Buying Solutions

Ejet offers you customized buying solutions. We source, oversee and deliver goods in demand of our consumers around the world.


Since China has become more and more important in International trade we are eager to serve more and more clients to achieve success in China market. Our trade experts review compliance programs to identify risks and cost savings, and to provide opportunities to grow your business in China.

Quality Inspection

Losing the money because of the quality issues when buying from China? Most of the people are not certainly sure that how your goods will be look like before you open the container.Ejet also provides independent quality inspection service even if you don't choose our package service.

Financial Supports

EJET offers our clients buying credits to support you to expand your business. The buying credit is probably the easiest and most important source of short-term finance available to your businesses.

Your Path In China

Business in China? Just contact us. You make the decision and we do the rest.

How EJET Works

Don't know how to start your business in China? Or your business in China troubled you ?
Choose EJET. We can simplify all the processes for you. Leave all the matters to us. We solve them by following every step from initial quotes to shipping.

Why Us

Getting a good partner is the key of your success in China.
There are hundreds of agents in China. What makes EJET different ?

Our Warranty

Bad experience when you buy from China?
We fully understand that buying from China sometimes is quite risky. But when you choose EJET, we cover your buying risks instead of you!

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