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Why is an effective supply chain solution necessary for your business?

Do you know which firms in China can help you with supply chain solution?

In today’s global corporate environment, a successful supply chain management system has become an essential component of every well-oiled corporate machine.


Now customers expect fast services, and you must provide them as quickly as possible.

Irrespective of the size of your company, without a strong supply chain solution, your business cannot aspire to grow its overall market position or enhance overall business performance.

That’s why effective supply chain solutions are efficient, reliable, & cost-effective. Today’s blog will tell you everything you need to know about supply chain solutions and their importance. Additionally, we’ll reveal the top 8 supply chain companies in China.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: An Overview of Supply Chain Solution and its Importance

Chapter 2: Best 8 Companies Who Can Help in Providing Supply Chain Solutions in China

Chapter 3: Common Challenges Companies Face in the Supply Chain Process

Chapter 4: 4 Successful Strategies that Can Manage Supply Chain

Chapter 5: FAQs about Supply Chain Solution

Chapter 1: An Overview of Supply Chain Solution and its Importance

An Overview of Supply Chain Solution and its Importance

Before we dive into details, let’s first understand the basic concept of the supply chain. It is also important to understand the role of supply chain solution providers in your business.

So, let’s get started!

1. What is the meaning of a supply chain solution?

What does supply chain solutions mean?

A supply chain is a networked system of activities, companies, information, and resources that manufacture, source and transport commodities from their point of origin to their final destination.

So, basically, the supply chain process starts from a producer and ends at the final consumer. Modern supply chains are sometimes quite complicated, covering various countries and including numerous phases.

What is the meaning of a supply chain solution

The supply chain solution here refers to the management of the whole supply chain process. With the help of supply chain solution, companies can maximize their customer value and gain a competitive advantage among their competitors.

2. The importance of supply chain solutions in today’s business environment

Effective supply chain management holds huge importance. Because it directly influences the efficiency and operating costs of a company’s processes.

Today’s customers demand on-time delivery of products and great customer support. To deliver a specific product to the customer in a fair amount of time, raw materials, production, trade, transportation, and order fulfillment should all be effectively organized.

To do so, businesses must evaluate their supply chains from the perspective of their buyers. With supply chain management, it can be easier for you to achieve your performance goals.

The importance of supply chain solution in today's business environment

For example, you can improve the quality of products by controlling the manufacturing process, and you can also manage the shipping process to avoid issues like overstock in the warehouse.

3. What a modern supply chain looks like? 3 hallmarks you need to know

The most significant change in recent decades has been a greater emphasis on the consumer. Supply chain management systems are designed with the goal of increasing efficiency and lowering the operational costs of any business.

While that objective continues, customer satisfaction has moved to the forefront. To retain a competitive edge, businesses need to explore and identify effective supply chain solutions.

The following are three characteristics of a modernized supply chain strategy:

  • Agility is emphasized

The modern supply chain has to be flexible in addition to becoming faster. In the previous time, customer-company relationships were very simple and one-sided.

But, today, customers can now interact with & buy from businesses in various ways, such as in-store & online. Customers now demand personalization at every step of the way.

  • Cloud-based supply chain management

Where could businesses seek the flexibility and agility they require? The cloud.

The everyday variations of today’s business environment might make it a lot harder for on-premise old systems to respond.

For example, if any issue for sourcing comes up unexpectedly, then a custom-coded program will not have the capability to change variables and respond properly.

What a modern supply chain looks like

On the other hand, the cloud-based system may take advantage of Industry 4.0 technology to enable speedy adjustments.

That’s because the clouds are more adaptable to change and is not restricted by the limitations associated with the old in-house systems.

  • Satisfying trust and traceability requirements

Real-time access to a company’s supply chain has always been critical. However, increased customer expectations and legal mandates have converted traceability from a desirable function to a must-have.

This function may be enabled by intelligent supply chain solutions LLC. Most successful supply chain solutions USA integrate these systems directly into supply chain management.

Supply chain solution providers do this through blockchain technology— results in a system that guarantees transparency and insights at each and every step.

Chapter 2: Best 8 Companies Who Can Help in Providing Supply Chain Solutions in China

Various logistics and shipping companies in China provide supply chain solution services at affordable rates.

Best 8 Companies Who Can Help in Providing Supply Chain Solutions in China

The problem is to find true supply chain solution businesses and companies in China that can scale with your company as it grows.

Below is a ranking of all the reliable supply chain solutions LLC and logistics firms in China, based on a variety of important aspects:

1. EJETSourcing 

EJET Sourcing is a global supply chain solution provider of logistics and order fulfilling services. To help you run your e-commerce business, we provide broad, smart, dependable, efficient, and inexpensive supply chain management solutions.

EJET is a major provider of all-in-one sourcing. We provide services from supplier management to shipping services.

EJET Sourcing

With the help of our sourcing expert team, you will not only find out cheaper and better products, but also it is easier for you to manage your procurement process.

We help you from the beginning, including finding hottest and trending products, managing the supplier and even finalizing all the shipping process.

However, you still can monitoring all the process with the help of our sourcing experts even you are outside of China.

2. ADP Supply Chain Management

Shanghai Asian Development Int’l Trans Pudong Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as ADP) was founded in 1994.

Thanks to their expert operation and management skills, ADP possesses comprehensive services that operate as the operation of sea freights and airfreights outbound and inbound.

While working with the company, you can enjoy one-stop services related to shipping, such as vessel chartering, sign of B/Ls, clearance and inspections.

ADP Supply Chain Management

Also inland transportation, bonded warehousing, distribution, procurement and consolidation, private articles, international exhibits, cargo insurance agency, intermodal transport, project cargoes, commerce and logistics etc.

3. Shanghai JS Sourcing

Shanghai JS Sourcing is sourcing professionals with a combined 10 years of experience in China’s supply chain and shipping. JS Sourcing mainly helps their customer in efficiency improving, risks minimizing, cost controlling.

JS Sourcing evaluates selected suppliers, negotiates to buy terms, monitors manufacturing, inspects items before shipment, and controls shipping goods operations from China.

Shanghai JS Sourcing

The sourcing team brings a well-cultivated network of low-cost manufacturers and good manufacturing processes. Then, their quality engineers guarantee that the goods are in compliance.

4. China2 West Services Ltd

China 2 West offers manufacturing & sourcing services, including their own IP protective assembly factory. They can help you reliably shift your manufacturing to China or within China for cost and quality improvements.

It is a western-owned and managed supply chain solutions Inc. in Asia. They offer services including quality control and product development.

They’ve assisted thousands of Western companies in moving their manufacturing to China with minimal disruption to their operations.

5. Apex Group

Apex Group is a developing global supply chain solution provider with a broad cultural heritage. It was founded around the turn of the millennium.

The company provides fund services, business services, financial services, etc. to their customers. For example, you can experience Apex’s digital corporate banking platform for the asset management and corporate sector.

Apex Group

Their success is built on an entrepreneurial mindset that empowers highly competent supply chain and logistics specialists. The Apex management team is committed to providing best-in-class service to their customers.

6. JIUYE Supply Chain Management Co.

JIUYE Supply Chain, created in November 2014, is a leading fresh supply chain service platform in China. They also provide a one-stop supply chain solution program by integrating local & international social cold chain logistics resources.

 They work for the origins of fresh agricultural products around the world.

Their platform style of integration optimizes a few supply chain links, improves the complete supply chain linkages. They also help in lowering costs, improving time efficiency, and protecting the quality of fresh items.

7. Stork UP

Stork UP makes it simple to sell online. They provide their customers with seamless e-commerce fulfillment and shipping solutions.

Stork UP

Their goal is to save customers time and money, so that they can devote more efforts and resources to growing and moving your company forward.

Stork Up’s fulfillment center is ideally positioned in Hong Kong, they specialize in making it simple and convenient to consolidate and process online orders.

 They oversee all the filthy work that goes on behind the scenes. They will pick, pack, and process your orders the same day in real-time.

8. Sourci


The value-driven teams at Sourci are based in Australia, China, Vietnam, and India. The company assists businesses in locating and managing the most trustworthy and qualified overseas manufacturers for their core products.

Their main concentration is on customized private label products, unique inventions, or high-volume consumables.

Sourci can assist you with samples, prototyping, managing quality control (QC), freight and importing to the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Chapter 3: Common Challenges Companies Face in the Supply Chain Process

As we discussed before, supply chain management is a complicate job for enterprises that are lack of experiences.

Before you start working on the supply chain solutions, you should know about the main challenges you may face. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Common Challenges Companies Face in the Supply Chain Process

1.Projects can be difficult to promote with the inadequate supply chain transparency

Traditional supply chains are sometimes complex and hard to understand. Such makes it difficult to identify and plan how commodities move through the supply chain.

So, it is nearly hard to optimize and manage demand effectively without transparency.

This problem is mainly caused by outdated software systems that prevent uniform information gathering, monitoring, and transmission.

2. Supply chain activities can be affected if products that are delayed or misplaced

As we know, simplifying the transportation and handling of products is essential for efficient supply chain management.

It is difficult to confirm the shipping, receiving, and sales of a product without an effective tracking system. This causes additional delays and disruptions, affecting downstream and upstream activities across the supply chain.

3. Company earning can be influenced if there areexcessive waste and poor planning

Small losses in supply chain management could have a big impact on overall profitability and productivity.

Without regular monitoring and status updates, supply chains will lose resources, efforts and time. This, in turn, makes it even harder to stay on schedule and manage plans.

4. Poor and dissatisfied customer relations can slow the company development

To fulfill the needs of modern customers, supply chains must be as efficient as possible. A complicated and outdated supply chain relies mainly on established standards and goodwill to function properly.

When such aspects are pressured by increasing demand or external interruption, relations can suffer, as can product quality and timeliness. All the problems will finally delay all the company’s developing plans.

Chapter 4: 4 Successful Strategies that Can Manage Supply Chain

Successful Strategies that Can Manage Supply Chain

Because worldwide supply chains are becoming more complicated, supply chain managers must employ various tools, strategies, and approaches to handle both short and long-term challenges.

We have considered some of the major supply chain challenges, and we’ll tell you effective strategies to manage your supply chain solution more successfully.

1. Control and reduce supply chain costs

Increased fuel, product, and labor expenses can result in increased costs for the supply chain management process. This is why supply chain managers should control cost challenges effectively.

  • Cost transparency is achieved by accurate budgeting and reporting

Transparency is essential for good cost control. To enable proper cost tracking and monitoring, all firms in the supply chain solution must report on respective costs and overhead expenses in a standardized and centralized manner.

This data may be connected to financial measures. It allows for early identification of cost leaks and other financial concerns.

  • Robust cost controls are included in contracts & service level agreements

When everything is properly specified, supply chains perform best. That’s why you need to ensure that expenses and cost controls are specifically mentioned in all statements of work and service level agreements (SLAs).

Also, you should implement a cost-cutting approach into procurement, manufacturing, shipping, and other processes. Effective management is also required among third-party companies and the supply chain team.

2. Manage Inventory and Demands in the Supply Chain Through Multiple Channels

Manage Inventory and Demands in the Supply Chain Through Multiple Channels

Today, the number of options for firms and customers to obtain items has grown substantially. This is why supply chain solution managers require information across all routes to market and realistic demand forecasting.

This will assist supply chain solution providers in maintaining optimal inventory levels—ensuring that channels do not run out of items.

  • View all marketplace channels in a single location

When businesses only have a few distribution channels to consider, managing demand via a supply chain will be challenging.

Things even become considerably more complicated when third-party markets, wholesale, e-commerce or dropshipping are added.

This is why accurate reporting on supply & demand forecasting throughout all channels is required. This enables supply chain solution providers to respond quickly to changes in demand.

  • Identify and model sales trends using predictive & prescriptive analytics

Past trends, competition, new items entering the market, marketing campaigns, and other factors have an impact on overall product demand.

Supply chain solution providers should use predictive analysis to forecast expected future demand. This can be done by considering historical data, marketing strategies, competition behavior, or related details.

3. Improve the quality & speed of your Supply Chain Solution

To improve the quality and reduce obstacles and delays of the supply chain management process, a good supply chain solutions group will implement continuous improvement efforts.

  • Implement internal quality control & checkpoints

Quality checks, independent auditors, and monitoring devices work together to ensure that items are acquired & produced to your exact specifications. Contracts, SLAs, and other documents should document these standards.

  • Monitor the transport of goods in the supply chain process

Using GPS, IoT devices can track products anywhere in the globe. This enables supply chain solutions Inc. to determine the location of items at any moment.

4. Manage and minimize supply chain risks and issues

Manage and minimize supply chain risks and issues

Risk is an unavoidable component of the supply chain management process. A variety of challenges can have an influence on complex multinational supply chain solutions logistics, including:

  • Fees, Tariffs, and delays in customs processing
  • Failing to comply with regulatory or compliance requirements
  • Overload at ports and delays in moving or storing goods
  • Risks to the free movement of products from economic and political factors

These issues have become very challenging for a single business to tackle. Therefore, supply chain solutions Inc. must have the necessary tools and methodologies in place to plan for and control these challenges.

  • Get a heads-up on possible supply chain issues

Another aspect where supply chain visibility is important is risk management. To do this, a supply chain solution provider must build a “single source of truth”— a centralized data store from which you can gather information across all points along the supply chain.

Supply chain managers can use this source to create reports, define thresholds, & closely monitor data in order to uncover possible issues before they become a major issue.

Supply chain managers can also utilize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to search data, develop a framework, and identify odd trends that might become game-changers in the future.

  • Develop effective relationship management disciplines

Strong relationships among manufacturers, logistics, suppliers, and other third parties are important for the success of supply chain solutions.

 Although contracts & service level agreements will regulate the relationship. The strong day-to-day networking will generate goodwill and assist you in resolving challenges.

Chapter 5: FAQs about Supply Chain Solution

FAQs about Smart Sourcing and Traditional Sourcing

1. Why has China become a global supply chain leader?

Undoubtedly, China has become a global supply chain leader across the world. The Chinese government’s initiatives to boost IoT technologies, machine intelligence, and data science produce results for China’s effective supply chain management platform.

The main reasons behind the success of leading supply chain solutions LLC in China are cheap labor costs, raw material costs, and management costs.

2. How to deal with supply chain challenges?

Supply chain managers must use prescriptive and predictive analytics to forecast expected future demand. This is usually done by considering marketing strategies, historical data, competition behavior, or supporting information.

This will allow you to prepare ahead of time and order items before stock levels become overly stressed.

3. Why is it important to cooperate with a supply chain solution provider when buying from China?

The supply chain management process is a comprehensive system used by big and small businesses to get items to customers, from purchasing raw materials to manufacturing and delivering the finished items to the consumer.

Too many factors are related to your business here, if you do not cooperate with your supply chain solution provider, things might get disturbed.

A supply chain manager can guide & update you throughout the process to get your products delivered to the right destination.

4. Which company can help you best by providing supply chain management?

If you’re looking for the best supply chain solution provider in China, then EJET Sourcing is the one-stop solution for all your needs. We will assist you in achieving cost reductions, improved quality products, plus faster service at an affordable budget.

EJET Sourcing will take the whole of your purchasing risks on your behalf. When you collaborate with us, you won’t have to worry about the poor quality, payment security or delivery delays. Contact us now!


So far, our informational article on supply chain solution comes to an end. We believe that now you understand what is supply chain solutions and how to beat the supply chain solution.

Many companies in China provide complete supply chain solutions and manage everything from sourcing products to deliver to the end customers.

What you need to do is to select the one which suits your business best. If you want to know more information, you can contact us now.