Are you thinking about what made in PRC means?

Do you think that Made in PRC products are of poor quality?

For so many years, people are seen thinking twice when it comes to the quality of the “Made in China” products. For this reason, China has been rebranding and introduced products with the “Made in PRC” label. Because of this step of rebranding, consumers are becoming confused.

Also, it is important to understand that many buyers have a lot of misconceptions about Made in China or Made in PRC products. They think that it is always bad quality, copied from other brands and also there can be scams when one is importing Made in China products.

In this guide, you will get to know about three major things

Table of Content

Chapter 1: What Made in PRC means?

Chapter 2: 10 Misconceptions when people hear “Made in China” products

Chapter 3: What Role does Research and Development have in making “Made in PRC” Products Demanded Worldwide?

Chapter 4: Why are Major World Brands Producing and Assembling Products in China?

Chapter 5: How is EJET Sourcing Redefining the Quality of Chinese products throughout the World?

Chapter 6: FAQ’s about Made in PRC Products

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Made in PRC means?


PRC – the People’s Republic of China is the official name of China. So, whenever you hear the abbreviations PRC, it means that China is being talked about.

For people who do not know what made in PRC products are, how can they be sure of the quality of the products they are purchasing? Do the products meet the quality standards or not?

To clear these questions and views about Made in PRC products, we will break them down in easy words.

1. What Does Made in PRC Means?

Have you come across products with the label “PRC”? This is a recent development and you must not have seen this sign a decade or two ago.

Some people already know what that means; others have already figured it out themselves. Most people are yet unaware of what it means.


PRC simply means the People’s Republic of China. So, products with the label “PRC” mean that they are made in China.

2. Why Is China Replacing Made in China With Made in PRC?

Are you still one of those people who remembers Chinese products as “Made in China”. Ever wondered why they transitioned from “Made in China” to “Made in PRC”?

This is one question that has been bothering a lot of people and we are here to clear this confusion. Why would they replace a well-established “Made in China” brand with a lesser-known “Made in PRC” tag?

The reason is simple; this is a marketing technique. What is the first thing you do when you buy a new product? Yes, you flip it over and check the label.

Some countries are more reliable in terms of quality than others. The perception of Made in China products has been changing from past 5 to 10 years.

Shifting from “Made in China” to “Made in PRC” was a strategy to improve the impression of Chinese products and boost sales.  It was a tactic to confuse the buyer into buying these products.


This is not a new strategy. Businesses have been doing this for quite a while now. For instance, when the company name does not work well, they change the name of the company.

Similarly, this is what China has done in terms of labeling. Another reason is that China is not the official name of the country. The People’s Republic of China is the true name and PRC is the abbreviation of it.

3. Do People Have Misconceptions About Made in PRC Products?

Yes. People have a lot of misconceptions about Made in PRC products. The majority think that products that are made in China and manufactured are not of good quality. This is the biggest conception.

In the following chapter, we will try to explain about these misconceptions and explain that how China is changing these misconceptions.

Chapter 2: 10 Misconceptions when people hear “Made in China” products

Are you one of the people who have held misconceptions related to products that are made in China? Over the years, people have associated products made in China with poor quality. The top 10 misconceptions have been discussed below.

1. No creativity – Just Copy Famous Brands

For years and years, the public thinks that China has no creativity and only produces copies of the brands. This is a total misconception.

The reason why China is producing copies of famous brands is because of the high demand for these copies all over the world. Many buyers come to China and try to produce replicas of famous brands at affordable prices.


However, there are slight changes to the design in order to not infringe upon the patents of those products. Also Chinese manufacturers will not include the logos of famous brands. So until the patent of those famous brands is not being infringed. It is well under the law.

Where there is a large market for copied products, you can see a lot of creativity in China too. In the last 2 decades, China has become the market leader in introducing new trends all over the world.

The reason for this is the new designers are top of the line and follow the latest trends closely to make new products.

We will also mention here in past years, there have been huge crackdowns by the Chinese government to stop products exact replicas of famous brands. Many such markets and factories have been closed down.

The new era of Chinese production is all focused on research and development and creating new designs and technology.

2. Only Low-Quality Products are Manufactured In China


People assumed that only low-quality products are manufactured in China. The reason for this misconception was that buyers used to demand the production of different qualities of the product.

For instance, they used to order quality A, B, C and D for the same product. Hence, lower quality products, as well as high-quality ones, were produced at a time.

3. All the Brands you Find in China are Fake and not Real

Another major misconception is that all the brands you find in China are fake and not real. This is a BIG NO. You will be surprised to know that most of the major brands of the world have their factories and production units in China.


Giants like Tesla, Apple, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Armani etc. Yes, all these brands speak luxury and finesses are being manufactured in China. Just make sure that you are buying them from official channels to avoid any scams.

4. You Need to Have Personal Connections to Get Work Done in China

People have this misconception that working in China is not easy. The only way to get things done is to have connections. Otherwise, you will not be able to get things done.

This is also a misconception because China has been developing at a very rapid pace and many factories have been able to set up from the scratch because of having a level playing field.

This has boost the production of Made in PRC products. So if you have ideas and skills, you can surely be successful in producing news products in China.

5. The Chinese People don’t Want to Work with Foreigners

It is known worldwide that Chinese people are very particular about their language and everything. Even if they knew English or any other language, they will communicate in their mother tongue only.


This gave rise to the misconception that the Chinese people don’t like working with foreigners. This is not true. China has welcomed thousands of foreigners every year to come and buy the Made in PRC products at affordable prices and sell in their own markets at a profit.

6. “Made in China” Products are not Customizable and come from a Single Mold

Because China produces products in bulk, there is a misconception that all they do is photocopy products and make the same one again and again.

It is like there is one mold and all the products come from it. There is no concept of customization and this result in zero uniqueness of the products.

This is not true. Most of the suppliers offer the option of customization to the buyers. If you order as per the minimum order quantity, you get the option of customization.

7. “Made in PRC” Means Fragile and Breakable Products

It was a common belief that products that are made in PRC are not of top quality and can break and are fragile. But, now even very intricate and delicate products are being made in China.


It all depends on the professional shipping and handling of the fragile products and how well it is packed. There are many sourcing companies in China now who can help you with packaging and shipping in the most professional way.

8. Only Cheap Products are Made in China.

Another misconception is that the products made in China are on the cheaper side and they can’t match the quality of the high-end class ones made all over the world.

But, the presence of huge giants like Apple, Tesla and Prada shows that luxury brands have also made a market in China.

You can find many qualities of a single product in China. Chinese suppliers like to cater to all the buyers from the whole world.

Some need low quality and some need high quality. If you have a good budget, you can surely get high quality products from China without any problem.

9. Only Low-Quality Materials are used to Manufacture “Made in China” Products


The best thing about China is that you can get any quality of products imaginable made. You, as a buyer, need to be very specific about what you want.

All types of materials from very expensive ones to cheap ones are available in China and you can pick either of them. This gave rise to this misconception that low-quality materials are always used.

10. China is Full of Scammers and you will never get your Products Delivered to You

Another major misconception is that China is full of scammers and the suppliers don’t send the products to you. They take your money and don’t deliver. This is not the case.

Scammers are present everywhere and you need to be vigilant to save yourself from scammers. EJET have written various blogs on how to source products from China and how to avoid scams from China. Please visit our blog page and search for scams in China blog.

Chapter 3: What Role does Research and Development have in making “Made in PRC” Products Demanded Worldwide?


Undoubtedly, the decision to change made in China products to made in PRC was nothing less than genius. Excessive research and development play a major role in making the demand for Chinese products increase all over the world.

1. Chinese Government Interest’s in Research and Development

The Chinese government has been funding research and development in the country. They are focused and determined to make a name for themselves in the world and are already doing that successfully.

A major reason for this newfound interest of the world in Chinese products is the efforts of the Chinese government.

They have been allocating a huge amount of the budget to research and development for making their products stand out in the world.

2. Statistics about Increased Spending on R and D

The spending of the government on R and D increased 10.3% in 2020 and came up to $378 billion and makes up 2.4% of the total GDP.


China is working harder to climb the technological ladder. Because of the excessive research and development, they have already become the “World’s Factory” providing newly developed Chinese products to the world.

3. Fast Developing Economy attracts Technological Talent from all over the World

Research and development have opened new avenues for China. Their fast-growing and developing economy is not only allowing them to make big money, but it is also attracting top talent from all over the world.

New job opportunities, new technologies like robots, etc., and breakthroughs have opened the eyes of the rest of the world. This allowed China to attract smart brains from all over the world.

Along with acceptance, China is becoming the technological hub of the world. Huge brands like Tesla and Apple have their manufacturing and assembly plants here.

The production capacity and capabilities of Chinese manufacturing is increasing day by day and this is why they have more opportunities which people from all over the world want to exploit.


4. Market Leaders in Manufacturing New Products

There is no doubt in the fact that everything China does is huge. They have huge production facilities, huge infrastructures, and huge logistics. This is why they are producing new products in bulk.

They have the setup, they have the production capabilities to produce the top-of-the-line market products in no time. This ability to mass-produce combined with the R&D has brought Made in PRC products to a whole new level.

5. Shift From Manufacturing to R&D

Initially, China focused on manufacturing. They aimed to produce things in bulk to give the best price to the buyers. In recent years, they have shifted their focus to R and D.

They are still carrying out mass production and making items in bulk, but they are focusing more on research and development and producing new and unique technology made by high quality material.

6. Introduction of Robots and Automation in the Manufacturing Sector


A few years ago the concept of robots working in factories was as good as fiction. China has made this come true.

There are a few manufacturing facilities where robots are working on small tasks. Apart from this, the automation of most of the manufacturing and production processes has made things quicker and easier.

7. Bigger Network of Roads, Rail and Ports to Ship Goods Worldwide

China has a very strong logistics system. They have well-developed roads and excellent ports from where thousands of containers are dispatched for the different corners of the world.

This is a massive infrastructure as China has the highest network of roads and railways. Some of the biggest ports in the world are also located in China. This means the delivery of your products is fast and efficient. The logistics network in China is one of the best in the world.

Chapter 4: Why are Major World Brands Producing and Assembling Products in China?


All the huge brands of the world are manufacturing and assembling their products in China. The reason for this is simple. China has a lot to offer.

So this is enough proof that if major brands are focused on China, this means the Chinese are also providing high quality Made in PRC products.

Following are some of the major reasons why companies around the world like to get their products manufactured in China.

1. Low Cost of Labor and a Large Number of Human Resource

The low labor cost is a big attraction for people of the world. The reason for this is that the population of China is huge.

The supply of labor is greater than the demand of labor and this drives the cost of the labor force down. So, the greater numbers of human resource ensures that the labor cost remains low.

2. Established Production and Supply Chains for Made in PRC products


To get your products manufactured in China, you don’t need to worry much. There are already huge manufacturing and assembly plants on which you can get to produce and assemble a particular product.

The supply chains are also very mature. China is known as the “World’s Factory” for a reason.

You name a product, and there is an 80% chance that it is already being manufactured there in one form or the other. There are established supply chains and a lot of suppliers to choose from.

3. Excellent Business Ecosystem to make Made in PRC products

You can’t expect industrial production to take place alone. There is a complete ecosystem that runs alongside with it. For one product to be made there is a whole ecosystem that comes together.

This includes the suppliers of raw materials, distributors, logistic companies, sourcing companies, packaging material suppliers and even the customers.

Chinese manufacturers play smart. Most of them have well-established suppliers nearby. This is why companies like Apple benefit from the efficient supply chain in China.

4. Political Stability in China to grow Made in PRC brand


For the past many decades, China has seen a very stable government. This has encouraged foreign investors to invest in China. Generally, it has been observed that countries with better political stability attract more foreign investment.

5. Excellent Logistics Services in China to ship Made in PRC products

The well-developed logistics service in China is the reason why you see made in PRC brands all over the world. China has all 4 forms of logistics; air, road, rail and sea.

There are many airports, seaports and railways in China. Moreover, the road infrastructure is simple and clean and allows for a quick commute between regions.

With different initiatives like “Belt and Road, China is looking to make better road ties with their neighboring countries. This will make the import and export of goods easier and cost-effective.

6. Low cost of Logistics because of Bulk Movements

Not only are the logistic services top-notch, the bulk movements further results in a decrease in their cost. Every day hundreds and thousands of containers leave the seaport and airport.


This means you don’t need to book entire shipments for your order. One consignment can carry orders from different customers if the quantity is small. This distributes the price over many partners.

7. Higher Number of Manufactures and Competition Leads to Stable Prices

The sheer number of manufactures in China led to price stability. No one has a monopoly.

There are so many manufacturers making the same product that one can’t increase the price and loot the customers. If you find the price of one supplier expensive, you can always turn to the other supplier.

Chapter 5: How is EJET Sourcing Redefining the Quality of Chinese products throughout the World?

We at EJET Sourcing are working hard around the clock to help buyers from all over the world source products from China.

We aim to spread made in PRC products to every corner of the world and get China worldwide appreciation. We know this can only be done by providing the best quality Chinese products. For this, we follow these steps

1. Only High-Quality Suppliers Are Selected

We do not have any B-grade supplier on our list. All the suppliers we get the products or raw materials from are of high quality.

The first thing we do is check the license of the supplier before giving them the go-ahead to work with us. Proper quality checks, supplier audits and facility inspections are done before deciding whether the supplier is good enough or not.

2. We are very Clear about your Product Specifications

We aim to understand the product specifications of the clients. If there is something unclear or any ambiguity, we ask again.

Until the product specifications and clients demands are not properly understood, we know that the final product will never be of high quality. So, we need to be clear about the product specifications before carrying on.

3. Directly Get in Touch with the Product Manager and Owner of the Factories.

There are no loopholes when it comes to the working of EJET Sourcing. We are very clear when it comes to quality. To ensure high quality and the best materials being used.

We stay in touch with the production manager and the owner of factories directly to know how the production process is going on. All ambiguities and progress are kept an eye on. We directly work with those who are the decision makers to solve any issues immediately.

4. Proper Inspection is done to make sure no Poor Quality Product is Shipped


Before the order is shipped, a proper inspection is done. We check the quality of the products to ensure they meet the client’s quality standards. We perform Pre Production Inspection, Mid Production Inspection as well as Pre Shipment Inspection.

5. Quality Checks are Carried out on Every Step of the Sourcing Process

There are quality checks at every step. From the purchasing of raw materials to the final product being manufacturer, quality checks are done. Even when the final product is being loaded on the container for shipment, we do a final quality check so that the best product is sent to the buyer.

6. EJET has an already Established Reliable Suppliers’ Network

EJET Sourcing has been in the business for a long enough time to have built a good network of suppliers.

All the suppliers on our panel are personally verified, license checked and reliability cross-checked. Our supplier network is fully established and we have good terms with our suppliers and we enjoy exclusive pricing from them.

7. No Language Barrier as Majority of our Staff Speaks Fluent English

To assist our overseas clients, we have recruited people who speak and understand English fluently. The buyer does not face any language barrier and working with us becomes easier.

Also we have trained our staff to understand different cultures of various countries which enables them to better understand your sourcing needs and communicate more professionally.

8. Constant Communication is Established with the Suppliers and the Client to solve any Issue Quickly

Unlike other sourcing agencies, we just don’t take an order and forget about the client. Constant feedback and progress update is given to the clients. They are kept in the loop and all the progress is shared with them. In case of any issue, it is resolved as soon as possible.

Chapter 6: FAQ’s about Made in PRC Products


1. Why is it Important for Manufacturers to Label Products with Made in Country Label?

Manufacturers need to label the products with made-in-the-country label to inform the buyer where the product was manufactured. This helps them decide whether they want to buy it or not.

Looking at the label they can consciously decide to buy it or not. If manufacturers don’t include labels on the products, it is going to be unethical and the buyer will be kept in darkness about the origin of the products. Also in almost every country this is legally required.

2. Does Made in PRC mean Low-Quality Always?

No. Made in PRC is not associated with low quality always. The only time you will find low quality made in PRC products is when you want to buy them and you ask the suppliers to produce a low cost product. Many clients ask for different qualities of products including low quality.

3. Made in PRC Means What?

Made in PRC are the products that are made in the People’s Republic of China. It is same as Made in China products but just a rebranding to remove the bad image of Made in China product from the minds of the buyers.

4. Does Made in PRC can also be put on Products which are Assembled in China

Only the products which are manufactured in China can have the label called Made in PRC. But the products which are assembled in China can only have the label saying assembled in China.

Assembled in China means that the parts of the products were in other countries, and then those parts were brought in China and assembled there.

5. Why Chinese Brands are changing the Made in China Label to Made in PRC?

The reason why brands are changing from made in China to made in PRC is a marketing technique. The reason why this happened was the fact the label made in China was getting associated with low-quality and fragile/breakable products.

Moreover, the official name of China is not China; it is the People’s Republic of China. Hence, they have shifted to the label “made in PRC”


The shift of made-in-China products to made in PRC was a deliberate marketing strategy. For years, there has been an air of negativity associated with products with the label of made in China.

Therefore, to get rid of this misconception of Chinese products, China has shifted to made in PRC products.

Research and development have played a major role in helping China become the market leader in producing the newest and latest products with the best quality and at the most affordable prices.

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