Are you wondering which platform( Amazon vs eBay) generates greater sales?

 Is it Amazon or eBay that you’re looking for? Because there are various elements at play, the answer is “it depends.”

There are convincing justifications for both, so we’ll go over the distinctions between the two to help you decide whether to sell your goods on Amazon or eBay.

Selling on Amazon or eBay may appear to be similar from the outside. Both have been household names for years and are synonymous with the idea of an online marketplace.

One significant distinction is that eBay also serves as an auction site with a purchase-it-now option.

As a result, it’s the most popular option for people wishing to sell either new or old items.

But how can you know whichever one would bring you the most money?

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Selling on Amazon vs eBay in 2022: Which is better?

Chapter 2: What does it cost to sell on Amazon and eBay?

Chapter 3: Amazon vs eBay for Selling: a detailed Comparison

Chapter 4: Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon vs eBay

Chapter 5: Order Fulfillment Options between Amazon vs eBay

Chapter 6: Frequently Ask Questions About Amazon Vs eBay

Chapter 1: Selling on Amazon vs eBay in 2022: Which is better?

amazon vs ebay

Both Amazon and eBay are top-ranking e-commerce platforms. Amazon is #1 and eBay is the #3 top-performing marketplace. Let’s compare the two.

1. The eBay Marketplace

In 2021, eBay’s market share in the US dropped to below 5%. In the year 2020, it was exactly 5 % which is much less compared to Amazon. Moreover, it has 180 million active monthly users.

EBay’s focus is more on increasing buyers and on the few niches of products that the buyers like the most.

If we look at eBay’s scenario outside the USA, It generates massive sales worth of million dollars.

The buyers mostly are aged between 35 and 49 as compared to 45 and 54 on Amazon.

Amazon’s reach is mostly in North America and a few other countries only.

But eBay has a massive international reach that helps it in generating more than half of its revenue from international shoppers.

2. The Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is not just an online store. It has now become a way of life. It has approximately 310 million monthly active users. It has developed deep roots in Western Europe, North America, and India. According to a report published in 2019, more than half of the retail sales in the US belonged to Amazon alone.

You see how deeply Amazon has embedded its roots in the USA.

Similarly, another report of 2020 showed Amazon mobile app to be one of the top shopping app in the US.

Amazon holds more than 50% of the e-commerce market shares in the USA. It seems like Amazon is now a part of Americans’ lives.

Apart from above-mentioned countries, Amazon is now influencing the people of the African continent also.

3. How to Create Great Listings on both Amazon and eBay and Sell Like a Pro


To become successful on any e-commerce platform, be it Amazon or eBay, well-optimized listings are required. Let’s see what elements should a great listing must possess?

  • The right product images

In e-commerce, the high-quality product images and reviews are the key players in sales. If the images are not of good quality, the buyers doubt the quality of the product.

 If they urgently need the product, they still will prefer to buy from somewhere else.

To prevent the sellers from this, both Amazon and eBay have set a specific number of images of products that sellers must have to upload. For Amazon sellers, the number is 9. Where else, for eBay it’s 12.

  • Title optimization

An optimized title is the one that contains the exact word for which the buyers are looking. This word is known as a keyword.

For example, a buyer wants a digital watch. He writes the keyword “digital watches” in the search bar of Amazon or eBay.

 If you are a digital watches seller and have a perfectly optimized title, your product will appear in the search result.

The buyer will click your product, see the images. If your product impresses him, he’ll buy it. This is the power of HD images and a well-optimized title.

  • Create an engaging and detailed product description

Most sellers do not pay much attention to product description but it’s