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Supply chain strategy and Businesses are the bases of every society and are very key to the continued economic growth of every country, hence, adequate care must be taken in making sure that businesses of any kind run as smoothly as possible.For every business to thrive, there must be demand for the kinds of goods and services it offers by the target demographic.This means that there can be no business when there is neither supply nor demand. How about when there are demand and no supply? The same thing happens. Traders and business owners like to play it safe most times by only stocking goods that are readily available in their countries and immediate vicinity.

While this is safe and good from a risk management point of view, it tends too much towards the scale of risk averseness, and like everything in which too much consideration is given to risks, only basic outcomes in terms of profits are achieved.

There are lots of rewards in going the extra mile to stock scarce but demanded goods, rewards that are absolutely worth the effort in the long run.The major issues which most businesses fear include the long and tedious activities of traveling to other geographical locations, and countries that have these scarce goods, getting used to the business terrain, getting quality products, and then having to face the more difficult processes of shipping or flying them to their desired locations.

The good news is that traders and business owners all over the world need not worry about these difficult processes any more thanks to supply chain strategy such as EJET. EJET supply chain management represents the top crust of the industry, aiding businesses from around the world with the processes and surmounting the challenges faced in sourcing for, and distributing goods to their desired locations across various borders around the world.Based in China, which is an advantageous location for the supplies business, EJET ensures that all your worries and concerns regarding sourcing for quality goods, packaging, and logistics up to shipping are sorted out without stress.

Whether you are an individual looking to get an item in China, or a businessman/woman wanting to gain partners in China, regardless of your location around the world and your business needs, EJET ensures that your requirements are met without stress while affording you the opportunity of maximizing your profit effortlessly. Amazing right? Wouldn’t you rather trade with EJET?

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Supply chain Strategy Management Step1: Product Development

Chapter 2: Supply chain Strategy Management Step2: Suppliers

Chapter 3: Supply chain Strategy Management Step3: Manufacturing

Chapter 4: Supply chain Strategy Management Step4: Logistics

Chapter 5: Supply chain Strategy Management Step5: Customer’ target

Chapter 6: Importance of supply chain strategy 

Chapter 1 Supply Chain Strategy Management Step 1: Product Development

Building your own unique brand may sometimes require you to sojourn into the process of product development. Any prudent business owner understands that businesses thrive because they meet the needs of their teeming customers. In order to recognize what sells and what doesn’t, most business owners may conduct research into the needs and wants of their target customers, and would then get to work by making sure that they have products that would meet the demands of their clients.

In the process of adapting products to suit the needs of clients, businesses may find that they need to set up these products from the scratch and this naturally means engaging Chinese markets to source for the raw materials for production.

The issue with doing this especially for businesses who are not familiar with the Chinese market terrain is that they risk buying substandard products at very exorbitant prices, and as no one wants to be associated with substandard products, the image of a budding or established business brand can be dented.

Sometimes, to actualize these goals of developing a product, businesses may also need to partner with other business partners in China and may fail to understand the intricacies of such partnerships, or how to match up with the business partners who are best suited for goals.

EJET makes sure that these bottlenecks are surmounted owing largely to an experienced team of professionals in accessing and analyzing business needs, risks, and partners. Coupled with in-depth knowledge with regard to sourcing the best quality materials for your products. They also understand the need for the best prices for your business in a bid to ensure that your products match your budget. In addition, packaging and repackaging of these products to ensure that they meet your standards are represented as just another optional package available to all EJET customers.

Every business owner understands the need for proper quality assurance checks during production. This is usually carried out during the later periods of product development in a bid to mitigate products that may fall beyond the scope of work.

The team of professionals at EJET understands what quality means to every business and would diligently and painstakingly inspect products and make them pass through all the necessary quality checks to ensure that only the best of the very best comes to you.

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product development

Promoting and protecting your brand image should be of primary importance to business owners, and there’s absolute to better way to achieve this than working with a company that is especially concerned that your brand and business grow beyond your expectations.

Other additional perks with regard to product development include the options of storing your goods in a standard warehousing system from different suppliers for repacking if the need arises.

From product development to marketing, through the phases of design, testing, and distribution, EJET has got you covered!

Chapter 2 Supply Chain Strategy Management Step 2: Suppliers

Another issue that most business-oriented individuals face with regard to international trading is sourcing for genuine suppliers for their products. As there are both genuine and fake suppliers saturating the Chinese market, many business owners get skeptical of the risks involved with doing business in the Chinese climate.

EJET understands your concerns and reservations and again is ready to help in these aspects. Once your specific needs are confirmed, EJET rises up to the challenge by ensuring that the best suppliers for your products are located, cost arrangements are made, and your goods are delivered in perfect condition.

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a company with a database of over 3000 tested and trusted quality suppliers, which makes use of advanced supplier quality management systems to source for the best suppliers for specific goods? We would, and we know that you definitely will too. It’s such a great relief to sit in comfort and watch quality come to you without stress and worries.

Suppliers-supply chain management

Chapter 3 Supply Chain Strategy Management Step 3: Manufacturing

Manufacturing represents one of the most engaging industries in the world, after all, the saying goes thus ‘The manufacturers make all the money’.

Manufacturing is made especially cumbersome since the cost of production in most geographical locations is mostly gain-wrecking. Hence the reason why the world has turned its manufacturing needs to the walls of China, with the top companies in the world leading the pack. Manufacturing in the Chinese climate, however, presents its own embargoes despite world-renowned low-costs of production. Some of these challenges typically include finding the right manufacturing partners based on terms such as Non-disclosures, and other issues that may emanate from privacy to patented ideas.

This embargo, therefore presents the need to have at the very least, a high-level understanding of the Chinese manufacturing terrain. And how better to achieve this than make use of the wide connections of a renowned Chinese supply chain strategy.

As usual, and as is characteristic of EJET, all that is required is a detailed scope of work, signed by stakeholders. The next step involves taking your instructions, to bring you your exact desires in products.

EJET ensures that you get the best manufacturing deals from the best manufacturers around. The manufacturing process will also be overseen at every stage to ensure that they pass through your stated requirements.

With EJET, you are assured that you get exactly what you want in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness and that you smile satisfactorily when your goods arrive at your location. This is made possible with top-notch quality inspection services which make sure that your requirements are met before mass production begins and that adjustments are made where necessary and are specially customized to meet your exact specifications.

Goods are checked and inspected during production, before shipping, and when they’re being loaded into the containers to avoid products swapping.

There’s so much to gain from working with the best of the very best as it relates to meeting your manufacturing needs.

Manufacturing toys

Chapter 4 Supply Chain Strategy Management Step 4: Logistics

Logistics in business is arguably the most difficult mountain to climb especially as it relates to international trading and distribution. The problems to be encountered in logistics processes are so many and are often unforeseeable, thus, they tend to pose the most risks in both local and international trading.

Logistics can feel like too much to handle, and can easily lead to frustration in business. This is why business owners need to work with personnel who are especially skilled in foreseeing logistical problems, and tackling them before they get out of control.

There’s no better company to trust with logistics than EJET. They bring you unbeatable prices and ensure a stress-