Are you looking for ship products from China to Canada?

Are you aware the shipping times, costs and methods to use from China to Canada?

Many importers buy products from China to sell it in Canada, either to giant retailers and store chains or online on Amazon FBA and other similar sites.

One of the most important steps in the import process is shipping. You must understand it well in order to avoid delays and loss.

This blogs talks about the Shipping time and costs from China to Canada and provides an understanding of the whole shipping process and factors to consider before shipping. We have also included a chapter talking about Covid19 pandemic and how it has affected the shipping.

Let’s read on and learn about Shipping from China to Canada.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Important Factors to Consider before Shipping from China to Canada

Chapter 2: Tips to Consider while Shipping Products from China to Canada during COVID-19

Chapter 3: Steps to Follow when Shipping from China to Canada

Chapter 4: Know about Canada Import Rules and Regulations

Chapter 5: Sea Freight Shipment Method when Shipping from China to Canada

Chapter 6: Air Freight Shipment Method when Shipping from China to Canada

Chapter 7: FAQs about Shipping from China to Canada

Chapter 1: Important Factors to Consider before Shipping from China to Canada

Important Factors to Consider-before-Shipping-from-China-to-Canada

Many manufacturers are importers in China and sell the products through various methods which shall be discussed in this article.

These may be shipped through express, air, or sea freight to China but the sellers prefers to ship the products via the China Freight forwarder who acts as a 3rd party between the seller and the buyer.

1. Product category and product weight while shipping from China to Canada

The factors which must be considered while shipping from China to Canada are the product category and weight of the object that should be verified first.

The one important factor which plays a mandatory role is the product’s production time, either it can be manufactured in a short amount of time or it will take a long time.

For example, electronics, machinery takes more time than the products made in less time like cups, etc. So the product category and production time impacts the overall shipping time from China to Canada.


The second essential factor is the size and the weight of the cargo this would determine the means of transportation which is reasonable for it.

A cheap and large volume items will usually be shipped by sea whereas the items which are small in size and are expensive are usually shipped by air. It all depends on the type of product you want to ship.

2. Size of the product being shipped

Some products are too heavy to be shipped through the air then it is better to transport them through sea or rail.

Products having dimensions less than 1 cubic meter are often ideal for air freight. High-value cargo can be sent via air or any Chinese freight insurance company.

3. Quantity of the products being shipped

If you have a very large quantity of products, it is also a good choice to send some by air so they can reach earlier to you and you can start selling and then send the remaining by sea.


It all depends on your products and business model. But the quantity of the products can impact the shipping from China to Canada as you will have to choose the best mode of shipping either by air or by sea.

Also if the quantity is very large, it is sometimes hard to get space for cargo from an airline, so one has to make these decisions to Ship from China to Canada.

4. Origin of the goods being delivered

When you are importing goods from China to Canada do check out from where the goods are being delivered.

Sometimes the inland delivery within China to the ports also takes a lot of time which can impact the shipping time from China to Canada. Choose the port to ship goods from China to Canada after making complete research.

5. Destination of the goods to be transferred

It is important to look for the destined location where the goods are to be transferred before making order from China to Canada.

There are certain third party logistics companies in china that can offer the shipment to the warehouses, commercial places, buildings, or residential locations.

It is sometimes difficult to deliver the product near a place where there is no facility of unloading the container. Mostly the buyers feel comfortable with the air freight as it does not make the customer wait around and is faster in delivery.

Your cargo may be dropped in the airport or may be in a place near a major city in Canada.

6. Timing requirements of the items to be shipped


If you are dealing with an emergency situation, then you must go for the air freight as the cargo through the air can be reached earlier.

The sea fright takes long routes and much time to deliver the products to its destination. If the time factor is not necessary to be considered, then sea freight is the most suitable and reasonable option for buyers all around the world.

7. Cheapest time to ship from China to Canada

The most important question asked by the customers is how much time will the shipment take to reach Canada and also which shipping method is more reasonable.

The delivery time solely depends on the shipment size, location from the source, and the season of transfer. The shipping time of the major methods are given below:

Shipping method At Port
Sea freight (LCL) 29-33 days
Sea freight (FCL) 29-33 days
Airfreight 5-7 days
Express 2-5 days

Chapter 2: Tips to Consider while Shipping Products from China to Canada during COVID-19

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has caused major impacts on the big and small industries and work sectors of the world. China was the first target of the adverse impact of COVID-19.

coronavirus-affect-shipping-from-china-to canada

Especially the manufacturing industry of China was in great loss but China has wonderfully overcome the adverse circumstances and stood back in its position.

Now the impact of COVID-19 is seen all over the world that directly affects the import and export sector. In today’s condition do consider the following essential tips before exporting products from China to Canada.

1. Plan before shipping from China to Canada

Making a plan before shipping from China to Canada is very important. If you want to receive the products at a specific time, then plan to place an order a month or two before.


This pandemic condition may cause you to face some troubles but it can only be avoided by planning wisely. Also be patient with the seller because the delay in order delivery can occur due to the present conditions.

2. Get updates about the shipment news from time to time

You have to get updated about the pandemic situations going on in the world from time     to time and what are its effects on the trade market and shipping schedule especially in China and Canada.

You should also keep an eye on the updates of the Canadian customs and shipping departments. You can have a look at the product prices, available suppliers in the area, and the shipping restrictions for importers.

Furthermore, keep in touch with the associates in China to remain updated, so that they can transfer your products when the condition becomes favorable.

3. Anticipate sudden changes

The shipping companies in China are not only focusing on the sales charts but they also have know-how of the Covid19 cases in the region.

The rising curve is the sign that the region is in lockdown and the manufacturers and sellers are not providing the products there. It depends on you, how you handle the situation regarding the shipping process.

4. Tips for Keeping Costs Down and Shipping Time from China-Canada

There are some tips that will help you keep the costs down and shipping time from China to Canada:

  • The sea freight is the cheapest shipping method and the longest one also. If you are booking the products in advance, then the cost price will be low and the stress level will not increase in case of delayed delivery.
  • Try to ship the products in the offseason because due to the busy schedule in the sale season the prices of the carriers and the transit time reach to its peak.
  • Have the complete documents, this will ease your products at the customs clearance point.
  • You should know about the HS codes because the customs fees affect the business costs.
  • Before placing orders compare the product quotes from different suppliers.
  • You should know about the type of quote whether it is from port to port or from door to door to avoid any sudden changes.

Chapter 3: Steps to Follow when Shipping from China to Canada


Shipping from China to Canada involves certain steps. In this section a complete step by step guide is provided to follow when shipping from China to Canada:

1. Get in contact with a freight forwarder when you are ready for products shipment

Once you are ready to ship the products get in touch with the freight forwarder. They will assist you in everything from start to finish. Help you to load the shipment into containers, and prepare all the necessary documents.

2. Get shipping quote for the products from China

You have to get a quote regarding the products you are shipping from China. Before accepting the goods, the shipper will inform you about the details regarding the load, speed requirements, budget, etc.

shipping-quotes-from-china-to canada

3. Confirm the delivery time of the goods

Ask the freight forwarder to let you know about the time when the delivery will be made. You can then make the plan for the shipping accordingly. This estimated time will be helpful for you in planning for the goods arrival date and doing the marketing efforts to sell those goods.

4. Get China freight insurance

You should have freight insurance to meet any catastrophic loss which may be either failed or delayed delivery. With the help of this insurance paper, you can claim a refund or exchange of material.

5. Make sure the packaging of the goods is strong

The packaging of the products is also very important because, in the sea freight, the containers are placed for a long time, so you should pack your goods accordingly from the factory to the destination.

Your packaging should have strong layers of inner cartons, strong layers of outer cartons with plastic wrapping to avoid damage from water, and the sticker of fragile and careful handling pasted on the carton.

6. Arrange custom clearance when shipping from China to Canada

Custom clearance documents are needed for entering Canada from the port of China. Your documentation should always be correct and ready because these papers are very helpful for the customs clearance at the port of China to enter Canada.

Chapter 4: Know about Canada Import Rules and Regulations


There are some rules and regulations regarding the Canadian Import which should be considered.

1. Import requirements of Canadian Revenue Agency

If you want to import something in Canada, then it will not be possible without registration. It is very necessary to have a Canadian Revenue Agency license in the business.

For more information you can visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.


2. Prohibition and Restrictions on some products to be shipped

Some specific products are allowed to import from China. These items are checked before entering Canada and are identified.

You are required to enter the correct details about the items like where it was manufactured and the place of origin.

Certain items such as pornographic material, used cars, and aircraft, items made by prisoners, reprints of copyrighted Canadian work, matches of white phosphorous, counterfeit currency, some birds, and used mattresses are not allowed to enter Canada.

Some more examples of the restricted items are alcoholic products, agricultural and steel products, textile and apparel, weapons and ammunition, medicines, endangered species, explosives, food, and hazardous products.

These restricted and prohibited items may cause troubles in customs clearance as well. It is better to abide by the rules and regulations offered by the Canadian agency.


3. Canadian product safety requirements

Some agencies are working to protect Canada from having unsafe products entered into the borders. For safety reasons, the specific labeling and marketing requirements for the products were made.

These agencies make sure that you write the correct label before they leave the country of origin. The country of origin and the number of products should also be mentioned when clearing the customs. The last most crucial thing is that labels should be bilingual in English and French so that everyone can understand them.

4. Determining Canadian custom fee

All products which are imported from China are subjected to the customs duty, goods, and services tax (GST). In whatever currency you have bought the products, the value of products must be converted into Canadian dollars to determine the duties payable.

For that, you should know about the product and the place of origin. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)  can also help you in determining the appropriate values, through tariff classifications and tariff treatment.


If you want to know about the payable amount in advance you can request an advance ruling or a national custom ruling on tariff classification.

5. Custom duty with 10-digit HS code

The HS code can be provided by the supplier, while you need to specify the one used for Canada customs – Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

The first six digits are identical for all the countries for that particular good, including China and Canada.

6. Other Custom taxes

In addition to the tariff based on the HS code, the taxes like Sales Tax, Goods and Services Tax, Provincial Sales Tax should also be known.

Chapter 5: Sea Freight Shipment Method when Shipping from China to Canada


Important Note:

Please note that the shipping costs mentioned in this chapter are for reference only.

During the Covid19 pandemic, the costs have gone very high and have been changing on daily basis. Therefore, you must check the shipping costs before each shipment with your freight forwarders and get the latest rates.

1. Main Seaports in China

The main seaports of China which the suppliers used to ship products from China to Canada are

  • Dalian seaport
  • Tianjin port
  • Qingdao seaport
  • Shanghai seaport
  • Port of Ningbo
  • Hong Kong seaport
  • Xiamen seaport
  • Port of Guangzhou
  • Zhou Shan seaport
  • Zhanjiang seaport

2. Main seaports in Canada

The major seaports in Canada which are helpful for sea freight are:

  • Port Toronto
  • Port Montreal
  • Port Vancouver

3. Sea freight cost from China to Canada

Seaport Shipping from Shanghai Shipping from Ningbo Shipping from Shenzhen
Shipping to Toronto 40HQ


















Shipping to Montreal 40HQ


















Shipping to Vancouver 40HQ


















Column 1 Value 4 Column 2 Value 4 aa Column 4 Value 4

4. Shipping time

The sea fright uses two types of shipping methods:

Sea freight FCL and LCL shipments can be delivered through the port and by the door to door delivery. It takes 29-33 days for delivery from China toCanada.

Usually the FCL shipment is faster compared to LCL since FLC contains goods of one party, which means less documentation and time spend in clearing the goods.

Chapter 6: Air Freight Shipment Method when Shipping from China to Canada

Important Note:

Please note that the shipping costs mentioned in this chapter are for reference only. During the Covid19 pandemic, the costs have gone very high and have been changing on daily basis.

Therefore, you must check the shipping costs before each shipment with your freight forwarders and get the latest rates.

The methods for the Air freight are listed below;

1. Main Airports in China


Following is a list of some of the busiest airports of China. They are used by the freight forwarders to ship the goods from China to Canada by Air.

  • Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
  • Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport
  • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
  • Wuhan Tianhe International Airport
  • Changsha Huanghua International Airport

2. Main Airports in Canada

The main international airports in Canada which are used for the delivery of the products are as follows;

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport
  • Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport
  • Vancouver International Airport
  • Calgary International Airport

3. Cheapest Airfreight from China to Canada

Air freight from China to Canada is quite expensive. You as the importer want to ship the products at lower rates but the truth is that air freight specially during the Covid19 pandemic have increased a lot.

In order to get the best rates, contact multiple freight forwarders and compare their rates and services.

4. Shipping Time to Canada

By Air shipments can either be delivered port to port or even door to door. Usually DHL or FedEx companies are able to clear the customs of the goods on your behalf.

The shipping time by express air shipping to Canada is around 2-5 days and by air freight is about 5-7 days.

5. Shipping Costs from China to Canada

The shipping cost freight air freight offers from China to Canada by port of Shanghai is RMB67/KG to Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

For express air freight please contact the respective companies like DHL, FedEX, UPS, Aramex, TNT etc and get the quotes from them.

Chapter 7: FAQs about Shipping from China to Canada


Some important questions are answered in this portion to reduce any query.

1. How much will a custom inspection cost?

The customs of Canada inspect the shipment by their own criteria. The custom inspection costs vary from goods to goods.

Therefore to know the exact cost, you should contact a customs clearing agent in Canada and provide him you shipment details to get the right custom inspection cost.

2. What paperwork do I need to ship from China to Canada?

The necessary documents which are crucial for shipping to Canada include the bill of lading or airway bill, a commercial invoice, the packing list, the certificate of origin.

The import license is also required if you are importing the restricted items. There may be some other documents required by customs on case to case basis.

3. Can I track the shipment from China to Canada? How?

Yes, you can track your shipment because the shipping companies provide such tracking systems which are working 24 hours a day and with the help of mobile phone or PC you can track them.

You will need only the bill of lading number, the shipment details to monitor your shipment progress.

4. Will I have to pay for the export license?

Since you are the importer, you just need the import license in Canada. The export license is a requirement for the supplier or the person who is exporting or sending the goods from China to you.

If you have your own company in China and you are sending the goods in your own company name, then surely you will need the export license in China and import license in Canada.

5. How long is the flight from China to Canada in Air Shipment

If there is a direct flight from China to Canada for air shipment, let’s say from Beijing to Toronto, it will take around 12 hours 50 minutes. There are several direct flights each day from Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong to major Canadian cities.


We hope that this blog is helpful for you to understand the whole process of Shipping from China to Canada.

We talked about the shipping time, different methods of shipping, provided you an idea of the shipping costs.

All of this information is very important for you to understand before you start shipping from China to Canada.

If you need any help in sourcing products of shipping products to Canada, you contact us and our expert team will help you in the complete process.