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EJET Trade Assurance

EJET’s trade assurance service in China was designed and implemented in order to tackle all client issues when buying from China. EJET is always on the clients’ side and are obliged to secure their interests throughout the order and production lifecycle. We boast a ‘worry-free’ trade assurance service with every order you place, as we work to become your trusted partner in China. Remember, we only succeed when you succeed, so let’s work together.

How EJET Trade Assurance Works

Confirm the order details.
This is where you make sure that your product specifications and requirements are clearly described. The more detail, the better the result.
Place the order with EJET.
Once satisfied with the details, you are ready to place the order with us stating a desired shipping date. We will then negotiate with suppliers on your behalf, confirming the standards we agreed upon.
If there is an issue.
If the order is not shipped on-time, or the quality is not of expected levels, you have the right to open a dispute and request a discount on the order.
trade assurance service in china

FAQs About Trade Assurance

No. Each order placed with EJET is already covered by our Trade Assurance service, and all charges are included in our commission. There are no extra costs.

Once your order is confirmed, we keep a close contact with suppliers, working with them directly to meet the schedule. It is extremely rare, but sometimes situations arise that can delay the order, in which case we will keep you fully informed, working together to find another solution.

We guarantee your order will meet the quality and specifications you require. But, if in some way the order does not satisfy your expectations, you will be able to request compensation by making a report, providing photos when necessary. Once received, we will undertake a full investigation, confirming the issue and offering discounts of 20-100% covering the defective products, or sending back the money for the order if necessary.

For one thing, we provide a sourcing manager who will work with you directly, and will contact your within 24 hours to verify your request.
After this, between 5-10 suppliers will be selected from our vast supplier network across the country, choosing those that best match your product requirements at the most competitive prices.

EJET will not charge any additional fees for our Trade Assurance services, while Alibaba usually charges the following transaction fees:
Credit card: 2.95% of the order value
Telegraphic transfer: US$30 – US$50
Western Union: US$4.9 – US$45
Alibaba Pay Later: Free (US only)


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