amazon product categories

Do you know about the top Amazon product categories?

 Are you looking forward to creating your own Amazon seller account and listing the top  Amazon products there? 

To understand the algorithms and hacks regarding Amazon, you should always look up the smart tips on the internet.

 Little changes can create huge differences. So, here we are going to inform you about the best-selling products on Amazon, so you can fetch yourself some profit.

Amazon product categories are meant to create ease and comfort for the users so, that they can easily find recommendations for the product they need.

Amazon has a unique way to group similar products where the seller adds his products with other similar products.

 To add your products to the most suitable and relatable category, you must be familiar with certain things.

 In this blog, we will introduce you to all that crucial information in a single go.

Table of Content

Chapter 1:  Guide to categorizing Amazon products

Chapter 2: Analysis of selling in top Amazon product categories

Chapter 3: essentials of Amazon product listing

Chapter 4: What are the most popular Amazon product categories

Chapter 5:  Frequently asked questions about top Amazon categories

Chapter 1:  Guide to categorizing Amazon products

amazon fba

Amazon product catalog is a productive way to make shopping easier for buyers.

It allows the seller to increase the visibility of their products. In this chapter, we will tell you about the basics of categorization.

1. What is the Amazon product catalog?

It is a tool that helps you in getting sales. Amazon product catalog is a valuable source for reasonably exhibiting your products and obtaining a good customer count.

It is why you should present your catalog in a visually appealing manner. The catalog should be a mixture of different things, such as good images and descriptions.

· Amazon Product Category Tree

Different product categories are organized in a tree form, with various subcategories.

 If you closely observe their product categories, you will notice that all products are linked together in subcategories and types.

 They are branched into specificity and structured into a tree. Thus Amazon product category tree helps buyers to browse products that they want.

It simplifies things and makes buyers able to do their search better by selecting specific categories of products.

2. Using Amazon product categories to optimize your list

After utilizing Seller Central for some time, you must know Browse Tree Guide (BTG) or must have listened to it at some place.

 Do you ponder this term?

Browse Tree Guide (BTG) is a tree that includes a set of instructions, which are utilized for assigning different products to special categories on the online platform. The BTG table differs based on the localities.

Browse Tree Guide (BTG) is one of the best methods to optimize the listings within the categories of products. This system refers to Amazon’s “department” by “browse”.

It is present in the left corner of the page. Therefore, you can directly click any of their product categories or utilize a particular term or keyword in the search section and click the enter button.

The primary benefit of the BTG document is to assist you in deciphering a node or subcategory “node” in which your item would be present.

3. Significance of top Amazon product categories

What Can You Sell On Amazon Canada

Top Amazon products categories give an idea about different latest trends in the market, the competition between sellers, and the customers’ experiences.

 It will help if you do not decide to sell a category that no one will purchase much in the market, and you will end up earning the least profit.

Instead, choose a category that customers like to buy a lot so that you can earn much. The top Amazon categories include the following products:

  • Video games
  • Toys& games
  • Toys and home improvement
  • Sports& outdoors
  • Pet supplies
  • Office products
  • Musical Instruments
  • Movies& TL
  • Luggage and gear
  • Kindle
  • Industrial& Scientific
  • Home& Kitchen
  • Baby care, health& household
  • Homemade
  • Garden& Outdoor
  • Electronics
  • Computer
  • Collectable
  • Fine arts
  • Clothing, shoes& jewellery
  • CD& Vinyl
  • Books
  • Beauty& Personal care
  • Baby
  • Automotive parts& accessories
  • Arts, Crafts& sewing
  • Apps& games
  • Appliances

4. The popularity of top Amazon product categories

The critical thing to know while selling at Amazon or any other market is to see the interest of consumers.

You should be fully aware of the popular categories and the marketplace that most consumers select for selling their products.

You should sell products in a niche category where most customers will buy your products. Otherwise, you will face serious trouble.

The following categories are the most popular categories on Amazon:

  • 14%Baby
  • 14% Kitchen& dining
  • 15% books
  • 15% arts, crafts, and sewing
  • 16% sports and outdoors
  • 17% health, household, and baby care
  • 18% clothing, shoes, and jewellery
  • 20% toys and games
  • 23% beauty and personal care
  • 32% homes and Kitchen

5. Crucial considerations about the Amazon product list

Amazon product list

If you are an Amazon retailer, it is not easy to determine which product category you should focus on.

It will help if you think about the following things about the Amazon product list before choosing a product category.

  • Profit margin

The profit margins can significantly differ depending on the sourcing cost of the product and its selling cost.

Most Amazon sellers earn an average profit margin of 15-26%. Specific categories may provide more profit than others, but each category contains profitable subcategories.

  1. Popular categories are more profitable than less profitable categories—for instance, Kitchen& Home vs. Handmade. Just 4% of sellers can obtain 51%-100% of net profit in Kitchen & Home. On the other hand, 9% of sellers receive 51%-100% net profit from handmade products.
  2. The top categories include Kitchen & Home and Personal Care, and Beauty is among the top seller categories. But both contain a large number of subcategories that are not much profitable. The reason is because of enhanced competition, costs, and price wars.

The main thing is to determine the right opportunity and goods low in cost and high in demand.

  • Market demand and repeat orders

The popularity list that we have mentioned above gives you a glimpse of which products are in demand.

The most popular products are purchased the most by the consumer, so their demand is high in the market.

There is a need to manufacture them most, and most third-party sellers are involved in selling such products.

 Consumers are placing most of their orders on Amazon to purchase these products.

  • Seasonal products

Seasonal products such as different seasonal flowers, women’s spring dresses, and Christmas and Easter accessories are seasonal products, and their demand is high in supermarkets.

 Similarly, most people want to purchase them on Amazon, and Amazon sellers earn high profits from selling seasonal products.

  • Seller competition

Kitchen& Home are popular amazon categories, and many sellers determine a niche with an enormous amount of sales with the thought that they will earn much out of it.

But they cannot make much out of this niche when you see a slot such as “apple slicers” by thinking that top sellers can earn $100,000 in sales.

If you ponder this matter deeply, you will find oversaturation in this niche and observe that people earn low costs after selling more.

 If you are a new seller, you may not comprehend this fact and sell less competitive products in the market.

Chapter 2: Analysis of selling in top Amazon product categories

Amazon product category

It is often very beneficial to do thorough research about the bestselling Amazon product categories. In this way, you can design your products according to the demand of buyers and get more profit. In this chapter, we have discussed the pros and cons of Amazon product categorization to give you a broader perspective of things.

1. Pros of selling in popular categories

Many buyers find Amazon the number one marketplace and find it reliable. The following are the pros of selling popular categories.

  • Increased sales

Millions of customers visit Amazon for shopping, and it is declared the number one marketplace.

 In 2019, 150 Prime members and $280.5 billion in revenue were added to the Amazon website. Each retailer gets trust and credibility by listing Amazon products.

Because several customers do not buy products from local shops and purchase them from Amazon, it happens due to their previous good shopping experience.

 People trust more Amazon than any other online store in many countries. Therefore, Amazon has become a household name for many people.

  • Exposure to an international audience

Amazon is one of the most trusted and powerful global retailing platforms. They have launched their sites only in 13 countries globally, but they do ship to more than 100 countries.

 It is up to the shopper if they want to pay a high shipping fee according to their location.

Utilizing Amazon for global expansion is easier when compared with the systems of most shopping carts.

 You need to create a new purchase when you buy in different languages. At the same time, Magento provides you with varying store views.

You need to do a lot of work for this purpose even though you do not know whether your product will earn any profit in the market or not.

If you are an Amazon retailer, you should create a listing on local Amazon to check the product appeal in the market.

They cover you in localized customer support and international order fulfilment. You do not need to worry about operations, logistics, and local payment systems.

  • Low cost of marketing

c.Low cost of marketing

Millions of clients visit Amazon daily, and they can quickly get access to it. If your niche is good, your sale starts from the first day.

 The search engine of the Amazon market is different, so buyers can quickly search out the products. The competition is high, so you need to make extra efforts to excel in the crowd.

Having a curated presence will help you in the Amazon client database and piggybacking. The efforts that you put into improving the listings pay you off.

2. Cons of selling in popular categories

  • Direct competition with amazon

The direct competition with Amazon products is very severe. Therefore, it is essential to make a long-term strategy.

When different merchants are working in the Amazon market, they will need to compete for the buy box on Amazon. Varying from Google Shopping, which organizes pages of the products for sellers, the pages on Amazon are correctly ordered by the specific products.

Therefore, when several sellers have a similar product for Amazon sale, Amazon will choose which seller is the best.

As soon as a client clicks the button Add to Cart, the shopping cart includes the effects of the featured seller.

A large number of sellers will be offering a similar product. But only one Sales man will have the highest score on Buy Box and ultimately win the trade.

The Buy Box is crucial on mobile equipment due to mobile shopping trends because people are less interested in reviewing other sellers and scrolling down.

 Moreover, when new people enter the Amazon Marketplace, the competition enhances.

  • Competition with other sellers

Kitchen& Home are popular amazon categories, and many sellers determine a niche with an enormous amount of sales with the thought that they will earn much out of it.

But they cannot make much out of this niche when you see a place such as “apple slicers” by thinking that top sellers can earn $100,000 in sales.

If you ponder this matter deeply, you will find oversaturation in this niche and observe that people earn low costs after selling more.

 If you are a new seller, you may not comprehend this fact and sell less competitive products in the market.

  • Higher costs of advertisements

You need to pay high amounts to get all the benefits on Amazon. It is the best thing to pre-estimate the monthly fee before starting the advertisement on Amazon. Let us analyze all the involved costs.

You must choose between two options for various business accounts when registering your business account.

The two selling plans at Amazon are given as follows;

  • In an individual selling plan, you do not have to pay any subscription fee but need to pay $0.99 for an even sold item.
  • In the professional selling plan, you will pay $39.99 for each product.

When you do not need to sell your products, an individual selling plan is best for you.

Similarly, when you sell 40 products a month, a personal selling plan is the best choice. It would also help if you chose a professional selling plan. Moreover, you need to pay 8% to 96% of the fee on different categories of products.

Apart from the FBA route, you will need to pay other fees. You will need to pay for costs for monthly storage and fulfilment fees.

 For instance, you need to pay $ 3.7 for each item for selling clothes and other large-sized products.

  • Difficulties in order management

d.Difficulties in order management

You need to think about syncing orders when you want to sell your products at various marketplaces.

The products must be present in your Amazon system, and they must be going through processes of central order management. There is no integration of Amazon with the systems of the shopping cart.

Different merchants will need to sell products on various Amazon platforms. They should opt for multiple channels for selling products.

The 3rd party is mainly involved in the process, and they constantly update your shopping cart. They ensure that cart is never empty.

  • Extra selling charges

In a professional selling plan, you will have to pay $39.99 for each product, and in an individual selling plan, you do not have to pay any subscription fee but pay $0.99 for an even sold item.

When you do not need to sell your products, an individual selling plan is best for you. Similarly, when you sell 40 products a month, an individual selling plan is the best choice.

Apart from this, you should choose a professional selling plan. Moreover, you need to pay 8% to 96% of the fee on different categories of products.

  • Your approach to selling in top Amazon products categories

Now that you are aware of all the pros and cons of Amazon product categorization, you must be eager to know what suits your business the best.

You should look for maximum pros and incorporate the products that can fetch you profit. The products that are seasonal and need maintenance are best suited for you.

You can renew your product designs and packaging every season and still get buyers.

A very profound idea that most sellers use while listing their products is that they find the most suitable categories for their products.

This helps them increase the visibility of their products to the target audience in an effective way. You can add your products in multiple categories and find yourself, potential buyers.

Chapter 3: essentials of Amazon product listing

Here, we have discussed the Amazon product categories and the popular Amazon categories in our blog.

In this chapter, we have informed the readers about checklist points of Amazon product listing.

1. Finding low competition in amazon categories

1.Finding low competition in amazon categories

The low competition and most popular amazon products are available on the Amazon Best Sellers page.

The intense competition products list is based on sales volume and is updated every hour with their most recent data.

Similarly, It’s divided by category, so you can see which products are most popular in every Amazon category.

2. Shortlisting the products of your interest

The first important thing you need to decide before selling Amazon products is to shortlist the products of your interest.

The products you are interested in selling may differ from the popular Amazon products category. Still, you should not start selling unpopular or least purchased products on Amazon.

3. Choosing appropriate titles

Choose a title for your product list on Amazon, and it should not be more than five hundred characters.

The Amazon products titles seem like a description because some information about the specific product is mentioned in the title. The keyword about the product should be your main focus in the title.

All essential elements like type, size, color, model number, product name, and brand should also be included in the title.

4. Adding catchy images

You should follow the Amazon requirements for the photos of the product. You should add a minimum of 5 images of the product to the Amazon product list.

 The size of the product should also be prominent in the image, and not forget to use a variety of prints. The packing and different angles of the product can be shown in the image.

5. Providing a detailed description of products

The information that you want the consumer to know about the product must be included in the product.

You must add bullet points, but the description of the Amazon products is also an important thing to add.

Keep in mind the client and then include all the necessary information and keywords about the product.

6. Highlighting important information in bullet points

The bullet points of the Amazon products include shipping details, product options, and the product’s price.

The benefits and main features of the product should also be added in this section. Try to add the maximum number of secondary keywords as well. Due to the position appeal on the Amazon page, this section is more important than the product’s description.

Chapter 4: What are the most popular Amazon product categories

electronic products on amazon

You can get all the necessary detail about the most popular and trending Amazon products in our blog.

 In this chapter, we have gathered all the information on amazon’s best sellers and created a list for you. We recommend you read this chapter and choose an appropriate niche before choosing a selling category on Amazon.

1. Electronics Product Category

Technology is an important part of everything wherever you go. Due to Internet progress, new equipment has been introduced.

According to the 2017 Best Prime report of Amazon, Electronics are included in the most purchased product category. These electronics products include Amazon Basic cables, Echo dot, and Voice remote control.

If you have a local business of technology-related products then you should get your inventory available on Amazon as well because it will give you a huge profit margin.

2. Beauty and Personal Care Product Category

It is a common observation that most women and men are interested in purchasing products that fall under the category of Beauty and personal care.

 Moreover, these products are high in demand on Amazon also. These products are forever in demand and you can find thousands of buyers in the category of beauty and personal care.

3. Camera and photo

Camera and photo

Who does not want to have a good camera? In 2022 cameras are in high demand. The category of cameras has a lot of profit margin. It is a subcategory of the Amazon electronics category.

The products included in this category are photography equipment, camera accessories, and a mix of cameras. Baby monitors and wireless home security cameras are best-sellers in this category.

4. Home and Kitchen Product Category

Home and Kitchen is another popular category on Amazon because of the basic requirement of Kitchen and home appliances. It has all the kitchen related gadgets including faucets and sinks.

 Good quality of this equipment is available on Amazon, so customers like to purchase these on Amazon.

You can find a subcategory as well if you want to deal with only a few product types. However, having a one-stop-shop for all kinds of kitchen accessories is always best.

5. Video games

This category is $100 billion worth and is among the most popular categories on Amazon.

 Amazon is hiring different programmers for different gaming projects on Amazon so that they can grow this category.

You can find your space in this category if you have any prior experience and background links with gaming and computing.

6. Clothing, shoes, and jewelry

Clothing, shoes, and jewelr

Amazon is a safe place for buying good quality clothes, jewelry and shoes. According to the 2018 survey, some popular products in this category include;

  • 23% dresses
  • 26% accessories
  • 34% athletic wear
  • 38% casual bottoms
  • 48% shoes
  • 68% casual tops

You can sell any of these and attract thousands of buyers easily.

7. Books

Amazon was the first online book retailer when it first started selling books. It is evolved into a more focused digital platform over the year.

 Divergent, the Hobbit, and the hunger games are some most purchased books on Amazon. Finding the best selling books is not a difficult task and you can easily create a book store on Amazon.

8. Grocery and gourmet food

Food items and groceries are also included in popular Amazon selling categories because people find Amazon a safe platform for buying such products.

This category can be one of the most profitable business ventures for you if you have prior knowledge about managing grocery items.

 Keeping in mind that some food items can expire in a few days, it is often considered a risky category.

9. Pet supplies

Pet supplies are important to the progress of Amazon, and you can buy the pets of your choice through this platform.

It includes all the pet-related accessories along with pet food and medications.

10. Handmade Product Category

Handmade products are also high in demand, and these are also included in the top Amazon categories. You can earn a good amount of profit through handmade products.

Chapter 5:  Frequently asked questions about top Amazon categories


1. Why do I need to categorize my Amazon products?

Customers can easily seek out their products when you categorize your products on Amazon.

The values added by Amazon determine the appearance of various Amazon products in the catalog.

 Thoughtful categorization of products can increase the visibility of your products and in turn, increase your sales.

2. How does Amazon product listing help sellers?

This list gives complete knowledge about a specific product to the Amazon sellers. It contains reviews of the product, descriptions, videos, and images of the product.

The products are listed in various categories and the seller can increase their sales but increase in audience number.

3. What kind of Amazon products are profitable?

The following Amazon products are profitable;

  • 32% handmade
  • 27% CD& Vinyl
  • 25% apps & games
  • 25% Industrial and scientific

4. How can I get the best sellers badge on Amazon?

You can easily get a best seller badge on Amazon, but you must have a velocity of the best sales in your selling category.

 You must go through the following methods;

  • First of all, try to create a listing of optimized products.
  • Choose the right category to sell.
  • Try to maintain the competitive price.

5. Does Amazon review make a difference?

Yes, 97% of people agree that reviews make a difference on Amazon.

 The chance of purchasing a product increases up to 200% when five positive reviews for that product are present. People read reviews carefully before purchasing items.

6. How should I incorporate keywords in the top Amazon categories?

You should always consider including the search terms in the description of your products.

Keywords help you to set your product according to the algorithm of Amazon. First of all, go to the inventory tab and click the Manage Inventory button. Then among the listed products, you should click edit corresponding.

Then open the new page and try to click on the keywords tab. After this, you can incorporate your keywords in the box of search terms.


Amazon has a very sophisticated way of listing goods. The product listing makes it easier for the buyer to find products.

It is one innovative way by which the seller gets more chances of showing up their products to the buyers.

In this blog, we have discussed the top Amazon product categories and introduced you to the most profitable niches.

We have tried to convey to you all the essential data and keep you updated with the new trends as well.

Towards the end of the blog, we have tried to answer all possible queries. If you are still left with any questions, ping us on We will be glad to enlighten you.