Do you want to know what pet toys are trending in 2021?

Are you going to start up your venture and looking for trending pet toys for that purpose?

The pet toy industry is growing rapidly as Future Market Insights showed in the report, the rise in the global pet toys industry from 2021-2031 at a healthy CAGR of over 7.2.

Pet toys will be an important product category for many people to expand their retail business.

However, there is another factor that affects the trends of the pet toy industry now. That is COVID-19. The ratio of pet parents increased exponentially during quarantine. So are the manufacturers coming up with new and unique pet toys?

In this blog, you will get information on the trending pet toys of 2021 from all over the world. This will help you make your decision of starting your pet toys business.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: What Trends are Being Followed in 2021 Associating Pet Toys?

Chapter 2: Top 10 Trending Pet Toys that Can Help with Your Business

Chapter 3: Pet Toy Trends you Need to Know Before Entering the Marketplace

Chapter 4: 7 Leading Online Platforms That Offer Good Pet Toys

Chapter 5: Frequently asked questions about Pet Toys

Chapter 1: What Trends are Being Followed in 2021 Associating Pet Toys?

With the growing demand for pet toys and the increase of pet parents, the pet toys market is taking an exponential graph, especially after the pandemic.

It is important to stay updated with the newest trends associating with pet toys to grab the best possible options available out there. Here are some of the latest trends of the pet toys industry for 2021.

1. Pet toys that have no risk are the best for pets

dogs pet

Pets are more like family members to their pet owners thus safety comes as a priority while choosing the pet toys for every pet owner.

Different factors are considered important concerning the safety standards for a pet toy. Pet owners keep in mind the pet’s size, activity level, and preferences while choosing the pet toy.

As a pet owner don’t buy toys that are too small concerning your pet’s size, because they can be easily swallowed and cause a problem. Like, sell a ball that’s not too big to play, but not too small that it ends up lodging in the pet’s throat.

Pet owners are always on the look for healthy and safe alternatives, and it will able to withstand the chewing, biting, pulling, and other extreme behaviors of the pets.

Hence, while you are buying wholesale from China, don’t forget to check the labels on stuffed pet toys to know about the filling material. Some fillings are dangerous if digested thus need precautions.

2. Treat and Puzzle pet toys that can help in training are most selected

Puzzles are not just for humans but rather a great choice for pets as well. Treat and puzzle pet toys can help keep the pet occupied and facilitate the behavioral modification are high in demand.

Treat and Puzzle pet toys

There are different options available for puzzle pet games like simple hide and seek or lifting boxes to retrieve the food as a reward.

For pet owners, there are great benefits associated with interactive treat and puzzle pet toys.

  • Puzzle and reward toys are not only fun but also a great source of mental stimulation.
  • The mental stimulation of a pet for 15 minutes is considered equivalent to a 3 mile-walk thus confers health benefits and helps with weight problems.
  • Interesting puzzle games can be a great boredom buster for pets thus preventing them from getting depressed and bored.

3. Customized pet toys have a growing market now

The Pet toy industry is flourishing and manufacturers are opting for innovative ways to keep the customers engaged. One of the strategies is offering customized pet toys according to the liking of the buyer.

Customers prefer to buy from platforms that can help them personalize the toys’ shapes, colors, and features.

Customized pet toys have a growing market now

Manufacturers who offer customized pet toy options through online platforms are already winning in the industry.

The need for the customized pet toys is driven, because those pet owners would like to pamper and give specialty services to the furry friends of theirs.

As more and more owners are considering pets as family members, the demand for customized pet toys is increasing at a speedy rate.

4. Smart pet toys are becoming more and more helpful

With the world taken over by technology and artificial learning, the pet toy industry wasn’t left alone.

With the changing trends, millennials and Gen Zers who form the biggest strength of pet owners are encouraging the manufacturers to develop AI-based smart toys to take better care of pets.

Smart pet toys with an in-built camera are becoming increasingly popular among tech-savvy pet owners who want to enjoy the intimacy when they are not around and also enable them to keep a tab on the pet.

Smart pet toys are becoming more and more helpful

The camera in the pet toys like in the laser pet cube toy gives you a wide-angle view and can have an additional feature of two-way audio.

5. Low-cost DIY pet toys are attracting more customers

DIY (Do It Yourself) has always been the hottest trend in various markets, so does in the pet toy market. Consumers now prefer to make their pet toys rather than buying.

DIY pet toys allow pet owners to make pet toys with durable material at low pricing. This activity also adds a touch of intimacy and personalization to the pet toy.

Many customers are finding a set of DIY materials and making toys for their pets. Manufacturers need to come up with better and innovative products.

Low-cost DIY pet toys are attracting more customers

These products can provide the customers the features of safety and quality at low price.

6. Chewy pet toys made with rubber & plastic are still hot-selling

Chewing pet toys made of rubber and plastic are quite famous among customers. Many people would like to buy these products because they not only keep the pet entertained but also provide health benefits.

The continuous chewing of the flexible pet toy makes the jaw muscles stronger and gum diseases can also be avoided.

As the safest option for aggressive chewers, chewing pet toys made of rubber or latex are popular for their stronger construction, it will make them durable and long-lasting.

Pet toys made of hard nylon are famous for being a substitute for the rawhide toys that are considered dangerous.

The nylon pet toys come with various hardness and resistance levels. Therefore, these 2 kinds of chewing products can help you improve your sales.

Chapter 2: Top 10 Trending Pet Toys that Can Help with Your Business

Pet toys are not just fun and games, they are considered serious business. As more and more people are becoming pet owners, they want to make the best purchase for their fur kids.

Here are some trending pet toys that are famous among pet owners and can help you boost your business.

1. Classic Kong pet toy

Classic Kong pet toy

Classic kong is a chewy pet toy made out of rubber and offers to satisfy pet’s instinctual needs. It comes in various colors and can be stuffed with various treats like peanut butter, snacks, yogurt, kibble, etc.

Classic kong pet toy helps with the anxiety, behavior development, and boredom of the pet thus it is one of the most reliable options out there.

The rubber material of this kong pet toy makes it durable and long-lasting.

2. Ultra rubber ball pet toy

Ultra rubber balls are the most reliable alternatives to tennis balls. Being bouncy and waterproof, these balls can enable the pet to have fun in any situation no matter what the environment is, be it rocks, trees, or earth.

Ultra rubber ball pet toy

Thus this rubber ball is indestructible and lasts longer. The rubber ball pet toy is made of extra-thick rubber making it capable to float on water.

The squeak of this pet toy makes the pet quickly fall in love with this.

3. Bacon flavor wishbone chew toy

Among the chewy toys, bacon-flavored wishbone toys are pets’ absolute favorite. The wishbone chewy toy is made of durable nylon and is hard and resistant so it can endure the chewing of the pet for a long time.

Also, the wishbone’s prongs have grooves that make it easier for the pet to grab the toy. The deep bacon flavor promotes the pet’s natural urge to chew, thus makes it a worthy purchase.

4. Snuggle puppy behavioral aid pet toy

A snuggle puppy pet toy is the most sought-after behavioral aid toy that helps the furry friend to overcome anxiety. Pets crave attention and when owners are not around, the snuggle puppy pet toy can be a great companion for the furry kid in such cases.

Snuggle puppy behavioral aid pet toy

The stuffed toy features a pulsing heartbeat source that gives pets a ‘real feel’. The pet toy is washable with the heartbeat device removed.

This toy is a must-have for pets who are alone most of the time or need to adjust to the new home.

5. LOOBANI Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder

Loobani food puzzle feeder is a smart pet toy that helps in the intellectual development of your pet. It comes with adjustable spinning bottles that are filled with treats. It is a source of great mental stimulation for pets that helps to keep the pet’s mind active.

Pet can get food every time it plays with toy, hence this pet toy offers food, exercise, and entertainment all at once. Pet can get a little portion of the treat every time he spins the bottle, thus keeping the food portions in a balance.

LOOBANI Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder

This toy is a great way to keep your pet engaged, and it can prevent any kind of stress-related behaviors.

6. No stuffing squeaky plush toy

Pet owners are always on the look for toys that are indestructible and won’t tear up due to the extensive chewing of the pet.

But every pet stuffed pet toy after some time gets destructed releasing the stuffing, creating a mess, and on top of all posing danger to be swallowed by the pet.

Hence, all worries can be rested by buying no stuffing squeaky plush toy which is a durable, uniquely designed, fun toy containing no stuffing.

No stuffing squeaky plush toy

These plush toys feature high-quality squeakers in each, so the toy will draw the pet’s attention when the owner are busy.

7. Three-level roller cat toy

The three-level roller cat toy is a multilayer turntable pet toy with colorful balls that spin around the toy. The toy is tear-resistant and can stand firmly against the floor. The spinning balls are a great activity for the cats that enhances the cat’s senses.

It is a great source for behavioral development and also improves the cat’s sensitivity. This toy can keep the pet entertained for hours when the master is not around.

Three-level roller cat toy

8. Wickedbone Smart Bone

Wicked bone smart bone is a smart electronic moving pet toy that comes with both auto-play and control mode. The toy can be controlled through the app on the mobile phone.

Using the autoplay mode uses the technology to attract the pet and be responsive towards the pet. By using manual operation, the owner can choose from different types of motions available for the toy.

Wickedbone Smart Bone

The coating of the pet toy is made of food-grade polycarbonate that is safe, durable and FDA approved. The toy is easy to clean and has long battery life thus definitely worth buying.

9. Swimming robot fish with LED lights

Swimming robot fish is also a smart pet toy made of plastic and equipped with LED lights to attract pets. It comes in different eye-catchy colors and extra batteries to keep the owner out of nuisance.

This toy helps develop a pet’s hunting instincts. The swimming robot automatically starts swimming when put in water and makes a fun activity for your pet.

10. Rounder DIY Rabbit Hamster Chew Toys

Rounder DIY Rabbit Hamster Chew Toys

DIY pet toys are quite famous among pet owners these days. DIY rabbit hamster chew toys are made of natural components hence they are environment friendly. The chewy toy can be customized according to the preference of the furry kid.

Not only do pets enjoy playing with such toys but masters also love to make such toys through which they can show their affection for the little guy.

The toy comes with different treats, rope, bolt driver so you can make a hanging toy according to the size of the animal.

Chapter 3: Pet Toy Trends you Need to Know Before Entering the Marketplace

Business metrics show that the pet supplies industry is one of the most profitable among online ventures in 2021.

As the idea of pet ownership is getting widespread, people are getting more and more involved with their pets to give them the best possible luxury life.

Pet Toy Trends you Need to Know Before Entering the Marketplace

Here are some key trends regarding pet toys in 2021.

1. Effect of COVID-19 on the market of pet toys

About 19% of people became new pet owners during lockdown. But due to the restrictions imposed throughout the world, the increase in pet acquisition didn’t correspond to the increase in pet toy sales.

Consumer buying behavior was significantly changed during the pandemic. Pet owners were more resorted towards DIY pet toys that can be easily made and are budget-friendly.

During the pandemic, the pet care market overall saw positive growth from the market of $216 billion in 2020 to $232 billion in 2021.

Key players are rebranding their strategies to overcome the effects of COVID, and they are trying to reach a wider audience than before.

2. An increase in pet daycare centers lead to increased demand for pet toys

Pets are considered one of the family members, so they are treated the same as any other member. Pet owners try to provide everything that makes their pets happy and healthy.

Pet daycare centers and daycare hotels are pet owner’s go-to stops for their pets, those centers can give them a luxury treatment from the spa, grooming, playing, and other activities.

Effect of COVID-19 on the market of pet toys

With the increase in pet day centers, the demand for pet toys also increases significantly. This provides a golden opportunity to the toy companies to expand their business and reach out to the pet day centers and day hotels.

Because of that, all kinds of pet toy categories can be sold in the centers, as they provide pet care services and gain profit.

3. Online markets & platforms help pet toys sellers develop their business

The Pet toy industry is highly competitive with many regional and international now playing in the arena. Companies try to stay ahead of each other by adopting innovative approaches and reaching a wider audience.

When the retail market was hit by a pandemic, the toy companies resorted towards alternative options, thus resulting in the surge of online markets and platforms.

Online markets platforms help pet toys sellers develop their business

As customers now prefer buying online, the target market as a whole has been expanded allowing the companies to expand their businesses.

The manufactures are collaborating with the digital retailer giants like Amazon, Chewy, Walmart, etc. to offer seamless delivery service to the target audience.

Chapter 4: 7 Leading Online Platforms That Offer Good Pet Toys

According to the 2019 revenue report by Common Tread Collective, despite the tight race between the big giants and new entrepreneurs, the pioneers are still holding a strong position in the market.

The digital native brands are leading the market, the report showed that the highest share in the market is, its online retail annual sales of $3,500M.

Here are some of the leading online brands that are offering a diverse variety of pet toys at competitive prices.

1. Petco is an online platform, exclusive to pet care products hence trusted by many. The website has a list of pet categories that include dog, cat, fish, small pets, reptiles, and many others.


You can view the products categorically like from newest to oldest, price low to high, top-rated, and also under the most popular category. These insights help you make a better decision regarding your purchase.

2. Bark Box 

Bark Box is an online pet toy platform exclusive to dog pet toys. If you are a dog owner, this website is the right option for you.

Bark Box features monthly themes where you can find new and innovative products every month corresponding to the theme.

Every theme box presents different three to four features toys as the theme products. By selecting one of the boxes you get the featured toys and treats for your fur buddy.

3. Pets Mart

Pets is an online platform that deals with a variety of products for various pets. The home page presents you with the list of new items along with the featured brands.

Pets Mart

You can also get to know the best seller items as you scroll down the website. Petsmart offers many different pet toy options ranging from balls, flying toys, interactive toys, etc.

4. Dog is another online pet toy platform where you can find the complete range of dog toys and other pet care stuff.

The products are listed based on brands and prices. You can also find the best seller under the best seller option to know what’s trending in the market.


5. Amazon 

As is the biggest online retail market, and it can provide all kinds of products by the suppliers from all over the world. It is easy for the sellers to gain customers from this big market.

This platform offers a variety of pet toys ranging from squeak toys, plush toys, toy balls, chewy toys, and many others.

The platform is trusted by many due to excellent customers service and exclusive options available in different categories.

You can scroll through the website and select through hundreds of options available. The website also ranks the bestseller options on top so you can select the one being trusted by others.

6. Walmart 


Walmart is the go-to option for every other pet owner. You can search for pet toys and a huge variety of options will appear in front of you.

Walmart also keeps updating the selling options, so the newest options will also be available with the tag on them.

You can also check the latest trends under the top-rated option on the website. Choosing the trendiest option will help your business in profitability.

Also keep an eye on the new options, as many are capable of becoming hot sellers. The products are also ranked based on prices and manufacturing brands so you can easily make your choice.

7. Target 

Target is one the most trusted online platform when it comes to buying pet toys. There are various categories available under the section of pet toys on the website, you can find products according to pet’s age, theme, color, brand, pet type, breed size, etc.

The categories can help you find your targeted products without any hassle and makes the purchase easy.

You can purchase after evaluating the reviews and customer feedback on the products. Target also provides the option to help you know that whether the pet toy is available t your nearest store or not.

Chapter 5: Frequently asked questions about Pet Toys


1. How to find reliable pet toy manufacturers?

The most reliable pet toy manufacturers are from China due to the great quality and cheap prices of the products. If you are on the look for some reliable manufacturers to source pet toys there are different ways to find them.

For example, one of the great ways is to attend wholesale market fairs such as China Toy Expo (CTE), Canton Fair, The Chenghai Toy Fair, Hong Kong Mega Show, etc.

Another is to source the pet toys from online wholesale sites. And you can also hire some experienced sourcing agent or company to help you.

2. Why Rawhide is dangerous for pets and should be avoided?

Rawhide is considered dangerous for pets as it is made of a processed animal skin like that of horses, cows, etc.

Chemicals are used to keep different layers of skin separate. Rawhide is also bleached to preserve the toy and sometimes colors and flavors are also added.

Rawhide should be avoided because of the chemicals and bleach used in manufacturing. Since it takes a long time to digest for the pet if swallowed, and it can cause gastrointestinal obstruction.

3. Which is the best pet toy in 2021?

The classic kong chewy pet toy at Amazon is the most famous in 2021. This classic pet toy offers one in all solutions for your pet from chewing, playing, problem-solving and behavior development.

It is also listed in Amazon’s bestseller list thus an absolute favorite choice for pets this year.

4. Why behavioral aid toys are important for pets?

Behavioral aid toys help pets to get away with anxiety and stress. These toys help the pets feel physical warmth and intimacy as compensation when the owners are not around. So that pets feel at ease.

Behavioral aid toys help pets to adapt to the environment of new homes and help them with the sleep cycle. These toys are important to keep pets from getting sick due to stress.

5. How to stay updated with the latest pet toy trends?

To stay updated with the latest market trends, you can attend trade shows and wholesale market fairs.

The other easy way is to surf online platforms and marketplaces. Then you can stay up to date with the products that are tending under the hot seller and most favorite lists.


The pet toy market was always a huge business. The sellers need to keep in check the demands and latest trends of the consumer market. Then it will help the sellers stay ahead of the competitors and make big profits.

Online marketplaces are the most reliable sources for sellers, it will help you find the best product in bulk at the most reasonable prices.

However, do find the most reliable and professional service provider to help you. Then you won’t worry much about the product’s quality.