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We take every inquiry extremely seriously, no matter what sourcing package you choose.
Free Sourcing: Most common package, quotations are usually sent within 3 working days.
Pro Sourcing: We provide a 1v1 service, allocating your own designated sourcing expert. Priority assurance to receive your quotation within 48 hours.
Prime Sourcing: All the advantages of Pro Sourcing, plus we utilize a greater network of suppliers to find the right solution for you.

Due to their size, Alibaba suffers from a convoluted system where much time is wasted in dealing with many different suppliers, as communications go back & forth. The effort you spend on researching and communicating with these suppliers is daunting, not to mention dealing with sampling,quality control, and delivery. There are many potential obstacles and risks you have to negotiate just to do business!EJET ensures that your sourcing experience in China is truly worry free. We provide a one-stop solution that covers everything from sourcing to shipment. All you need to do is submit your request, and our team will handle the rest of the process on your behalf.

There are many reasons that lead to a price difference, namely quality, specification, and method of shipping. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the price we have quoted, please feel free to tell us of your concerns and let us know your target price.We will first check if there has been any misunderstanding concerning the requirements and specifications of the product. We will then confirm initial costs with a greater number of suppliers, renegotiating to ensure a better price if possible. Once achieved, an updated quotation will be made available to you.

After receiving your inquiry, we will assign you a sourcing manager who will contact you within 24 hours to verify your request.
After this, between 5-10 suppliers will be selected from our large and unique supplier network, whereby we will select the best suppliers that match your product requirements and specifications. Above all, the most competitive prices will always be sought.

Nothing. Our sourcing services do not have any up front fees. We only succeed when you succeed, and as such we only receive payment after you are satisfied and you place the order. We offer a one-stop complete solution from sourcing to shipment, and our commission is always included in the price, with no hidden or extra charges. Whether the price is acceptable or not for you, is your only concern.

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