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Supply Chain Solutions

The Solution you can trust

We pride ourselves on offering you maximum efficiency, support and customization to ensure that you are not only confident with our service, but you save on costs too!

But how?

Juggling hundreds of products in a fast-paced eCommerce environment can be a nightmare. Keeping on top of your market is an art form in itself, whatever the size of your company. You need a fast and efficient sourcing solution which you can depend upon.

That’s where we come in!

Efficiency is the key to success, and if your company deals with large quantities of products from multiple suppliers, then we are here to assist. From organizing purchase orders, ensuring fast delivery times, or managing supplier relations, we are ready to tackle whatever you need to offer smooth and efficient transactions. We are even ready to deal with the unexpected.

Supporting more than 2000 clients over the past 12 years, our services have been so successful in building reliability and trust, that many have ceased their own local sourcing efforts to let EJET manage their requirements.

EJET has done this by establishing strategic partnerships that are flexible enough to grow and adapt with the clients’ needs. With a mass of experience and an impressive network of suppliers, we are confident in our ability to ensure your satisfaction.

We offer customized end-end supply chain solutions for online sellers, wholesalers and chain stores whose annual purchasing ranges from over 2 million USD per annum.

If you would like to know more about EJET’s services and how we can help you succeed, please feel free to contact us.

Virtual Office

As your office in China, EJET will assign a highly experienced team to work with you directly. With their own workspace environment, equipment and resources, EJET ensures they are ready to provide a highly customized and fast-growing service just for you. We will become ‘your office in China’.


From Car Phone Holders to Comfort pillows, EJET enjoys a unique position of being able to find the right supplier for your product. This is due to our years of experience, fantastic location, and our extensive network of suppliers. All you need to do is tell us about your product, we will do the rest. You sourced us; we source everything else!

Supplier Management

EJET doesn’t just source suppliers for you, we manage them too! What does that mean? Basically, we work to ensure that your relationship with suppliers is both productive and profitable. We achieve this through our comprehensive supplier management and assessment system, which allows us to nurture long-term cooperation while also identifying any roadblocks to be dealt with.

Procurement & Logistics

EJET’s one-stop procurement service is yet another service we offer to ensure maximum efficiency. This service works to minimize risks on purchases, and saves you both time and money, offering you peace of mind. From the secure storage of products to the logistics of final delivery, we can ensure an efficient and optimal service so that every order can be made with confidence.


EJET’s strong experience in the field is ideal for evaluating your needs. This is a regular process we perform based on your purchase history and future plans, and according to your situation, we will put together corresponding actions for success.

We’re here to make your business stronger.In order to help our clients face the challenges of the future, we also provide comprehensive IT and financial support and services.

IT Support

Digitalization has become a staple of modern-day business practices. Safe, secure, fast and reliable data when and where you need, ensures maximum efficiency. EJET boasts a highly experienced team of IT professionals who provide superior ERP and CRM services for our clients. What’s more, we are working hard to offer fully digitalized supply chain solutions in the future.

Supply Chain Finance

Nothing says peace-of-mind as having secure and dedicated financial support. After all, financial stability is the name of the game, and the life-blood of all supply chain transactions. To this end, EJET also provides various financial, support and payment services to ensure that all transactions and records are both accurate and secure. We will protect your bottom line and keep your supply chain running efficiently!

The Only Supplier You Need

Want to run your business in China? Just contact us, and we’ll do the rest.

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