The main function of a China sourcing agent is to identify qualified suppliers and quality products based on customer’s needs and their technical requirements.

There are no industry standards on how to manage the supplier sourcing process.

Some sourcing companies have a more relationship-oriented approach, that is, they channel customers into their existing supplier network.

This can be a win for buyers and the sourcing companies, assuming they choose suppliers based on the technical specifications and requirements of the product.

Sourcing from china

Most sourcing companies in China can do a lot more than just sourcing products.

For example, some can help you with factory audits, quality control and inspection, contracts, warehousing, quality assurance, shipping, and day-to-day management.

In this article, we will talk about the 25 master Chinese sourcing companies in china that understand in deep its customer needs.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: EJET Sourcing company

Chapter 2: Meeno group souring agent

Chapter 3: Dragon sourcing agent

Chapter 4: LincSourcing China sourcing agent

Chapter 5: KeenSourcing China sourcing company

Chapter 6: LeelineSourcing company

Chapter 7: FBA China sourcing agent

Chapter 8: Asiaction sourcing agent

Chapter 9: Easy Imex sourcing company

Chapter 10: JingSourcing Company

Chapter 11: BaySource Global Company

Chapter 12: Sourcingbro agent in China

Chapter 13: China purchasing agent

Chapter 14: Lazpanda sourcing agent

Chapter 15: FoshanSourcing company

Chapter 16: B2C Sourcing agent

Chapter 17: Import Dojo sourcing agent

Chapter 18:  Runsourcing company

Chapter 19: Fami sourcing agent

Chapter 20: China2west company

Chapter 21: 8020sourcing company

Chapter 22: Sourcingallies China sourcing agent

Chapter 23: CnSourcelink company

Chapter 24:  JS sourcing agent

Chapter 25: Blingsourcing agent

Chapter 26:  Supplyia Company

Chapter 27: Imex Sourcing Services

Chapter 28: Tony Sourcing

Chapter 29: Amanda

Chapter 30: Huntersourcing 

Chapter 31: FAQs about sourcing agent in China

Chapter 32: Top 10 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring a China Sourcing Agent

Chapter 33: Six Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Sourcing from China