Managing Suppliers on Your Behalf

EJET bears all the buying risks instead of you, helping you get
the best-matched manufacturers, handling the supplier relationship management on your behalf.

Supplier Relationship Management in China

We Help to Manage Your Suppliers

Supplier relationship management is the most important part of the supply chain and only working with the right supplier will help you to get the right product, under the right price, and by the right delivery. You may spend lots of time and money on unqualified suppliers and may find your ideal supplier after spending a long time on research. With EJET, we will help you to manage your suppliers on your behalf and you will not have these kinds of issues anymore. EJET will be the only supplier you need to support your business growth.



There are more than a million suppliers on Alibaba but there are millions of factories you totally cannot find online in China which have cheaper prices. Also, there are some cities specialized in certain product categories for e.g. Shenzhen for electronics, Shantou for toys, Foshan for furniture. EJET will do full supplier research and provide supplier relationship management according to your sourcing requests. Our vast supplier network and on-ground sourcing experience help to find the best-matched supplier for you.



When you are working with a new supplier, you don’t know if they are a real manufacturer or not, will they fulfill their commitments or not, or if can they be trusted. You may spend lots of time experimenting with different suppliers. EJET will help you to audit suppliers from the start to avoid these kinds of issues.



We monitor the supplier’s performance continuously with each order and delivery. We filter and remove bad suppliers from our network replacing them with new high-quality suppliers to make sure that we deliver high standards and high performance to our partners.



EJET supply chain includes core manufacturers from most of the industries. We keep on developing our relationships with these manufacturers to make sure we get the most competitive price and they are more willing to cooperate with EJET, by providing small MOQs, favorable pricing, quality samples, priority production, faster delivery to help our partners to be more competitive.



We can help you to make multiple payments to different suppliers on your behalf so that you do not have to worry about it. You can provide us the complete payment by a single transfer which is convenient and low cost.

EJET Supplier Network

5,670 vetted manufacturers from various industries
with high performance and keep on expanding.

Supply Chain Optimization

We are supplying high quality and profitable products to our partners to grow their business.

A Streamlined Supply Line

Whatever products you need, we develop source and deliver them to you, and help you achieve your sourcing goals: Cost saving, Higher quality, and Faster delivery.

Worry-Free Solution

We bear all the buying risks for you. Our expert team will follow up on each detail of every single order with our high standard. We deliver upon our promise.

The Power Behind Your Business Growth

Wherever you are in your seller’s journey, EJET helps to improve your supply chain, build your brand & maximize your profits so as to grow your business.

EJET Ultimate China Sourcing Book



All you need is to fill our contact form from the website or contact us by Whatsapp or email. Our 1v1 exclusive sourcing specialist will contact you within 24 hours and guide you through the whole process.

Yes. If you have your own supplier and want us to provide you a supplier audit, we will visit the factory on your behalf and make sure the supplier complies with your needs and supply an audit report, helping you with supplier relationship management in China. Our charges vary from 100-300$ per time depending on the factory location.

Absolutely. If you have your own supplier, we will help you from supplier audit to shipping. We charge a 3-5% commission on the total value. For more details, you can check the “How it works” section on our website.

In China, not all factories have an online presence. We work with thousands of manufacturers who are not available online like or, and we get competitive and cheap prices from them.

Finding a factory by yourself may take a lot of time and money. We already have filtered the best and reliable suppliers for you and can provide the supplier relationship management in China. No worries with EJET, we will be your ideal supplier because we bear all the risks and take responsibility for your goods.

We ensure that we work directly with the manufacturers so as to get a competitive price. EJET Suppliers provide high performance, good quality, and on-time delivery.

We only work with the best and reliable suppliers. If any of the suppliers do not fulfill their commitment, we remove them from our network. Our suppliers are fully capable to provide you with the certificates required for your products.

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