Are you looking for trustworthy and reliable e-commerce sites like DHgate to import goods from China?

Are you wondering which Chinese e-commerce website will be the best for your business? is well known b2b e-commerce marketplace for products that are usually produced in China. It supplies quality products to small and medium vendors around the globe.

China-based DHgate is a well-known online marketplace that links international customers with Chinese wholesale providers. DHgate, a company that was established in 2004, provides a huge selection of goods at low costs, including electronics, apparel, jewelry, supplies for the home and garden, and much more.

The network has over 2.2 million registered sellers and over 30 million registered buyers from 220 different nations and regions.

In this blog, we have provided a list of safe sites like dhgate, reliable, and trustworthy DHgate alternatives. The blog contains the pros/cons of each site so that you can do a clear comparison. also, you can check here the compiled statistics, facts, and trends for online shopping in 2022.

Keep reading to get a detailed analysis of top e-Commerce platforms.

Chapter 1: Why is there a need for DHgate Alternatives?

Homepage of Dhgate website

DHgate is a great B2B wholesale platform and has a fair share of pros. However, there are a lot of other great online platforms that provide way better service, product lines, discounts, and promotions as compared to DHgate.

There are a variety of reasons why someone might be looking for DHgate alternatives, so it is always a good idea to investigate and contrast other markets before making a purchase.

1. More options for payments in other sites

Though Dhgate offers a variety of payment options, some other sites have even more options for their consumers. Other websites like DHgate also provide payment security to their buyers as well as suppliers.

2. More quality control by other platforms

Because DHgate has so many vendors, there is a wide range in the quality of the goods. Other markets with more stringent quality control requirements can be preferred by some purchasers.

3. Added benefits on other sites like discounts, promotions, campaigns


Some other sites like DHgate provide better discounts, coupons and promotions for their buyers. For instance, Ali express has 57 active coupon codes for their buyers and their promotional campaigns are far better than DHgate.

4. More variety of Products on other sites like DHgate

While DHgate offers a large choice of products, it may not contain everything that a consumer is seeking. Alternative marketplaces could provide a different range of goods or target a particular market.

Sites like Alibaba, for example, there are millions of items to choose from, ensuring that buyers never run out of options.

5. Helpful in comparing a large number of suppliers to find the best one

Although DHgate has affordable prices, customers may find greater discounts on other online stores, particularly for specific products or in particular locations.

However, it is important to keep in mind that prices on competing marketplaces could not always be equivalent to those on DHgate, and some marketplaces might provide greater discounts for specific products or in particular areas.

To make sure you are receiving the best deal, it is always a good idea to compare prices across different marketplaces.

Chapter 2: 10 Best Sites like DHgate


Sites like DHgate Pros Cons
  • Banggood offers a large selection of products across multiple categories
  • Fast delivery
  • Limited payment options for dropship program
  • shipping times can be long
  • AliExpress offers a vast selection of products in multiple categories
  • Secure payments, free shipping for certain products
  • Some seller does not support PayPal
  • Long shipping times
  • A reliable platform for buying branded goods
  • Wide range of products
  • Quality control
  • charges store owners and sellers with the Security deposit and annual fee
  • Tmall has a limited number of payment options
  • Low wholesale price
  • Alibaba allows buyers to communicate directly with suppliers
  • Slow shipping
  • Language and culture barriers
  • Extremely cheap prices
  • Offers a lot of Promotions and deal
  • Some seller doesn’t support worldwide shipping
  • Language barrier
  • LightInTheBox offers competitive pricing on many products
  • wide variety of products
  • Slow shipping
  • Customer service
  • Quality products at a reasonable price
  • Fast shipping
  • Reliable and professional customer service
  • Limited international shipping
  • Early and first-hand access to new products
  • Low price
  • Language barrier
  • Limited payment option
  • Affordable gadgets and electronics
  • Lesser shipping cost
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Less product variety as compared to other similar platforms
  • Multilanguage support
  • Fast shipment
  • Reliable and secure payment options for customer
Limited Payment options

1. Sites like DHgate: Banggood

Homepage of

Banggood, also known as BG, is a well-known Chinese online retailer that provides retail products. It delivers high-quality products worldwide and is one of the top e-commerce platforms in China.

  • Why use Banggood?

Banggood is an online shopping website that offers a wide choice of products at cheap pricing. Several consumers utilize Banggood to find things that might not be offered in their nearby stores or to acquire better pricing than those accessible there.

Also, Banggood provides free or inexpensive shipping to many nations throughout the world, making it a practical choice for customers from other countries.

To avoid potential fraud or problems with product quality or delivery, it’s crucial to do your research and exercise caution while using any online buying site.

  • Pros and cons

-Following are the major pros of Banggood:

  1. Banggood provides a fast delivery service and provides worldwide shipping.
  2. Buyers can save money on delivery costs thanks to Banggood’s availability of free or inexpensive shipping options on a variety of products.
  3. It is great for dropshipping, registration for Banggood’s drop ship program is free and its process is simple and convenient.
  4. Banggood frequently offers deals and discounts on products, which can help buyers save even more money.

-Following are some cons of Banggood:

  1. Banggood only accepts PayPal payments for its banggood dropship program and does not support any other payment option for that matter.
  2. Shipping periods in this Chinese marketplace can be lengthy, which may be a drawback for customers who need things right away.
  • Payment methods

Banggood offers multiple payment options for its buyers including PayPal, Wire transfer and Visa. Cash on Delivery is also available in some countries.

  • Average delivery time

The average delivery time of the package is 7 to 30 days

2. Sites like DHgate: AliExpress


The Alibaba Group owns the Chinese e-commerce site AliExpress. It enables customers from all around the world to buy goods directly from Chinese producers and distributors. it is a famous B2C e-commerce marketplace and delivers worldwide. AliExpress is similar to DHgate; it was launched in 2010 and has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years.

  • Why use AliExpress

With the ability to have things delivered right to their door, AliExpress enables customers to purchase from the convenience of their homes.

Customers can rate and review sellers and products on AliExpress, which might assist other customers in making wise selections regarding their purchases.

In the event of a dispute with a seller, AliExpress has a program called Buyer Protection to assist customers in being protected. Customers may feel more secure when making transactions on the site as a result.

  • Pros and cons

-Following are the major pros of AliExpress:

  1. AliExpress offers good quality products at a low price
  2. In the event of a dispute with a seller, AliExpress has a program called Buyer Protection to assist customers in being protected
  3. AliExpress offers free shipping on a lot of its products.
  4. Good reviews and ratings

-Following are some cons of AliExpress:

  1. Long shipping times
  2. Language barrier
  3. Some of AliExpress seller doesn’t accept PayPal as the payment method
  • Payment methods

AliExpress accepts credit or debit cards as payment methods. PayPal payment is also acceptable in certain countries.

  • Average delivery time

The average delivery time for AliExpress is around 15 to 45 business days.

3. Sites like DHgate: Tmall

Homepage of

Tmall, previously known as Taobao Mall, is a Chinese B2C online retail store. It was launched in 2008 and it is operated by Alibaba Group.

It sells branded products and allows customers to purchase their favorite items directly from the company instead of buying from an individual.

  • Why use

Tmall is a well-established online e-commerce platform with more than 500 million registered customers worldwide.

Tmall is renowned for offering genuine goods. This is crucial in China because there is a sizable market for fake goods there.

In China, Tmall is a reputable website with a solid reputation. This might be especially crucial for organizations who are wanting to grow their reach in the Chinese market.

Businesses have the chance to market and advance their brand in China to a huge audience thanks to Tmall. Businesses trying to build their brands in the Chinese market may find this to be especially helpful.

  • Pros and cons

-Following are the major pros of

  1. A trustworthy platform for branded goods
  2. Marketing campaigns and promotions
  3. Tmall provides a convenient shopping experience for consumers

-Following are some cons of

  1. Tmall requires the seller to deposit before opening the store. The amount that needs to be deposited varies depending on the store type
  2. Tmall charges fees for businesses to sell on its platform, which can be higher than other online marketplaces
  • Payment methods

Tmall provides various payment options for its customer including Alipay and Bank Card.

  • Average delivery time

For global delivery, tmall can take 7 to 40 working days to ship orders.

4. Sites like DHgate: Alibaba

Homepage of

Alibaba is one of the biggest global B2B wholesale marketplaces. With an end-to-end suite of solutions designed for B2B, the e-commerce platform, which Jack Ma founded in 1999.

  • Why use Alibaba

Alibaba gives businesses access to a sizable and expanding global customer base in China and other countries. Businesses trying to grow their consumer bases in certain markets may find this to be very advantageous.

Alibaba offers a variety of services and tools to assist businesses to run on its platforms, such as solutions for managing inventory, transportation, and payments.

  • Pros and cons

The following are the major pros of Alibaba:

  1. Products are available at a low wholesale price
  2. Buyers can customize the design accordingly to their liking
  3. It is a trustworthy and reliable platform
  4. A wide variety of products are available on Alibaba at a competitive price

-Following are some cons of Alibaba:

  1. Shipping is slow
  • Payment methods

Alibaba accepts payments through PayPal, credit cards debit cards, and bank transfers.

  • Average delivery time.

The average delivery time of Alibaba shipments is 1 to 4 weeks.

5. Sites like DHgate: Taobao

Homepage of

Taobao is an online Chinese e-commerce shopping website. It is a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) retail network and it was launched in 2003. It has more than one billion products on its website and buyers can place the order directly on their website.

  • Why use Taobao

Taobao offers a huge range of goods for sale, including apparel, electronics, home goods, and more. As a result, it serves as an easy one-stop shop for customers.

Taobao is well renowned for its affordable rates, which can be particularly alluring to those who are on a budget.

Customers may shop conveniently on Taobao because of its user-friendly platform and quick delivery timeframes. Taobao offers customer reviews for products, which can assist shoppers in making wise purchases.

  • Pros and cons

-Following are the major pros of Taobao:

  1. Products are available at extremely cheap prices.
  2. Taobao offers sales, promotions, clearance sales, and different deals for the customers.

-Following are some cons of Taobao:

  1. Since the Taobao website is in Chinese, there is a significant language barrier for international customers.
  2. Some of the sellers do not support worldwide shipping.
  • Payment methods

Credit and debit cards and PayPal are accepted as payment options for Taobao.

  • Average delivery time

The average delivery time for international shipment is around 10-40 days.

6. Sites like DHgate: Lightinthebox

Homepage of Lightinthebox

Lightinthebox is a Chinese-based online e-commerce store that sells products on a global level. It was registered in 2007 and offers good quality products at low prices.

  • Why use Lightinthebox

LightInTheBox provides international delivery, enabling customers from all around the world to buy their items.

Customers can contact the dedicated customer support team at LightInTheBox at any time with inquiries or problems.

LightInTheBox sells a wide variety of goods, including clothes, gadgets, accessories for the house and garden, and more. As a result, it serves as a one-stop shop for customers shopping for diverse goods.

  • Pros and cons

-Following are the major pros of Lightinthebox:

  1. Lightinthebox offers unique fashion products and accessories
  2. It has a wide variety of products

Following are some cons of Lightinthebox:

  1. They only have their warehouses in China, that’s why their shipping is slow for global shipments
  • Payment methods

Lightinthebox accepts PayPal, Western Union, and credit cards for payments.

  • Average delivery time

Lightinthebox takes 15 to 30 days to ship international orders.

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7. Sites like DHgate:

Homepage of is a very famous and well-known Chinese B2C e-commerce website. is another site like DHgate, It was registered as an online retail platform in 2004.

It is a reliable marketplace and offer product of various categories including Electronics, food items, apparels, home appliances, fashion and cosmetics and much more.

  • Why use is immensely popular in China due to its trustworthiness and good quality products.

Products that are available on are authentic, reliable and low priced. has a strict quality check and ensures that only authentic and high-quality products are delivered to customers.

  • Pros and cons

-Following are the major pros of

  1. com offers quality products at a reasonable price
  2. It provides fast shipping
  3. It has a good and responsive customer support

-Following are some cons of

  1. None
  • Payment methods

You can make payments through JD Pay, WeChat Pay, and Bankcard on

  • Average delivery time

The average delivery time of is 3 and 60 business days.

8. Sites like DHgate:

Homepage of is a famous Chinese B2B and B2C domestic e-commerce Chinese wholesale website and manufacturing platform. There are thousands of registered sellers on Many famous sellers buy wholesale products from at reasonable prices and then sell those products globally.

  • Why use

The e-commerce portal, which is run by the reputable Alibaba Group, has various safeguards in place to guarantee secure transactions. Alipay, a payment method offered by Alibaba, offers additional security and protection for customers. serves as a bridge for companies wishing to connect with regional suppliers and manufacturers in China. It also provides insightful information on market trends and customer behavior in China.

  • Pros and cons

-Following are the major pros of

  1. Early and first-hand access to new products
  2. Goods are available at a low price

-Following are some cons of

  1. Since the majority of the sellers on do not speak English, the international consumers face a language barrier.
  2. com has limited payment options

-It does not provide trade assurance

  • Payment methods accepts bank transfers, Western Union and PayPal

  • Average delivery time

Average delivery time varies depending on the product and country.

9. Sites like DHgate: Gearbest

Homepage of Gearbest

A company called Gearbest sells consumer goods, gadgets, and accessories online. The business is headquartered in China and was established in 2014. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, drones, gaming accessories, home appliances, and more are available from Gearbest.

  • Why use Gearbest

With its competitive pricing and independence, Gearbest offers customers around the world high-quality, cost-effective products.

Gearbest offers the most affordable delivery service in 200+ countries and regions, with free door-to-door delivery available in the majority of them.

For the convenience of customers globally, Gearbest offers more than 40 international payment options. Your payment security is ensured by the Gearbest risk control system.

  • Pros and cons

-Following are the major pros of Gearbest:

  1. Affordable gadgets and electronics.
  2. Lesser shipping cost.
  3. Offers insured shipping services for its customers.
  4. Provides promotions and discounts.

-Following are some cons of Gearbest:

  1. Gearbest has less product variety as compared to other similar platforms
  • Payment methods

Gearbest accepts payment through Paypal, bank transfer and credit and debit cards.

  • Average delivery time

The average delivery time of Gearbest is 3 to 30 business days depending on the shipping method.

10. Sites like DHgate: Chinabrands


Chinabrands is a reliable and rapidly growing B2B Chinese e-commerce website. It is a great platform for buying wholesale products and dropshipping. It sells its products to small-to-medium businesses.

  • Why use Chinabrands

Chinabrands provides various services for its customers including international payment services, global warehousing and good support. It operates in many countries and provides a fast delivery service for international orders.

With the help of Chinabrands’ dropshipping service, vendors can send goods directly to buyers without maintaining inventory. For individuals who wish to sell goods online but don’t want to invest in inventory or handle delivery, this may be a convenient choice.

  • Pros and cons

-Following are the major pros of Chinabrands:

  1. Chinabrands provides multilanguage support and their product description are available in multiple languages
  2. Chinabrands offers fast shipment
  3. It is reliable and provides secure payment options for customers
  4. Professional and dependable customer service

-Following are some cons of Gearbest:

  1. Offers limited Payment options for buyers to pay for online shopping
  • Payment methods

Chinabrands accepts payments via PayPal, Wire transfer and Payoneer, etc.

  • Average delivery time

Chinabrands takes around 7 to 25 business days to ship global orders.

Chapter 3: Overview About DHgate


Chinese e-commerce site DHgate links international customers with China wholesalers and manufacturers. The portal offers a vast selection of goods, including apparel, electronics, accessories for the home and garden, toys, sporting goods, and more.

1. Why DHgate is so popular in China?

The low-cost nature of DHgate’s business model is one of the main elements influencing its popularity in China.

DHgate can provide affordable rates on a variety of products because it links customers directly with producers and eliminates intermediaries. Because of this, it is a desirable choice for both buyers and sellers.

To aid Chinese companies in utilizing the platform successfully, DHgate also provides a variety of seller tools and services.

2. Does DHgate provide dropshipping?

To transport goods straight to buyers without maintaining inventory, dropshipping is a service offered by DHgate to sellers.

With the help of DHgate’s dropshipping program, vendors can put goods for sale on their websites or marketplaces and then order them from the online retailer as soon as a client places an order.

Make sure to check the rating and reviews of the sellers before placing the order to avoid any kind of scam or shady seller.

3. Products availability on DHgate

DHgate offers its buyers a variety of products from various categories such as Electronics, toys, health, beauty, home decor, cosmetics and jewellery, Apparel, mobile phone and accessories, sports, Gifts, automobiles and many more.

  • Wide range of products


DHgate has a broad range of product categories and it offers high-quality online products for its buyers. Millions of products are available on DHgate and buyers can easily select a suitable seller for their desired products.

  • Reliable products at lower cost

DHgate provides products at a cheap and affordable price with acceptable quality. It also provides coupons and discounts for its buyers in specific product categories.

Sellers on DHgate mostly sell wholesale products and manufacture products in bulk which results in significant cost savings.

  • Free Samples option

Some of the sellers provide product samples for buyers to check and verify the quality of the product before placing the order. Buyers can request free samples of the products from the seller.

Chapter 4: How DHgate works and its advantages?


1. How DHgate works?

There are a large number of sellers that are available on the DHgate. Buyers place their orders on the DHgate website and buy goods from third-party sellers that have listed their products on the DHgate.

The transaction is handled by DHGate and once the order is placed, buyers can also directly communicate with the seller regarding their order. DHgate provides the facility to track your order and other shipping details.

2. Advantages of DHgate

There are a lot of pros of using DHgate to buy goods for your business. Following are some of the advantages of DHgate and reasons why you should buy from DHgate.


  •  Popular and well-known e-commerce platform

DHgate is one of the best and fastest-growing Chinese B2B e-commerce platforms.  It has great ratings and reviews and it is popular for its low and cheap prices.  It has around 1 million sellers and a lot of product categories.

  • Worldwide recognition

DHgate has thousands of registered Chinese suppliers that deliver good quality products at a cheap price. It has customers around the globe and its supplier’s ship orders worldwide. It has gained a lot of popularity due to its quality products and low prices.

  • Order placement is easy and simple

Orders can be easily placed on DHgate’s website without any hazards. DHgate takes some processing time which can vary depending on the product availability and order size.

Once the order is confirmed, the buyer can log in to his/her account and can track the order and check the order status. Dhgate usually ships orders within 5 to 10 working days.

  • Easier communication with sellers

DHgate enables customers to speak with sellers directly to ask questions or discuss specifics, making it simpler to obtain the knowledge required to make educated purchasing decisions.

  • Secure payment options

The ordering process is made simple for customers by DHgate’s user-friendly interface, which also accepts payments via bank transfer, PayPal, and credit card. Customers can also follow their orders through DHgate’s website or app and get notifications when the status of their orders changes.

3. Is DHgate Legit and trustworthy?


To protect its users’ safety and security, DHgate employs several different strategies. For instance, the platform offers a buyer protection program that enables refunds or returns if the goods don’t match the product description or come damaged, as well as a secure payment system that safeguards customers’ financial information.

If you have a question about your product, you can interact with the seller directly instead of contacting DHgate.

Chapter 5: FAQs About DHgate Alternatives in China


1. Is DHgate a safe website for online trading?

DHGate is unquestionably a legal firm that links Chinese merchants with consumers and owners of e-commerce companies all over the world, generating over nine figures in revenue each year. You will receive your stuff if you place an order on DHGate.

2. Which e-commerce platform is better; Alibaba or DHgate?

Both of them are very well known and reputed e-commerce platforms and have buyers around the globe. However, compared to DHgate, Alibaba is a more reliable choice since it is one of the leading Chinese e-commerce platforms.

Furthermore, the majority of Alibaba sellers are also manufacturers who produce in bulk and can deliver goods at low prices.

3. What is the best website to buy from China?

Many well-known e-commerce platforms in China deliver Chinese products around the globe at affordable prices and satisfactory quality. Alibaba, AliExpess, DHgate and are some of the best Chinese shopping websites to buy from.

These platforms have a variety of advantages for buyers including affordable prices, appealing packaging, worldwide shipping, and excellent customer support.

4. Are there chances of getting scammed on other websites like DHgate?

All of the aforementioned sites like DHgate are legal and trustworthy. However, suspicious suppliers display their products on some of these e-commerce platforms.

To avoid any kind of scams or fraud choose the payment options that these online platforms offer and do not make any direct payment transactions with the seller outside of these platforms.

5. How can I get in touch with DHgate customer support?

The DHgate website or mobile app can be used to get in touch with customer care. For any queries or problems about a specific purchase, buyers can also get in touch with the seller directly.


In this blog, we discussed in detail some DHgate alternatives to import from China. Choosing the right e-commerce platform is very critical as it plays a huge role in the success of your business.

Even though DHgate is a fantastic e-commerce platform and offers many advantages, there are a few other e-commerce websites that provide extra benefits over DHgate and may be a suitable choice for online shopping.

With our detailed analysis of top-rated other sites similar to DHgate, you can make an informed decision and can buy from the platform that suits your business the most.

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