Buy from Guangzhou Wholesale Market: 3 Advantages

People are asking why Guangzhou has gained so much popularity among foreigners? As one of the largest Wholesale centers in the world, Guangzhou has become a purchasing destination for over 3 million foreign visitors every year. Generally speaking, there are 3 advantages of buying from Guangzhou Wholesale Market.

Canton Fair

As the largest trade show in China for over 50 years, Canton fair has been attracting thousands of visitor every year. Guangzhou is the holding city of Canton fair. Surely you will find great opportunities here.

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Trading Hub

China has been reputed as “The World’s Factory” for the past 30 years, while Guangzhou has been the trading hub in China for 2000 years. In Guangzhou, you will find a business that best fits you.

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Shipping Worldwide

Guangzhou is a famous transportation hub in China and  in the world. No matter it is land transportation, sea freight, or air freight, Guangzhou provides you with excellent shipping solutions.

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List of Best Guangzhou Wholesale Market

What are the most competitive products in Guangzhou? From which market could we get the products? As a sourcing agent with 13 years of experience, EJET list the top 12 competitive products and the best 50 wholesale markets in Guangzhou.

Leather wholesale market

Guangzhou Leather Market

Located in Jiefang north road near the railway station, Guangzhou Leather Market is the largest in the world. 

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Lighting Market

Guangzhou Lighting Market

As the largest lig