Trending Products on Amazon

Did you know that 8510 medical masks are selling every day on Amazon? This shows the power of trending products on Amazon in 2020 and how you can benefit from choosing them. Amazon has listed a total of 119,928,851 products as of April 2019. The recipe for success is to pick the right trending products. If you are a beginner on Amazon, don’t worry, even the most experienced sellers have difficulty in finding and choosing the most desired products on Amazon.

Firstly, the market is huge. To succeed, you need to find the best niche for you. This takes time! This takes effort. Secondly, most new sellers have little knowledge of how to pick the best products that sell. Thirdly, whatever product you choose to sell, you are in competition with thousands of other sellers.

Choosing trending products to sell on Amazon cannot guarantee success. But, it is one of the most recommended ways to optimize the chances of your success. Whether you are a new seller or an experienced one, you should learn how to choose the best products. In this article, you will find the ultimate guide to pick trending products. We will also tell you how to analyze Amazon data and analytics.

Bonus: We will share a list of tools to help you conduct your own product research.

Double Bonus: We will also share our favorite free tools that every Amazon seller must-have.

So, without further ado, let’s start!

Table of Content

Chapter 1. What are Trending Products on Amazon

Chapter 2. What are Pros and Cons of Selling Trending Products on Amazon

Chapter 3. Explaining Amazon Data & Ranking

Chapter 4. 7 Best Free Amazon FBA Tools

Chapter 5. Best Sourcing and Research Tools for Amazon Sellers

Chapter 6. Tips for Finding Trending Products on Amazon FBA

Chapter 7. How EJET Help You in Finding Trending Products

Chapter 1. What are Trending Products on Amazon in 2020?

On Amazon, trending products are the products that appear in the trending section on Amazon 2020. You can find them here. The products appear on the list according to their popularity. If you open this page again tomorrow, you will see different products than today. The reason is that products appear in the list for some time. Let us take a look at some of the common features of the best-selling Amazon products.

    • Of course, a trending product will show sales in large volumes. A product that buyers love to get will be a best-selling product on Amazon.
    • It will be popular. Sometimes, you will come across unique items in the trending section. At other times, you will find products that are extremely popular.
    • You will also find products that are hard to find in the local market. This also makes it challenging for sellers to find the product in bulk.

  • In order to make the products hard to find, a popular strategy of sellers is to make it available online only.
  • Competitive pricing is another important feature of trending products. As mentioned earlier, many sellers start selling trending products, so to get an edge, you must offer affordable prices.

Chapter 2. What are Pros and Cons of Selling Trending Products on Amazon in 2020?

There are both advantages and disadvantages of selling trending Amazon items. Let us take a look at both of them.

Pros and Cons of Selling Trending Products on Amazon in 2020

Pros Selling Trending Products on Amazon :

Access to Millions of Buyers

Amazon has millions of buyers. And, according to a recent report, there are more than 150 million paid prime members. Prime membership is Amazon’s loyalty program. The clients pay a fee to join it. Prime members enjoy free 2-day and sometimes even same-day delivery. They have access to hundreds of everyday deals, prime pantry, fresh, etc. Choosing trending products means you get access to these 150million members.

Easy to Start

Starting a business is not easy. But starting an e-commerce business on Amazon is much easier. If you are thinking about joining, let us tell you it is easier than making your own website. The two basic steps to do this are:

— Create a product listing.

— Forward your inventory to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) warehouse.

Great Marketplace for Selling Exclusive Products

Many small businesses owe their success to Amazon. Amazon provides easy access to buyers and empowers sellers to grow their businesses. Also, it continues to devise ways to assist the sellers in selling easily. Therefore, it is profitable for companies to sell products on Amazon.

Moreover, if you are a manufacturer company, you should start selling on Amazon. Imagine a company XYZ makes goggles. They are selling their product through their website, and don’t find the need to list it on Amazon. After a little time, they discover that a seller is selling their products on Amazon. With lots of people enjoying free and fast deliveries, XYZ will eventually start losing clients and profits.

Cons Selling Trending Products on Amazon:

Cut-Throat Competition

The biggest problem that you can face when selling trending products is competition. The more popular the item is, the more sellers compete to get ahead. You will have to make sure that your listing stands out in the crowd.

Cheating, Copycats Ruining Business

As the crowd increases, it gets harder to find out who is a legit seller, and who is there for mischief. For instance, if you are a seller, selling the Play-Doh Modeling Compound 10-Pack Case of Colors (5374 ratings). Suddenly, you start losing sales. Worse than that, you start receiving negative reviews from disappointed and angry buyers.

Copycat sellers list counterfeit products. They use your legit ASIN on Amazon. ASIN refers to your item number. This hijacking lets them use your marketing for their low-quality product. And, if there is anything you can know for sure is that bad reviews really hurt your sales.

Amazon is paying attention to these problems and devising ways to control it. One such attempt is forming the Brand Central. Brand Central allows you to register your products. It helps by proactively removing ‘suspected infringing or inaccurate content.

Amazon Commission

If you are planning to list a product, you should make sure that you are getting it at a lower price. The profit margin should cover Amazon’s commission for every sale. Amazon charges between 15 to 20 percent of the sale price. Therefore, products with low mark-up won’t generate enough profits. You should be prepared for the following:

(1) Hefty commission + listing fees

(2) Free delivery (leaving low-profit margins)

(3) Competition and pressure of competitive pricing


It is true that Amazon provides you access to millions of customers. But do these customers become your loyal clients?

No. They are and will be Amazon customers.

So, in the end, even after selling thousands of products, you may still have no relationship with customers.

Chapter 3. Explaining Amazon Data & Ranking to Find Trending Products on Amazon in 2020

To be a successful Amazon seller, you should understand what Amazon sales ranking is. In this section, we will talk in detail about that.

a. What does amazon sales ranking mean?

Amazon ranking or Amazon sales ranking refers to a metric system. It evaluates the relation between products in a certain category depending on their sales results. It has a robust ranking system. It can range to over a million products. Most importantly, it updates hourly. The system uses different factors. Unfortunately, the exact algorithm that it uses is unknown.

In simple words, the sales rank determines how a product is selling/performing relative to another product in the same category. Based on this ranking system, a product that sells the most will be ranked No.1, and the product that is next on the list will be No.2 in the ranking. Therefore, the Amazon sales ranking system provides invaluable information to sellers to see how well their product is performing. However, an important thing to note is that you can only consider products that are in the same category. For instance, you cannot compare the best-selling night cream with the best-selling spatula on Amazon.

amazon sales ranking

Another important thing to note is that ranking changes based on categories and sub-categories. For instance, this serum pops up as No. 8 in best-selling beauty products. But the same serum is at No. 2 in best-selling skincare (at the time of writing this article)

b. How does amazon calculate sales ranking?

Amazon’s algorithms are unknown, so we can only hypothesize which factors come into play when determining the sales ranks of products. Most people believe that sales volume is the only factor that counts. However, there is no information about the time frame for the sale volume. Since, the ranking system updates hourly, we don’t know if it considers sales from the last 24 hours or more…

However, given that sometimes even the most popular items don’t make enough sales in 24 hours, we think it is fair to speculate that the time frame can be longer. The safest bet is that Amazon sales ranking considers consistent sales of a product over a large period. That said, recent purchases are more important than older purchases. For instance, a product selling more in the last week will rank higher than a product that sold more two weeks ago. Once the ranking system analyses sales and ranks products, Amazon performs a comparison of all the products in one category. It then arranges the items in descending order.

In short, a product’s recent sales determine its ranking. And, the ranking determines its position in Amazon’s bestseller list.

A common question that sellers ask is:

Why does Sale Ranking Change on Amazon?

Since the ranking positions change frequently, it is hard to point what are the factors that change their positions. But how frequently does the ranking system operate? Here is the answer.

Amazon’s ranking system doesn’t operate in real-time. It depends on the current rank of a product.

For the first 10,000 products (in one category), Amazon’s sales ranking operates hourly.
And, for the next products up to 100,000 items, the system re-calculates daily.
Any items above 100,000 are calculated monthly.

Therefore, for an item below 100,000, a few additional sales will not impact the ranking until a month. Likewise, in products ranking above 10,000, a single sale in a day can have a huge impact.

c. What are the benefits of sales ranking to find trending products on Amazon in 2020?

The sales ranking provides invaluable information. It is important for sellers already selling on Amazon as well as new sellers aspiring to start their Amazon business.

Finding trending products on amazon in 2020

Once you decide your niche, the sales ranking of products can help you in choosing the best-selling products. This reduces the risk of investing in a new line of products. To find the best trending products look for items having a lower ranking number. Most new sellers prefer items that have an Amazon sales rank less than in 2000.

Competitor research

Competitor research is very important for any business. It is especially significant in e-commerce. Amazon sales ranking is a great way for sellers to find, assess and monitor their competitors’ business. For instance, if you are selling handmade tutus, you can look at your toughest competition and how they are performing. What is it that makes the buyers choose their products over your products? The key is to think like a buyer. This will help you in improving your product listing. Make it more user-friendly and catchy.

Also, look at their reviews and compare them to yours. What is it that makes their product better than yours? This will help you in improving your product and providing your buyers with something better and extra to grow your sales.

Chapter 4. Seven Best Free Amazon FBA Tools to Find Trending Products on Amazon in 2020

Nothing is free in life, and that’s so not true! These free Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) tools are great for sellers.

a. CamelCameCamel

CamelCameCamel app

It is a free tool that provides you instant updates on the product’s sales ranking, price history, and price drop. Due to price drop alerts, it is also a great tool for buyers

b. FBA calculator for amazon

For a successful FBA business, sellers can rely on this free tool. The FBA calculator helps you in many ways:

(i) It allows sellers to understand the maximum profit potential for a product.

(ii) To do this, the seller can see the changes that different price points make on the profits.

(iii) You can also look at the profits depending on your manufacturing costs.

Therefore, it is a great tool for choosing trending products for your Amazon business.

c. Google Trends

Keywords play an important role in optimizing your listing on Amazon. This free tool lets you analyze the historical patterns and trends of a keyword. The trending search section helps you see how well a product is trending.

d. Google Keyword Tool

Talking about keywords, this tool helps you in finding the best keywords. Keywords can bring your product higher in search results when a buyer is looking for it. Choosing the right keywords is very important for making sure that your product reaches the right customers.

e. AMZ Base

search and find trending products on Amazon

This is a free FBA tool that helps you research and find trending products on Amazon in 2020 faster. It is great for sellers as it allows them to access the ASIN and title description of listings on Amazon.

Moreover, it allows you to instantly connect with other online platforms including, eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, CamelCamelCamel, and Google. It also lets sellers calculate FBA fees to estimate your potential profits.

f. URL Shortener

Sharing short URLs makes it easier for you to share your products. Google URL Shortner helps you to make a short URL. It is also beneficial if you want to track your URLs.

g. Unicorn Smasher

It is another great FBA tool that helps you in finding trending products. Unicorn Smasher also helps in monitoring prices, bestseller ranking, product reviews, product sales, etc. It also helps you in analyzing the Amazon market. The information is very helpful for finding trending products and selling them successfully on Amazon.

Chapter 5. Best Sourcing and Research Tools for Amazon Sellers

Smart tools can help you start and run your selling business smoothly and successfully. We have already shared our favorite free tools with you. In this section, we will talk about the best sourcing and researching tools that Amazon sellers can benefit from.

a. SellerApp

SellerApp amazon tool

SellerApp uses smart product intelligence to discover trending products with high sales potential and low competition. Try the free 7-days trial to discover intuitive features and smart shortcuts. This app is great for providing important data and statistics. Moreover, you can trust that the data is coming from reliable sources. SellerApp is a high-performing, reliable tool that every seller needs for finding trending products on Amazon in 2020 and successful selling business.

b. Jungle Scout

jungle scout

Another great tool for researching trending Amazon products, Jungle Scout is a must-have for new sellers. The robust app provides solutions for data analytics, competitor monitoring, profit estimates, etc.

The app allows you to scroll through millions of products and find the one that is best for you. The smart filters make it easy to find products in your niche. If you are looking for a sourcing and researching tool that is an all-rounder, this is perfect.

c. AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout is available both as a web app and a Chrome Extension. The app is a great way of finding trending products on Amazon in 2020. You can sell the best-selling products in your niche by looking at product potential score, monthly sales, profit calculation, inventory levels, and competitor research. The tool is also great for providing critical data, ‘spying’ on sellers, and even predicting competition. This is an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers.

d. Helium 10

Helium 10

The ‘insanely powerful’ tool provides amazing functionality. It is not just one tool, but software with multiple, useful Amazon tools. Helium helps in finding high-ranking keywords. This helps you in optimizing your product listings. Moreover, it is great for identifying trends and allows you to monitor the competition.

It is also helpful in setting prices and calculating revenues. Other than that, it allows sellers to monitor their listings 24/7. It is great for detecting any fraudulent activity related to your listings. In addition to that, it makes it easier for sellers to get refunds and reimbursements. Therefore, Helium 10 is one of the most popular and thorough solutions for sellers on Amazon.

e. Sonar


Next on our list is Sonar. Sonar is a free tool. You can enjoy its various features to optimize your Amazon business. This Amazon FBA tool is great for keyword research. Find the most profiting keywords as well as their key-synonyms and search volume. As a result, you can optimize your product listing easily.

It also helps in reverse ASIN lookup. As you enter the ASIN of a competitor or trending product, Sonar will give you a list of all the keywords it is ranking for. The automated tool, therefore, can be an asset when finding and listing trending products on Amazon.

f. FBA Wizard Pro

Our ultimate guide to choosing the trending products on Amazon won’t be complete without talking about this ‘ultimate tool’ for finding the best-selling Amazon products.

FBA Wizard Pro is a software that allows sellers to find the trendiest products to start their business on Amazon. You can also use this tool to sell on eBay. The amazing tool lets you find products from other sellers, retailers, and wholesalers. The tool works efficiently, and you can use it in the US, the UK, and Canada.

FBA Wizard Pro currently works by inviting interested sellers. If you want to benefit from the tool, you can register your email. If you get selected, you will receive further information about it.

g. Feedback Genius

Reviews are very important for a successful business on Amazon. For instance, imagine a customer is looking for painting kits. He finds many options with similar properties and prices. He will pick one that has more positive reviews. That’s why positive reviews are very important for sellers.

As you may already know that Amazon allows its customers to leave reviews of products. A tool like Feedback Genius helps you automate your Amazon listing marketing. You can control your email list and send up to 100 emails per month. You can test it by using their 30-days free trial. Feedback Genius is a very helpful tool by SellerLabs. SellerLabs offers a variety of tools for optimizing, advertising, and managing your Amazon listing.

h. Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector is a suite of Amazon tools. These tools are tailored to help Amazon sellers perform well and beat their competition. This is great for finding all the keywords that an ASIN is ranking for. That is called Reverse ASIN. Through this, you can see what keywords your competitors are ranking for.

The Keyword Trend tool will help you find the keywords that your customers are using. You can also use the feature to search for and choose trending products on Amazon. Besides that, there is also an Indexation Tester. This tool helps you in making sure that the trending products you chose are reaching your desired customers.

i. is another great tool for optimizing your prices and product listing. Pricing your product is very tricky. Choose a low price and you will lose your profit margin. Price your products higher, and you will lose your sales. This tool lets you create a strategy to price your products based on statistics. Another great aspect is that you can integrate the tool with other Amazon research and sourcing tools.

j. AMZ Tracker

Like Google, Amazon is a search engine. And, like Google, you need SEO practices to optimize your product listings. Finding the right keywords is very important for this. The right keywords will help you in making sure that your Amazon product listing is reaching the right customers.

This is where AMZ Tracker comes in. The tool is great for finding trending products as well as their right keywords. The tool also provides tracking reports. These reports are very important in showing where your product stands in terms of ranking.

Chapter 6. Tips for Finding Trending Products on Amazon FBA

Finding trending products on Amazon is the first and most important part of starting an e-commerce business on Amazon. Here are a few tips that will help you in finding the best-selling, trendiest products.

a. Find Products in a Trending Niche

finding trending products on Amazon in 2020

Keep an eye on the buying trends around you and look for items that are in huge demand. Identify products that have created a ‘hype’ among the consumers. For instance, in 2017, the sales of fidgets were making news on Amazon. People were crazy about the tiny spinner. As a result, sellers made a lot of profits selling fidgets on Amazon.

Likewise, in 2020, the coronavirus fear has changed the marketplace. Hazmat suits sales have spiked to 353% and medical masks prices have hiked up 583%. People are preparing for ‘Doomsday’ and this preparation is dictating sales on Amazon. This is how you find trending products. Whatever your niche is, find what is in demand and list it on Amazon. However, the only thing of concern is that sales of most hyped trending products go down drastically.

b. Choose Trending Products on Amazon in 2020 that you are Familiar With

To be successful on Amazon, you must sell products that the customers will love. At the same time, you need to sell things on a good profit margin.

If you pick an item just because it is trending, you may still face problems in managing the business and providing the customers with the best quality. So, here is what you need:

— A product that you are familiar with, in fact, you know it inside out.

— To be fully satisfied with the quality of the product that you are selling.

c. Use Research Tools for Finding the Best Products

This is very important. Your result depends on the quality of your research. For foolproof product research, you need high-performing research tools. Choose a free tool or try a paid tool’s free trial. You can use the tools to find trending products on Amazon in 2020, high-ranking keywords, and doing thorough research on competitors. You can also benefit from these tools for managing your Amazon listing and boosting your profits.

d. Build a Line of Products Strategically

Starting a business on Amazon is daunting in itself. It is safe to start a business with a single product. Once you start the business, you will learn how profitable the market is. This will give you the knowledge and confidence to grow your Amazon business. So, after successfully selling trending products, you can plan about expanding your e-commerce business. When expanding, it is better to stay with one line of products. For instance, if you are successfully selling vases for home decor, you can start with table lamps.

Why should you do that? Here is the reason.

When you have built your credibility for one product of home décor, it will be safe to start a new product in the same line. Your positive reviews from the old product will be helpful in marketing your next product. Moreover, you will be familiar with marketing and advertising in the niche. This will make it easier for you to grow your business with new products. Eventually, you can introduce more products to your line. This will help you in branding your business in the long run.

e. Market Research

If you want to introduce a new product, it is important to conduct market research. In order to do that, you should look for trending products that are in popular demand. The Amazon reviews is an extensive database of information that is valuable for every seller.

This gives you the feedback of thousands of verified customers. If you ask us, we will say this is more important than conducting surveys. Your target market is online, so you should use their online feedback to do your market research. But what exactly are you researching here? There are two basic types of sellers. One who purchases a product from a manufacturer and sells it online. Others who manufacture their products and sell them online.

market research for trending products on Amazon in 2020

So, look at the feedback from customers of similar products to find their pain points. This will tell you:

— What are the other products missing?

— What do people want to see in these products?

— What features are customers loving?

— What are their complaints?

This will tell you how to do a quality check of your product. This will also be useful in marketing. For example, a seller was trying to sell to diamond painting kits. He read about the other sellers and their products. From there, he found the common problems are:

— Poor packaging

— Beads/diamonds running out

— Canvas not adhesive enough

— Beads/diamonds lack shine

— The result doesn’t look as advertised.

Why is this method of researching trending products on Amazon in 2020 effective? Because this tells you exactly what your customers are looking for. This helps you make your e-commerce business plan.

In the above example, it tells the seller to provide diamond kits that come with good quality diamond/beads, super adhesive canvas, and extra diamonds/beads.

f. Finding Items with Low Competition

Yes, we said that the Amazon sales rank is very important when choosing trending products. The lesser the Amazon Best Seller Rank number, the more popular the product is.

But, you will see that there are some items where only one seller gets the sales. The other sellers offering the same or like items don’t succeed in making a significant profit.

Therefore, choose a niche where you see many sellers selling similar products. Choose sellers with a low BSR and then use their products and reviews.

In simple words, if a product makes thousands of sales every month, it won’t still be a good choice if only one or a very few sellers are getting sales. Comparatively, for products that are selling fast, and at the same time, you see many sellers progressing, they can be a profitable choice.

g. Choose Trending Items that Sell All Year

This is a must for new sellers. When you are researching on Amazon, you will find that some products gain more popularity in specific times of a year.

For instance, you are researching for the best-selling, trendiest products on Amazon in the mid of January. You will see a lot of teddy bears, valentines’ cards and heart throw pillows as the best-selling items.

Should you choose them as your product to sell on Amazon? NO!

These products will go back to oblivion soon after 14th February. This will not be a good idea to invest in these items. However, if you are an experienced seller on Amazon and have a few successful listings already, getting an extra edge with seasonal products is a great boost for your profits. You can think of seasonal products like a side hustle. But, they should not be your main source of sales and profits on Amazon.

Chapter 7. How EJET Help You in Finding Trending Products on Amazon in 2020?

The easiest, fool-proof way of launching a successful e-commerce business is to let pros do it for you. At EJET we have years of experience in providing new sellers with comprehensive and customized services.

a. Sourcing

EJET will help you find hot-selling trending products on Amazon. We specialize in niche research, market research, and product research. We will help you choose a successful niche. If you already know your niche, EJET will help you choose products that are safe to launch.

We will also help you in sourcing your product. Find the best manufacturers or wholesale retailers with EJET. We know for an Amazon seller, both high-quality and low-price are very important. Keeping that in mind, we will connect you to reliable manufacturers or suppliers.

b. Designing & Branding

To mark your uniqueness in the market, you need individuality. Whether you want products with your unique designs, or you are trying to give the products a personalized packaging, EJET will help you.

We excel in helping sellers brand their products. Branding is very important in e-commerce business. It should be the goal of every seller once they start progressing on Amazon. We will provide you with experts for packaging and branding. Whatever your goals are, EJET will be with you at every step.

c. Quality Control

We pride ourselves on our focus on quality. Many times, sellers place orders with overseas manufacturers. But when the order is delivered, it is either damaged, low-quality or incomplete. We will monitor the quality of your products. EJET will make sure that your supplier is committing to your requirements.

We will also keep a check on the packaging of the products. Poor packaging can damage your products. Moreover, your Amazon customers will mention poor packaging and any damages in their reviews. Therefore, we will make sure you get what you want and deliver what you promise.

d. Shipping

We specialize in shipping. Whether you choose air freight, cargo, containers, or drop shopping, EJET will be there for you.

We understand that shipping is a very important step in an e-commerce business. Late shipping means late deliveries. Late deliveries mean angry customers. And, angry customers mean negative reviews. Avoid any losses due to late deliveries, and contact EJET for your shipping services.

e. Competitive Prices

We offer all these services for very affordable prices. Take a look at our other services. With EJET, you will always receive quality services at reasonable prices. Contact us now and let us talk about your Amazon journey.


To be a successful seller, it is important to find and choose trending products on Amazon in 2020. Look for a niche that offers growth, profit margin, and also has lower competition.

Luckily, there are tools that can help new Amazon sellers (as well as experienced ones) to easily and efficiently find hot-selling, trending products on Amazon in 2020. We have listed the best tools in detail.

We have also shared the top tips that are very important for new sellers. Together, these tips and tools will help you in launching your successful Amazon seller business.

These tips and tools will also help you in growing your business, boosting your sales, and earning more profits and revenues. They will help you make your products the next Best Seller on Amazon!

If you are still confused or overwhelmed by the information, contact EJET. We will love to assist you in any way you require.