Amazon is a name that is recognized worldwide. It is making huge leaps with its “Amazon Business” in the B2B marketplace.

It is growing rapidly and many sellers are turning to this platform to reap the many advantages it offers.

Business owners get discounts and access to Amazon’s worldwide supplier network by opting for Amazon Business.

Price transparency and the option to choose from thousands of sellers and suppliers is the biggest advantage of Amazon Business.

This guide will talk about the A-Z of doing Amazon Business and the perks of doing so.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: What is Amazon Business?

Chapter 2: How Does Amazon Business Work

Chapter 3: How to Start a Business on Amazon?

Chapter 4: Advantages of Amazon Business over Amazon

Chapter 5: Tips and Tricks to attract Customers to your Business on Amazon

Chapter 6: FAQs About Amazon business

Chapter 1: What is Amazon Business?

amazon business

You will hardly come across someone who is not familiar with Amazon.

Most people from around the globe do their shopping from Amazon. It is a multinational company and is headquartered in America.

What started as a small online marketplace has now evolved as one of the biggest brands in the world.

Millions of purchases are made on it daily. But, the needs of organizations and businesses are different. To benefit them, Amazon introduced Amazon Business a while ago.

1. Amazon Business Explained

Amazon Business works to bring together a number of suppliers to buy and sell stuff. It is just like Amazon.

This is why businesses have an easy time using and getting familiar with this platform.  It offers many business-related options for businesses to work with.

Depending on your business model, selling on Amazon Business and Amazon is possible.

You get to choose from hundreds and thousands of suppliers. Right now it is a relatively new concept.

Not many people are aware of the immense opportunity and advantages it offers.

2. Which Businesses can Benefit from Amazon Business and use it?

Even though Amazon Business is not a very old concept, many organizations, businesses and sellers have joined it.

The products for sale are available at cheaper prices, discounts are given on bulk orders, you can choose from thousands of suppliers and get quicker deliveries.

These are just some of the advantages to businesses that opt for Amazon Business.

Amazon Business is not restricted to just a category of products. You can find products from household to fashion to clothing to medical equipment etc.

You name it, Amazon Business has it. This versatility allows it to be a perfect platform for any type of business.

Another reason why it is good for any kind of business is the number of products you can order.

If you are a small setup, you can find suppliers who are willing to sell products in lesser quantities.

You don’t need to order hundreds and thousands of units to avail the benefits.

For larger businesses, bulk ordering brings added benefits. You can get the best prices if you order in bulk.

So, this shows that any business, organization, and even smaller setups can benefit from Amazon Business.

3. Where is Amazon Business Available?

As mentioned already, Amazon is a global e-commerce store. It operates in more than 200 countries.

Amazon Business, on the other hand, is a relatively new concept and in the initial stages.

It has not expanded as much as Amazon itself. Right now it has operations in the following countries only.

  • US
  • Germany
  • UK
  • France
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • India
  • Spain

Chapter 2: How Does Amazon Business Work

amazon buisness Account Set up

You need to go on the official website of Amazon Business and register yourself and your business.

Unlike Amazon, you just can’t go on the website and start scrolling and searching around. You need to make an account first.

The process of account creation and setup is user-friendly and easy to understand. A few minutes and your account will be set up. Visit the business Amazon here to start your account setup process.

1. Amazon Business Account Set up

This is the page that opens when you go on the official Amazon Business website. If you are new to it, we suggest going through the different options and learning a little about the things offered.

If not, you can directly make your account. It is free and takes only a few minutes.

Click on the yellow button on the top right corner of the page which states “Create a free account”

Next, fill out the information on the form. You can see there are just 3 steps. You need to give in your email, enter your business details and click on finish.

Your account will be set up in minutes.

Amazon requires 24 hours to check your business details and information. Once all the information is verified, you can go ahead with using Amazon Business.

2. Browse, Shop, and Select

Once your business account is up and running, you can browse for different products. There are multiple suppliers of the same product. You need to shortlist a supplier carefully.

Talk to a few suppliers, lock a price, ask for samples if they agree, and select what you are going to buy from whom.

3. Amazon Order


After you have selected which product you are going to buy from which supplier, it is time to order.

The process of ordering is very simple. You need to set all terms with the supplier, the quantity of products being delivered, the price per unit, the delivery date, etc.

The shipment of Amazon Business is relatively quicker than Amazon. Bulk orders will get you a better price.

If you are thinking of ordering again from the same supplier, it is better to order in bulk.

You need to confirm the payment method, shipping method, and place of order.

Each order can be tracked and seen in depth. You need to go to the Orders menu present in the account setting and see a detailed report.

Chapter 3: How to Start a Business on Amazon?

How to Start a Business on Amazon

1. Request to Join Amazon Business

The first step involved requesting to join Amazon Business. This is done when you set up a business account Amazon Business receives your request and starts working on it.

They verify your credentials and get back to you with a verification email that your account has been set.

Your activation period on Amazon is time-sensitive. To make sure you don’t need to go through the entire process of registration again, make sure you check your email regularly.

2. Activate the Account

You don’t need to give a separate application or fill out a form to activate your account.

If you have got a notification email that your account has been registered, you can go online and start shopping right away.

3. Register your account

Amazon has been around for quite some time. Business owners can have their personal accounts on Amazon for shopping purposes.

There are 3 options of registering an account on Amazon Business.

  • Create a new account

The best thing to do is to create a new account even if you have an existing personal account.

This allows you to strike a balance between business and personal shopping/spending.  If not, create a new account and start reaping the benefits of Amazon Business.

  • Convert an account

In some situations, you can also convert your existing account into a new one. For this, you need to give in a request to Amazon Business.

They will review it and then let you know whether that is possible or not.

  • Separate personal and business shopping

The best thing is to keep professional and personal spaces separately. You will not stop shopping personally.

There is no point in shuffling between a business account and converting it back to a personal account again and again. Having separate accounts is the best way forward.

Chapter 4: Advantages of Amazon Business over Amazon

Advantages of Amazon Business over Amazon

Amazon Business has many advantages over Amazon for businesses. The reason is simple.

Amazon Business was made specially to curtail the challenges faces by the procurement industry.

It was made for businesses that are looking for procurement solutions. Some of the benefits that Amazon Business has to offer are discussed below.

  • Multi-user account: Doing business becomes easier with a multi-user account. You can approve workflows, create groups, add or remove administrators, etc.
  • Discounts:Many discounts are offered on bulk products. Some suppliers even offer discounts and low prices for normal orders while dealing with businesses.
  • Business Selection: There are a plethora of business products available on Amazon Business. There are millions of products you can choose from.
  • Payment Options: In Amazon Business, you have a number of payment options to choose from.

You can either pay later or pay on the spot. You can also opt for the Amazon Business Express Card and pay on it.

If your business/organization is exempted from tax, you can sign up for their Amazon Tax Exemption Program.

  • Free Shipping: There is an option of free shipping on orders that are 49 dollars and more. This is good news as most businesses order more than this amount.
  • Reorder: Businesses can put the products they are going to reorder in the reorder list.

This allows them to order quicker and saves time is conducting the whole process again and again.

  • Analytics: Amazon Business is not only about buying and selling at the best price. It offers much more.

It allows the business to automate the reporting process, monitor the activity, know where the money is being spent, etc.

Chapter 5: Tips and Tricks to attract Customers to your Business on Amazon

Tips for Finding the Best B2B Trading Platform

Amazon Business offers advantages to everyone. The same prices are offered to all businesses.

Still, not every business that uses Amazon Business flourished. There are many businesses that are unable to compete with the competition and lose out on business.

This is because with Amazon Business you need to have a proper selling plan and need to attract customers. There are many ways you can do that.

1. Provide Rapid Shipping Options

When dealing internationally, it is important to provide rapid shipping options. Clients don’t like to wait.

FBA is the best way to ensure your products reach customers faster.

In Amazon FBA, your products are sent to customers through the nearest Amazon warehouse. With warehouses all over the world, delivery becomes quicker.

2. Advertise Deals and Bundles

It is important to attract your customers to your products. Amazon Business works like any other store.

To stand out from the competition, you need to offer some offers and bundles. When you advertise well, your product visibility increases. A good option is offer a coupon or run a deal.

3. Set Competitive Prices

Setting the price is a tricky thing to do. Many entrepreneurs want to make an impact with their products and the first thing that they want is to set low prices for their products.

This might have worked earlier on but the customer has become educated now. Setting a low price than the price of the competitor shows that your product might not be good enough.

On the other hand, if you set a very high price, you might lose on clients.

Why would someone be willing to buy a very high-priced item from a newcomer? So, set your price strategically.

Chapter 6: FAQs About Amazon business


1. What benefits does Amazon Business hold for small businesses?

All the benefits that Amazon Business has to offer and are discussed above are applicable to small businesses too.

A number of analytical tools are provided to see how the business is going, what offers are going good etc. Multi-user accounts also save the hassle of duplicating records etc.

2. Can I Downgrade my Amazon Account from Business to Personal?

Yes. It is possible to downgrade from a business account to a personal account anytime you want to.

You will lose all the benefits of the business account. You will also have to pay a nominal fee.

3. Can Existing Businesses join Amazon Prime?

Yes. It is possible for businesses to join Amazon Prime. They will get the same delivery and shipping advantages.

But, if you are planning on doing heavy business, it is better to switch to Amazon Business.

To entertain the businesses that want to reap the benefits of Prime, Amazon is launching Amazon Business Prime. It is already available in Japan, Germany, and the USA.

4. Are there any disadvantages of Amazon Business?

The only disadvantage of Amazon Business is the competition from Amazon. Amazon itself has its own business. Competing with it can become a problem.

5. Who handles customer service on Amazon Business after one makes a sale?

If you are fulfilling orders yourself, you will deal with the after-sales service. If your business has opted for Amazon fulfillment, Amazon will provide customer services.


Amazon Business is an excellent method of procurement. Irrespective of the size of your business, you can find something of your interest.

It goes ahead and offers much more than just buying and selling. It offers companies many analytical tools to see how their business is performing.

To know more about Amazon Business and how it works, you can message us at Ejet Sourcing. We are ready and happy to help! Looking forward to your message.