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If you have a pet or know someone who owns a pet, you must be aware of the 2017’s craze for Squishmallows. With time, squishmallows have become popular amongst people and animals alike. The soft, plushy toys are a pet’s favorite. Now, you can find hundreds of designs. These have been extended to pet beds and squishmallow pet beds are the new trend!

This blog covers everything you need to know about squishmallow pet beds. What are they made of, how to maintain and clean them and which material is the best? Moreover, we will also talk about the best places to find them to buy wholesale. So, read on to know more!

Chapter 1: What is a Squishmallow Pet Bed? 

Squishmallow pet beds

Squishmallow is a toy brand that specializes in stuffed toys. This was launched by Kelly Toys Holdings LLC in 2017 and has been a rage since then. These stuffed toys come in a wide variety of textures, sizes, shapes and colors. With over 1000 different characters, the price range varies. The texture is soft, squishy and smooth. This is what makes these squishmallows a big hit with humans as well as pets.

Yes, the range has been extended to include a lot of pet beds too. Now your pets can enjoy the softness of the squismallow pet bed. No more hard surfaces to sleep on! Imagine comforting that these soft beds must offer to your best friend!

Recently, Squishmallows are being used for many other purposes other than just as toys. People are using them for comfort, as a companion and many more. Squishmallows pet beds are very popular for all kinds of pets. The reasons are discussed in Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: 6 Reasons Why You Should Go for a Squishmallow Pet Bed? 

Why Squishmallow pet bed

Pets quickly become an important part of our life. Most people, are just like any other family member or like a child. This means that they want to provide the best they can for their pets. One thing about most pets is best; they can sleep anywhere and everywhere. Therefore, most owners debate if it is practical to get a separate bed for pets or not, let alone invest in a Squishmallow pet bed.

The truth is that it is very important. Pets need to have designated pet beds. It is beneficial for them and the owners both. The major reasons for this are discussed below.

1) Personal Space

Having your personal space is integral to functioning properly. A pet is going to be with you for life. They are not going to go anywhere after a day or two. Undoubtedly, sleeping with a dog/cat is very relaxing. Many people claim that when they are upset, sleeping with a pet brings them emotional support and relaxes them. This is practical once in a while.

You need a proper pet bed where your pet sleeps. This will save you so many headaches in the long run. No more vacuuming the couch again and again. Sleeping with a pet daily can become a nuisance with all that turning and tossing to find that comfortable spot. You can end up with back pain or cramps. Hence, it is good to have a pet bed. There will still be days when your pet wants to cuddle up to you and that is fine.

Squishmallow pet beds are relatable, comfortable, and cute. Pets tend to love them. You can find them in different shapes, sizes, and characters. You can pick the color, design, and size that your pet is going to love!

2)  Support

Have you ever fallen asleep on the couch? Or even on the carpet when you are very tired? Yes, we all have. We wake up all stiff and uncomfortable. The same is the case with our pets. Pets need to have proper body support while sleeping. Pet beds are designed to give support to their muscles and bones. Hence, reducing stiffness.

It has been seen that as pets tend to get older, their posture matters more. Bones are becoming weak and muscles are aging. It becomes even more important to have a good bed that provides proper support. Squishmallow pet beds are soft and squishy. This does not mean that they don’t have good support. They have been made specifically for pets keeping in mind the different needs. A cat squishmallow pet bed is going to be different from the one for your dog.

3) Security

Even for pets, a sense of security is important. Your pet needs to have a place they can associate with being only theirs. There are some days when we don’t feel like getting out of bed. Pets are just like that too. With multiple pets, having a pet bed becomes more important. Each pet knows that this is “MY” space where no one else can come.

4) Warmth

Floors and couches tend to get very cold at times. Even human beds are not apt for pets. The temperature can be too much or too little for their liking. Pet beds are according to the size of your pets. Have a pet bed in a warm corner of the house and make it comfortable for your pet.

5) Health

Sleeping separately from your pet can mean better health for you and your pets both. A good night’s sleep is important for both. When the pet is well-rested, they are healthier and happier. However clean we keep our pets, some things do affect our health and sleep. Pet hair is the biggest reason for allergies in people. Sleeping with a paw in your face is not always fun, right?

6) Soft and Cuddly

Squishmallow pet beds are very soft and cozy. They are made from material that is breathable and good against the skin and have many other advantages. Therefore, they are colorful, easy to wash and maintain germs free, and cute to look at.

If you still are unable to make up your mind about whether or not to go for a Squishmallow pet bed for your pet, you can always contact our SR. Leave us a message today and book a free consultation with her. You can discuss your queries and questions with her to get further clarity on this topic!  

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Chapter 3: 7 Steps to Help Select a Squishmallow Pet Bed for Your Pet? 

You will be surprised to find that the market is full of different pet beds. Even if you have narrowed down your search and decided on going for a Squishmallow pet bed, the options are many. Just like pets come in all shapes and sizes, so do pet beds. There are hundreds of options in pet beds, so let’s see how to select the perfect one for your pet!

1) Pet Health and Behavior

Every pet is different from the others. They have their personalities and behaviors. Some pets love hanging out with new people while others are shy around them. Your pet’s behavior can give you clues about which bed to go for. If you see that your pet is anxious and goes to bed when it is upset, you should pick a Squishmallow pet bed designed with raised edges. This will give a sense of security to the pet.

Some pets are chewers! If you invest in a Squishmallow pet bed, you need to take care that your pet does not end up chewing it on the first day. To avoid this, go for high-quality Squishmallow pet beds. The good quality ones are soft and squishy but don’t rip off easily. For chewers, the low-quality ones won’t last a day!

For older beds, health issues should be kept in mind. Arthritis is common in dogs and pets when they get older. In this case, it is best to consult your vet about which bed to pick. Squishmallow pet beds might not be the best choice. Therefore, go for memory foam or an orthopedic bed after consulting with a professional.

2) Size Matters

The size of your pet is the most obvious consideration. Sadly, this is the part where most pet owners make a mistake. Some pets like cats, hamsters, rats, etc. have more or less the same size. You can pick any standard bed for them and the size will be right. On the other hand, dogs come in different sizes and shapes. You do not want your dog to be sleeping in the bed with its paws hanging down on the floor.

The biggest mistake pet owners make is to go for a bigger bed for their pups. They don’t want to invest again and again in buying a bed and think that the pup will grow into a dog eventually. Smaller and younger dogs like to cuddle. That makes them feel safe. Therefore, you should invest in a smaller bed.

Tip: If you are not sure about the exact size of your pet, you can measure it. Start from the nose tip to the tail’s end. This is the length of the bed. Measuring from the shoulder to the floor will tell you a rough estimate of the width of the bed. Add a few inches to it and you have an exact size.

3) Anti-slip Bottom

Squishmallow pet bed, anti slip bottom, safe

It is important to choose a bed that has an anti-slip bottom. If the pet keeps moving the bed along, this can be tiresome. You don’t want the bed to keep slipping from the place as soon as the pet moves or jumps on it. Therefore, it is important to check that the pet bed has a bottom that stays put.

4) Easy to Wash

The biggest advantage of Squishmallow pet beds is that they are washable. If you have a smaller bed, it is very easy to wash it in the washing machine. You don’t need to scrub and scrub the bed to get the hairs or dirt off. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure a healthy and happy pet. You can even take a wet cloth and clean the Squishmallow pet bed. It is that easy.

5) Multiple Beds for a Single Pet

Don’t stick to one bed per pet. You will just end up dragging the bed along wherever your pet goes. For hygiene purposes, it is best to have a separate indoor and outdoor pet bed. This will save you so much hassle. Moreover, the dirt outside can stay outside. You won’t be dragging it inside the house. With a bed outside, you can relax on the lawn while keeping an eye on your pet if it goes to sleep.

6) Say No to Sharing

Have a separate bed for each pet. Sometimes, we end up getting one big bed for multiple pets. This is not right. What people don’t understand is that each pet has a unique identity. Pets don’t like sharing beds. They need their own space and comfort zone. Additionally, cramping more pets in a single space can be unhealthy.

You can select different Squishmallow pet beds for different pets. Each can have a specific color and design depending on what you like.

7) Check Your Interior

This is just the bonus tip that can go a long way when selecting a Squishmallow pet bed. You need to ensure that the pet bed you select goes with the rest of the interior. You want a good one so you don’t end up dragging it in closets when you have guests over. The bed must match the interior of the house.

Chapter 4: How to Wash and Maintain your Squishmallow Pet Bed ? 

washing, pet bed

Smaller Squishmallow pet beds can easily be washed in the washing machine. You can throw them in if you have got one for a squirrel or a hamster to sleep in. For the bigger pets, throwing an entire Squishmallow pet bed in the washing machine is not possible. Even the large, industrial ones can’t take on a full bed. Hence, it is necessary to wash them by hand.

1) Go Through the Instructions

Squishmallow toys come with proper instructions on how to wash and maintain them. Some squishmallow pet beds also have the same instructions. It is important to go through these instructions in detail to know if there is something specific you should or should not be doing.

2) Spot Clean

The best way to ensure that your pet bed gets clean and does not lose its softness is to do spot cleaning. Only those parts can be cleaned which seem dirty. Sometimes, this can become difficult as pets tend to play outside and bring the dirt to bed. Still, whenever you see a speck of dirt, you can do the spot-cleaning treatment. This will ensure that the bed does not get very dirty that it needs to be deep cleaned.

Hand washing allows the Squishmallow to maintain its shape and softness. Do a fabric test before you go ahead with the entire process. Take a little amount of fabric cleaner or stain remover and put it on a cotton swab. Dab the cotton swab on a little spot on the Squishmallow pet bed.

If the color does not come off, go ahead and clean the entire thing. On the contrary, if you think that the color is coming off, don’t use the fabric cleaner and try something less harsh.

Tip: Always use cold water while cleaning the Squishmallow pet bed. Furthermore, do the fabric test on a small patch on the Squishmallow pet bed which is not visible.

3) Pat Dry

The best way to dry any type of Squishmallow is to let it air dry after patting it. Don’t run it in the dryer at all. If you are in a hurry and want it to dry off immediately, pat it with a dry towel as much as you lightly can.  Don’t leave it in direct sunlight. You can keep it outside in the shade to allow air to pass through and dry it.

4)  Use a Washing Machine

Manufacturers of Squishmallow toys and pet beds don’t recommend washing them in the washing machine. Over the years, users have sworn by this cleaning technique. If done properly, a washing machine might be the best way to clean your Squishmallow pet bed for good. If the pet bed is small enough to fit in the washing machine, read on!

Firstly, you need to be careful not to directly throw your pet bed in the machine. You need to have it in a safety net, or pillowcase of a bed sheet (depending on the size). This will keep it safe from direct contact with the machine and its contents.

Secondly, only use the cool water cycle. Even though it seems like hot water gets the dirt and germs off better, it is not the case with Squishmallow pet beds. They are very soft and fluffy and you will ruin the bed’s texture with hot water. Also, use the gentle cycle. A few minutes will be more than enough.

Thirdly, tumble dry the bedding on a low and gentle cycle. Air fluff is the best idea. Remember, don’t take out the bedding from the net or cloth you have it wrapped in. It is better to let the pet bed air dry if you are in no hurry to get it dry.

Lastly, you need to get that fluff right back in! However slow and well you wash the Squishmallow pet bed, it will lose the fluff it has. Getting it back to its original shape is very easy. Once it dries, it can be squished back to shape with the help of your hands. There are a few things to avoid while washing:

  • Never use an iron, heated appliance or hairdryer when drying the beds. If it is necessary, only use low heat to dry it.
  • Never wash the pet bed without a pillowcase, cloth or safety net.
  • Never use soap
  • Never pull any extra threads coming out of the Squishmallow pet bed

Chapter 5: Top Five Websites Where you Can Find the Best Squishmallow Stuff? 

If you are looking to buy Squishmallow stuff at the best price, there is no place better to turn to than online shopping. Chinese suppliers are providing the best quality at the most affordable prices. Most of the online wholesalers are from China. The top five websites which are providing quality at the best prices are mentioned below.

1) Amazon

best websites, Squishmallow pet bed

Amazon is an American company that was established for selling books. Later on, it started selling a wide range of products. Now, it is one of the biggest eCommerce giants in the world. You can find a large range of Squishmallow products on Amazon including pet toys, toys for kids and beds for your pet. The only drawback is that it does not offer the prices which you can find on other wholesale websites. The prices are on the higher side.

2) Alibaba

Alibaba, Squishmallow pet bed

Alibaba is a Chinese eCommerce website that is popular amongst wholesalers and retailers. The reason for this is the economical prices it offers. Most of the sellers are Chinese wholesalers and manufacturers that directly sell their products. As there is no middleman involved, they can keep the prices lower than normal. This is why it has become the biggest eCommerce website not only in China but around the world. If you are looking for high-quality Squishmallow products, Alibaba is the right place to check out.


Chinese website, 1688 is the leading B2B marketplace in China. The website offers amazing prices as the users mostly deal with sourcing, wholesaling and dropshipping business models. You can find a wide range of Squishmallow products here. The only things you need to be on the lookout for are scammers and low-quality products. If you feel that the price for a Squishmallow product is very low, you need to be careful. Asking for samples will allow you to judge the quality before placing a bulk order.

4) Global Sources

Global Sources, Squishmallow pet bed

Global Sources is a Chinese wholesale website that has its basis in Hong Kong. It offers a wide range of products to buyers all over the world. The only downside to shopping from here is that most suppliers have a high minimum order quantity. This means that it is not very profitable for small and medium businesses. Additionally, the cost of samples is also on the higher side.

5) DHGate

DHGate, Squishmallow pet bed

For small businesses, DHGate is one of the best B2B websites to check out. If you are looking for Squishmallow items to buy in bulk, this is an excellent option. The prices are very economical and the quality is high. It is safe and legit and many buyers are using it across the globe.

If you still don’t know which website to refer to or from where you can buy Squishmallow pet beds in bulk, leave us a message. Our SR will give you a free consultation and will help you answer any questions and queries regarding your sourcing needs. 

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Chapter 6: FAQs Regarding Squishmallow Pet Beds 

1) What is the difference between Squishables and Squishmallows?

Many people use both terms interchangeably. In reality, they are not the same. Squishables and Squishmallow are both different brands that offer squishy products having different textures. Squishables are fluffy but firm. Whereas, Squishmallows are soft like velvet and marshmallows.

2) What are Squishmallows made from?

Squishmallows mostly have polyester as the filling. The fabric is also made of polyester. This is why they are ultra-soft and smooth to the touch.

3) Are Squishmallows expensive or cheap?

Squishmallows are on the expensive side. The promotional and exclusive editions cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is why they are so rare and unique. Other Squishmallows are not that expensive as they are produced in bulk. Jack the Black Cat is the most expensive Squishmallow in the world.

4) How Often should you Change your Squishmallow Pet Bed?

Ideally, you should change your pet bed every few years. You don’t need to change it very frequently. The biggest advantage you get with Squishmallow pet beds is that they are very easy to clean and maintain. This saves you from the hassle of changing it again and again. All you need to do is clean the bedding and wash it and it becomes as good as new.

5) How can you Freshen up Your Squishmallow Pet Bed?

You can use a handheld vacuum to clean the bed for general dirt. Spot cleaning or generally wiping with a damp cloth also cleans a Squishmallow pet bed very well. If your pet has an accident, you can wipe it clean and sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on the specific area. Any smell and odor will go away.


This blog covers everything you need to know about Squishmallows and Squishmallow pet beds in general. We have included the steps that will help you decide which Squishmallow bed to select for your pet. If you want to get the best deals from Chinese suppliers, you can always leave us a message at Ejet Sourcing. We are here to tend to all your sourcing needs.