Yiwu Wholesale Market

Located in China’s Zhejiang province, the city of Yiwu is a huge attraction for businessmen from all around the globe. Foreign tourists eagerly look for Yiwu market guides to help them explore the area. It is the world’s biggest market for small commodities. These items are being sold at wholesale prices. The establishment of the market began back in 2002. Today, more than 20 years later, there are over 1.8 million different types of products being sold here that fall under 236 categories. Buyers come from various parts of the world and flock around this shopping paradise. For this reason, Yiwu is known as the International City of Trade.

This blog provides a comprehensive guide to all those who wish to purchase from Yiwu. The following information is very useful for individuals who are not yet familiar with the world’s largest wholesale market.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Where is Yiwu Market? 

Yiwu market is also popularly referred to as the Futian Market in China. Being the largest wholesale market in the world, it offers a tremendously huge variety of different types of commodities. These range from decorative crystal ornaments to common stationery items and basic clothing products. The place is a shopper’s paradise with good quality merchandise being sold at affordable prices.

Where exactly is this amazing market and how to access it? This Yiwu wholesale market guide provides you with information about the location of the market and how you can reach there.

1) Location and Accessibility

Yiwu China Map

The city of Yiwu is located in the central part of East China’s Zhejiang province.  It covers an area of 1,105 square kilometers. Out of this, over 4 million square meters of the area make up the International Trade City of Yiwu.

The Yiwu International Airport is located 5.5 km to the northwest of the main city. You may also access the market from other regions of China. In fact, the city is easily accessible from several major cities of the country. Thousands of foreign tourists visit the market to purchase wholesale commodities. If you have arrived in Shanghai – China’s largest city and important financial hub – you have to travel a further 300 km to reach Yiwu. The road trip would take around 3 to 4 hours. You may also access the market from other big cities in China, like Hong Kong and Beijing. A road trip from each of these cities would take only 2 hours. However, if you wish for an even shorter journey, book your air tickets for the capital of the Zhejiang province – Hangzhou. From there, you will cover 158 kilometers to Yiwu city in around 1.5 hours.

In this way, you will be able to make the most of your trip by visiting other locations of China as well. Yiwu is only a few hours away from the important locations mentioned above.

Tip: In order to explore the city internally, bus services are available that help you travel from one point to another.

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2) How was Yiwu Market Established?

Old Picture of Yiwu Market

Those who are looking for Yiwu market guide should first know how this region became an international trade center. The history of the city dates back to 222 BC and is linked to the Qin Dynasty. The Yiwu County first came into being years later in 624 AD during the time of the Tang Dynasty. More than a thousand years later, the county was assigned the name Yiwu in the 20th century. The market we know today was not created up until much later.

Fun Fact: Trade has always been an important activity in the region. Early inhabitors of the area used the barter system for food supplies since the barren land of the county did not support agriculture.

The primitive trading system of the region was replaced by Yiwu’s first ever marketplace for the first time in 1982. It consisted of around 700 stalls with cement boards. It was known as the Hu Qin Men Market.

Only 30 years later, there has been an immense growth in the manufacturing and trade taking place in the region. The market is now as we know it today and is popularly referred to as Yiwu International Trade City.

3) Main Attractions

The Yiwu market consists of three main parts. This Yiwu market guide describes the 3 markets below.

  • Yiwu Futian Market

Yiwu Market China

This is the most popular wholesale market in Yiwu. This is the market that is known as the International Trade City. It is also often referred to as the Yiwu International Trade Mart or Mall. The market comprises of 5 large districts with an unimaginable collection of small commodities. This market has the largest number of visitors including foreign tourists and businessmen.

  • Yiwu Binwang Market