Are you looking for an answer about what is Dhgate?

Are you interested in a website that offers good products at reasonable prices to buy your goods from?

If so, consider buying from DHgate. DHgate is one of the largest Chinese B2B and B2C online eCommerce site. DHgate offers a lot of great benefits for your business; these include a large volume and variety of products, hundreds of categories, reasonable prices, and a huge number of good sellers.

To be successful in importing from China, you should know the right place to buy the products from. Only the right products at the right price can make you successful, but finding the best option is a challenge.

This is your complete step-by-step guide to start buying from DHgate with ease. All the aspects of DHgate are included such as the working, safety and reliability, how to buy, advantages, and other relevant information.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: What is DHgate?

Chapter 2: Benefits of Buying from DHgate

Chapter 3: Key Features of DHgate which makes it the best website

Chapter 4: 15 Best Product Categories you can buy from DHgate

Chapter 5: Is DHgate better than Alibaba?

Chapter 6: DHgate Scams you should know about and learn to avoid

Chapter 7: Tips to avoid scams on DHgate and buy safely

Chapter 8: Are DHgate Reviews Real or Fake?

Chapter 9: Frequently Asked Questions About DHgate

Chapter 1: What is DHgate?


You might be wondering what is Dhgate. Well DHgate is a large Chinese B2B and B2C ecommerce marketplace that operates worldwide.

Its main focus is on the sale of wholesale consumer products from suppliers and sellers in China to small scale and medium scale businesses throughout the world; it is one of the best sourcing companies with the aim of providing easy access to cost-effective goods.  Let’s look at it in more detail.

1. History of DHgate

DHgate is based in Beijing, China, and it was founded in 2004 by its current CEO, Diane Wang, and it has been operating as a company since 2005. The initial idea of DHgate was as an ‘online Silk Road’ so that it could connect the Chinese products and market to the rest of the world.

It had fifteen years of success, and is still growing every day; its userbase grew from 1 million users in 2005 to 31 million users in 2020.

As it grew into the successful company it is today, it continued to expand its operations worldwide by establishing offices in many countries like the United States, Australia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

2. How does DHgate work?

DHgate works like other similar sites that people source products from. DHgate has a user-friendly interface, is simple to operate, and its website is convenient to use.

There are certain features like product listings, prices and reviews that are common to other similar platforms. But it also has an escrow service, internet financing, and logistic service.

It basically works like this: you make an account on DHgate, complete the registration process using basic info, then you can start checking out the products that are listed under product categories on the left side. You can view the reviews and ratings, and seller profiles.

3. Is DHgate a scam site?


As a seller you will obviously want to know that is DHgate legit and reliable, or if you will get scammed over there. As it is one of the largest ecommerce stores with millions of users, we can confidently say that it is a legit site.

It has buyer protection, escrow service, mediation services, refund policy, and many features to ensure your safety on the site. It also has good quality products and low prices.

However, DHgate is just the middleman between sellers and buyers. It cannot guarantee the reliability of the sellers, despite the protection features.

There are all types of sellers on the site, and it is up to you to ensure that you are only dealing with good sellers. So is DHgate a reputable company and legit? The short answer is that DHgate is a legit site.

4. Why DHgate is so important?

DHgate is also one of the largest and the first B2B e-commerce sites in China. There are approximately 2.2 million total sellers, 26 million buyers from 222 regions globally, and 22 million product listings.

But as a seller, you want to know more about personal experiences rather than big numbers and statistics. So to appreciate the importance of DHgate for sellers, consider this story of an individual that benefitted greatly from using DHgate.

Case Study:

A US-based buyer started a business on eBay for reselling socks that he bought from a separate Chinese business (not an online store). But he was not making enough profit because of a lack of quality and variety.

He switched to DHgate and Alibaba, but found that DHgate had better products, more variety and designs, and low prices with several discount coupons. As a result, his revenue increased by four times! This was all because of variety, low prices, and the reliable sellers that the buyer found on DHgate.

So you can see how DHgate helped this small business flourish. If you’re in a similar position, then check out DHgate; you won’t be disappointed.

Chapter 2: Benefits of Buying from DHgate

Here are some of the many benefits you will get when buying from DHgate. Reading these benefits will make you more confident in buying from DHgate knowing that you are using the best platform to import products from China.

1. Why is DHgate so Cheap?


The customer base of Dhgate knows that it is one of the best sites to get good price deals on all products; the prices are low and affordable without compromise on quality.

This is due to the fact that most sellers on DHgate sell their products as wholesale, which means that products are manufactured in bulk.

This greatly reduces costs. And then the sales are also made in huge amounts, so the end result is that prices are cheap.

And if you are buying in bulk the prices are even lower, and since this is a B2B wholesale site, it will benefit your business a lot as you can resell for a higher price, and earn profits. Other than that, there are many discount codes and coupons offered by DHgate, which can also reduce the price.

2. Hundreds of Product Categories available on DHgate


DHgate offers hundreds of categories and products that you can choose from, which can be very convenient for your business as you can find all product categories in one place for good prices. Some of these categories are:

  • Cell Phones and electronics
  • Computers and games
  • Automobiles and motorcycles
  • Sports goods and apparel
  • Health products
  • Shoes
  • Apparel
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Wedding items
  • Bags and fashion accessories
  • Beauty products
  • Homeware
  • Garden tools
  • Toys and gifts

3. Good payment security in buying from DHgate

If you’re worried that is DHgate a secure website, then you will be relieved to find out that DHgate has a safe and secure payment system: the escrow service. This means that when you place an order, you don’t pay the seller directly but you pay DHgate.


Then only if your order arrives on time, and you are satisfied with the quality and authenticity, DHgate releases the payment to the seller. If there are issues like late delivery or damaged product or an incorrect order, then you can file for a refund or file a dispute and explain to DHgate about the issue.

4. Reasonable Prices compared to other websites

As we discussed earlier, the price factor is one of the best things about DHgate; the products are very cost-effective and affordable.

But you will also find that the prices are even lower as compared to other sites like Alibaba. And since you get the same good quality goods for a low price, you can save on costs and build profits for your business.

5. Can buy Good Quality Goods in DHgate

The quality of goods varies across sellers. Many sellers deal in good quality goods only, which are authentic and durable. Some sellers compromise on quality. But you can look for trusted sellers that only sell good quality goods. You will find that there are many such sellers for all types of products.

6. Reliable Sellers available on DHgate

There are thousands of reliable and trusted sellers on DHgate, who mostly operate as large and medium scale enterprises. These sellers are professional and genuine, and only deal in one category of products in which they are experts.

You will also find that they have clear specifications of their product in terms of price, quality and manufacturing etc. And, reliable sellers have positive reviews and customer feedback on their profile.

Chapter 3: Key Features of DHgate which makes it the best website


1. Mediation Services of DHgate

One of the best features of DHgate is that it acts as a mediator between buyer and seller in case of a dispute. If any of these situations arise, you can request mediation: delay in shipment, sudden change in prices, damaged products, and different quality than promised. The disputes are settled through the Resolution Center to reach an agreement within 5 days.

For example, if you ordered a gadget from the seller, and the gadget you received was broken, you can request mediation from DHgate. Dhgate will ask for your reason and evidence, which the seller can accept or reject. It works mostly in the buyer’s favor.

2. Return Policy in DHgate


Similar to mediation service, there is a return policy in DHgate. As before, you have to give reason and evidence for requesting a refund; for example, the product is damaged, you received the wrong order, or there was a return option within 7 days. It can be done via mediation service. Or you can open a dispute with the seller directly to give a proposal, which the seller can accept or modify.

3. Detailed Seller Information available on DHgate

For each seller, there is detailed information available on their profile. So you can decide whether a seller on DHgate is trusted and reliable. There is personal information like business license, company name, and other credentials.

Other features are rating scores, reviews, total transactions, fulfilled orders,s and refund rates. DHgate also has a 3 stars-based assessment feature, so that the top 100 sellers are given stars based on these attributes.

4. Many Payment Methods compared to other websites


DHgate supports many payment options which are safe and secure. Some of these are:

  • Credit card: All types are supported such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
  • Debit card: All types of debit cards are acceptable, except Western Union.
  • E-wallet: You can also pay through digital currency like Moneybookers or WebMoney.
  • Bank transfer: You can transfer money directly from your account, either online or offline.

So there are many options available to you, regardless of where you live. It is convenient and safe.

5. Advanced Shipment Tracking options in DHgate

DHgate offers advanced shipment tracking of your order, unlike other similar sites. This is how it works: when the seller dispatches your order, you will get your shipping number.

You can then check and track this number on your account after 5 to 10 days. This option is available for many shipment services like China Post, FedEx and DHL.

If the seller doesn’t give you the tracking id after you ask, you can take up the dispute with DHgate. And if you are unable to track the order, DHgate will consider the id invalid, and then you can submit a ‘return and refund’ request to get a full refund.

Chapter 4: 15 Best Product Categories you can buy from DHgate

Here are some of the product categories on DHgate as listed on their website. We also have included the screenshots showing details about each category for your convenience.

1. Cell Phones & Accessories


In Dhgate you can find all types of Chinese brand phones; there are also all kinds of cell phone accessories like chargers, holders, cables, batteries, cases, earphones, screen protectors, power banks, and smart watches. You can find these at low prices and in good quality.

2. Electronics & Cameras

In electronics, you can find all sorts of electronic products from simple batteries to more sophisticated cameras. They have atomizers, e-cigarettes, microphones, speakers, lenses, home theater, projectors, USBs, memory cards, tripods, and more.

3. Sports & Outdoors

In the sports section, you will find all types of athletic wear for cycling, water sports, gym, yoga, and other outdoor activities. You will also find shoes, and other equipment like bags, gloves, and tents.

4. Health & Beauty


In the health and beauty section, you will see products listed under makeup, skincare, nail care and body care. You will also find many beauty accessories, equipment, and machines. There are many international and good brands available for these products.

5. Shoes & Accessories

Shoes category has all types of shoes for men, women and children in all sizes and designs. You will find heels, sandals, platform boots, leather boots, high boots, slippers, dress shoes, sports shoes, and rain boots. There are also accessories like socks and soles.

6. Home & Garden


All kinds of interior and exterior homeware is available here; there are décor options, textiles, kitchenware, dinnerware and tools, party products, umbrellas. There is also a complete section of lighting including floodlights, stage lights, home lights, outdoor lights and solar lamps.

7. Toys & Gifts

Toys and gifts section is especially for little kids and babies. There are various kinds of toys like stuffed animals, puzzles, block sets, and figures. There are also products for babies like diapers, bags, clothes and accessories.

8. Apparel

Apparel contains all clothing and garment products for both men and women. You will find products like jackets, shirts, dresses, pants, leggings, tracksuits, jeans, costumes, skirts, shorts, undergarments and loungewear.

9. Jewelry & Watches


You will find good quality jewelry and watches in this section. Sub-categories include bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, studs, hair jewelry. There is also jewelry listed by the type of metal like silver or pearl. The watches section has luxury watches, sports watches, gold watched and pocket watches, etc.

10. Weddings & Formal Events

All formal events and party stuff is found in this section. There are dresses like evening and prom dresses for women. Formal wear for kids and men like suits is also included. Wedding attire has a separate section for men and women including all the accessories.

11. Hair & Styling


This whole section is dedicated to hair and hair styling products for both men and women. You will see products like hair wigs, straighteners, curlers, extensions, scissors, brushes, clips and dryers. Many brands are available.

12. Computers & Games

This category has all types and parts of computers and games. There are products like PCs, laptops tablets, keyboards, mouse, batteries, controllers, modems and routers. You will find many good Chinese brands here.

13. Bags & Fashion Accessories


All fashion accessories and bags are available here. You will find many types, designs and colors of bags of many brands for both men and women. Accessories include belts sunglasses, hats and caps, scarves and wallets.

14. Automobile & Motorcycle

This section covers all automobile and motorcycle parts, tools and accessories. Products include car charger, DVDs, Bluetooth kit, lights, wheels, engines, helmets, bags, and cleaning tools.

15. More Categories

DHgate has hundreds of categories of products. Apart from the ones listed above, other popular categories include stationery items, tech gear, packing materials, school supplies, CCTV cameras, intercom devices, household appliances and guitars.

Chapter 5: Is DHgate better than Alibaba?

Both Alibaba and DHgate are two of the largest B2B online sites based in China. As such, they are often compared in terms of service, pricing, quality, product categories, reliability and more. To see the differences between the two, see the following table.

Feature Alibaba DHgate
Prices Prices vary Low prices
Categories Hundreds Hundreds
Shipping rate Higher rates Low rates
Interface A little complicated User-friendly
E-currency Not supported Supported
Mediation time After 30 days After 5 days
Refund policy Stricter conditions Easier conditions

As you can see from the above table, DHgate has several advantages over Alibaba, like low price point and shipping rates, easier mediation services, refund policy and interface. All these factors make DHgate a superior option to Alibaba when it comes to buying from China.

We should also note that Alibaba.com has a lot of people buying from it, meaning that it is already very saturated. The sellers on Alibaba are sometimes not verified.

Sometimes it also happens that a seller can just pay the fee of becoming a gold seller and after paying the fee, he can become a Gold seller. As a buyer, you will think that he became a gold seller because of his services but actually, he got that tag because of paying a yearly fee for it.

Things like these have made Alibaba a bit complicated to use. Sometimes it is also hard to distinguish sellers on Alibaba from a manufacturer or a trader. We are not saying that Alibaba should be used.

However, when we compare DHgate and Alibaba, DHgate provides more benefits to buyers compared to Alibaba.

Also since it is not that popular as Alibaba, the seller on DHgate are working harder to get orders from buyers, meaning that they are more focused on their services and providing better prices to grab the interest of buyers.

Chapter 6: DHgate Scams you should know about and learn to avoid

DHgate is generally a safe site but that doesn’t mean you cannot get scammed. There are some sellers on the site that are likely to scam the buyers. Here are some scams you should be aware of.

1. Sellers provide fake shipping information

This is one of the most common scams on DHgate. The seller provides fake shipping information to DHgate, and the products is shown as being shipped to another location on the tracking feature of your account.

In reality, the product is never shipped, and the seller gets your money anyway because they can trick the site into thinking that they actually sent the product.

2. Fake emails to get your personal information

A common scam tactic is when you get emails from a site that looks like it’s from DHgate but is actually a fake email for phishing.

It will usually ask for personal and sensitive information by disguising it as an urgent matter. It will ask your social security number or some financial details like credit card information. Sometimes, account information is asked so they can hack your account.

3. Fake positive reviews


While most reviews on DHgate are from real customers, sometimes the sellers will give themselves fake positive reviews to boost sales.

They do this by making other accounts or asking their acquaintances to do so. As a result, even a bad seller can seem good; the seller can then sell fake or low-quality products to you using fake positive reviews.

4. Selling fake products on DHgate

Some sellers deal in fake products on this site. Sellers will disguise this product as being genuine by giving false information and even pictures.

Usually, the price is lower as well so customers sometimes buy these products because it seems like a good deal. When you receive the products, they are fake or defective. This scam is common with branded products especially electronics.

5. Sellers don’t respond to refund requests

Sometimes bad sellers will send fake or defective products of low quality, which you don’t know of before you place the order.

When you receive the order and ask for a refund, the seller will not respond to your requests. Even if you open a dispute, the seller does not respond, and the matter is left unresolved.

Chapter 7: Tips to avoid scams on DHgate and buy safely


1. Check the seller reviews and rating

Before buying from any seller, check the customer reviews and rating to decide if it’s worth buying. Look for moderately good reviews from customers from different countries.

A high rating but not very high is also a good indicator of the seller’s credibility and the products’ quality. Always go through the reviews in detail, and look out for too many good reviews in succession as these can be fake.

2. Avoid buying international brand products

You will find many Chinese brand products on DHgate; those are fine to buy. But avoid buying international branded products especially electronics and gadgets like Apple, Samsung or Microsoft.


These are almost always fake. You can recognize these fake products by seeing the price; the price will be very low. It may seem like a good deal but know that these are fake products.

3. Talk to the seller before buying from DHgate

If you want to buy some products from the seller but aren’t sure about it, then it’s a good idea to contact the seller.

The profile can’t tell you everything about the seller or his products so ask him about details of the products and any questions you might have about the source, delivery, quality, etc. it can be a good way to find out if the seller is legit or a scammer.

4. Check if review pictures and product pictures match

When you go through the reviews, see if any customers also posted pictures of the products they received. If they did, then match those pictures to the pictures as shown in the product page.


If they match, then it’s a good product. It’s better to find many matching instances for any product so always look for picture proofs. If it looks fake and defective, then always avoid buying.

5. Avoid very cheap products – Something which is too good to be true

Very cheap products may seem like a good deal but they are very risky to buy. Most of the very cheap products are fake, of low quality or defective. The seller is also likely to be a scammer.

Avoid it especially if it’s branded products, or any other products that should have a higher price. For example, any camera or phone that has a very low price is a red flag. On the other hand, if it’s something like toys and stationery material, then low price can be okay.

Chapter 8: Are DHgate Reviews Real or Fake?

Under each product, you will find customer reviews, which tell you if the product is worth buying or not. Read on to find whether you can trust these reviews or not.

1. Overall Mixed Reviews

With each product, you will find that there are mixed reviews; some are good or even great, others are bad. Some customers are very satisfied with the quality, delivery and specifications of the product while others are not satisfied because they don’t like the product or it’s damaged.

For some products, there are more bad reviews than good e.g. for fake products. For others, you will find mostly good reviews e.g. for products sold by trusted sellers. For example, consider the following reviews for a beauty product on DHgate.

2. Bad Experiences or Legit Reviews?

Sometimes you will find that some customers leave bad reviews on a product that mostly has very good reviews. This might confuse you but it’s mostly because some customers just have a bad experience that is not common otherwise.

This can happen if a good seller makes a mistake, or there is some miscommunication between buyer and seller. It doesn’t mean that the product is bad. Consider the following example with mostly good reviews and only few bad reviews.


For instance, consider a seller who deals in electronics has very good reviews due to his good products, fast delivery and good selling practices; he accidentally records the wrong order for a customer and sends it.

The customer will obviously leave a bad review but it was just a mistake on the seller’s part, which he later fixed by giving refund or exchange.

3. Reviews Reflect on the Sellers not the Site

Once again, it is important to mention that DHgate does not equal to the sellers that sell on the site. Bad reviews on a seller’s products mean that the seller doesn’t have high quality products or has bad selling practices.

On the other hand, good reviews means the seller is reliable and trusted with good products. DHgate is just the platform on which all these transaction and reviews take place.

4. How to Filter Out Reviews on DHgate

As mentioned earlier, there can be fake reviews, bad experiences and genuine reviews of customers. So how does one figure out if it’s real or fake? There are no sure methods that will tell you exactly which reviews are fake and which are real. But there are certain tips you can follow as a general guideline.

First of all, never skip over the reviews. If there are too many reviews, pick random pages and read the reviews over there. When going through the reviews, see where the customers are from; more diversity is better.


Also, check for grammar and spelling; good language means real reviews. If many reviews in a line say the exact same thing, they could be fake. Also if the names of the customers don’t make sense, it could be fake as well.

Secondly, check how many reviews there are. If there are hundreds of reviews, most of them are likely real. If there are less reviews and they all say the exact same thing and give the same high rating, it could be fake.

Overall, it takes some practice to figure out what is real and what is fake. But if a seller has good credentials, then it’s safe to assume that the reviews are mostly real.

Chapter 9: Frequently Asked Questions About DHgate


1. Is DHgate safe to buy from?

DHgate is a legit site with many products. It is generally safe to buy from but you have to only buy from authentic sellers and use escrow service. Talk to the sellers and check their profiles to make sure they are genuine.

2. Are DHgate products fake?

Most sellers sell genuine products. There are some sellers who might sell fake products but DHgate works for protection against fake products.

3. How long do DHgate orders take to ship out?

It can take 3 to 15 working days to deliver, depending on your location. Sometimes, due to Chinese holidays, it may take longer than normal delivery times.

4. Is DHgate really cheap to buy from?

DHgate is generally cheap to buy from as prices are low and affordable. However, it does not mean that all the products will be cheaper. It also depends on your negotiation skills with the suppliers.

5. Is DHgate better than AliExpress?

Due to low prices, more variety, better services, and buyer protection, DHgate is better than AliExpress. Aliexpress is mostly B2C whereas DHgate is following a dual selling model that is B2B as well as B2C.

6. Is DHgate famous because of replica products?

There are many good replica products on DHgate with better variety and good prices compared to other sites. However, make sure to confirm that the products are of good quality. Replica products are ok but make sure they do not have the logo of any brand as it will have copyright issues.


As one of the biggest names in the online sourcing world, DHgate is a legit and reliable site with many benefits like good prices, hundreds of categories, and reliable sellers.

It also has many important features to protect buyers like mediation services, escrow service, and refund policy. With all these factors, it is even better than Alibaba.

As with all similar sites, there is a risk of scams, some of which we have mentioned. If you follow the tips given in this article, you will have a good experience on DHgate. So now that you know everything about DHgate, it is the perfect time to start buying from this site.