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If you are looking for an industry to invest in, the pet industry is the ideal one you should pick. If you only look at the U.S pet industry, more than 70% of households have a pet. This shows the size of the target market you will have. For pet owners, their pets are like family members and they are willing to spend on them.

The growth in the pet industry is phenomenal. By 2027, it is expected that the industry will reach almost 358.62 billion dollars. As a seller, this is a very lucrative opportunity. To make sure you can get a slice of this share, you need to have the ideal pet products to sell in 2023. The type of product you sell will play a deciding role in where your pet business goes.

If you are looking for just the right pet product to sell, this blog is for you. Not only are we going to talk about the top 30 ideal pet products you should sell in 2023, but we have also included much more that can interest you. So, read on to know more!

Chapter 1: 7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in the Pet Product Industry?

ideal pet products, pet industry

The pet industry is growing – this is true! But, should this be the only reason why you want to invest in it? There are many established sellers in the market. The level of competition is high and the established players are already making huge profits. Following are 7 reasons that the pet industry is going to remain ever-green and lucrative.

1) It is Booming

The first reason you should invest in the pet industry is that it is booming. With growth comes more clientage. According to the APPA (American Pet Products Association), 123.6 billion U.S dollars were spent on purchasing pet products in 2021 alone. This number is expected to rise to 358.62 billion U.S dollars by 2027. Hence, it shows how many opportunities sellers have.

2) Humanization of Pets

pets, family, pet products

Initially, pets were just seen as possessions. Most people kept pets for a reason. For instance, as watchdogs, play pals or even a status symbol. With time, this has changed. Nowadays, pet owners think of pets as family members. They are given the same care and attention. Some pet owners even delay or avoid having children as for them, their pets are their children.

Pets are getting a higher standard of attention and care. Therefore, the spending on pet products has increased manifold.

3) Reliable and Consistent Market

The pet market is not trendy or seasonal. The majority of the products like pet food, collars, GPS trackers, medicines, vitamins etc. all are used daily. This ensures the same revenue year around unlike trendy products and trendy market segments. Pet product sellers don’t need to worry about seasonal shortages or stocking up huge amounts of inventory.

4) Recessions Resistant

This is one recession-proof industry. During the pandemic, we have seen many sellers go out of business. The reason was that people did not have jobs, there was uncertainty and cost-cutting was in effect. Even in these circumstances, we saw that pet owners did not cut down spending on their pets drastically.

People preferred cutting down on other luxurious items. The spending on basic pet products was not affected. The reason is, they don’t think of pets as animals only but as family members.

5) No Complicated Sales Pitch Required

Pet parents/owners are well-educated about the needs of their pets. Moreover, they are willing to try new products and services which seem beneficial to their pets. Therefore, sellers don’t need to struggle for creating a demand for their ideal pet products. The demand is already there. All you need to do is come up with something unique and different to cater to that demand.

6) New and Innovative Ideas

cool cats

The biggest difference between a successful business and a normal business is tapping into new ideas. A normal business just markets and sells highly demanding products. If you want something different, you have to look for that competitive edge. In the pet industry, there is so much that you can explore to gain profits.

The pet industry is not restricted to just pet products. There are several pet services you can provide too. One such example is pet photography. You can also include pet blogging to inform your customers about what is going on in the pet world!

7) No Specialization is Required

For selling pet products, you don’t need to have a certain degree or specialization. You might require certain certification from the seller if you are selling pet food, toys or medication. You just need to be sure that you are buying from a legitimate supplier who is qualified to be producing that product. If you have all documents and certifications in place, you require nothing else.

Chapter 2: Top 30 Ideal Pet Products you Should Sell in 2023

Pet Accessories Wholesale, ideal pet products

The pet industry is massive. The pet business is found in many forms; products and services alike. Some pet products can be generally used for all pet types. On the other hand, others might be very specific. It depends on the niche you target. The biggest chunk of the industry goes to dogs. Nevertheless, many businesses are making profits by providing specific products for very small categories like arachnids and reptiles.

Pro tip: The trick is to find a niche that is big enough to help you gain a constant profit while small enough to eliminate the need for intense competition and marketing.

Picking a product to sell is not an easy task. In this chapter, we are going to talk about the top 30 pet products that are ideal for any day, any season and any year. With these, you will not need a rigorous marketing campaign to stand out. They are safe, highly demanded products that are sure to give you profits.

Note: The pictures that you can see in this chapter are taking from our company’s catalogue. If you are interested in getting hold of the complete files or in knowing anything related to them, contact our Sales Rep today. You can book a free consultation by leaving a message and she will get back to you! 

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1) Pet Toys

Pets love to play. This includes both physical activities and playing with toys. Toys are integral to the well-being of your pet. Toys allow pets to have a good pass time, avoid boredom and even help protect them from developing behavioural problems. Some people make the mistake of ordering pet toys in bulk without checking for certifications.

Going with a low-quality toy can not only be a hassle but can be a health hazard and life-threatening also. If the toys are not of good quality, the pet can end up choking on certain parts. Owners are very particular about which toys they give. The toys should be made of nontoxic material which is not harmful to pets.

pet toys

The biggest mistake you can make is to give your pet children’s toys or the toys lying around. Even for cats, a normal yarn ball can be dangerous if not overlooked. Dog toys are the most popular with a constant increase in demand over the years.

2) Pet Food

pet food, pets eating

Pets have different nutritional needs as compared to humans. Cats have a different food requirements as compared to dogs. Squirrels don’t eat the same food as fish and snakes. Hence, your pets must get their daily nutritional intake. It is a good idea to specialize in different pet food categories. But, you need to be careful.

When you are sourcing pet food from Chinese suppliers, be sure to check that they meet certain regulations and standards. The chemical requirements of the pet supplies need to be taken into account. The pet food you are sourcing needs to have the GB 10648 Feed Label. This label indicates what should be mentioned on the pet food and what is not.

This is where hiring a sourcing agent is a good idea. Your agent can visit the supplier in person and check that all the requirements are being met or not.

3) Pet Bed

ideal pet products, pet beds

Are you amongst those people who love having their pets in bed with them? Many people claim that sleeping with their pets allows them to relax and gives them emotional support. This is true for some days. Otherwise, you need to have a good night’s sleep to function properly in the morning.

Now, there are so many options in the market. From simple pet beds to highly fancy Squishmallow pet beds, you can find everything. People are willing to spend a lot of money to make their pets comfortable. You will find a pet bed in every house. If you are looking for the best Squishmallow pet beds that you can source, read our article on Squishmallow pet beds.

4) Pet Houses

ideal pet products, pet houses

 In the past few years, there has been an increase in demand for pet houses. Google trend clearly shows this. Kennels, birdhouses, cat trees, cages for different birds and rodents etc. are just some of the pet houses you can deal in. Some popular pet houses include:

  • Insect houses
  • Bird cages
  • Kennels
  • Cat trees
  • Owl houses
  • Frog houses and many more.

The importance of pet houses is often overlooked. Some pets need to be kept in cages like birds and rodents. Small, independent houses are important for cats, dogs and bigger pets too. This gives them a sense of belonging, ownership and comfort.

5) Paw Plunger

ideal pet products, paw plunger

What is the one thing common amongst the majority of pets? Yes, you got that right! Most pets hate bath time. You will seldom see a cat or a dog enjoying the water. Pets need to be outside just as much as humans. Therefore, they tend to get dirty. A paw plunger is a new invention that helps keep your canines or pets’ paws.

A pet owner can understand the hassle and headache of scrubbing the sandy or muddy pay prints from the carpets, sofas and cushions. Moreover, you can’t bathe your pet every time they come from outside. Hence, a paw plunger is a must-have product for pet owners.

6) Travel Bag

ideal pet products

Travelling with pets can become a hassle. Not everyone is fond of pets and you can’t take them in the open while travelling. Under certain conditions, you are required to have a travel bag for your pet. Carrying a pet becomes super easy with good quality and durable pet bags. As a result, travel bags are an excellent option to include in your online pet store.

7) Collars

collar, ideal pet products

A lost pet can be a pet owner’s worst nightmare. The best way to ensure that your pet will be returned to you is to have a collar. Collars are customized with your name, your pet’s name and an address or contact number in case the animal is lost. This is why collars are one of the ideal pet products that you should sell. The demand for them is always there.

8) Supplements for Dogs

Supplements are just as important for pets as they are for human beings. According to an estimate, 10 to 33% of cat and dog owners and approximately 85% of horse owners feed their pets some sort of supplement. These numbers show how big a market this is for new sellers to tap into.

The only thing you need to keep in mind as sellers are that the supplier for these supplements should be legitimate and reliable. Check for all FDA certifications and specifications before you do a deal with wholesalers/manufacturers.

9) Litter Boxes

litter box, ideal pet product

Litter boxes are another highly demanded pet product. These are popular amongst both indoor and outdoor pets. No one wants pets to roam around the freshly mowed garden and poop everywhere. Additionally, people are becoming very conscious regarding environment-friendly products. If you want to sell litter boxes, go for biodegradable ones.

10) Play Mats

The fun doesn’t end with pets. People love spending time with them, playing and running around. Outdoor activity is always limited. You can spend a limited time outdoors. Playmats are excellent for several pets including dogs, cats, mice, squirrels etc. These are excellent activities and can help in training pets too.

11) Car Seat Protectors

car protectors

For people who love to take their pets out with them, car seat protectors are a lifesaver. Not only does it save the car from getting dirty, but it also protects the seats from getting scratched. If you are opening an online pet store, this is a must-have item.

It saves clean-up time. All the car owner needs to do is take out the car seat protector and throw the garbage out. It also saves the car from damage and keeps the car clean.

12) Pet Treats

Pet owners know the difference between pet food and pet treats. Every pet deserves a treat once in a while. Pets also get bored with the daily food that they take. Pet treats are an excellent way of rewarding and training pets. When the pet listens to you, they deserve a treat. The market is very easy to slide into. The thing to remember is to get high-quality and good treats. If not, you might even be endangering the life of the pets.

13) Cat Scratchers

ideal pet product, cat scratcher

Cat owners can relate to the “vandalism” of their houses by cats. Cats love sharpening their claws and will do that with anything they get their hands on. It can be a sofa, table or even the edge of the bed. Hence, the demand for cat scratchers has increased in the past few years and is still going up.  As a result, it is one of the ideal pet products you should sell in your pet store.

14) Lick Mats

lick mats, trend, ideal pet products

Even though it is not a new product and has been in the market for quite some time, lick mats are making it big this year. These are designed in a way to help clean your pet’s tongue. Made of rubber, it encourages animals to lick. It is a profitable product to have. Moreover, the industry is still growing and is not saturated.

Right now, lick mats are one of the ideal pet products to sell in 2023. The Google search trend shows that the sales are consistently increasing from 2021 to 2022 and going up.

15) Pet Water Bottles

For hygiene purposes, pet water bottles are kept separate from human water bottles. Even if you are not constantly on the go with your pet, water bottles are excellent to keep track of the pet’s water intake. These are durable, and BPA-free and most come with ice packs that help keep the water cool. Do include one in your pet store as they are highly demanded.

16) Ball Launcher

ball launcher

Animals have much more energy than humans. If this energy is not released, it can bottle up and cause health and behavioural issues. Keeping them busy is essential. After a long day, it can become tiresome to play with your pet. For this, an automatic ball launcher is best. Someone just needs to feed balls to the machine and it launches them without any effort from the pet owner.

17) Dog CBD Oils

CBD oils are in the news for many years now. The internet is full of information regarding these oils. Now, there is enough scientific research to show that these oils have anti-inflammatory properties. They also help in reducing stress, pain and anxiety in dogs. Consequently, there is high demand for these oils in the market.

18) Pet Clothes

pet clothes

It is no surprise that pet clothing is very popular. Surprisingly, there are so many options in the market to choose from. You can find skirts, shirts, accessories, outfits, raincoats, frocks, sweaters and so much more. Pet lovers even get clothes for their parrots and squirrels. Niching is important. Pick a few categories and then expand your business slowly after the demand starts coming in.

19) Grooming Kits

ideal pet grooming kit, ideal pet products

Pet grooming kits are a popular product. These kits include specific products for specific pets. For example, dog grooming kits include combs, brushes, nail clippers and trimmers. These are just like human grooming kits.  Other grooming kits have several different items. It all depends on the buyers. Professional kits have much more.

These grooming kits are ideal pet products because there is no restriction on what you can add to them. Pet owners are always looking for something new and exciting. For example, just by adding earbuds to your grooming kit, you can differentiate it from the rest of the market. Sellers buy these kits in bulk from Chinese wholesalers and sell them at a profit.

20) Leashes

LED leashes

Leashes are mostly used by but are not restricted to, dogs and cats. These come in different lengths, colors, styles, widths and designs. Again, these are widely used as whenever pets go outside, they are on a leash. Chinese wholesale suppliers have a variety of different leashes. You can source simple ones or funky ones. It depends on what your target market is.

A new type of leash is the fluorescent and LED leashes. These look ultra-chic and cool. They glow in the night and will surely make heads turn when a pet goes by. Moreover, you can source these for your pet stores at a very reasonable price.

21) Pet Feeding Bowls

Pets need to be fed, again and again. Feeding bowls are an essential staple for pet owners. Hence, the market for them is big. There are three basic things pet parents look for in feeding bowls; durability, portability and hygiene. Ceramic bowls are one of the best options to go with. As a seller, you need to make sure all these three parameters are being met.

22) Tracking Devices

ideal pet products

A relatively new product, tracking devices are gaining popularity. They are not as popular and fast selling as the other pet products so include them in your pet store wisely. With a GPS tracker, owners can keep tabs on their pets. In case the pet wanders further away, they immediately get a notification and can track them on maps.

23) Pet Molar Bites

pet molar bite, ideal pet toys, ideal pet products

Pet molar bites are lucrative toys that are gaining popularity quickly. According to research, the sales of these toys are going to increase by 7% by 2031. This toy is good for improving the chewing ability and strengthens the jaw of the pets. Therefore, the demand is increasing.

At the end of the day, pets are animals. It is in their nature to chew and bite. These pet molar bites allow them to easily exercise this chewing practice.

24) Pet Fur Remover

Everyone loves pets – but no one loves the mess the fur makes. Pet hair can stick to the bed, cushions and even the carpet. Getting these hairs out of these places can be very cumbersome. Normal vacuum cleaners don’t work. So, pet fur removers are used to clean the hair completely. Some examples are fur-grabbing gloves and lint rollers. These can be used in the house and car both.

25) Bird Feeders

bird feeders

Bird feeders are used by people who don’t even own pets. People give food to birds regularly. For this reason, bird feeders are very common in households. You can easily buy these in bulk from wholesale Chinese suppliers.

26) Dog Toothpaste

dog toothpaste, ideal pet product

Oral hygiene is essential for pets. Pet owners know this. If you regularly brush your canine’s teeth, that can save you a trip down to the vet. It also saves the canines from teeth problems, digestion issues and much more. Dog toothpaste is found in every dog owner’s house.

27) Medical Supplies

Medical supplies have a bigger target market than pet owners only. This product targets hospitals and vets also. Hence, you have a bigger market to cater to. A bigger market means more opportunities for making profits.

Remember: You need to be very careful when sourcing medical supplies from Chinese suppliers. There are many things to check. Ask your sourcing agent to do a proper check on the manufacturer/wholesaler that is providing you with the products.

28) Smart Feeder

smart feeders, ideal pet products

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Smart feeders are the ideal pet product that busy pet owners can have with them. They don’t need to worry about feeding times. When the set time comes, the feeder automatically dispenses the preset feed amount.

29) Raincoat

Raincoats are seasonal but still, they have a huge market. In certain countries like the U.K, the weather remains cloudy and rainy most of the year. Hence, raincoats are a good product to have in your pet store.

30) Cat Tunnels

ideal pet products, cat tunnels

These are excellent for playing with cats. It has three entrances and collapses. It is full entertainment and you don’t need to put to keep them busy.

If you want to clear any query or confusion regarding the ideal pet products, you can connect with our SR. Book a free consultation today. She will help you and guide you for anything you want regarding sourcing pet products or anything else.

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Chapter 3: 6 Steps to Build Your Online Pet Store 

Now that you have decided which pet product to include in your pet store, you are ready to start your business. Following are 6 steps that can help you establish your online pet store smoothly.

1) Do Proper Market Research

product pages

The first thing is to do proper market research. You need to understand what is going on in the pet industry, who your competitors are, what are they doing, why are some competitors making more money than the rest etc. Once you do proper research, you will know how the market is divided. There are different pet product categories like luxurious products, basic needs, essentials, treats etc. Pick one niche and study it well.

2) Build the Brand

Your brand is your image. Be sure to pick products wisely and make them fun and cool. Your products should stand out from the rest. This will make others buy them.

3) Source Products

buy from china and sell to amazon

This is one of the most important steps in setting up your online store. When you are sourcing products, you are mostly doing it online or through a sourcing agent. This means that you are not physically present there to assess things yourself.

You need to be very careful when shortlisting a supplier for your business. Be sure to talk to multiple suppliers. Negotiate with them, ask for samples and then for a price quote. After you have this information, you can pick one supplier that you are satisfied with.

4) Set a Price

If you have done proper market research, you must be knowing what is the market prevailing price for the particular product you are dealing with. For unique products, you can keep a higher price than normal. But, if you are providing the same product as others, you need to keep the price on the lower side. Only then will the customers buy from you and not the already established sellers.

5) Obtain Licenses

When dealing with pet products, it is important to have the proper licenses. Pet toys also need proper certification. On the contrary, pet products like medicines, medical kits, supplements and pet food all require proper certifications. You need to be sure to check the manufacturer’s license who is providing you with these products.

6) Brand Marketing

ideal pet products, marketing

Marketing your brand is just as important as anything else. Social media is the best forum on which you can market your products and brand names. Referrals and word of mouth also play a big role. You can start by giving a few products free and ask the customers to write positive reviews for you and share those further.

Blogging is another method in which you can give exposure to your pet products. You can include interesting blogs on your website and then include links to your products. You can get other bloggers to endorse your products and do the same with theirs.

Chapter 4: FAQs of Ideal Pet Products 

FAQs ideal pet products

1) Is Starting a Pet Business Expensive?

No, starting a pet business is not expensive. In fact, it is a low-cost start-up. Commonly, it costs around fifteen thousand dollars in the first year. This shows that it is not expensive

2) Which Shipping Method Can Be Used for Sourcing Pet Products from China?

The shipping method you go for depends on different factors. There is no one perfect shipping method that is the best. Firstly, you need to see which pet products you are ordering. If they are perishable, the best way is to get them by express delivery or air delivery. If they are not fragile and have a long life, shipping by sea might be the best option.

The second factor to consider is the time frame in which you need the products. If you require them in a short duration, shipping by air and rail are the two options you can look into. If not, then you can go by sea transport.

3) Do Chinese Wholesale Suppliers Provide Quality Products?

Yes, Chinese wholesale suppliers provide ideal pet products. The key is to be vigilant and pick the right suppliers for your products. Always ask for samples. When you get a sample, you know about the product’s quality. If the product quality is not up to the mark, it will save you from going ahead and making the deal. You can always change the supplier.

4) How Can You Find Reliable Pet Product Suppliers in China?

There are many different ways in which you can find reliable and legit pet product suppliers in China. The first thing is to go online and search different eCommerce websites. Secondly, you can also check trade fairs and pet product shows. Thirdly, networking also plays a big role in finding reliable suppliers. You need to check the reviews of various suppliers to make sure that they are reliable. This ensures you don’t get scammed.

5) How Can You Negotiate with Chinese Suppliers?

Negotiation is the process of bringing the price down. Chinese suppliers always keep a margin of a few dollars. Keep the process slow. You need to deal respectfully and humbly with them.


If you are looking to start a pet products business online, this is the right time. The market is lucrative, the competition is not very strict and you already have a list of the top 30 ideal pet products you should sell in 2023. You can pick any one of these and start your business without any headache.

For all your sourcing needs, you can leave us a message today at Ejet Sourcing. We will help you with everything you need now. So, connect with us and leave all your sourcing worries to us! Looking forward to connecting with you!