Do you want to source high-quality products at the most economical prices from China? Don’t have the time or resources to personally visit China to meet your sourcing needs? Don’t worry! Chinese wholesale websites are the answer to all your queries.

Now you don’t need to travel to China to buy products. You can sit at home and import high-quality products. Moreover, you can even get customized products with the click of a button. Mostly, people are afraid of buying through e-commerce websites. The reason is, they can’t differentiate between a reliable supplier and a fake one. Hence, we are writing this blog.

In this blog, we will include the top 8 Chinese wholesale websites that are legitimate, reliable and legal. Furthermore, we will also include some tips and tricks for you to be sure that the suppliers you are choosing are the best of the lot. So, read on to know more!

Chapter 1: 5 Reasons You Should Choose Chinese Wholesale Websites

Chinese Wholesale Websites

Now that the world has become a global village, you can source products for your businesses from all over the globe. Moreover, with so many opportunities at hand, you must be wondering why you should get your products from China instead of other countries. In this chapter, we will be discussing the 5 major reasons for doing so.

1. China is the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Many Items

China Map
Chinese workers in Factory
Chinese Factory
China Shipping Port

According to a source, China is the second-largest economy in the world. In 2019, it had a 181% GDP growth rate. Furthermore, it is known as the “World’s Factory” for a number of reasons.  Over time, most of the big brands have established their factories in China.

China is known for producing a number of items at low costs because of its cheap labor and economies of scale.

Not everyone can visit China personally and look for the products they want. Even people who are living in China find it very difficult to go from one supplier to the other looking for the product of their choice. This is where the Chinese wholesale websites come in handy.

Almost all the suppliers, manufacturers, traders and factories have themselves registered on the large Chinese wholesale websites. That is why it is a good idea to browse these websites to shortlist potential suppliers.

2. Extensive Supplier Base to Choose From

The supplier base in China is very extensive. If you go online on a Chinese wholesale website and search for a product, you will come across hundreds of suppliers. This shows that there is a lot of choice. Now, it depends on your budget and demand which supplier you will shortlist. If you are looking for high-quality and are willing to spend more, you can find a supplier that matches your requirements.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend much and are willing to compromise a little on the product quality, you can find a suitable supplier.

Hence, there is something for everyone!

3. You Can Find All Types of Items on Chinese Wholesale Websites

versatile products, many products, product range

Are you looking for something very unique for your business?  Or, do you want something that is available everywhere? Or, do you want to get a general product customized?

In China, you can find any sort of product, in any price range you want. There are high-quality products, products that have mediocre quality and even low-quality products. Of course, the price range varies with the degree of quality you are looking for.

Chinese suppliers claim that the reason they make low-quality products is because of the demand. There are many buyers who come to them and ask them for a specific quality. Thus, they have various levels of qualities. You can find A-grade, B-grade and C-grade quality of any product you want!

4. Developed Logistics Ecosystem

A major reason for the success of the Chinese e-commerce websites is the highly efficient network and systems they have developed for order delivery. For instance, Alibaba can deliver almost 30 million items a day domestically and thousands of orders internationally. The developed logistics ecosystem makes international dispatch easier.

5. Better Scaling Opportunities

Do you know the best thing about the majority of the Chinese suppliers present on legitimate Chinese wholesale websites? The best thing about them is that they can cater to small, medium and large businesses alike. Because of the infrastructure of most of the suppliers, they can provide you with 10 to 10000 units.

Remember, not all suppliers have this ability. You need to check with them before making a deal about the minimum and maximum quantity that they can offer.

Hence, scaling opportunities are present. If you have a spike in demand due to any reason, you can simply place a larger order.

Chapter 2: Top 8 Chinese Wholesale Websites to Order From

8 Chinese websites, online websites

Chinese wholesale websites offer an excellent opportunity to source some of the best products for your business. In this chapter, we will talk about the top 8 Chinese wholesale websites that are legitimate, reliable, verified and user-friendly.

1. Alibaba


Alibaba is listed as one of the giants in B2B online business. In fact, it is a game changer when it comes to introducing Chinese sellers to the world. Alibaba was established in 1999 by Jack Ma and his friends. Since then, it has come a long way.

Even people who are not related to the business world know about Alibaba. Before Alibaba, it was very difficult to communicate with Chinese vendors. Language barriers, geographical barriers and many more stood in the way of business.

Now, all you need to do is go on Alibaba and you can find a supplier of your choice very easily. Moreover, it offers a number of products like beauty, clothing, machinery etc. The Trustpilot reviews show how satisfied people are with their Alibaba experience.

alibaba reviews, alibaba website

Best of all, Alibaba suppliers offer both ODM and OEM services. To know about the difference between the two in detail, read our blog “ODM and OEM: What is the Difference Between Their Products?”


  • English Customer Support
  • Trade Assurance
  • Having extensive experience with international clients
  • Amazon Experience
  • International Shipping Methods
  • International payment methods


  • Pricing Inconsistency
  • Most of the prices and orders shown in the search results are just a placeholder to get the customer’s attention
  • High Minimum Order Quantities(MOQs)
  • Most of the suppliers are trading companies, not factories

a) Language

On Alibaba, you can communicate in 17 different languages. These include Spanish, German, Portuguese, English, Hindi, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Dutch, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Turkish and Indonesia. Consequently, you can talk in almost every language and these languages cover almost the entire world.

Even though the primary language of communication on Alibaba is English, you can still make purchases if you are not familiar with the language.

b) Verified Supplier Option/Trade Assurance

You can filter suppliers depending on the trade assurance option or verified suppliers’ option. The supplier supports Trade Assurance which is a free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery, you can also choose the verified supplier option which is a premium membership for high-level suppliers. Undoubtedly, these two options can make your buying process safer. You can know more about Alibaba Trade Assurance by studying our blog “Alibaba Trade Assurance: How to Protect Yourself from Scams.”

c) Type of Business

Identifying who is a trader or a manufacturer can become difficult for seasoned buyers too. Hence, it is important to know who you are dealing with. Alibaba helps you identify between a trader and a manufacturer easily. All you need to do is click on the company profile of a supplier and go to the company overview. In the company overview, click on the business type. Here, you can see whether the supplier is listed as a manufacturer, trading company or both.

alibaba manufacturer

Remember, you can’t be 100% sure about the nature of business. It is totally possible that a trader lists themselves as a manufacturer on Alibaba. Therefore, it is necessary to ask the right questions to make sure you are dealing with manufacturers.

d) Multiple Delivery Methods

Alibaba also offers multiple delivery methods which you can choose from. The different delivery methods you can choose from are explained below.

C.I.F (Cost – Insurance – Freight): It means that the person who will ship the goods is the one who will bear all the cost of the goods, insurance and shipping costs until they are ready for delivery at the port of the importer.

‏F.O. B – Free On Board: It means that the goods are the responsibility of the importer. When the goods are ready to be delivered to the exporter’s shipping dock, then the importer takes over insurance and shipping charges until arriving at the port of the importer and the importer bears the risk of loss if anything happens to the goods.

‏C & F (Cost – Freight): It means that the exporter bears the costs of the goods and the shipping charges, but the importer bears the insurance costs for the goods

C & I (Cost – Insurance): This means that the exporter bears the costs of the goods and insures them, but the importer bears the shipping costs from the port of the source to the port of the importer.

You can know more about the different delivery methods (shipping incoterms) by reading our blog “Shipping Incoterms: The 2022 Complete Guide

e) Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity is the lowest you need to order to do business. Generally, the MOQ is low for most of the items. However, there are many suppliers that have MOQ in the hundreds even. By using the MOQ option, you write the minimum quantity you need and search. After that, Alibaba will provide you with suppliers that can provide the quantity you are looking for.

f) Different Payment Methods

There are many different payment options you can choose from. For instance, online bank payment, MasterCard, Visa Card, T/T, Pay Later, MoneyGram, Western Union, Payment by site etc.

g) Contact Methods

alibaba contact

You can easily contact the suppliers in three different ways. Firstly, you can contact them by sending them a message. Secondly, you can also go online and chat with them there and then. Thirdly, you can call them directly if they give you the option to do so.

2. Aliexpress

Aliexpress is an online shopping store belonging to the Chinese Alibaba Group, which aims to challenge and compete with Internet giants such as Amazon and eBay. It enables small companies in China to sell their products to customers all over the world. Unlike Amazon or eBay.

If you browse some products on AliExpress, you will immediately notice that many products are at very cheap prices. This can leave one wondering why is this. Firstly, it is because you can buy directly from the manufacturer, which reduces the cost of selling to you. Secondly, most of the products are counterfeit or almost counterfeit as is the case with the fake GooPhone I5 iPhone. Additionally, the majority of the suppliers don’t even have a minimum order quantity as they cater to small businesses.

The Trustpilot reviews of Aliexpress can leave people confused. You will see that almost 80% of people have left good reviews. However, 17% have had a very bad experience and left 1-star reviews. As a result, the overall rating of Aliexpress is not good.

aliexpress reviews

Generally, the price of the items on Aliexpress is comparatively lower than the price you will find on other wholesale websites. The reason for this is that most items on the website are pre-made and the option of customization is not available. Why? Because most of the suppliers are middlemen.


  • Cheap prices compared to other websites
  • Free shipping
  • Buyer protection
  • Different payment methods & secure online payments.


  • The order might take a long time to arrive at the exact Address
  • Most suppliers don’t accept Paypal as a payment method.
  • Shipping time can take up to seven days to ship your order.

a) Languages

Aliexpress supports almost 16 international languages. You can choose from Turkish, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic and Polish. Moreover, you can also select which currency you want to buy in. This currency conversion allows for price comparison too.

aliexpress currency

b) Free Return Policy

Sometimes, you might not be satisfied with the items you have ordered. If you don’t like it or have any problems with it, you can always return it. The free return is quick and easy and you have to wait for as little as 15 to 30 days.

The items should NOT BE USED, washed and in their original condition if you want to avail of the free return policy.

c) Delivery Options

When it comes to delivery options, there are many a buyer can choose from. For instance, UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, TOLL, e-EMS, packet, China Post Registered Air Mail, Air Parcel (China Post), Ordinary Small Packet Plus (China Post), and Post Air Mail (Hong Kong).

Not only this but also the Post Air Parcel (Hong Kong), Singapore Post, Swiss Post, Sweden Post, Russian Air, Special Line-YW, DHL Global Mainland S.F. Express, etc

d) Minimum Order Quantity

aliexpress MOQ

As Aliexpress deals with smaller businesses, there is mostly no minimum order quantity for the products. The website is cheaper if you wholesale less pricey items in lower quantities. If you try to buy expensive items, the cost will increase drastically. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can even order one item.

e) Different Payment Methods

Aliexpress allows you to pay via 5 different methods that include Web money, credit card, wire transfer, Pay pal and Western Union.

For detailed information on Aliexpress and how to get your product dropshipped from there, you can read our blog “Aliexpress Dropshipping: What You Need to Know in 2023

f) Customization

Sadly, you will see that most of the suppliers on Aliexpress do not offer the option of customization. This is because if you are ordering small quantities, customization can become very expensive for them. Hence, they don’t offer it. However, you can check and ask them. For bulk orders, they might make exceptions.

If you want to know more about the different Chinese wholesale websites and how to order from them, you can contact our Sourcing Representative. She is here to help you and will make things easier. Book a free consultation today and get down to business.

sales manager

3. DHGate

DHgate is a Chinese wholesale shopping site that includes millions of products. It was created by Diane Wang in Beijing in August 2004. The website is a reliable communication bridge between Chinese companies and wholesalers. Additionally, it connects sellers and buyers from all over the world.

DHgate’s website specializes in the sale of electronic devices, smartphones, tablet PCs, all kinds of electronic cigarettes, wedding dresses, and clothing.

The website also has computer accessories, sports and leisure products, health and beauty articles, bags, shoes, everything related to home and garden, automobile and motorcycle accessories, and many other wholesale products.

To make a successful purchase, DHgateprovides you with many tools to ensure your purchase security, delivery times, payment methods, product quality, and also good prices. To know more about if Dhgate is legit and safe please check the link.

On Trustpilot, the reviews don’t look very positive. However, if you do your homework well, you might be able to get very good deals on the website.

positive reviews, DHGate reviews

negative review DHgate


  • Offers many more discounts and promotions than Alibaba
  • Best free use
  • DHgate offers active promotional codes
  • Good Quality
  • DHgate is more flexible in its payment structure


  • Offers many more discounts and promotions than Alibaba
  • Best free use
  • DHgate offers active promotional codes
  • Good Quality
  • DHgate is more flexible in its payment structure

a) Language Options

You can choose from 10 different languages. These are Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, English, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, German and French

b) Type of Business

Just like the other platforms, you can find 3 types of businesses operating on DHgate. Firstly, some manufacturers are directly selling their products to the customers. When it comes to price, they would be offering you the best prices. This is because there is no middleman involved and they are directly selling.

Secondly, there are trading companies that are dealing with multiple different products. Not many people like working with trading companies are they are not specialized in what they do. Thirdly, you will also find individual, small sellers on the website.

We always recommend ordering samples to check the product quality before making a bulk order.

c) Minimum Order Quantity

DHgate minimum order quantity, MOQ

Just like Aliexpress, DHGate does not have a large MOQ. In fact, you can even order one product from the sellers. Another interesting thing that you can see from the screenshot below is that on ordering more items, the seller is giving a very good discount. This is a very big plus point of DHgate. There are excellent discounts on purchasing more than one item.

d) Shipping Methods

Surprisingly, you will not find many suppliers that provide ocean shipping. This is because the website caters to small and individual businesses. Therefore, ocean delivery can become too expensive as the value and size of the product might be too small. Apart from this, you can choose from any courier service like DHL, FedEx, China Post, Epacket, UPS and EMS.

e) Payment Options

You can make payments for your products through different payment methods. These include West contact, bank transfer, Paypal and credit card.

f) Customization

Generally, suppliers don’t offer the option of customization. Furthermore, they hardly agree to send samples. But if you are about the make a deal, they will send samples over but for a price. Always check samples even if you have to pay from your pocket (which you mostly do)

g) Buyers Protection

To make the buying experience safe and secure for the users, DHGate has a buyer’s protection program. You can see what they offer in the program below. Moreover, to know more about DHGate in detail, you can check out What is DHGate: Is it Worth Buy From in 2023?

DHgate, Chinese wholesale website

4. Global Sources

best Chinese website, wholesale goods, global sources

Global sources are one of the most famous modern electronic markets, which allows individuals and entrepreneurs to source products locally and internationally. There are more than 10,000 Chinese suppliers present on the website.

If you check the Trustpilot of Sitejabber reviews, you will see that the reviews are not positive. Majority of the people don’t look satisfied with the website experience. Don’t worry.

global sources review

site jabber, review, global sources review

The reason for such low reviews is that hardly any people have left reviews. On Sitejabber, only 31 people have reviewed the website to date!


  • Low-cost manufacturing
  • Utilizing efficient supply chain management systems


  • Hidden costs related to different time zones and languages

a) Languages Offered

As of now, Global Sources only offers their website in 5 languages i.e. English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and French.

b) Business Type

You will find large manufacturers and traders on Global Sources. This is because the website takes a hefty fee from the suppliers that are registered on it. For this reason, it becomes difficult for smaller suppliers to register. Mostly, the sellers are manufacturers and traders.

c) Minimum Order Quantity

GS review, positive review, Chinese website reviews

On Global Sources, the MOQ is not determined by the supplier but by the product you are buying. Generally, different products have different MOQs. For instance, for electronics, the MOQ is in the hundreds. On the other hand, for household items, the MOQ might be 50. Similarly, for furniture, the MOQ is sometimes the size of a container. As you can see, the MOQ varies from 1 unit to 1000 units for the home décor items shown below.

You can even order samples. Some suppliers can provide samples for free as you can see in the picture below whereas some suppliers charge for samples. For this particular seller, the buyer needs to pay for the sample and the cost of shipping the sample

d) Payment Options

You can pay via bank transfer on the website. There is a payment policy that you will pay 30% payment upfront and the rest when the product is received.

e) Delivery Methods

You can get your shipment through courier and air service. For prompt delivery, express delivery is the best method to choose. It allows you to receive your products in 3-5 business days. Through air transport, it takes a maximum of 10 days. Ocean shipping takes anywhere from 25 days, depending on the destination country.

It is wide to choose the method of delivery depending on the volume and weight of the product. If we rank according to price, sea delivery is the cheapest whereas express delivery is the most expensive. However, sea delivery takes the longest while express delivery is the quickest.

f) Customization

Yes, you can find many suppliers that provide customization options for buyers.

5. Banggood

Founded in 2006, Banggood was initially a distributor of electronic goods in China. Over time it evolved into a large Chinese wholesale website for electronic goods with more than 200,000 products to offer.

Registering, in general, will not take more than a few minutes and does not need many steps only you need is an email, username, and password, in addition, you have the ability to register using your Facebook account. On Trustpilot, banggood has some really good reviews, showing that people are satisfied with their purchases from the website.

review of Chinese wholesale website


  • Fast delivery
  • Secured payment system
  • Various categories of products
  • Banggood dropship program


  • Intransparent Pricing
  • Most of the suppliers are trading companies, not factories

a) Language Options

Banggood offers its website in more than 20 different languages. This comes as a surprise as many large Chinese wholesale websites don’t have the option of so many languages. Apart from the common languages like English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi etc., you can also choose from some local regional languages.

b) Types of Return Options Available

If the items you received are not as the description, damaged, or not working, buyers are protected by Banggood Guarantee, you only need to contact them for a return within 7 days of the order being received.

  • No reason to return within 30 days: Many buyers are not satisfied with what they buy. If the product is still new, the website can arrange a partial refund, but you will pay the shipping fees to return it.
  • Incorrect package or Missing item(s): Always before signing the package, make sure the package is in good condition and confirm the contents. Ins the case of missing, you can ask for a refund. If you want the product and not the refund, the supplier will resend another free item for free within the warranty period.

c) Payment Options

With banggood, you can make payments through different methods For instance, Web money payment, Pay pal, GBpay payments, Wire transfer, UPI Payments, DOKU wallet, credit cards and many others.


The best thing about banggood is that they accept cash on delivery.

d) Shipment Options

Apart from standard shipping, all other shipment methods can be tracked. This means you will know where your shipment has reached at all times. If you become VIP level, you will be able to exchange your points for a discount of up to 20% off on the shopping cart page so you can get the best prices. The different shipment options are shown below.

banggood shipping

e) Minimum Order Quantity

Most suppliers don’t have a very strict MOQ. In fact, the majority of the suppliers allow you to order as low as even 1 product.

f) Customization

Generally, you will not see suppliers offering customization options. This is because of the low MOQ. Why would they spend their time, effort and money on customizing just one product? That just doesn’t make sense. However, if you are ordering in bulk, you can talk to them about customization.


1688, Chinese wholesale website, online Chinese wholesale, sourcing website

It is impossible not to mention when we are talking about Chinese wholesale websites. Undoubtedly, does not offer a lot of international shipping options. But, it is an excellent Chinese wholesale website to explore if you are interested in low-cost and high-quality items. On Sitejabber, people seem satisfied with their purchases from the website. To understand how to source from if you are not a Chinese local, you can see this video.

reviews, chinese wholesale website

Undoubtedly, provides some of the cheapest goods to its customers in the world. Hence, the website is worth mentioning.


  • Very low prices offered
  • Variety of products available
  • Full customization if available


  • Deals with domestic buyers only
  • A number of scammers are present on the site

a) Language Options

As it is directed towards local Chinese buyers and sellers, it supports only Chinese. You can use Google Translate to convert the website into English or any other language. But, all the conversations and dealings on the site are done in Chinese.

b) Business Types

Just like the others, the suppliers on are of three types. Trading companies, individuals and manufacturers. All the suppliers pass a verification check before they are allowed to sell on the website.

Remember, this does not mean that the suppliers are 100% legitimate and the website officials have gone and checked their factories etc. This just means that the suppliers are REAL PEOPLE.

c) Minimum Order Quantity

There is no set MOQ for any product. Each supplier has its own MOQ which they mention on the product page. It ranges from 1 item to 1000 items. Hence, you need to individually check each product page.

d) Payment Options

Understandably, only accepts payments from a Chinese card and not a foreign one. Currently, you can only pay through Alipay. So, how do you purchase goods if you are not in China? Read our article on “ Learn How Foreigners Can Buy Product from It” Even your PayPal account can be topped by a Chinese card.

The reason why they accept only Chinese bank cards is that the website is not meant for international import/export. It caters to only the domestic market.

e) Shipment Methods

The supplier will only provide delivery options within China. If you want international delivery, you can ask someone in China to place the order for you. Now, either you or the person who has purchased on your behalf can arrange for a separate freight forwarder to get the items shipped to you.

f) Customization

Usually, you will not get the option of customization on 1688. com. Still, there are some suppliers who do offer it. You need to contact them and check with them.

7. Made in China

Made in CHina, popular Chinese wholesale website

Made in China is an eCommerce such as other Chinese wholesale websites that enables global buyers to efficiently source products online direct from Chinese manufacturers. There are a lot of wholesale products available from which you can buy. A quick search on Sitejabber shows that people are generally satisfied with Made in China.

Chinese wholesale website review


  • Lower Costs
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Quicker Scaling
  • International Expansion
  • Quality of service


  • Finding a local manufacturing partner
  • English support customer
  • Buying Protection

a) Language Options

The website supports 11 different languages including Spanish, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, German, Italian and French. Hence, navigating the website from all over the globe becomes easier. These are the 11 major languages spoken in most of the countries of the world.

b) Business Type

On Made in China, you can choose between two types of suppliers. Firstly, there are manufacturers who have factories and manufacture products. Secondly, you can choose a trading company. At times, you will come across sellers who identify themselves as a trading company/manufacturer.

A trading company/manufacturer is a confusing term. Sellers who term themselves as traders and manufacturers both are manufacturers for some products and traders for others. You need to talk to them and find out which products they manufacture and which they trade.

c) Minimum Order Quantity

Generally, the minimum order quantity on Made in China depends on the type and volume of the product. For instance, for larger products that are on the heavier side, the minimum order quantity is low as you can see below.

On the other hand, for products that are cheaper and on the lighter side, the MOQ is high around 300 – 1000 pieces. Hence, it depends on the type of product you are buying.

d) Shipping Methods

You can choose between three different modes of transport. These are by express delivery, air and sea freight. As always, your choice of shipment should depend on your product and how soon you need it. For details on which method to select, read our blog “How to Choose the Best Shipping Methods from China.”

We highly recommend getting your shipment insured.

e) Payment Options

Suppliers of Made in China accept multiple payments. You can choose from Paypal, L/C, D/P, T/T, Money Gram and even Western Union.

f) Customization

You do get a customization option with suppliers on Made in China. You can hit the customization request to talk to them and decide on what customization they provide. Moreover, you can also negotiate on the total cost.

8. YiwuGO

best chinese wholesale website, Yiwugo, Chinese website

If you are looking for anything but electronic products, do visit The reason for this is that you will hardly find any electronics in Yiwu. The electronics market is centred in Shenzhen, China. Yiwugo covers all products from the 5 zones of the Yiwu International Market. Thus, it has more than 3 million products to offer to buyers.


  • Many different product categories
  • Multiple suppliers
  • Competitive prices
  • Easy delivery options


  • Language barrier

a) Language Options

Currently, there are just 2 language options on the website. You can use the website in English and Chinese. Therefore, global users have an issue with the language barrier while using the website.

b) Business Type

Just like the others, there are three business types on Yiwugo. These are trading companies, manufacturers and factory owners.

c) Minimum Order Quantity

Some suppliers haven’t mentioned their minimum order quantity on the product page. You will have to message and confirm with them.

d) Shipping Methods

Just like all the above, there are many different shipping methods they offer.

e) Payment Methods

The website does not support any sort of direct payment. Any payment is made first by contacting the supplier. After you discuss with the supplier, you can pay via bank transfer, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram and Pay pal

f) Customization

 You can get any sort of customization done. All you need to do is talk to the supplier.

Chapter 3: 5 Scams to Avoid while Dealing with Chinese Wholesale Websites

Chinese wholesale website scam, scammer, scam

Even though the websites provide you with different buyer protection programs and legitimacy checks, there is no guarantee that you will not be scammed. However cautious the websites and the sellers are, cybercriminals always find a way to exploit consumers’ data and cards. These scammers seem so genuine that it becomes difficult even for seasoned buyers to become a victim.

To know more about the multiple scams that can happen, contact our Sourcing Representative today. Book your free appointment and talk about these scams. Moreover, you can also read our articles on what are the different e-commerce website scams and how to avoid them.

1. Brand Impersonation

This is the most common scam online. There are many sellers and suppliers that pose to be someone else. Additionally, these scams are the most difficult to pinpoint too. Cybercriminals can also hack company information and send official emails to you and pose to be a proper company.

The way out of this is to communicate with them. Secondly, you can also go and visit in person. If that is not possible, you can hire a sourcing agent like Ejet Sourcing to do everything on your behalf.

2. Low Price Scam

Another scam is when they offer very low prices. This shows that either their product is not of good quality or they are faking it. You need to understand that offering a very low price may sound lucrative but it is not possible that a legitimate supplier offers much less than the market price.

3. The Cost Scam

Chinese suppliers as a rule will wish to process in FOB (Free On Board) because this will allow them to benefit from an abatement on the export tax.

FOB means that he agrees to deliver the goods to you at the port of embarkation, you will then have to cover all costs and responsibilities from the port in China to your exact address.

This covers several costs that can be found in a quote from a forwarder, or from a logistics provider.

  • Loading costs
  • Cost of sea freight. This remains the most expensive, which will be billed in tonnage or volume.
  • Cost of insurance, a percentage of the value of the cargo.
  • Landing fees
  • Customs fees
  • Delivery to your address
  • Additional processing fees.

Conveniently, the supplier does not include all these costs in the final price.

To avoid this scam, remember to ask the supplier for a cost breakdown. Be sure to ask them to include all the above prices to come to a final price per unit.

4. Quality Trap

There are many counterfeits in China: beware. A large number of products are counterfeit products and although they look exactly like the originals, there is often something wrong with them. Generally, you can spot a counterfeit by ordering a sample. Otherwise, a product that is very low cost as compared to the prevalent market price might also be a counterfeit.

Chapter 4: FAQs Regarding Chinese Wholesale Websites


1. How Do You Know that a Supplier Will Deliver a Low-Quality Product?

If it seems that the price of a product is too good to be true, there must be something wrong. Mostly, to cut down on price, the manufacturer compromises on the quality of the product. Secondly, if the product images are blurry, there is a chance that they will deliver a lower quality.

2. How Can You Check the Legitimacy of a Supplier on Chinese Wholesale Website?

Firstly, you can check the reviews on the e-commerce website. Secondly, you can go online on different social media platforms and check the reviews. Talk to the previous clients of those suppliers if possible.

3. Can You Buy Online from China or Visiting Necessary?

It is not necessary to go to China to buy the products. There are certain B2B and B2C websites from which you can order wholesale. For instance, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Made in China etc all these websites cater to both domestic and international importers.

4. Are All Products from China Fake and Cheap?

No, not all products sourced from China are fake. Surely, you can find different qualities of products but that does not mean that they are fake. If you see a supplier selling an LV bag for even half the price, you need to understand that it is fake. Brands don’t sell their products on e-commerce websites. In fact, they have their own outlets and websites where they sell their products. Thus, you can find the first copies or fakes of brands on Chinese wholesale websites but not the original ones.

5. Are Trade Fairs Good for New Entrepreneurs?

Yes. If you have the opportunity to attend a Chinese trade fair, you must do so. Attending one provides a very amazing platform to see new products and market trends, meet multiple suppliers, peers and similar businesses and much more. To know more about the Chinese Trade Fairs, you can see our blog on “Top 10 China Trade Fairs to Attend in 2023


This blog contains information about the top 8 Chinese wholesale websites that are excellent platforms to source products from. Not only have we included information about the websites, but we have also included some scams to avoid.

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