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Do you want to know about Rainbow Friends Game? Or, you’re simply looking to buy its trending toys online? We’ve got you covered!

Rainbow Friends is a popular game that was developed in November 2021. Since the beginning, the game has taken the world by storm and it has got over 1 Billion Visits. The game offers very engaging and interactive features along with unique characters.

The interactive elements of the game keep users engaged and coming back for more. The toys for the game are also doing exceptionally well. Therefore, if you want to earn extra money selling toys online, be sure to read the complete blog.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview of Rainbow Friends Game

Rainbow Friends may be challenging for beginners, but it is pretty easy for pro players if they have the skills and tactics to play the game professionally. People of any age can play the game if they learn the monsters’ weaknesses to survive and complete the game unharmed.

One of the five monsters, the red monster, does not cause any harm to the player. It also guides the players, giving them some informative survival tips at the beginning of the game. Besides saving yourself from the monsters, you also need to collect some essential items to help you get points and survive in the game.

The items include blocks, food packs, rifles, puzzles, fuses, and batteries. Also, beware of stepping on the balloons when collecting items because it will wake up the blue monsters and create severe problems for you in the game.

1) What is the Rainbow Friends Game?

rainbow friends game

Rainbow Friends is a free online Roblox horror experience game developed by Fragment Games. It is a frightening yet entertaining game where you play as an unknown child. The leading player, the unnamed child, gets kidnapped at the start of the game during a school trip to Oddworld Park.

The players must survive five nights and run for their lives to escape from the dreadful monstrosities in a weird and deserted location. Each night in Rainbow Friends offers a different challenge that the player has to complete while avoiding the scary colorful creatures.

If you fail to fulfill any given task or get caught by multicolored monsters, you are dead, and the game is over eventually.

The game’s difficulty level keeps rising with the addition of more villain characters as you move from one task to another. The game also has a unique feature that allows the players to split the event section. This way, the participants can create a distinct scenario to interact with their rainbow-colored companions.

2) How to Play Rainbow Friends?

Playing Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends is a renowned game that features a frightening and entertaining experience at the same time. It is not an age-restricted game because it is a source of immense pleasure and entertainment for people of every age group. Moreover, there is no hard and fast rule for playing this game.

You can play it conveniently on your phone, iPad, PlayStation, computer, or laptop.

Following are five rounds of the game with different tasks and challenges;

a) 1st Round

In the first round of the game, a cutscene play. The scene shows a bus with players on board heading toward Oddworld. Suddenly, the bus takes the wrong direction and crashes near a bio-hazardous area due to a mysterious figure.

The mysterious power assigns a task to all the players. Their mission is to collect 24 blocks and place them back in the Theatre. Blue arrows lead the players to the Theatre. They have to complete the task while saving themselves from the Blue monster.

You can press B to hide in a box and avoid the Blue creature chasing you. You can also press C to crouch. A cutscene of Green giant emerges when the players gather all 24 boxes.

b) 2nd Round

In the second round of the game, the players must gather 15 food backs and bring them to the food machine in the Theatre. They must avoid the Green Monster’s route while performing the task.

When the players complete the task, a cutscene shows the hand of the Orange monster taking out food from the food machine.

c) 3rd Round

In the third round, the players must find 14 fuses and insert them into a machine placed in the Theatre. They must also protect themselves from the Orange and Purple scary creatures while collecting fuses.

When the players collect and insert all 14 fuses in the machine, the lights go out due to a defect in the device. This malfunctioning of the machine brings the third round to an end.

d) 4th Round

In the fourth round of the game, the players have to find nine batteries for the generator to turn the lights back on. In this round, all the players have torches as they go through the dark routes searching for batteries.

When they collect all nine batteries, the mysterious figure announces a party and assures the players that they will be released.

e) 5th Round

During the party, a red balloon pops, causing the Blue monster to sleep. The players have to reach the exit door while avoiding the Blue giant. When the players enter the exit door, a green balloon pops. Due to this, a Blue monster gets up and starts chasing the players.

When the players successfully run out of the vent and crouch behind a fence, the door falls over the Blue giant and crushes it. The Blue Monster gets injured and crawls back into the vent.

At this moment, a cutscene of Red emerges on the screen. The Red Giant admits itself as the mysterious figure and expresses to have underestimated the players.

3) What are the Characters in Rainbow Friends Game?

There are five characters in Rainbow Friends. All five characters have different colors and show their deadly powers on different nights. Each character has its way of locating and harming the players.

So, let’s uncover all those monster characters in the game and know their strengths and weaknesses.

a) Orange Rainbow Friend

Orange Rainbow Friend

Orange Rainbow Friend is an Allosaurus with tottery eyes. Blaring sirens indicate that the Orange monster is nearby. Orange Rainbow Friend is the fastest giant in the game.

You need to feed the Orange Rainbow Friends to prevent them from appearing in the game. For your convenience, an orange line appears, indicating the presence of the Orange near you.

b) Green Rainbow Friend

Green Rainbow Friend

Green Rainbow Friend is the trickiest Rainbow Friend with long wavy arms and googly eyes. Green is blond in the game, but it keeps patrolling everywhere with its huge arms swinging in all directions. If you come in contact with or mistakenly touch it, you get caught, and the game is over.

Green has strong senses as it can sense your presence and find you even if you are hiding in a box.

c) Red Rainbow Friend

Red Rainbow Friend.

Red Rainbow Friend is considered a loyal and helping mate to the players. They are harmless creatures at the start of the game. They guide you on how to save yourself and complete tasks.

However, the game’s ending may be surprising for you when the Red appears as the mysterious figure.

d) Purple Rainbow Friend

Purple Rainbow Friend

Purple Rainbow Friends are more dangerous for the players when they find items in the vent. They travel through the vents leaving small water pools underneath the vents.

Their actual appearance is hidden. However, you can judge their existence through the small water pools left by them. If you see any of those small water pools, you must understand that the Purples are present in that particular vent.

e) Blue Rainbow Friend

Blue Rainbow Friend

Blue Rainbow Friends have the most frightening and scary appearance among all the Rainbow Friends. They are the first enemies found at the start of the game. They have a button eye and drool at random locations wearing a crown.

You can avoid the Blue enemies by hiding in a box or a locker.

Chapter 2. Why Selling Rainbow Friends Toys is a Great Opportunity?

rainbow friends toys

As mentioned above, Rainbow Friends is one of the most popular games in the world. Ever since it was launched in November 2021, this game has been one of the most popular ever due to its engaging & interactive features.

Wondering why? Because they’re super easy to play with, in a way that keeps kids engaged for hours at a time. And because they’re so fun—one can make own characters and play with them, or chat with other players online!

The game’s interactive features keep players interested and coming back for more. The game’s toys are also selling incredibly well. So if you’re looking to find a new way to make extra money online, you should consider selling Rainbow Friends toys as one of your options.

Here are some reasons why you should sell rainbow toys online.

1) Rainbow Friends Toys are Selling Incredibly Well

Amazon data

Rainbow Friends is one of the best mobile games around. It is fun, it is interactive and above all—it is free! One can play it for hours on end without paying a dime. Due to its attractive characters, players especially children have started searching for plush toys online. This is why the plush Rainbow Friends character toys are in high demand.

It’s not us who says this. Let’s take a look at the Amazon trend screenshot below to better understand what we mean.

As the above data from Amazon shows that Rainbow Friends plush toys are highly demanded. Many teenage kids and even adults are searching for different kinds of these character toys online to play with them offline.

According to Amazon data, the average monthly searches for the “Rainbow Friends” keyword is 124,788 while the plush toys searches account for 102922.

This is why selling such toys will be a great opportunity for you to earn extra money.

2) You can Sell the Toys for Extra Profit

google trends data

As discussed before, the Rainbow Friends game is fun for all ages. It is interactive and engaging, which makes it suitable for both children and adults alike. One can play with their family or friends or play alone. This is why the toys are also trending and people are searching for them online.

There are tons of different choices when it comes to getting new Rainbow Friends items each month such as accessories or clothing pieces they sell online at stores like Amazon & Walmart.

Since you can import the Rainbow Friends toys wholesale from EJET (we’ll discuss this in the upcoming chapter) it’s an opportunity to sell them with a high-profit margin. The demand for the toys is very high, still, the suppliers for these toys are fewer—creating an opportunity for your brand.

3) SEMRUSH Data Reveals the High Demand


According to SEMRUSH data, approximately 177.5k people are searching for rainbow friends online. What does it reveal? It says that people are also highly interested in buying the game’s toys online along with play.

This high demand for the toys shows that there is a great potential for profit in selling them online. By catering to this demand, you can ensure that you are making a good profit from your online sales.

4) The Toys Niche will Continue to Grow

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, it is important to remember that toys can provide a much-needed break from screens and digital devices. Therefore, toys can help children to stay active and engaged in physical play.

Above all, the worldwide toy business is presently worth $305 billion in the United States and is predicted to increase to $405 billion by 2026. This represents a significant opportunity for toy sellers to capture a share of this growing market.

Chapter 3. Buy Unique Rainbow Friends Toys from EJET at Wholesale Prices

Rainbow Friends toys

Download EJET Rainbow Friends Catalog Here: Link

If you’ve been wondering where to find Rainbow Friends products, we’ve got good news for you: EJET is here to help!

We’ve been importing quality products from China for years now, and we know how to get them into your store or online shop. We have developed the best catalog for unique items which you can import from China at wholesale prices.

Since we are the best supplier in the toy niche, you don’t have to worry about quality control or shipping logistics, and we’ll help with custom orders if you need them.

So let’s explore the range of our quality products which you can import from China to make huge profits!

1) Plush Rainbow Friends Key Chains

Rainbow Friends keychains

One of the most demanding Rainbow Friends toys we see in the market is plush key chains of multiple characters. Wondering why? These are very unique and cute characters that one can gift their loved ones, especially little ones.

These cute keychains come in the shape of different Rainbow Friends characters covered with beautiful color sequins and feature attached metal key rings. Customers will love these unique keychains for attaching them to their pieces of luggage or a backpack!

Why so wait? You can grab these and other customized keychains from EJET at very reasonable prices.

2) Rainbow Friends Plush Toys

Rainbow Friends plush toys

At EJET, we pride ourselves in offering the best Rainbow Friends Plush Toys made of high-quality plush material. Our toys come in a variety of colors that will surely please your customers. These toys are not only soft and cuddly but also durable and long-lasting.

Our toys are designed to withstand years of play and are perfect for children of all ages. Above all, these amazing Rainbow Friends plush toys are also machine washable, making them easy to care for.

The wide selection of Rainbow Friends plush toys is sure to please any child, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be confident in your purchase. If you want trendy items at a reasonable price, be sure to check them out!

3) Rainbow Friends PVC Toys

Rainbow Friends PVC Toys

If you are looking for an original and trusted seller of Rainbow PVC toys, EJET has got your back!

We offer the best quality PVC toys that are not made from any harmful chemicals. Above all, we offer different sizes and our toys are made of high-quality PVC material. Therefore, they are safe for children of all ages.

EJET’s goal is to promote creativity and imagination in these toys to provide hours of fun and enjoyment to your customers.

Why Us?

Rainbow Friends stands out not only in quality but also in price. You can buy Rainbow Friends toys at an affordable price to sell online. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products at the least price possible. Moreover, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to help you choose the perfect toy for your business needs.

Contact our sourcing consultant Sunny Qiu today and see for yourself why we are the best. You can reach out for a free consultation call now!

sourcing consultant

4) Rainbow Friends Birthday Party Decoration Supplies

Rainbow Friends Birthday Party Decoration Supplies

Parents always try to surprise their kids with amazing birthday decorations and too with their favorite game characters. This is why selling Rainbow Friends birthday party decoration supplies will surely boom your business in no time.

What’s best? EJET provides the best of all ranges of birthday party decoration supplies at wholesale prices. All of the party decorations and supplies we provide are made with high-quality materials and went through a strict production process.

The development of these products always takes into account the entertainment and safety of children, so you can buy with confidence knowing that your little customers will be both safe and entertained.

Some of the unique decoration supplies in our birthday party EJRF020 package include:

  • Happy birthday banner
  • Hanging swirls
  • Cake topper
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Latex balloons

5) Rainbow Friends Birthday Party Gift Packing Box

Rainbow Friends Birthday Party Gift Packing Box

People also like unique DIY party boxes and their happiness is on the ninth sky when they get it with their favorite game characters. Yes, we are talking about Rainbow Friends. EJET also provides high-quality Rainbow Friends party gift boxes to surprise your customers.

All cartoon gift boxes have strong, long-lasting handles— they may accommodate any present. Our gift boxes are folded in a way that makes assembly quicker and easier without the use of tape or adhesive. So your customers can open the packaging and store it flat when not in use.

Our Rainbow Friends party boxes can be used as:

  • Graduation boxes
  • Birthday boxes
  • Welcome Boxes
  • Wedding Boxes
  • Party gift boxes
  • Shopping boxes
  • Thank you gift boxes and more.

6) Rainbow Friends Masks

Rainbow Friends Masks

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for masks has significantly increased worldwide. And, more and more people are looking for unique-looking disposable masks so that they can wear masks in a fashionable way.

Considering the rising market and demand for disposable masks, EJET has designed customized Rainbow Friends disposable masks for special events or everyday wear. These facemasks are of high quality and made with durable material.

We have a range of designs available in the category of Rainbow Friends Masks. So you can contact us to see the other trending variety.

7) Rainbow Friends Pen Case

rainbow friends Pen Case

EJET is also offering Rainbow Friends softshell pen cases that are made with durable polyester and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) construction. Since kids love unique pen cases, you can make huge profits by selling these cute pen cases.

These adorable pen cases will safeguard your contents with their hard exterior and plush velvet interior. They are incredibly portable and have a safe zippered closing for worry-free storage.

What’s best?

Our Rainbow Friends pen cases are perfect for use as a first aid kit, cosmetics case, or storage for art and craft goods because of their multi-functional design. You can contact us to see other designs and styles available.

Want to check more of our products? Contact EJETto see the full catalog having more than 40 attractive products.

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Chapter 4. Things to Consider before Starting your Online Toy Business

Things to Consider

Many online sellers and e-commerce store owners make huge profits by selling toys online. They sell various toys (used or new) via popular e-commerce websites or social media platforms.

The items include many traditional toys, action figures, board games, puzzles, and creative, educational, and electronic toys.

With so many toy options, you still need to understand critical points that will help you mark and arrange all the essential things required to start an online toy business successfully.

The top seven things you must consider before starting your online toy business;

1) Choose the Genre of Toys You Want to Sell. (Preloved, New, or Both)

When starting an online toy business, selecting the genre and category of toys is one of the primary things to consider. You should analyze your target audience to understand their point of interest. Track their choices and curiosities in purchasing the toys to decide between the product genres.

Choose the most demanding and customer-favorite product condition. If your target audience shows more interest in buying used toys, you can add second-hand toys to your inventory. You can also sell both genres of toys, new and preloved, together.

Selection of the toy genre will also help you decide on the company or factory for sourcing the inventory. Moreover, it will also help you keep the desired profit margin.

2) Plan Your Business Setup

Planning the Business

Before starting a business, drawing a quick map elaborating on how you intend to set up your online toys selling business is mandatory. A brief outline of your business scope in your state will help you decide how you will run it.

You also need to choose the type of business entity you want to be a sole proprietor, an LLC (Limited Liability Company), or a Partner to someone. Planning the business setup helps you acknowledge the online business necessities in your area, such as tax licenses, NOC, etc.

3) Consider Marketing and Advertising Policies

Business Marketing is another crucial thing to consider when opening an online selling toy store. You must adopt all the necessary business advertisement strategies and tactics to help you grow your online business.

Business Marketing will assist you in gaining more customer conversions and positively impact your profit margins. So, how you plan to market your online toy store and attract buyers is on you.

4) Find Reliable Platforms

finding platforms

Finding suitable online marketplaces is the backbone of an online business. If you choose a reliable and globally-recognized e-commerce marketplace for selling toys, you have more chances of getting a huge customer base in no time.

Some renowned e-commerce platforms are considered significantly trustworthy for selling toys online.

You can sell your toys on various reputed online selling marketplaces like Alibaba, DHgate, Made in China, etc.

You can also build your website or utilize social media platforms to sell toys online.

5) Inventory Management

inventory Management

Another thing to consider before starting an online business is how you deal with your inventory. Either drop ship your inventory or store it at any warehouse.

If you plan to store your inventory, you must have enough space to accommodate them. Otherwise, you will need warehouse space which will cause extra rental charges.

Meanwhile, if you dropship the toys directly from the manufacturer to the customers, you will need some inventory management software to monitor your inventory.

6) Costs and Expenses Evaluation


Before starting a business online, you must evaluate and manage the total expenses and costs. Cost evaluation helps you analyze and ensure how much you will invest and what sums you will get back as profit from your online toy business.

If the Return on Investment (ROI) is satisfactory, only then you will proceed to invest your money in that business. So this way, you will have all the expense calculations at your desk to start your business with the required investment.

Expense evaluation also enables you to calculate how long your startup will take to turn your investment into profit.

7) Business Management Software

With modern technology software and digital tools, it has nearly become impossible for business people to survive with their antique business methodologies. All entrepreneurs must adopt the latest business management software to excel in their respective fields.

The same thing applies to online toys selling businesses. If you are thinking of starting an online toy business, you must know about all the necessary tools and software in business management.

Business management software can help you secure and grow your toys selling business in many ways. They can assist you in recording the product shipments and the total inventory available in stores or warehouses. Some reliable online business tools can also manage your finances and optimize your online listings.

So, find and purchase the appropriate online business management tools before you start your online toy business.

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Chapter 5. FAQs about Rainbow Friends


1) How many characters are in Rainbow Friends?

There are five characters in Rainbow Friends. The four characters, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange, are all deadly monsters who grab and kill the players. At the same time, the Red character remains loyal and faithful to the players in the two-third duration of the game’s Chapter 1. The Red character guides the player and gives survival tips throughout the adventure in the first chapter of Rainbow Friends.  But later, that red companion may also get against you.

2) How to Survive Green Monster in Rainbow Friends?

Green Monster in Rainbow Friends is quite dangerous as it can destroy and exterminate you even if you seek shelter inside a box. But you can survive a Green giant by dodging and preventing him from touching you. You can take advantage of his blindness to avoid him and save yourself by keeping your distance from him.

The Green Monster stands at random locations searching for you, and once it touches you, the game is over. If you hear his squeaky footsteps, you must understand that the monster is nearby. So, start moving towards a safe location to survive that deadly monster.

3) How many nights are there in Rainbow Friends?

There are five nights in Chapter 1 of the Rainbow Friends game. Each evening brings a new task and challenge for the players raising the game’s difficulty level. Various monsters get added to the map as you progress in the game and get closer to finishing the chapter.

You must escape the multicolored monstrosities and complete the tasks assigned to you each night. Otherwise, you won’t proceed to the next level.

4) Where to find Rainbow Friends toys?

You can find unique and trending Rainbow Friends toys from EJET Sourcing.  We offer a wide range of Rainbow Friends toys that you’ll never find anywhere else. Plus, our prices are very affordable so you’ll be able to sell them at a high-profit margin.


If you enjoy playing games on your phone or tablet then selling rainbow toys is just another way for you to add another hobby to your life. Rainbow Friends toys are colorful and fun and can bring a lot of joy to those who own them.

So, if you are thinking about selling Rainbow Friends toys online, now is a great time to do so. There is a high demand for these toys, and you can take advantage of that by selling them at a reasonable price. For any further information, feel free to reach out to EJET anytime.