Are you shipping from China to UK ports?

 You don’t know which Port you can ship to?

Shipping is a complex business. There are many considerations to make, such as port options and costs, duties and taxes, insurance, and what the destination countries need your products to look like when they arrive.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the different ports that you can ship goods to in the UK.

Shipping from one country to another is a complicated process, and knowing which specific port you should use is important.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: The Top 10 UK Ports You Need to Know

Chapter 2: Shipping  From China to UK Ports

Chapter 3: Frequently Asked Question About Uk Ports

Chapter 1: The Top 10 UK Ports You Need to Know

ports in UK

The United Kingdom has 29 ports, but only 10 of these are used for international shipping.

1. The Port of Felixstowe

The Port of Felixstowe is a seaport in the United Kingdom that is operated by Associated British Ports on the south coast of England, near Ipswich.

It consists of three piers serving the port – one operational, two former operational.

he port is the United Kingdom’s second busiest container port and manages about 10 million tons of cargo each year.

2. The Port of Southampton

Southampton is a port city located in the Eastleigh district of Hampshire, England.

It is situated on Southampton Water and largely developed over the last century.

One of the world’s two busiest container ports, it is also home to a cruise ship terminal, and with its rail connections from London Waterloo, Southampton ranks as one of the most important ports in Europe.

 The Port of Southampton handles imports of consumer goods, including cars, electronics, food and raw materials.

3. The Port of Tilbury

The Port of Tilbury is the busiest port in England and handles more than 10,000 vessels each year.

The Port of Tilbury handles cargo from all over the world, including food and other goods for companies in Europe and North America.

with approximately 8.5 million tonnes of cargo handled every year.

This activity has a significant impact on the local economy and provides employment to many people across the region.

Through its operations, Tilbury has a turnover of around $2 billion annually.

4. The Port of Grangemouth

The Port of Grangemouth is a major port in Scotland and the most important UK port for exporting coal to Europe.

It handles around 29 million tonnes of coal every year, which is about 20% of UK coal exports. At its peak, the Port of Grangemouth’s workforce was around 3,500 people.

However, due to the decline in demand for coal and competition from other ports in Scotland, this had dropped to around 1,000 people by 2014.

The Port of Grangemouth has been deteriorating over the past few years but it remains an important point of trade for Scotland.

5. London Gateway Port

uk ports

London Gateway Port is a new port in London that will create a complex of integrated logistics and cargo handling, rail manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

The port will enable international trade to be more globally competitive and more efficient.

With the increase in global demand for resources and goods, this new port will provide significant benefits to UK operators by increasing capacity, export intensiveness, and throughputs for their cargoes.

6. The port of Immingham

The port of Immingham is the largest port on the Humber estuary in England and serves as a major gateway for trade, industry and tourism.

It was founded in 1858 with the opening of the line to Driffield, which had been opened by the York & North Midland Railway in 1846 and became part of the Great Central Railway in 1902.

 It is one of the most important ports on the United Kingdom’s transport network.

The port provides employment and economic benefit to both the north east Lincolnshire and south Yorkshire regions which are close by.

6. The Port of Tees

The Port of Tees is one of the largest ports in Europe and Northern Ireland, but they are also the most environmentally-friendly port in the world.

They have a different environmental agenda than other ports, including reducing their carbon footprint by 80% by 2050.

So you can enjoy this place that serves as a hub for the U.K.’s maritime industry while knowing you’re making a difference to our planet at the same time!

8. The Port of London

The Port of London is the most important and busiest port in the world.

The port unites over 70 businesses and employs over 85,000 people.

It handles 3 million passengers a day and 20.7 million tons of cargo each year

In 2014 alone, it transported over 284 million metric tons of cargo and handled more than 46 million passengers.

 It is also the largest hub for road freight transport in Europe.

9. Port of Liverpool

The Port of Liverpool is the UK’s second busiest container port and serves many industries, including metal, chemicals, fertilizer and paper.

 It has a long history and was first opened in 1819. In 1897 the site became the world’s first industrial zone and in 1904 it was recognized as one of Europe’s finest ports because of its deep-water access to the Atlantic Ocean.

It declining from a capacity of 5.3 million tons in 1964 to 3.1 million tons in 2012.

10. The Port of Milford Haven

The Port of Milford Haven is a deep-water port in Milford Haven, Wales.

 In the year 2002 the Port handled over 1.3 million tonnes of cargo and more than 2.6 million passengers with approximately 17,000 containers and 6,000 vehicles passing through its gates on any given day.

It has two main jetties, one inside and one outside the harbour mouth at Capel Curig.

The port has become an important stop-off point for many shipping lines that carry food, chemicals, raw materials and finished goods from all over the world.

Chapter 2: Shipping  From China to UK Ports

shipping from china to uk

1. Types of Shipping Methods

There are many different methods of shipping to the United Kingdom, including airmail, parcel post, and registered mail.

There are also methods that include a combination of these types of shipping. The United States Post Office offers a number of international shipping options.

These include Express Mail Service, Priority Mail International, and International Priority Airmail. These options can be used for shipping to the United Kingdom.

Other ways of sending shipments include using UPS or FedEx as a shipper. Both UPS and FedEx offer services that allow for their packages to be delivered by a third-party shipping company.

These companies are hired as the primary means of shipping for a parcel.The United States Post Office is one of the most trusted channels to ship internationally.

UPS or FedEx can be another good option when it comes to sending packages internationally. The U.S. Postal Service is one of the most trusted shipping companies in the world, but it can be expensive.

There are other options for cheap international shipping if the United States Postal Service is too expensive.

Using a courier as shipping service is becoming more popular, and it saves both time and money.

Regular shipping will be around five to 10 days, depending on how close you are to the destination.

2. Costs of Shipping with Different Ports

Costs of Shipping from china to uk ports

It’s important to know what port you’re going to ship to in the UK.

You may be able to save on shipping costs by using a different port, or an individual destination like Belgium.

 If you’re shipping with us, we can tell you the costs of shipping to your destination.

Our website will give you an estimate based on your order total, the weight of the items and where you’re shipping to.

For example, if an item weighs 2kg (4 .4 pounds) and you’re shipping to France, the shipping charge will be $29.00 USD.

 If you’re shipping to Belgium, it will be $29.00 USD and so on.

The shipping rate will be shown on your shopping cart after you add the item to it.The item shipping cost is based on the weight of the item.

3. Factors to Consider Before Shipping to UK Ports

Before you ship your product to the UK, there are a few factors that you should consider. The first one is where does the product originate from?

 If it comes from the United States, then the UK would be a good option because of the proximity and generally easier shipping logistics.

 If you need to import your products into Europe, then the Netherlands or Belgium are both good options.

In terms of customs clearance, UK’s Customs is known for its ease and convenience.

They are known for providing a much more efficient and faster clearance for shipments that originate from the United States.

In terms of determining shipping charges, you can compare the rates and calculate accordingly.

Chapter 3: Frequently Asked Question About Uk Ports

faqs about uk ports

1. How long does it take to ship to the UK?

Shipments to the United Kingdom typically take between 3-5 days, if contact is made within 24 hours of order confirmation. If by sea, it may take 10-12 weeks.

2. How the customs process works

To release goods from customs, the customs desk will first inspect them to ensure all paperwork is in place and then calculate the duties.

The payment can be finished smoothly, and after that you will able to finish carrying out the shipping process with the cargo.

Managing customs is a difficult task, you can hire a broker, or use the brokerage provided by your Freight Forwarder.

 If you book with Freightos you have access to our brokerage services as well

3. Do I need insurance to ship from China to the UK?

With customs, insurance costs are typically around 0.3% – 0.5% of your Commercial Invoice Value.

Your global shipment partner protects your shipments with custom-made stamps and tracking tags that ensure your product is secure on its journey through customs checks.


The UK has a host of shipping options, including both the well-known and less-known ports.

By choosing to ship your products through these ten ports, you can be sure that they will reach their desired destination in top condition.