The main function of a China sourcing agent is to identify qualified suppliers and quality products based on customer’s needs and their technical requirements.

There are no industry standards on how to manage the supplier sourcing process.

Some sourcing companies have a more relationship-oriented approach, that is, they channel customers into their existing supplier network.

This can be a win for buyers and the sourcing companies, assuming they choose suppliers based on the technical specifications and requirements of the product.

Sourcing from china

Most sourcing companies in China can do a lot more than just sourcing products.

For example, some can help you with factory audits, quality control and inspection, contracts, warehousing, quality assurance, shipping, and day-to-day management.

In this article, we will talk about the 25 master Chinese sourcing companies in china that understand in deep its customer needs.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: EJET Sourcing company

Chapter 2: Meeno group souring agent

Chapter 3: Dragon sourcing agent

Chapter 4: LincSourcing China sourcing agent

Chapter 5: KeenSourcing China sourcing company

Chapter 6: LeelineSourcing company

Chapter 7: FBA China sourcing agent

Chapter 8: Asiaction sourcing agent

Chapter 9: Easy Imex sourcing company

Chapter 10: JingSourcing Company

Chapter 11: BaySource Global Company

Chapter 12: Sourcingbro agent in China

Chapter 13: China purchasing agent

Chapter 14: Lazpanda sourcing agent

Chapter 15: FoshanSourcing company

Chapter 16: B2C Sourcing agent

Chapter 17: Import Dojo sourcing agent

Chapter 18:  Runsourcing company

Chapter 19: Fami sourcing agent

Chapter 20: China2west company

Chapter 21: 8020sourcing company

Chapter 22: Sourcingallies China sourcing agent

Chapter 23: CnSourcelink company

Chapter 24:  JS sourcing agent

Chapter 25: Blingsourcing agent

Chapter 26:  Supplyia Company

Chapter 27: Imex Sourcing Services

Chapter 28: Tony Sourcing

Chapter 29: Amanda

Chapter 30: Huntersourcing 

Chapter 31: FAQs about sourcing agent in China

Chapter 32: Top 10 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring a China Sourcing Agent

Chapter 33: Six Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Sourcing from China

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: EJET Sourcing company

EJET Sourcing is a trading company located in Yiwu with a branch office in Guangzhou China.

The company established by Jason Cheng in 2007, EJET provides a one-stop solution service from sourcing to shipping to make your buying from china easier, safer, and successful.

With strategic partners in different Asian countries, the company also assists clients in sourcing and purchasing from Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, and India.

What distinguishes the company from others is that the buyers are 100% guaranteed, which makes the purchase and payment process safe without any future problems, and customers get their products as they are and as agreed upon.

With a professional team being aware of such issues that might occur, the team makes every effort to avoid any kind of problems before they happen.

EJET Sourcing puts all the resources and operations in China at your disposal. Always to improve and offer higher levels of service, the company has supported thousands of satisfied customers from more than 50 countries.

Collaboration with EJET Sourcing is very simple, no matter you never bought from china before or you are a buyer already, no matter you’re in China or you want to buy online, you bing the decision and EJET Sourcing will do the rest.

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An overview of the service provided by EJET Sourcing:

Services Services
*Sourcing and consulting

*Travel Arrangement

*Buying Service

*Quality Control and Inspection

*Custom Product

*Factory Audit


*Amazon FBA PREP service

*Finacial Support


Chapter 2: Meeno group souring agent

Getting a product from China is not a matter of researching or dealing with negative customers and everyone needs a product sourcing plan to keep the offshore business running safely and smoothly.

Meeno Group provides a complete supply service in China. its services include quality inspection, sourcing of products in China, warehouse storage, customs clearance, and ship management.

With an average of 5 years of experience in the field of supply, the Meeno team is very easy to work with, in case you are still looking for a trustworthy China sourcing agent company to save time and cost Meeno is one of them.

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Meeno Group develops a detailed sourcing plan by all dynamic market conditions, these can include current market conditions or difficulty finding an order.

You will receive a quote within 48 hours, depending on whether it is a business day or a holiday.

An overview of the service provided by Meeno Group:

Services Services
*Quality inspecting

*Sourcing goods

* Find suppliers and manufacturers

*Custom Product

* Depot storage

*Custom clearances


*Shipping administration

Chapter 3: Dragon sourcing agent

Dragon Sourcing Dragon Sourcing is an international procurement service company headquartered in Shanghai and Hong Kong with other offices all over the world including France, the USA, UK, Turkey, Brazil, Austria, Italy, South Africa, Kenya, and Vietnam.

The company provides comprehensive procurement services and provides huge and sustainable values for organizations that want to purchase goods and services from emerging startups in china.

Dragon Sourcing aims and strives to assist customers in their purchases from China wholesale markets, whether for export or their domestic requirements.

This includes market information, supplier identification, supplier reviews, sample development, negotiations, contracting, shipping, quality control and inspection, and supplier management.


Dragon Sourcing also offers a full range of sourcing services, from sourcing to product development and shipping. It is also an opportunity to explore other Asian markets such as Vietnam.

Their other important services also include supplier qualification, product sourcing, sourcing, sample development, negotiation, order management, quality control, logistics, selection, and purchasing. , etc.

The company was founded in 2004 in Shanghai but has spread across Asia within a decade.

Dragon Sourcing is also a reputable and recognized sourcing company with positive feedback from customers online.

An overview of the service provided by Dragon Sourcing:

Services Services
*Procurement Intelligence

*Procurement Outsourcing

*Custom packaging, private label

*Free product photography 1by 1

*Product inspection

*Graphic design for packaging, labels

Chapter 4: LincSourcing China sourcing agent

LINC Sourcing is headquartered in Europe, specifically in Sweden, but also has offices in China, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Italy, as the company’s office is located here in China in Shanghai.

They also have a stable network of more than 100 quality suppliers from all industries and fields, all of whom are verified and reviewed by the company before any purchase or purchase.

The company was founded in 1995 in Sweden by Lennart Russell and Jenny Anderson to provide European companies with access to Asian suppliers at low prices and good quality that fit the Swedish market in particular and the European market in general.


The services provided by Linc Sourcing include supplying all kinds of products, quality control, logistics, supplier negotiation, and shipping.

It also provides quality checks on demand for customers and a dedicated purchasing team for each customer so that the purchase currency passes safely and securely.

It operates as an overseas procurement department in China with an office in Shanghai. As your buying agent, Linc Sourcing makes your procurement process more efficient with the overall goal of reducing your purchasing costs.

The company handles an annual purchase volume over the US $ 14 million, on behalf of around 80 active customers, with annual growth of around 20%.

All our customers benefit from our expansion through a larger and better network of suppliers, continuous improvement of business processes, and Link Supply as a larger customer entity versus our suppliers.

An overview of the service provided by Linc Sourcing:

Services Services
*Supplier sourcing

*Supplier evaluations

*Business negotiations

*Legal advice

*Technical discussions

*Order handling

*Quality control


*Supplier development

Chapter 5: KeenSourcing China sourcing company

KeenSourcing is a leading China sourcing agent company, dedicated to helping Amazon small businesses and sellers source products from China, to ensure the best quality, regulatory compliance, and lowest cost.

Keen services include: product sourcing, price negotiation, supplier verification, factory audit, production monitoring, laboratory testing, order tracking, quality control, quality inspection, logistics support, etc.

We provide a full service for Amazon sellers, including custom packaging. , Amazon tag, FBA shipping, etc.


The company has a lot of experience in Chinese manufacturing and is familiar with Chinese culture, which is important to the success of business in China.

Most importantly, it’s a China sourcing agent company, that NOT charge any commission to suppliers, so you can always get the lowest possible price; everything is transparent, you can contact the providers directly for any issue that concerns you.

Keen Sourcing’s head office is located in Shanghai, the largest city in China. After years of development, it established quality control offices in Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Chengdu.

Meanwhile, keen sourcing has many representatives in the United States: Salt Lake City, Ulta State, and Los Angeles, California State.

An overview of the service provided by KeenSourcing:

Services Services
*Product Sourcing

*Quality Control

*Factory Audit

*Complete Sourcing Service for Amazon FBA Seller

*Quality Inspection

*Production Monitoring

*Order Follow-Up

*Lab Testing

Chapter 6: LeelineSourcing company

Leelinesourcing started its purchasing business for small and medium sellers in 2015 after being registered in Hong Kong in 2009.

The company is established in mainland China with a specialty in product sourcing. It provides a professional sourcing service for small and medium businesses.

Their services are completely comprehensive and cover everything that is needed to import from China.


With its professional and highly experienced team, Leelinesourcing can provide you the perfect item you might be looking for in seconds.

All of its agents have great knowledge and experience within the Chinese market and know the right methods as well as suppliers who can help.

LeelineSourcing has partnered with thousands of suppliers and carriers since its inception, enabling the company to find the best prices, quality products, and suppliers for its customers.

In the past two years alone, the company has succeeded in helping more than 2,000 satisfied clients around the world.

Leelinesourcing supports its clients and maintains the highest standards of customer satisfaction, the main goal is always for clients to achieve great success in the business Whether online or offline.

An overview of the service provided by Leelinesourcing :

Services Services
*Product Sourcing

*Amazon FBA Sourcing

*Inspection Services

*Quality Control

*Pre Shipment Inspection

*Factory Audit

*China DropShippingJingSourcing

Chapter 7: FBA China sourcing agent

FBA Sourcing Agent is an experienced FBA agent in China supply with a local office in China, with many years of experience sourcing, preparing, and shipping products to Amazon FBA warehouses.

We are serving professional Amazon sellers all over the world with A2Z service and more FBA services from China.


As an expert FBA Sourcing, PREP, and QC company in China, FBA Sourcing Agent has many years of experience sourcing, preparing, and shipping products to Amazon FBA warehouses.

it serves professional e-commerce and amazon sellers all over the world with A2Z service.

An overview of the service provided by FBA Sourcing Agent:

Services Services
*FBA Sourcing

*FBA Prep Services

*Product development

*FBA Marketing

*FBA Logistics

Chapter 8: Asiaction sourcing agent

Asiaction is a sourcing company located in southern China, Guangdong province, the latter often called the world’s factory due to its long history of manufacturing and a large number of factories within its region.

Guangzhou also hosts one of the major international exhibitions called “Canton Fair”, where entrepreneurs come to build new cooperative relationships and find profitable opportunities.

Please tell us when you are in China, it is always a pleasure to welcome visitors to our office.


The company aims to reduce risks by providing advice from experts at every step from sourcing to the shipment, also strive to reduce buyer’s costs by monitoring all tariffs in China,

An overview of the service provided by Asiaction Sourcing:

Services Services
*supplier prospection

*supplier verification

*sample order management

*order preparation

*production monitoring

*Product deve*product inspection

*packing & loading supervision

*shipping preparation

*delivery management

*after-sales service

Chapter 9: Easy Imex sourcing company

If you are looking for a sourcing company that offers a full range of sourcing services, from sourcing to logistics, product development to shipping, then Imex is the right choice.

The company provides comprehensive supply, inspection, and quality services, which reduces the effort on your part and helps you to save time and reduce costs.

Ash Monga is the founder and CEO of Imex Sourcing, who worked as an e-commerce sales representative in the UK before moving to China and starting his own business.

The headquarter of the parent company, IMEX Liaisons Group, is located in Guangzhou, China.


This is another great option for Amazon FBA, e-bay sellers who source products from China.

Imex Sourcing also promises you a better price with a dedicated negotiation team and access to a ground-level network of factories with competitive prices but offers the same high-quality products as any other manufacturer.

Like other companies, their mission is to spare no effort in finding the perfect supplier for clients’ business needs.

The company provides a comprehensive service from sourcing and product development to quality control and shipping.

A business model focuses on improving customer competitiveness and profitability through cost reduction, risk mitigation, and quality assurance.

An overview of the service provided by Easy Imex:

Services Services
*Sourcing products

*Negotiation prices

*Product deve*Sampling & QA

*Quality Control

*Shipping and delivery

*after-sales service

Chapter 10: JingSourcing Company

Founded by Zhu Jing, JingSourcing is one of the best sourcing companies in China that aims to help buyers find products, suppliers, get competitive prices, monitor production, ensure quality, and deliver products to the door.

Jing built Jing Wholesale Trading Co., Ltd in 2014 before he built in 2015, the company aims to help small business sources to buy and import from China.


To obtain assistance, procurement, and import of products from China, Jingsourcing has 4 types of service plans provided to customers: Free, Basic, Pro, and Extra.

Pro which includes all the services of the Basic plan. Extra services will be quoted on a case by case basis.

An overview of the service provided by JingSourcing:

Services Services
*Product Sourcing, Manufacturing consulting

*Product sample customization

*Import & export, compliance consulting

*Product quality inspection

*Product deve*Free warehouse in China (1-2 months)

*Arrange low-cost shipping to door

*Price negotiation with suppliers

*Production follow up

Chapter 11: BaySource Global Company

Unlike other China-based companies, Baysource Global is headquartered in the US and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

It offers a wide range of services to mainly US clients (small and medium-sized businesses), from contract manufacturing to sourcing services.

The company acts as a china sourcing agent company for US importers and buyers. It is also subcontracting with manufacturing.

Baysource is another company that provides a full range of sourcing services, from product identification and sourcing to product development and delivery.


Baysource provides multiple and varied services, most notably: manufacturing, supply chain, measurement strategies, sourcing, product development, quality control, logistics, customs, and freight.

They have more than ten years of working experience in China, with their head office located in Shanghai. They currently have 35 employees, in both the United States and China.

An overview of the service provided by Bay source Global:

Services Services
*Product development

*U.S sales and distribution

*China market strategy

*Factory Visit and audit


Chapter 12: Sourcingbro agent in China

Sourcingbro was built by Zhou Chao and is located in Shenzhen, China. The company is located at the heart of global commerce, with a wealth of market awareness and experience it provides bulk commodities to customers around the world.


As a sourcing company, Sourcingbro can do everything from handcrafted gifts to electronics to satisfy and tailor their customers’ needs.

The company can assist buyers in managing all aspects of quality control and shipping.

Regardless of their goal, be it a competitive source for emerging markets for export purposes or gaining experience in Chinese international procurement to make informed decisions.

As the main service, Sourcing bro provides procurement service to international buyers and clients looking to source products from China.

An overview of the service provided by Sourcingbro :

Services Services
*Find suppliers


*Product source

*Quality inspection and control


Chapter 13: China purchasing agent

Founded by Sam Lee, China Purchasing Agent is a Chinese company that offers a one-stop sourcing solution to help buyers and importers companies find the right products, reliable suppliers, and the best manufacturers to make a successful importation from China.


To make the buying process more comfortable for customers, the company focuses on providing procurement agent service to their clients and buyers in different fields.

These fields are Agriculture, Food, Apparel, Textiles, Accessories, Cars, Transportation, Bags, Shoes and Accessories, Electronics, Electrical Equipment, Components, Communications, Gifts, Sports, Games, Health, Beauty, Home, Lights and Construction, Machinery, Industrial Parts and Tools, Mining and Packaging, Advertising And offices … etc.

An overview of the service provided by China Purchasing Agent:

Services Services
*Sourcing Services

*FBA Services

*Logistic Services

*Taobao Agent

*Shipping Calculator

*Dropshipping Services

Chapter 14: Lazpanda sourcing agent

With over 5 years of experience and accumulation of customers, Lazpanda has been verified as the best China sourcing agent company that is committed to helping small businesses source products from China all over the world.


Lazpanda provides procurement services, supplier verification, product inspection, and shipment organization services, as well as providing business travel guides and other business training courses in China.

If you are looking for an agent to help you get products from China and like other sourcing companies, Lazpanda would be your best choice

An overview of the service provided by Lazpanda:

Services Services
*Sourcing product services *Amazon FBA services

Chapter 15: FoshanSourcing company

Founded by Kensen, with moreover than 10 years of export experience Foshan sourcing agent’s mission is to harness its creativity in a workable solution.

As a Chinese domestic team, the company has been exporting goods to many countries around the world for more than 10 years and knows all kinds of suppliers very well, so it always offers customers a much better price than most of Alibaba’s suppliers.


With its efficient and high-quality services, Foshan has many regular customers who have been cooperating with the company for years.

In their version, time is life, time is money, Foshan Sourcing helps a lot when buyers and importers from China, you don’t have to worry or get in trouble, you just pay pocket money but you save a lot of time and money.

An overview of the service provided by Foshan Sourcing:

Services Services
*Product Sourcing




*Shipping Arrangement

*After-sales Services

Chapter 16: B2C Sourcing agent

Built-in 2015 by Zhisheng Gao B2C Sourcing offers multiple services to suit your needs and help you develop your business and grow in the market.

As for product sourcing, b2c sourcing will help you communicate and engage with the clients best suited to your needs, act as your agent, and handle each process on your behalf.


The company assists in contacting and dealing with the suppliers best suited to the client’s needs and acts as a personal sourcing company to handle each process

To ensure that your supplier can fulfill your order according to the requirements, the company will assist you in conducting an audit for details of the legal certifications of the plant, along with details of its production capacity to meet the needs of the buyer.

An overview of the service provided by B2S Sourcing :

Services Services
*Product Sourcing

*Supplier Audit

*Pre-Shipment Inspection

*Freight Forwarding

*Samples Forwarding

*Samples Evaluation

*FBA Prep

*Product Photography

Chapter 17: Import Dojo sourcing agent

Similar to other Chinese companies, Import Dojo is located in China and was created by Manuel since 2014, with more years of experience in the market.

Dojo provides a wide range of services mainly to US customers (SMEs) from the production stage to the supply stage to The last stage (charging), Import Dojo acts as a China sourcing agent company for buyers and importers all over the world.


Also, the company offers a full range of services ranging from product identification and searching for suppliers to developing and delivering goods.

Dojo import is known as bundling and outsourcing; However, clients can use their facilities to outsource the products.

It is the right choice for the owner of a small business or even an engineering organization looking to outsource production.

An overview of the service provided by Dojo import:

Services Services
*OVERVIEW Standard Sourcing

*Development Sourcing


*Full Sourcing Service

*Monthly Sourcing Agent

Chapter 18:  Runsourcing company

Founded by Anna, with 5 years of Alibaba operation experience and more than 15 years of purchasing experience.

RunSourcing likes to help small and medium companies also new buyers and importers to get good prices and high-quality products in China and be their guide to avoid all kinds of potential import risks.

Also, the company has branches all over China, no matter the items clients want to buy, fabrics, or large machines, Run sourcing can meet their needs.


To manage and purchase more efficiently, Runsourcing has established a data center system and has deep cooperation with big data companies such as Aliyun, Taobao Data Analytics System, and Alibaba Purchasing Center.

It uses Amazon cloud service to find and process products.

An overview of the service provided by Runsourcing:

Services Services
*Product Sourcing

*Sample Confirming

*Purchasing Management

*Pre-Shipment Inspection

*Shipping Arrangement

Chapter 19: Fami sourcing agent

As a leading purchasing agent in China, Fami Sourcing designs customized supply chain solutions for startups. it sources from all over the world, supervising the production and delivery of the ordered goods.

If you are an online seller from Amazon, eBay, Shopify, or any other online platform, creating a profitable e-business is not an easy task, the company can help you focus on sales and marketing and deal with the hassles of importing from China.


The company can also guide you in creating a private label. Fami Sourcing simplifies the OEM and private labeling process and we can help you turn your business idea into a successful import business.

Fami Sourcing helps manage the entire process and thousands of SKU, providing comprehensive supply chain management from product sourcing to shipping.

An overview of the service provided by FamiSourcing:

Services Services
*Total Supply Chain Management (TSCM)

*Product Sourcing

*Interpreting & Translating

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Chapter 20: China2west company

to help buyers and importers who are looking for a low cost, reliable and comprehensive solution for supply chain management, high-quality manufacturing services, and product development in China.

China2West is the one-stop solution provider for all supply chain management, manufacturing, quality control, and product development requirements.

The company offers a range of China-based services from manufacturing, supplier management, quality control, and quality assurance, as well as design, product development, and prototyping.


the company is flexible in its approach and usually operates within one of the following five characteristics concerning its services.

All-In Supply Solutions, Overlay Service Plan, Standalone Man-Day Services, Standalone Man-Day Services – Rolling Contract, and Full-time Operatives in China.

An overview of the service provided by China2west:

Services Services
*Supply Chain Management

*Design & Development

*Onsite Quality Control

* Verification & Factory Audits

*Logistics Coordination

*Prototyping Solutions

*Laboratory Testing

*Project & Factory Management

*Tooling & Mold creation

*Private Label Manufacturing

Chapter 21: 8020sourcing company

80/20 Sourcing is an online sourcing company when it comes to sourcing products and importing from China. The CEO of 80/20 Sourcing is Gary Huang from Shanghai, China.

Huang has been managing and exporting products since 2008 to renowned retailers around the world.


Over the past years, Huang has cooperated with several manufacturers in his supply chain in almost every industry. He even has experience sourcing products from China on Amazon and eBay.

Based on Huang’s experience with suppliers and buyers from China and Western countries, he offers crash courses online, the 80/20 Resource Officer is known for the high-quality training courses, instruction, and other facilities it offers.

Additionally, Huang is a sourcing agent for online sellers on Amazon and other online platforms to help them find products in China.

An overview of the service provided by 80/20:

Services Services
*Find suppliers

*Get the best prices

*Samples consolidation

*Quality control and inspection

*Freight forwarding

*Offer a sourcing process to avoid and resolve any risks and issues

Chapter 22: Sourcingallies China sourcing agent

If you are looking for a China sourcing agent company or sourcing manufacturers company, Sourcingallies is the right place.

the company has helped clients and customers manufacture and source and import products from China since 2006 all over the world.


The sourcing company is especially good at sourcing products from China. it-guide it clients and customers through the process of obtaining quotations, evaluating plants, and managing manufacturing and shipping complexities.

Also it guarantees the shipping of your goods from china to your exact place – all with the best prices, quality products, and save your time and costs.

An overview of the service provided by Sourcingallies:

Services Services
*Sourcing products



Chapter 23: CnSourcelink company

China Sourcelink is a company that was created as a global provider of supply chain solutions in the position of American companies looking to outsource manufacturing to China.

The company develops (design, concepts, prototypes, tools), it’s manufacturing (procurement, manufacture, quality control, and assembly) and manages the supply chain (warehousing, packaging, fulfillment, and logistics) of existing or new products on our behalf customers.


Sourcelink is a leading supply chain management company, Sourcelink plays three important and distinct roles in a customer’s supply chain: contract manufacturer, quality inspector, and freight forwarders.

An overview of the service provided by China Sourcelink:

Services Services
**Sourcing and procurement

*Contract manufacturing

* Custom Manufacturing

*OEM/ODM service

* Warehouse and Fulfillment

* Logistics and Freight Forwarding

Chapter 24:  JS sourcing agent

Established in 2011, JS Sourcing is a Shanghai-based sourcing and purchasing company providing export services in China.

The main objective of the company is to secure client orders and improve the overall profitability of the sourcing and buying process.


Js Sourcing’s services are primarily designed for small businesses (SMEs), independent entrepreneurs, and innovators who come to China to convert their ideas and projects into products.

the company provides its clients with a full set of personalized services to simplify and facilitate the client’s business in China.

An overview of the service provided by Js Sourcing:

Services Services
*Sourcing products

*Factory Audit

*Order Monitoring

*Inspection service

*logistic support


Chapter 25: Blingsourcing agent

Many buyers want to import from China the easiest, Blingsourcing as a professional China sourcing agent company will help you find reliable suppliers to get the best prices, manufacturing and audit, quality control, and arrange shipment to your country at the right time.


Blingsourcing reduces all intermediate links and helps you connect directly with the best factories and suppliers to save time and costs.

Blingsourcing focuses on high-quality products, and its primary customers consist of the following two categories:

Fashion Brands and Amazon Sellers.

An overview of the service provided by Blingsourcing :

Services Services
*Product Sourcing

*Factory Verification



*Order-Processing-and- Follow-Up

*Quality Inspection


Chapter 26:  Supplyia Company


As one of the sourcing companies in China, Supplyia will work with and manage all your different suppliers from source to delivery, making your supply chain much simpler and more efficient.

The company offers the following services:

Services Services
*Comprehensive product sourcing

*Customization of product samples

*Compliance consultation for import and export

*Expert inspection ensuring product quality

*Free of charge warehouse storage in China

*Arrangement for low-cost shipping to door

*Strategic price negotiations with suppliers

*Production follow-up to ensure quality

*Free professional product photography

*Customization packaging and private labels making

*Detailed product inspection reports and audits

*Customization for graphic design

Chapter 27: Imex Sourcing Services


The company will help you outsource extensive sourcing, quality control, and logistics processes to import products from china, so you can focus on expanding your business and launching your products in the right way.

Services Services
*Product Sourcing

*Factory Verification



*Quality Inspection


Chapter 28: Tony Sourcing

Tony Sourcing

Toys Sourcing As one of the leading companies in China will help you to Buy a Toys Wholesale From China Markets. the company also will help to Find Toys Suppliers, Toys Manufacturer, Toys Wholesaler.

Services Services
*Various Toys Import
*Single Toys Sourcing
*Yiwu Toys Agent
*Shantou Toys Agent
*Toys Sell On Amazon

Chapter 29: Amanda

Amanda International Group Shenzhen Office is located in the world’s largest market of electronic products in China.

The company offers one-stop export solution service to design sources, negotiate, quality control, inspection, and facilitate delivery of products from China.

Amanda bears long-term trust and a good reputation from home and abroad through years of professional business services.

Services Services
*Quality Control
*Shipping from China

Chapter 30: Huntersourcing 

Huntersourcing will help you find the best factories, customize samples, get the most competitive price, high quality, order follow-up, quality inspection, and logistic solution right to your door.

No hidden fees, all products purchased are from china suppliers. you only need to tell your purchase order, hunter sourcing will help you get the required items.

Services Services
*Product Sourcing
*order follow up
*Quality inspection

*Shipping from China

Chapter 31: FAQs about sourcing agent in China

1. Sourcing From China: How China Sourcing Agents and companies Work?

Many clients ask what the Procurement Officer does, and others may ask about the services provided by the Procurement Officer, although each company’s vision differs, the goal is one and the services are the same.

import from china

Well, it’s time to provide our readers with a full answer on what a sourcing company does in China and the benefits of dealing with a sourcing agency when buying from China also 5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When You Sourcing From China

2. What Does a Sourcing Agent in China Do?

A lot of sourcing agents in china assists buyer with the process of locating sources for products and supplies at the best prices so you can save money also time.

Importing goods from China could be so frustrating and tedious challenging, you may have been thinking you need to hire a trustful China sourcing agent company that should do it for you so you can free up your time and save costs.

But before you hire a sourcing agency, these are the top ten questions you must ask And we are here to explain to you.

Every sourcing agent in china provides a one-stop sourcing service for customers who come for a business trip to China.

This means that the company will be responsible for finding good quality products of your choice and requirements in the market and then negotiate the price to get the cheapest and the best.

Also sign contracts to make a deal with manufacturers due to the fulfillment for you, the agent will act as customer support on your part.

Any agency in china will improve your product quality control and inspection to avoid major risks.

The goods from their warehouse and factories will be tested for the quality, quantity, and specifications according to your requirements, combination packing, take photos/videos, and also care on the shipping management.

  • Market guide

As much professional China sourcing agent company, the companies know every corner in China’s markets, they will guide you to the right suppliers and find what you are looking for easily.

After you come to china, they will be your guide/translator, they will escort you around all districts and be your eyes in the market.

  • Sourcing products and control quality

This is a very important process of any one-stop sourcing services, if you hire an agency, you will have to make sure that customers will get the right quality as they expect by using their professional quality control procedures and tools.

When clients provide all necessary information such as the quality, ownership and other product information need.

The agency’s professional team will start the inspection process to find and match the product that customers are looking for to meet their needs.

Illustration of quality control

To do the right quality control, the company will check everything about products, from exterior to the interior as well as product performance, it needs to be careful about each description about products.

Not everyone can be your sourcing agent in China, but the best ones have to be your guider in the market when you start sourcing in china.

You will check and compare a group of suppliers and selecting more easily the most suitable which’s save your valuable time and costs.

After fund your suitable supplier, you have to conclude the research process with a purchasing order that is printed the name of your company to place the order and make sure the product’s quality, packaging and delivery time, and so on.

  • Designing, Branding, and Repacking

Nowadays the competition between companies has become somewhat intense and for your business to stand out amongst others.

Your business must be unique and easily recognizable by customers and the brand is perfectly designed.

Your brand is not just a symbol that identifies your business or company but is a concept that reflects what your business is aiming for and what your business can reach, It’s not just a random image but it’s the very symbol that reminds people who you are, what you do.


any agent will design your brand, change your packaging, and customizing the product labels that will serve as your marketing tool, reflect the consistency and professionalism of your business and differentiate you from competitors in your industry.

A strong brand is what is behind every successful product, the Nielsen Global Innovation Survey revealed that nearly 59% of people prefer to buy new products from well-known brands, and 21% say they are willing to buy a product if the source of this product is a brand they like.

  • Guide And Translation

Since most of the visitors cannot speak Chinese and most of the Chinese do not speak English or other languages, this obstacle poses many problems when starting to search for sources or buying from China.

Many sourcing companies provide this service to guide buyers in the market and help them to communicate with suppliers and translate everything to make the sourcing and buying process done in the right way.

a. FREE invitation of letter

Many people ask if they need an invitation letter for China’s business visas and the answer is Yes, They are among many countries that require an invitation letter for a business visa to get their visa and come to china.

Your China sourcing agent company will arrange everything for you and help you with that by providing all the required documents such as the invitation to the letter and other documents you may need.

b. Airport pick up

When you are coming to China, you have 3main flight routes That you can choose to arrive at any market you want to source from if you choose the Yiwu market as an example:

Fly to Guangzhou international airport for a few hours and then it will take you 2 hours flight directly to Yiwu airport.

hangzhou airoport

Fly to Hangzhou international airport, then it will take you 2 hours by car to Yiwu or

You can fly from Shanghai PVG airport, then it will take you around 3 hours by car to Yiwu.

They will arrange a car to pick up customers at Yiwuairport, Hangzhou international airport, and Shanghai PVG airport.

After you keep us informed of the details of your schedule before you come by email or phone such as your arrival date, arrival time as well as the flight number.

The company also will provide you the best services to make sure that customers will arrive at Yiwu in the easiest and fastest way.

c. Book Hotel For You For Free

Thousands of hotels in china are available for you with cheaper prices comparing with other hotel prices before you come your agent company will choose the best hotel near the market you want to source from and you don’t need to worry about the recommendation.

  • Shipping and cargo

Shipping methods using ocean freight airfreight and courier service three shipping time from China to other counties and for shipping cost.

The factors determining the cost of freight forwarding services as these are all part of the processes of shipping from China to customers country.

Any agent has a complete service system in storage, shipping, and courier which will save customers at least 20% to 30%cost comparing to other logistics systems.

  • warehousing

Whether you need a maximum level of storage security for precious goods or need refrigerated storage services, the company offers full warehouse services monitored by their skilled staff, ensuring successful business operations for your company.

a. Collect Products from different suppliers

In business, customers’ containers always have more than a dozen suppliers.

For example, the cargo in one container usually comes from over 5 different sellers.

So, with the agent’s warehouses, not only able to do the above procedures but also can collect all products in advance after quality control and before shipping.

Collect Products from different suppliers

b. Storage in EJET warehouse

The company is ready to provide convenient services and solutions with a multitude of storage options suited to the needs of our customers.

c. Take care of the products

The integrity of its quality and aesthetic appearance is also important for any agency as a warehousing agent in china.

Making all products in your agent warehouses will be without a doubt a way more helpful and easier for u to proceed with container loading and shipping and also to check and control everything before loading and shipping to your country.

Chapter 32: Top 10 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring a China Sourcing Agent

The operation of hiring and choosing a reliable and trusted sourcing agent is more complicated than others think, but if you know which questions you have to ask before, you will for sure ensure that you choose the best and the right one for you as a buyer from China.


1. Will the Sourcing Agent in China Take Me to Visit The Factory?

If the China sourcing agent company is not willing to take you to see the factory then you have zero control when they switch out as a factory and you have very little chance to develop any real relationship with the factory in the future.

2. Are You a Sourcing Agent in China or a Sourcing Company?

The reason why every buyer and importer needs to check and ask this question is that everything starts and ends quickly, especially in the world of e-commerce.

Many sourcing agents have emerged, and many of them are individual sourcing agents and not sourcing companies, these individuals work hard to satisfy the customer because they are trying to earn a living.

The problem is that these individuals can start very quickly but they may disappear very quickly as well so if you are working with one service provider you need to be extra careful.

3. How long you have been working as a sourcing agent in China or a sourcing company?

Every buyer and importer could be working with a sourcing agent one individual or sourcing company team workers, but if this individual or team has been working for the past ten years.

This person or team would be more and more resourceful because of the experience they have and more dependable than any other sourcing agent or company who that maybe only established for three months.

That why it’s very important to ask how long has been working and how much are resourceful these agents and companies for you and your own business at the present and future both.

4. Are You Specialized in Sourcing Certain Products or Specialized in Sourcing Everything?

Door to Door Shipping

Asking whether your future agent or company specializes in providing specific commodities and industry or specializes in everything will make you have a clear global vision for that agent or company.

An agent or a good sourcing company is the one who knows how to obtain and specialize specific products because he will make it know fully about this product and has sufficient experience in dealing with this type of product, unlike agents or companies that can do everything.

5. Are You Able to Give Me a Satisfied Customer Referral?

Check out the background for clients and customers from a good sourcing agent and company can provide the value of this agent and company.

If they have a lot of happy customers so they will be happy to provide you with a good customer contact so you can check out and make sure that its a reliable and trusted company.

Ask if they are good at finding the best price-quality control and inspection, are they very good with the communication, fast shipping.

If they cannot provide you a client referral means they have a bad background and it’s better to avoid this kind of agent and companies otherwise you will get into trouble and problems that we don’t want you to get in.

6. How Does China Sourcing agent Qualify the Factory and On-Time Delivery?

Asking about the manufacturer and how to make sure that their product’s production and delivery on time will respect the exact date is a good question.

Good and reliable sourcing agents or companies are the ones who can do the factory inspection, so they must have a factory inspection checklist and they must have a checklist to inspect the product during the prop production process.

They must keep updated by communicating to ensure that the production will be on schedule.

The delivery can be fulfilled on time and they must link this information with you as the sourcing agent or the company to show you how they qualify the factory and how they choose the best for you to meet your needs.

7. Do You Perform the Quality Inspection or Hire a Third-Party?

When the product is finished, the reason why you need to ask does the China sourcing agent company perform the quality inspection.

Or you’ll hire a third party to do the quality control and inspection this is because some sourcing agents and companies only compensate for their failure to perform any control and inspection.

The buyer and the importer must hire a third party to go abroad to conduct the inspection and it is an additional amount and additional work for that.

if the China sourcing agent company does not Perform the scan, you need to know it in advance before starting any step or you will pay more charges that you don’t need to pay.


8. How Do You Want It to Charge for Your Service?

When arriving at the fees and costs, the cost of your service is a one-time fixed fee or percentage based on the value of the order.

The difference between the two remains depending on the type of service you want and also the type of relationship you want with the sourcing agent or company.

If this sourcing agent or company is very capable, You may want to develop a long-term partnership, you may want to consider a percentage based on the value of your order.

If this is just a one-time deal that you just want to find someone to find a product for you, you may want to consider fixed fees, so it depends on what You need, and you can decide which method is best for you.

9. Do You Accept a Discount or Referral Fees from the Factory?

Asking the China sourcing agent company if they accept a discount or referral fee from the factory, and if the good agent and company will be more transparent about this topic, this is a sensitive topic even if you ask the question.

You may not get honest answers again but I would suggest you ask the question In any case, because a good China sourcing agent company should not, and will not accept as commission or deduction from the factory at the same time they charge you a commission.

Referral Fees from the Factory

10. Could the Sourcing Agent Company Define the Surveys Scope Based On the Fee They Charge?

Do they do sourcing do they do factory quality control and inspection do they do product inspection do they do shipping do they do consolidation define it as detailed as possible.

There won’t be a last-minute surprise in the sourcing agents and companies saying you have to pay an extra inspection fee when the product is done and ready to be shipped.

Chapter 33: Six Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Sourcing from China

Many companies want to start importing small or big quantities of products from China, but most of them have no experience in sourcing.

Sourcing products directly from China is not easy and can be fraught with potential problems.

A simple mistake can lead to a large amount of losing money, time, and effort, instead of directing you to import from China step by step, it would be useful to share with you some common mistakes as a reminder that you can avoid when you import from China.

common mistakes

In this article, we will explain the 6 common mistakes to avoid when sourcing from China.

1.Common mistakes when selecting products

2.Common faults when choosing a Chinese supplier

3.Common mistakes when visiting suppliers in China

4.Common mistakes before mass production

5.Common mistakes when communicating with Chinese suppliers

6.Common mistakes When Shipping from china

1. Common mistakes when selecting products

Before selecting a product to source and import, you should consider these common elements:

Choosing large products: Choosing large products means you are losing time and money, large products always cost when you want to ship will and also the possibility of damage the goods time you load and unload.

Choosing products that do not meet the following criteria:

– Quality:

Quality is an essential matrix to satisfy your customers and maintain their loyalty so that they continue to buy from you in the future.

Quality products make an important contribution and have a long term revenue and profitability, they also allow you to maintain higher prices continue to buy from you in the future.

– Unique:

Having a unique product means you are different from others and better than the product of the competitors before you think about how to increase your profits and begin to sell your products to your customers, think about how to make your products unique.

– Excellent profit margin:

If you are planning to start importing goods from China, it is necessary to know the most profitable goods when importing them or in other words, products that can achieve a good profit margin when it sold in your local market or When re-exporting it to other markets.

You must also get acquainted with the most lost products or in other words the products that are difficult to achieve profit from, when selling them in the local markets or when re-exporting them to other markets to get away from them.

Choose a product that you do not have experience with: You must choose a product that you are familiar with and have good experience with to easily sell it and know how to market it properly.

Not doing good research before importing the products:

You must do a quick search before importing any product, for example, if you want to import a sea mask for swimming, would it be beneficial to import the mask while you are in an area where there is no sea?

Or does it benefit if importing the mask from China that costs you $10 a piece and you can get the same mask at $8 from a local supplier in your country? for sure it will not work if you don’t have any data collected before importing.

Stay away from the products decline fast: if you are a beginner and you don’t know which products you want to import, stay away from products that support shirt term business, and the spinner as an example.

It became famous with insane speed and during a short period the popularity of the product declined to zero.

As far as possible, stay away from this kind of product if your capital is simple, and instead focus on the products that will support the long-term business.

2. Common faults when choosing a Chinese supplier

choosing a Chinese supplier

Thinking that dealing with the factory is the best solution:

Those who import from China prefer to buy directly from the factories, in their opinion that the factories will provide them cheaper and better prices than the supplier’s prices, which allows them to obtain better profits.

We cannot say that they are wrong, but we must not forget that factories require large quantities to obtain good prices, in addition to being less flexible than suppliers, so if you are a person with little capital then you should deal with suppliers as a start.

Choosing the cheapest suppliers:

Lower prices make importers feel great success, and we dare not tell you that you are not dealing with the supplier based on the lowest price, but you should at least be aware that if the prices are lower and cheaper sometimes means more problems and issues.

Some suppliers in some cases will attract you at lower rates. But once you have transferred the total amount or a down payment.

Some providers will raise the prices using various excuses. What will you do? Refund request? Not possible, you will waste a lot of time arguing with these suppliers and you will end up feeling tired.

Choosing a supplier who is not a specialist:

the supplier that specializes in a specific area means experience and means saving a lot of time and effort for you.

Chinese supplier

so if you are looking for a supplier of mobile accessories on the Alibaba website, then entered the supplier’s website and find who sells mobile accessories, not selling something else (sportswear and Home tools).

If he sells things that not what you are looking for then this is a sign for you to remove this resource from your list.

You must choose a specialist supplier because if he is not a specialist, the probability of encountering problems with him is high.

3. Common mistakes when visiting suppliers in China

Lack of research on factories and companies before going to China:

Many merchants still have some misunderstanding about China, when they talk about China they will first think of Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, or Hong Kong, of course.

There are huge wholesale markets in these cities, but they cater to the needs of the locals, in other words, buyers from other countries will get a very high price from them, so doing good research before going to China will save you time, money, effort and pilot tickets.

Choosing the right city to travel and source from in China:

In China, there are industrial cities, commercial cities, and every city, region, or province in China that specializes in almost a specific area, for example.

Shenzhen is an electronics city, Zhongshan is the well-known lighting capital, Yiwu city has one of the biggest wholesale market in China( Yiwu international trade city market), Guangzhou city has also the fair number one in china(canton fair).

So choosing the right city for the products you want to import is very important to start a business in china also to save time and money.

To help you, we suggest you check our blogs about Yiwu and Guangzhou cities as the best cities to source from in china.

4. Common mistakes before mass production

Common mistakes before mass production

The sample provided by the supplier is of poor quality:

As we know, before the manufacturing process and mass production of a particular product, there is a step called the sample, which means that the factory must provide a sample to the buyers to check and get their approval about the quality before starting manufacturing.

So if the sample provided by the supplier is not the same as the sample you want, but the supplier promises that when he begins mass production.

He will address the problem of the sample, and he says to you, “It is just a small problem in the sample, and I will tackle the problem when mass production started.”

this is a common excuse and doesn’t accept his words.

Unfortunately, many poorly experienced importers still believe in these unreliable words. So when there is a problem with the sample, you should ask the supplier for another sample to get exactly what you want.

If this supplier rejects your request, it is best to switch to a new supplier. Keep in mind: A reliable resource that will work well with you from start to finish.

The belief that your supplier knows everything:

Frankly, many Chinese suppliers do not know much about the quality certificates required by customs and special permits to enter the goods to your country.

You should consult with the customs broker to obtain information and know the certificates and The proper papers for entering the goods to your country.

Before placing an order with your suppliers, make sure that the suppliers understand you as well as your requirements concerning your products.


Most Chinese factories do not speak English and the language barrier can be a big problem in explaining your product requirements and making sure the supplier understands you and understand the product specifications.

It is better to hire a Chinese-speaking translator to assume that the supplier understands your request, every detail, and every specification relates to the product.

5.  Common mistakes when communicating with Chinese suppliers

Delayed Response from a Chinese Supplier: It always causes you discomfort, especially in case of urgent problems, and it is generally important to use e-mail for business transactions with Europeans and Americans.

Email is more official and easier to keep in case of a dispute, but as far as Chinese providers are concerned, many instant messaging tools will be very useful, including WeChat, QQ, Skype, and WhatsApp.

Your best time is not their best time: Many buyers may think that china suppliers have 7D/7D and 24-hour customer service. But they are wrong. Many Chinese suppliers will not check emails after work.

Therefore, it is best to be aware of the time difference between China and your country. I want you to know that many suppliers usually work very efficiently from 10 in the morning until 4 in the evening.

Although they can still receive messages from you after this period, many will wait until the next day to respond. In other words, it would be better to contact them during this time if you have something urgent.

6. Common mistakes when shipping from china

The process of shipping goods from China to other countries is one of the daily operations carried out by Chinese companies, for example, and because it is an ongoing daily trading process, it depends entirely on small details and how to deal with them.

These small details which can be omitted due to the large shipping process or the speed of work can cost any shipping company and also importers more money and lost time, so we decided to present most of the mistakes that many importers have made and should new importers avoid.

Choice of incoterm while shipping

a. Choose the optimal shipping method for the import process.

The choice of methods for shipping goods from China depends on the quality, nature, and size of the goods you want to ship, also, the types of freight shipping are multiple, there is an express shipping method, air shipping method, and the sea shipping method.

Because sea freight operations accommodate many and many goods, sea freight is always the method used by many importers in cases of huge volumes and quantities even it takes long but no choice and sea freight are also characterized by high safety and speed of delivery of shipments compared to sea freight,

It is worth noting that reliance on sea freight in Transporting shipped goods reduces shipping costs, as sea freight is distinguished for its low costs.

b. Choose The Lowest Shipping Rate

Many buyers in china think that choosing the lowest shipping way is gain, but actually, it is not, and it can be a very dangerous mistake made because you may choose a cheater and you will lose your goods, better you make sure if the shipping rate is super lower compared with most forwarders, if yes, then don’t use.

c. Provide the wrong address to deliver the shipment

It is possible to fall into this error unintentionally with frequent work and multiple shipments. If you do not take your time and review the address of the shipment that will be delivered to it, you will find that the shipment has been sent to another place completely and sometimes another country.

One wrong number in the postal number of your shipping address will It costs you time and double effort to review the shipment route and return it to be shipped to the right place.

d. Bag Packaging

Failure to take the appropriate time to complete the shipment may be a small error, but it will cause major problems later.

Improper packaging will increase the possibility that your shipment will be destroyed while it is being shipped. Also, many companies refuse to unload shipments due to poor packaging and are more likely to be destroyed so as not to endure.

The risk that they will be held responsible from the start, take your time and invest in the means of packing goods and shipments because of course they will save your time and effort and will also build you a good reputation for the safe arrival of intact goods without damage.


As we know and understand, Chinese sourcing agents specialize in finding quality products and suitable suppliers for their clients.

If you are a retailer, for example, you may want to work with a factory in China to produce low-cost, high-quality products that fit your customers’ requirements to generate profits for you and help you develop your business.

Dealing with sourcing agents in China is still among the options that every buyer makes before any step of sourcing or purchasing.

If you are a beginner, it is not easy to source or buy from China due to the many challenges and problems that newbies have faced before such as fraud, Untrusted suppliers, poor quality products, and slow shipping.

The best solution remains to find a reliable sourcing agent to handle all the purchases on your behalf and avoid any scams or any other challenges that could affect your startup and business.

To learn more about buying and importing products from China, please contact us, with more than 13 years in the field we have enough experience to answer your questions and resolve your requests.