There are a lot of Chinese wholesale websites to buy products from for your business on Amazon, eBay, Shopify or any business, but the difference between them is the quality of products, cheap prices and discounts, the shortest period in delivering, the website reviews and the most important thing is: are these websites reliable and good to buy from or not.

Generally today we will talk about the top 8 Chinese Wholesale websites that convenient for your business from China or other website countries.

Alibaba is a Chinese origin site founded on 4 April 1999 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang by a man called “JackMa” and his team of 17 friends and students.

It’s one of the most important largest Chinese retailer and e-commerce B2B companies in the world. It offers a lot of products with the possibility of negotiating with the seller, then to reach the price that you see appropriate.  As it contains a lot of products offered by different sellers, you can get a lot of special offers for bulk buying.

To make a successful buying from China, the Alibaba website provides you many tools to ensure your buying safety, delivery time, payment methods, quality of the products, and also good prices.

Alibaba wholesale website

Website Pros Cons
  • English Customer Support
  • Trade Assurance
  • Having extensive experience with international clients
  • Amazon Experience
  • International Shipping methods
  • International payment methods
  • Intransparent Pricing
  • Most of the prices and orders shown in the search results are just a placeholder to get the customer’s attention
  • High Minimum Order Quantities(MOQs)
  • Most of suppliers are trading companies not factories

1. Make your buying from Chinese websites safe

  • Supplier types

You can filter suppliers depending on the trade assurance option or verified suppliers’ option.

The supplier supports Trade Assurance which is a free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery, you can also choose the verified supplier option which is a premium membership for high-level suppliers, The two options can make your buying safer.

alibaba trade assurance

  • Supplier Country/Region

Alibaba provides you this tool to filter your suppliers by country or region.

Min. Order

By using the min.order option, you write the minimum quantity you need and search, Alibaba will provide you suppliers that can provide the quantity you are looking for.

  • Price

The price option is for writing your price and Alibaba will filter all suppliers that have the same price.

  • Ready to ship

This option can filter for your suppliers that have stocks and their products are ready to ship to your country.

  • Management Certification

Many suppliers have different certifications and the management certification is a good option to filter suppliers that provides certifications such as ISO9001, FSC, ISO14001, BSCI…

  • Product Certification

Using this option can let you filter products that have certifications such as CE, CCC, ROHS, FCC, LIL… Sample Order.

This option is to filter suppliers that can give samples for free and also paid samples if that necessary.

2. Choose the best delivery method
alibaba trade assurance

The most popular term used on Alibaba is the term FOB, all suppliers prove the basic prices with a FOB price.

  • C.I.F (Cost – Insurance – Freight )

‏It means that the person who will ship the goods is the one who will bear both the cost of the goods, insurance and shipping costs until they are ready for delivery at the port of the importer.

  • ‏F.O.B – Free On Board

‏It means that the goods are the responsibility of the importer when the goods are ready to be delivered to the exporter’s shipping dock, then the importer takes over insurance and shipping charges until arriving at the port of the importer and the importer bears the risk of loss if anything happens to the goods.

  • ‏C & F (Cost – Fright)

‏It means that the exporter bears the costs of the goods and the shipping charges, but the importer bears the insurance costs for the goods

  • ‏C & I (Cost – Insurance)

That is, the exporter bears the costs of the goods and insures them, but the importer bears the shipping costs from the port of the source to the port of the importer.

2. Choose the best payment method

There are three ways to pay on Alibaba:

The first: payment by the site and this method is preferred for beginners, especially because they have little knowledge of distinguishing guaranteed companies

Second: cash payment through the bank in advance

Third: Payment by documentary credit

3. Choose the quality products

As we mentioned before, using trade assurance and verified supplier options will help you to guarantee the quality of the products.

4. Get the best prices

As we know, always the prices are related to the quantity of the products more the quantity is big more the prices decrease.

Alibaba is a site that includes thousands of companies and factories from all over the world, and of course, most of them are from China.

This site was established in 1999 and its headquarters are located in Hang Zhao, the headquarters of its founder, along with branches around the world in several countries.

Today, it is the largest trade site among companies in the world, and all products that you can think of can be found ( factory or source) on this site, “Ali Baba”.

AliExpress is an online shopping store belonging to the Chinese Alibaba Group, which aims to challenge and compete with Internet giants such as Amazon and eBay

It enables small companies in China to sell their products to customers all over the world. Unlike Amazon or eBay.

If you browse some products on AliExpress, you will immediately notice that many products are at very cheap prices. but why? There are two possibilities that are not third.

The first possibility is that you buy directly from the manufacturer, which reduces the cost of selling to you, and also the production costs in China are less compared to other industrialized countries. It may also contribute to poor enforcement of intellectual property laws.

The second possibility of a cheap price is that the products are either counterfeit or almost counterfeit as is the case with the fake GooPhone I5 iPhone.

China is known to be a hotbed of counterfeit and counterfeit products, and AliExpress is no exception, you can get all kinds of fake products in China with the cheapest prices.

All products on AliExpress have an estimated delivery time on the product page, usually 20 to 60 days. Yes, two months is a long time to wait for a product online, the average time for some purchases took about two weeks to a month.

To make a successful buying, AliExpress provides you many tools to ensure your buying safety, delivery time, payment methods, quality of the product.


Website Pros Cons
  • Cheap prices compared to another website
  • Free shipping
  • Buyer protection
  • Different payment methods & secure online payments.
  • The order might take a long time to arrive at the exact Address
  • Most suppliers don’t accept Paypal as a payment method.
  • Shipping time can take up to seven days to ship your order.

1. Make your buying safe When buying from China wholesale websites

Making buyers safe are the main goals of any website and Aliexpress is one of them.

2. Chinese websites Free Return

After placing the order and receiving your items, you may not like it or have problems, as long as it is not used, unwashed and in its original condition, the “free return” service can allow the item to be returned to the seller before 15 days after the day you get the item, some suppliers allow 30 days. It’s easy and fast.

3. Chinese websites Delivery methods

Aliexpress supported many shipping methods, Every supplier can choose from the following express shipping options: UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, TOLL, e-EMS, packet, China Post Registered Air Mail, Air Parcel(china post), Ordinary Small Packet Plus(china post), Post Air Mail(HongKong).

Not only this but also the Post Air Parcel(HongKong), Singapore Post, Swiss Post, Sweden Post, Russian Air, Special Line-YW, DHL Global Mailand S.F. Express, etc

4. Money Back Guarantee

After returning the item to the supplier that is not as described, you have the possibility to ask him to send another item or ask your money back, after the claim process finishes, you can get a refund 15 days or 30 days depends on the supplier conditions.

Please note that not all countries on AliExpress include the Free Return service. At present, the support countries are United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, and Russia.

5. Choose The Best Payment Method

Aliexpress payment methods are many and here the following options to pay your orders using the app or the website:

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover card and Diners Club card, American Express, QIWI, Boleto, ban contact, iDeal, Przelewy24, SMS Payment in Russia(MTC), MegaFon, Beeline, TELE2) and AliExpress Pocket.


6. Choose the quality products

the most important things, Before starting any purchase, when you see an item you want to buy From Aliexpress, always check the review and the ratings, many buyers will make a good or a bad review for the same item you want to buy.

Another thing you need to do is to check and read the description, sometimes the seller might be alerting you to an important bit of information that you cannot afford to ignore and you have to take it n consideration before buying.

7. Get the best prices

Stay informed about promotions on AliExpress is one of the best options to get good prices, once you have created an account with Aliexpress, you will keep updated on the latest deals and offers via email.

Getting coupons also is a good way to have discounts on your buying products.

With AliExpress, Chinese customers are not allowed to purchase from the platform, although most retailers are Chinese themselves and the site is intended for foreign clients from all over the world.

DHgate is a Chinese wholesale shopping site that includes millions of products. It was created by Diane Wang in Beijing in August 2004.
dhgate wholesale website

Website Pros Cons
  • Offers many more discounts and promotions than Alibaba
  • Best free use
  • DHgate offers active promotional codes
  • Good Quality
  • DHgate is more flexible in its payment structure
  • Offers many more discounts and promotions than Alibaba
  • Best free use
  • DHgate offers active promotional codes
  • Good Quality
  • DHgate is more flexible in its payment structure

The letters “DH” in DHgate refer to Dunhuang, a Chinese city in the contemporary province of Gansu.

The website is a reliable communication bridge between Chinese companies and wholesalers, and between customers and buyers from all over the world.

DHgate website specializes in the sale of electronic devices, smartphones, tablet PCs, or what is called a tablet and all kinds of electronic cigarettes, wedding dresses, and clothing.

The website also has computer Accessories, networks, all electronic products, sport and leisure products, health and beauty articles, bags, shoes, everything related to home and garden, automobile and motorcycle accessories, and many other wholesale products.

To make a successful purchase, DHgateprovides you with many tools to ensure your purchase security, delivery times, payment methods, product quality, and also good know more about if Dhgate legit and safe please check the link.

1. Secure your purchases while buying from China wholesale websites

You may ask how does DHgate protects buyers?

Each website has its own terms and policies which protect all rights of the buyer in the event of a problem in the future and here is how DHgate protects your rights:

-You can open a dispute and submit a proposal in the event of a problem, but before that, it is better to contact the seller, if you have not received your order in time, or if the order does not conform to the description.

-If you are not satisfied with the solution offered by the seller, then send the dispute to DHgate, it will arbitrate on your behalf, based on the evidence gathered from you and the seller and the money will be refunded in case of fault of the seller.

Choose the best delivery time

2. Chinese wholesale website’s best payment methods

All websites in china provide the same options for payment, and for your safety, better making the payments using the DHgate platform.

DHgate holds the payment during the transaction and releases the payment after the buyer confirms the delivery of their order(s).

Do not make any direct payment to any sellers and do not confirm the delivery if you do not receive the order, If no you will assume all responsibilities, and DHgate will not be responsible for any future issues between you and the supplier.

3. Choose Quality And Right Suppliers

As we mention before, Before deciding to place an order, we always advise to check the seller’s information, Transaction, Customer “feedback”, Detailed seller ratings, you can check many sellers and make comparisons between them before you choose the quality and right one to order from.

dhgate buyer protection

4. Get The Best Prices

In China or anywhere, Always China wholesale website’s purchases go through negotiations, there is no official and standard pricing, you contact the seller and negotiate to get the best prices.

Gearbest is one of the largest Chinese wholesale websites that started its B2C since 2014, especially in the field of electronic devices, whether personal or home (mobile devices – smartwatches – accessories and others).

The site is distinguished by the diversity of payment methods, including credit cards + Paypal + cash, as well as you can pay via your points that you get upon registration after you complete your profile to buy products and write your review about them.

Here is a list of promotional offers for GearBest that the site offers on various occasions.

Gearbest warehouses are located in many countries (China – Hong Kong -America – Britain – Spain).

To devilry products from the Chinese warehouse, you affront many options, and the priority line shipping method is the best method because your order will be shipped fast such as Aramex (low or free shipping charges).

Using the express shipping company as DHL will cost you a lot of additional expenses other more than your customs

Ta makes a successful buying, Gearbest provides you many tools to ensure your buying safety, delivery time, payment methods, quality of the products, and also good prices.

Website Pros Cons
  • Lowest Shipping Charges.
  • Trade Insurance to cover you up.
  • Cheap Prices of Featured Brands and Promotions.
  • Quality.
  • No sellers, no stores, Only Gearbest
  • Strict Return / Refund Policy
  • Less Variety Than Aliexpress

1. Make Your Buying Safe

All Chinese wholesale websites try to make buyers like their products as much as the Gearbest website, all of the items they ship have passed rigorous quality control inspections, and their guarantees guarantee you a fantastic gadget experience while offering you complete peace of mind.

Most items sold by Gearbest are covered by the following full product warranties:

1. DOA(Dead on Arrival)
2. Money-Back Guarantee(45 Day)
3. Warranty Of One YearAnd Free Repair
4. Warranty Exemptions and Notes
6. Missing items, wrong items or package sent(return, repair, and refund)
8. Returns and Compensation Process
9.Technical Support

2. China Wholesale Website’s Best Delivery Time

The china wholesale website can deliver the package to most countries in the world.


3. Choose the Best Payment Method

Buying from Gearbest is very safe such as other Chinese wholesale websites, fast, and convenient and to make life easier, the china wholesale website accepts a number of secure payment methods designed to be completely safe and friendly.

PayPal remains the most widely used and convenient form of payment when buyers buy online.

and Gearbest uses PayPal to process secure payments. By PayPal, they accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and bank transfer.

4. Choose Quality Products

Always when buyers decide to buy small or big quantities from china, they ask first for a sample to check if the quality is the same as that you are looking for.

5. Get the Best Prices

When we are talking about small or big wholesale quantities, all the Chinese wholesale websites have the most reasonable prices for their customers.

Gearbest provides a good option” deal” where can you check and find your items with discounts as the picture shown.

gearbest wholesale website

Wish shopping website is a website created in 2010 by PiotrSzulczewski (CEO) and Danny Zhang (former CTO).

It specializes in shopping online as itis an integrated store for all commodities and allows members to access thousands of different products from different categories, all at very low prices.

this site is an excellent store that customers can hunt deals from China and other countries directly, includes hundreds of different stores and millions of products from all over the world and compared to other online shopping sites.

The Wish shopping site allows you to experience your shopping from the internet using unique things concern products that depend on your previous purchases, as well as products that you see and reject and more products that interest you about this in a moment.

You can even save your favorite products to your wish list and buy them later. Or share it with others through Facebook.

whish wholesale website

a make a successful buying, Wish provides you many tools to ensure your buying safety, delivery time, payment methods, quality of the products, and also good prices.

Website Pros Cons
  • Cheap prices
  • Wide products to choose from
  • Different payment method
  • Customer support issues
  • Quality not guaranteed
  • Delivery Issues
  • Delivery cost is steep

1. Make Your Buying Safe

The easiest way to avoid using the refund and dispute process is to find reputable sellers.

To make safe and successful buying, check suppliers that have satisfied customers in the past, buy checking the reviews, otherwise you will face many problems.

2. Choose The Best Delivery Time

Depending on your delivery address and store location, your order can be shipped from a variety of locations.

Once the package reaches your country, it will be delivered to your local carrier for the last stage of delivery.

some items can be shipped directly by DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Delivery may require signature confirmation depending on the delivery service used.

3. Choose The Best Payment Method

Wish supports the following paymentmethods: 联动支付 (UMPAY) – 直达中国 账户, PayEco (易 联 支付), AllPay,Payoneer, PayPal, or PingPong – 直达中国 账户.

4. Choose Quality Products

In this case, it’s better to pay more attention to customer reviews than the product descriptions.

Always Don’t Ignore Reviews and find products that are verified by wish shoppers, which means items that received positive reviews from other buyers.

One of the most problems on Wish is product descriptions and images are incorrect, Descriptions aren’t always correct, the images can make the product look better than it actually is in the reality, so make sure and ask the seller about this point before placing the order.

5. Get The Best Prices

Wish prices are fixed by the suppliers same as other Chinese wholesale websites, but you can always contact suppliers and ask for discounts, also the website can provide discounts and run promotions, so you can profit using it.

Banggood is a Chinese website that was founded in 2006, before, it will know for its confidence and its desire to satisfy customers, it was a distributor of electronic products and computers, then it developed into a large electronic store that contains nearly two hundred thousand products that include all kinds of classifications.

Registering, in general, will not take more than a few minutes and does not need many steps only you need is an email, username, and password, in addition, you have the ability to register using your Facebook account.

banggood wholesale websites

Banggood site offers some new features in terms of shipping, such as free shipping with a short arrival time (35 days)compared to a site like Ali Express, which has an arrival time of free shipping reaches (60 days).

Banggood introduced new features to users such as the feature of payment upon receipt also the payment via Paypal.

To make a successful buying, Alibaba provides you many tools to ensure your buying safety, delivery time, payment methods, quality of the products, and also good prices.

Website Pros Cons
  • Fast delivery
  • Secured payment system
  • Various categories of products
  • Banggood dropship program
  • Intransparent Pricing
  • Most of suppliers are trading companies not factories

1. Make your buying safe

Like any website, bang good has its own terms and policies to protect the buyers and make their buying more safe and successful with facing any issues, and here Banggood guarantees & Return policy:

2. Product Guarantee 7days

If the items you received are not as the description, damaged, or not working, buyers are protected by Banggood Guarantee, you only need to contact them for Return within 7 days of the order being received.

-No reason return within 30day

Many buyers are not satisfied with what they bought if the product still new, the website can arrange a partial refund, but you will pay the shipping fees to return it.

-Incorrect package or Missing item(s)

Always before signing the package, make sure the package is in good condition and confirm the contents, in case of missing, you can ask the refund or the supplier will resend another free item for free within the warranty period that the supplier offers for his customers.

Repair Period & Warranty Exemptions

repair warranty

3. Choose the best delivery time

After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, as well as another e-mail after your order, has been shipped.

After your order has been shipped you will get a tracking number for your product so you can track and know where your products are.

payment methods shipping methods for countries

Please note that this Chinese wholesale website can ship the products to almost every country and can offer a free shipping service for most of them, but they do not ship to South Sudan, Yemen, Crimea, and Syria.

4. Choose the best payment method

Here are the payment options that Banggood provides for its customers:

payment method

  • Choose Quality Products
  • Get the best prices
  • Negotiate the prices with the suppliers
  • Before accepting the final price, it will be better if you send a request price for asking for discounts.
  • Points and coupons

If you become VIPlevel, you will be able to exchange your points for a discount of up to 20% off on the shopping cart page so you can get the best prices.

Finally, it was very good for the Chinese wholesale websites to make a special and apparent link to the Drop Shipping service to enable those who wish to sell online to start marketing and selling products, although many other international websites offer the same service but do not display it in this way.

Here also some Chinese wholesale websites that we recommend for you:

Made In China

The Made-in-China platform was created in1998 AD and has now become the world’s first B2B portal, made in China com is an eCommerce such as other Chinese wholesale websites that enable global buyers to efficiently source products online direct from Chinese manufacturers.

made in china Chinese wholesale websites

Website Pros Cons
Made in China
    • Lower Costs
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Quicker Scaling
    • International Expansion

Quality of service

    • Finding a local manufacturing partner
    • English support customer
    • Buying Protection

Different Shipping and Logistics ways

These steps will explain to you how does it work :

  • Step1

Create a free account it just takes a few minutes to become a made in China member.

  • Step2

Use the website’s product search tool to search for products and/or suppliers, just type in the product description in the search tool to get your results, the Chinese wholesale website offers a vast array of products and over eight leading industries.

  • Step3

You can contact suppliers via the Chinese wholesale website Once you find a product or supplier you’re interested in, to get more information to send suppliers all your questions and requirements such as quotes on prices and shipping costs you can contact one supplier at a time or many suppliers all at once.

Global Sources

Global sources are one of the most famous modern electronic markets, which allows individuals and entrepreneurs to source products locally and internationally.

globalsources Chinese wholesale websites

Website Pros Cons
Global Sources
  • Low-cost manufacturing
  • Utilizing efficient supply chain management systems
    Hidden costs related to different time zones and languages

Search for your main product and find a reliable supplier with good transaction history, contact the supplier to negotiate the unit price, minimum order, and shipping method and also use the various low-risk payment methods provided, here some steps explained how can use the Chinese wholesale websites.

  • Step1

Create an account on the Global sources and go to the home page.

  • Step2

There are several ways to Find production Global sources. The simplest way is to enter keywords or phrases in the product search bar on the home page, many products will appear, you only need to check and choose the right one that meets your needs.

You can search by suppliers and exhibitors, this tool You can choose the “Suppliers or exhibitors” tab next to the search bar instead of searching by product, These options will appear as a specialist of the product you are trying to buy.

  • Step3

Request a quote request, always before placing the order, request the price that suits your needs, and compare direct prices from several suppliers.

Click on the “Get the latest price” option and create your item in the space provided.

  • Step 4

Check your reseller pages and make sure the”Verification Badge” is available, log into your reseller pages after finding them through globalsources’s search tools, and make sure you are dealing with trusted suppliers.

Despite the multiplicity of Chinese wholesale websites, there are many problems that the buyer faces, and this is due to many reasons, which we will discuss later in a new topic.

‎‏To avoid all these problems، ِEjet sourcing as an Agent in china will provide you the best solutions to make your sourcing from china very successful and saving your money and time.

Tips About China Wholesale Website

1. The price trap

Everyone knows that the prices of Chinese suppliers are lower than Western suppliers. But be careful, you have to compare what is comparable, that is to say on equal products.
To compare prices, you have to make sure that the product meets all the quality requirements.

2. The traps of transport

Chinese suppliers as a rule will wish to process in FOB (Free On Board) because this will allow them to benefit from an abatement on the export tax.

FOB means that he agrees to deliver the goods to you at the port of embarkation, you will then have to cover all costs and responsibilities from the port in China to your exact address.
This covers several costs that can be found in a quote from a forwarder, or from a logistics provider.

  • 1- Loading costs
  • 2- Cost of sea freight. This remains the most expensive, which will be billed in tonnage or volume.
  • 3- Cost of insurance, a percentage of the value of the cargo.
  • 4- Landing fees
  • 5- Customs fees
  • 6- Delivery to your address.
  • 7- Additional processing fees.

3. The quality trap

This is a major problem. here are several recurring issues:

First, counterfeits in China: beware. A large number of products are counterfeit products and although they look exactly like the originals, there is often something wrong with them.

To avoid these Customs controls the quality of the problems of the products, it is necessary to make tests, to request samples, if possible straight out of the factory.

After inspection, it is easy to find the anomalies and this greatly avoids being fooled.

4. Avoid scams!

You can find several types of scams in China:

First, a shell company that wants to cash the first transfer. It is fairly easy to spot because you have to visit the factory before buying to be sure it exists.

If you do not want to go there, you can be represented by a quality or sourcing company. Otherwise, one can always verify that the bank account corresponds to a company registered with the Chinese Minister of Commerce.


Despite the multiplicity of Chinese wholesale websites, there are many problems that the buyer faces, and this is due to many reasons, which we will discuss later in a new topic.

‎‏To avoid all these problems، ِEjet sourcing as an Agent in china will provide you the best solutions to make your sourcing from china very successful and saving your money and time.