Amazon and offering discount items can be intense since there is a fierce competition involved. The challenge is extreme and plunging into it very well may be a misstep.

Of the entirety of the plans of action you have the chance to seek after, you have minimal influence in wholesale selling. You will have to configure out whether selling wholesale products on Amazon is a beneficial undertaking for you or not?

Selling wholesale on Amazon is an approach that implies you buy things legitimately from the maker and afterward sell them as an affiliate on Amazon, to buyers.

This implies you are not propelling another brand, making new postings or attempting to increase the value of an item inside a specialty where there is a demand.

Rather you are purchasing items from set up brands, and selling them as an affiliate on the Amazon FBA. It may appear to be a simple method to use previously existing brands, yet there are a ton of steps involved that must adjust so as to achieve success.

  • Difference between wholesale and retail investment

Retail exchange requires a great deal of time and physical exertion to source the items you are going to sell on Amazon. It requires a lot of time and exertion required to be out there on the avenues discovering items.

Indeed, even online exchange is tedious, in spite of removing the measure of travelling you may be required to do. Wholesale on the other hand gives you more flexibility.

  • Difference between wholesale and private label

The primary distinction between private label and wholesale is that when you act as a private label merchant, you search for a proper producer to make a plan about your item.

Additionally you are generally attempting to improve or add to an already existing item. Afterward you purchase the stock from your picked maker and send it to Amazon’s distribution center.

With wholesale, you contact the producer as the brand proprietor. For instance, if you want to sell iPhone that you sourced from a provider in China and did not source from the brand owner apple, in this you would be selling fake products which will be detrimental for your business.

Advantages of selling wholesale

  • Adaptable development opportunity
  • You don’t need to fabricate a product from the beginning
  • You can construct a group and free up your own time as an entrepreneur
  • Remain in charge of your business as far as warehousing, pressing and shipping are concerned

Disadvantages of wholesale

    • Discovering reliable wholesale providers is not an easy task

  • Getting license to be able to sell wholesale products
  • Expenses to procure and set up your own distribution center if this is the course you take
  • Too many orders to deal with
  • Usually wholesale products havea low profit margin

Chapter 4. Some tools that help to find products to sell on Amazon FBA

Prior to selling items on Amazon, you need to discover the stock to sell. Here are 4 basic approaches to discover items that sell on Amazon:

Amazon Best Seller List

The business history is fundamental for realizing how an item has performed over a set time frame. This encourages you to choose if it’s been reliably famous or just at explicit occasions. The dealer ranking, then again, gives you a thought of what number of units of the item your rivals are utilizing.

The most ideal approach to get item insights is to see what is as of now selling great on Amazon. Customer conduct will give you a clue about what to purchase and sell on the web.

You can look at the Amazon Best Sellers Category and peruse through the Best Sellers relying upon whatever niche is important to you.

The main category of best seller products has a very high competition. If you drill down a few levels and investigate the sub-classifications, you can discover item insights that have good popularity and less challenge.

Amazon Keyword Research

The initial step to take when discovering products to sell on Amazon FBA is to utilize an Amazon keyword research tool.

Junglescout is a very good tool to accomplish this task. Keyword research makes it feasible for you to perceive what number of individuals are searching for a particular item and decide if the volume makes it worth selling it.

If you want to direct people to your item you sell on Amazon, you need to pick low difficulty keywords that trigger item promotions on Google.


Looking for products on Alibaba is an extraordinary method to discover white label items that sell and those that will be hot things to sell on Amazon.

At the point when you visit ‘Alibaba, you’ll discover results of each kind offered by providers. Research the itemson Alibaba and locate the hot offering things to offer.

On the off chance that you need to sell white label items, you initially need to make sense of what kinds of white label items are large vendors. When you realize what item ideas are the most worthwhile ones for selling on Amazon, you can scan for them on Alibaba.

Utilizing Google Trends

Google Trends is a famous research apparatus that you ought to use to zone in on the perfect things to sell through Amazon.

Investigating popular products on Google can assist you with narrowing down the choices to the items that will fly out the entry way when selling on Amazon.

Google Trends feature the famous items and observing these will assist you with picking an item that sells.

In this article we have tried to explore ups and downs of selling products on Amazon. Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer, and you can add your own items to their postings.

You will need to pay some charges however. Amazon’s business depends on finding famous items, private labeling, and afterward undercutting the challenge. So on the off chance that you need long haul online business achievement, you have to use Amazon affiliate marketing.

Keep in mind that selling on Amazon requires agreat deal of work and you will need to go through hours on it.

In any case you will have to meet the requirements of Amazon and market trends in order to make your business successful in the long run. Basically making an Amazon account and picking two or three items isn’t sufficient.