Are you starting your venture and want to buy bulk products at cheap rates with good quality? Are you looking to buy your favorite product on your list but not able to decide on an authentic, reliable store for it?

Well, for marking your wish list, Wish.com is here. Wish is an online shopping store where you can buy directly from merchants.

It is also a beneficial platform for merchants to sell their products and product ranges around the globe.

From the start of 2010, this e-commerce industry is earning its name, by making an online presence. Buyers all over the world are curious if

Wish is legit?

We provide a detailed guide to know this and other information on the website Wish.com. Let’s follow up

Chapter 1: Overview; what is Wish.com?

Chapter 2:  Is Wish legit?

Chapter 3: Top tips for buying on Wish safely.

Chapter 4: Pros of buying from Wish

Chapter 5: Cons of Shopping from Wish

Chapter 6: Reviews and star ratings on Wish

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 1: Overview; what is Wish.com?

Products and rates at Wish

Wish has become the main electronic commerce application, and people from greater than 80 regions of the world have installed it.

More than 500 million clients use this application to avail themselves of shopping items at lower prices. These people find the Wish website very attractive.

As a result, Wish.com has become equally prevalent as other great shopping websites like Amazon.

1. Establishment and market of Wish

Wish was established in San Francisco, so this company is genuine and authentic. Like eBay and Amazon, wish is also recognized and lawful. Existent companies are trading their products through the online platform of Wish.

Using this service, you can obtain attires, home furnishings, and equipment at a low budget.

The disadvantage is that several goods being retailed are fake because many traders on Wish are based in China.

So even if this company is approved, its goods are not always real. You can only determine the originality of your purchased products after they are delivered to your place.

Fake products are also common on other websites such as eBay and Amazon.

Though you will not observe great companies associated with the website of Wish, it is still the 3rd big e-commerce business in the United States. So, it has made a huge impact without its link to known companies.

2. Products and rates at Wish

How is Wish different from other e-commerce stores

You can obtain products in an affordable range on Wish. Low prices are due to your direct purchase from a Chinese manufacturing company.

If you reside in Canada, the UK, or the US, you can get your direct shipment from several Chinese vendors. There is the least participation of the third party, and you can buy directly from the company on Wish.

Low prices of products are due to less cross-checking of products, and the saved money reaches directly to the client. Chinese companies produce goods at less cost due to several strategies and policies in China.

When your parcel weighs fewer than 4.4 pounds or less than it, then you will receive a discount on your parcel shipment due to compliance between US post and China post offices.

Wish service can impact in the coming days because the compliance between the postal service of US and China is threatening due to up-to-date business quarrels.

In addition, the US government has recently made a plan to enhance shipment costs from China post moderately. So, US residents will no longer be avail special discounts on their orders.

3. Special features at Wish.com

Some of the major features of Wish.com include lower prices of its products, direct contact with clients and firms, worldwide delivery of items, a good return and refund policy, and good client support.

You can have a good shopping experience due to these best features of Wish.com. Your shopping becomes much easier due to this online platform

4. How is Wish different from other e-commerce stores?

The customer wants to purchase affordable and up-to-date clothing. He can get both of these facilities from other e-commerce stores such as eBay.

So, what are the main difference between Wish and other e-commerce stores? Other vendors at e-commerce stores offer the same items at a little higher cost.

Therefore, the retailers at other e-commerce trades can make more net income after paying their fees to websites. You can easily contradict your transaction on other e-commerce stores such as eBay.

You can have more knowledge about a particular item before buying it due to its well-written description on it. Description, sellers scores, and product photos on other e-commerce stores make your shopping experience easy.

5. What does Wish.com say?

What does Wish.com say

When we submitted our complaint regarding dangerous and duplicate items at the Wish website, a representative replied: We are running an online market square that correlates a large number of clients to several traders throughout the globe.

Therefore, the vendors associated with our website need to stick to community regulations where they sell their products.

The manufacturers associated with our company provide services such as good quality products, appropriate costs, and partial refund policy, so we are completely satisfied with their provided services.

In addition, the return and refund policy of Wish.com makes clients contended and facilitates them.

Our homepage displays our return and refund policy, and it is according to community regulations; it completely covers some incidents, which include late delivery of shipment and questions related to payment procedure.

In addition, if any vendor sells unlawful products through Wish.com, we try to remove such items and merchants from our site.

Chapter 2:  Is Wish legit?

Wish is legit, and it offers products at reduced costs to clients. People find these reduced prices very beneficial, and these products are mostly available in good quality.

It offers a great variety of goods from several firms, and it connects clients directly with firms, so the prices of the products are low. In addition, you can buy items from Wish.com throughout the world.

1. Security features of Wish

Security features of Wish

The website publicly shows complete login names on accounts associated with Wish records which is one of the main problems for some users.

It reflects that Wish records are not private, and these records show your original name when you add any product to your shopping list.

The company tells in the privacy policy that it uses two methods to accumulate informative data:

It enquires your name, information about the payment procedure, email address, address where a parcel should be shipped, validation of social media account, and contact number when you sign up for purchasing any item on Wish.

This information is carefully stored in this application’s records.

The website gathers other information, which includes information regarding your location( only after you allow them), IP address, data related to social media accounts, data related to your used browser.

Your user data ( which you access by clicking any link), and time duration you consume on webpages.

By having a reflective observation on their privacy policy, we know that Wish is a safe website and is secure for personal information like other retailing websites and apps.

However, always keep one thing in your consideration that all web pages are equally at risk of hacking. Wish.com never takes your details for evil acts.

2. Are products genuine at Wish.com?

Wish is an original app and web page. When you place your order through it, you should complete the payment procedure using your credit card.

You will receive delivery of purchased products in due time. But the main question is, are products genuine at Wish.com?

The products sold on this website are not as good in quality as on other e-commerce business sites and stores, but shopping from Wish can be beneficial if you desire to take the risk.

Are products genuine at Wish

You can get products at lower prices that can perform the desired function. However, several US-based brands don’t retail items on Wish, so expect fake products mentioned on the website by local retailers.

If you wonder if shopping for electronics from the Wish site will be advantageous or harmful, I am sharing my experience with you. I advise you to hope for bad sound quality from earbuds or speakers.

You can purchase HDMI or USB cables, but they would not work for a longer duration than their costly versions.

Similarly, a USB flash drive will also function according to the description, serving its purpose of data storage in less budget.

You will be surprised to know that Bluetooth is also long-lasting and performs its function accurately because my recent order on Wish was a pair of soundless headphones that work by connecting with a Bluetooth source.

The voice quality is not up-to-mark, but headphones always connect with Bluetooth. I can easily carry these noiseless Bluetooth headphones when I walk or travel.

I paid 10 dollars by my credit card for these headphones, which is reasonable for this gadget. Before purchasing a smartwatch or tablet on Wish, you should think carefully because these devices require client service.

3. Are prices real at Wish?

wish prices

The pride of Wish.com is all about its lowest costs, and it offers more significant concessions on some of its goods. However, you should not consider charges mentioned on wish.com authentic.

According to the Instructions from Chartered Trading Standard Institute, no one should practice unfair mentioning of prices.

When you take reduced prices, you should consider the duration of product trade at the maximum cost compared to the reduced costs.

Unfortunately, the webpage of wish.com never made it obvious how long or when the goods were on business at their declaration of previous expenses and how many products they retailed at maximum prices. Wish.com has not explained its mentioned previous costs.

4. Return and Refund policies of Wish

Yes, you can return your purchased items on Wish because customer satisfaction is the priority of this company.

When you do not like your bought product or its quality is not as you imagined, feel free to contact the helpline via Wish application and put forward your demand of returning a product within one month of receiving your parcel.

The return policy of Wish.com is mentioned on its home page, but it is not very comprehensive for clients. For example, the webpage claims that the client does not receive the purchased item on time.

However, the product is on its way to being delivered. Therefore, the website can cancel the shipping price with an incomplete refund.

5. Customer support of Wish

Wish.com has the policy to contact the customer who addresses the client to ask for retuning and refunding products online.

However, customer support is only visible online. There is no participation of customers that are located in the United Kingdom.

When you need to return or ask for refunding delayed items, only online platforms are is available for this purpose.

You cannot contact customer support of Wish.com through any other process. So, follow this way if you have a severe concern about returning and refunding items on Wish.com.

Chapter 3: Top tips for buying on Wish safely.

Following are some essential tips that you should keep in mind while purchasing goods from Wish.com;

1. Put an eye on reviews before buying the product

1.Put an eye on reviews before buying the product

When you are a fan of products on Wish and never want to be heartbroken by the unavailability of your favorite items, you should constantly visit the website and search all available items on site.

You must check the client’s reaction before purchasing a particular item. Never forget to see all clients’ photographs after receiving their parcel of the real item.

Manufacturers can deceive you by showing a photo-shopped image of their goods. Therefore, try to gather the maximum amount of knowledge about the item you want to purchase before buying it from the online platform of Wish.

This information can help you, and it can also protect you from any scam.

2. Look at the shipping information

You can get a clear idea about the cost of your desired item on Wish as well as the delivery time of your purchased good. Make sure to go through product reviews so that you can learn if any manufacturer makes a delay in conveying the purchased product.

It will help you place an order, making you wait for months regarding its delivery.

3. Beware of misleading product descriptions

The goods you want to get from Wish always have their description mentioned by the vendors of these items.

This product description includes the details of the desired product with images of that item. However, you should not completely depend on the product description if you intend to purchase a particular item.

Merchants of these products may utilize fake images and wrong descriptions of products, so save yourself from such scams and look for a client’s review before shopping.

The product may appear eye-catching, but the client’s review shows real traits of a product, so believe these reviews and keep them in mind before making a purchase.

4. Product is not always the same as pictures; buy wisely

Beware of misleading product descriptions

Many vendors show the best images of their items on Wish. However, you should not blindly trust these pictures and read public reviews about that particular item.

These vendors put amazing pictures of their low-quality products only to grab your attention so that you become so captivated by this image that you cannot stop yourself from placing an order.

When you read comments about that product, your interests change because a good quality product is often available on the website at a low cost.

However, you will only learn about its quality after purchasing it. Most of the time, you receive products according to your payment range on Wish.

5. Choose the right size

Carefully observe the size label if you intend to purchase garments on Wish because sizes of attires vary on Wish from that of your region.

So, pay great heed to clients’ reviews on Wish than believing the description of the items present on the website will not help you select the proper size of your garments.

6. Know the best merchandise

know the best merchandise 

If you are conscious about wearing designer outfits or only investing your money in buying high-quality electronic equipment, do not use the Wish website to purchase things.

Instead, wish can help you purchase products included in day-to-day use, such as clothes for casual use or minor gadgets.

These products are always in practical use and Wish one of the best e-commerce business sites for purchasing such products.

You should look for site reviews before placing an order on the Wish web page or website. These reviews also help you know about the best quality items on this website.

Chapter 4: Pros of buying from Wish


Some advantages that you obtain by shopping from Wish.com are given below;

1. Low prices

The clients find the Wish website very interesting among retail business sites because it is a source of buying products at low costs. You can purchase electronics and specific sorts of attires (without paying heed to quality).

This website provides many options for shoppers. No one can compete with prices mentioned on Wish site products.

2. Wide Range of products and suppliers

You can obtain a wide range of products on Wish, which you observe on any other webpage. The products displayed on big e-commerce business websites are also available on Wish.

Wish provides a wide variety of devices, ornaments, attires, and kitchen appliances. So, you can order these devices easily by using this site.

3. Easy to use Mobile and Web Application

The experience of buying things online becomes feasible when you use Wish’s mobile and web applications. This mobile application displays products in the feed that is Instagram fragments.

Your mobile is easy to carry, so when you install this mobile application, you can undergo an experience of shopping during traveling.

4. Worldwide delivery

Wish website has gained worldwide fame and popularity. This is because it delivers items overseas, which indicates its unlimited growth and prosperity.

So, if you want to purchase any item from Wish, you don’t need to panic about its location because this e-commerce business site delivers your parcel to you despite your residence anywhere over the globe.

Chapter 5: Cons of Shopping from Wish

Following disadvantages will take place when you shop from Wish.com;

1. Long shipping time

The most problematic thing for a customer on Wish is the delay in delivering their purchased goods. Sometimes, you have to wait for many weeks for the arrival of your product.

You may also experience delivering some of your parcels in less than a week and others in more than four weeks. Wish Expresses your goods in less than a week.

2. Inconsistent product sizes

The other major problem you face when buying from Wish is the sizes of attires and other products. There is a big difference in Asian and US sizes, and the worse thing about several goods made in China is that they are without any size cards.

So, clients get confused about size charts when they place an order on the Wish website.

3. Disruptive customer service

Disruptive customer service 

When you intend to purchase items from an international or offshore company, you should remember that their helpline is not good enough.

When any vendor serves as a middle man between companies, you experience good client service because that middleman has to secure his image.

The offshore company uses fewer quickest supports to help you, so it decides if it needs to communicate between the organization and clients.

This will create much panic in clients, so you should think carefully before buying goods that need after-sale service.

4. Products are not usually the same as shown online

Wish app and website only provide an online platform to producers and traders for trade. However, this organization does not manufacture its items. Therefore, no one assesses these traders.

They utilize low-priced stuff in manufacturing goods because they do not undergo cross-checking. Therefore, products appear different from those shown online due to bad quality.

Chapter 6: Reviews and star ratings on Wish

reviews on Wish real or fake

An overall rating of 2.4 stars from 8,090 people shows that most people do not contend from their shopping experience from Wish.com.

The majority of clients submitted complaints about the helpline, late delivery of parcel and debit card issues.

1. The positive reviews

The people who add positive reviews try to share knowledge with us that they purchase several goods from the Wish website, so they think to purchase things on a routine basis. They further say that they obtained good quality products at a reduced cost.



My shopping experience from Wish.com was very good because I got an item quite similar to the item I ordered from the website. I never get disheartened by purchasing from this site.

I love this shirt which I purchased for my sister. My sister also likes this one because the quality and pattern on this shirt are amazing.

2. The critical reviews

When people intend to share critical reviews on Wish, they tell us about certain things, including that they experienced bad client service on Wish.com.

For example, they did not receive their parcels on time. So, they express their sadness, disappointment, and anger by publishing a review on this site.



I purchased a sweater from Wish.com, but it was not a good experience for me because I received a sweater of a smaller size than I expected regardless of the accurate size delivered that I ordered.

In addition, the size chart of the United States is different from that of the Chinese size chart. So now I regret my purchase from this website, and I don’t recommend anyone to purchase from this site.

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the people asked the following questions on Wish.com.

1. Are wish products fake or dangerous?

The Wish website included several dangerous and fake items for trade in the past. The famous claim of Wish.com is its intolerance scheme against improper, unsafe, or fake products catalog, and it gives an email id to clients to complain about any record that they feel distrustful.

My friends and I complained about the availability of two unlawful and one fake item on the website by utilizing the email address provided by the website.

I am not sure if the website considered our complaint, but those three products do not appear.

2. Are the reviews on Wish real or fake?

No, Wish claims the authenticity of their reviews. This website considers clients’ responses to evaluate the quality of their items.

Wish motivates clients to publish genuine reviews, including good or bad, so that other buyers can obtain the required information about delivery time and product quality.

It is almost impossible to determine whether reviews on the Wish website are genuine or false because people throughout the globe submit their reviews on Wish.com.

People offer many negative reviews, including duplicate apple headphones, and they show their thoughts about these headphones are not real.

Wish website reviews do not include this comment, but you must pay great heed to proper research of the article before buying it on Wish.

3. How to contact wish.com customer support?

Wish.com has the policy to contact customers who address clients to ask for retuning and refunding products online. However, customer support is only visible online. There is no participation of customers who live in the United Kingdom.

When you need to return or ask for a refund of delayed items, the only online platform is available for this purpose. You cannot contact customer support of Wish.com through any other process.

So, follow this way if you have a severe concern about returning and refunding items on Wish.com.

4. Can I return my product? What are the return policies?

Can I return my product

Yes, you can return your purchased items on Wish because customer satisfaction is the priority of this company.

When you do not like your bought product or its quality is not as you imagined, feel free to contact the helpline via Wish application and put forward your demand of returning a product within one month of receiving your parcel.

The return policy of Wish.com is mentioned on its home page, but it is not very comprehensive for clients.

For example, the webpage claims that the client does not receive the purchased item on time. However, the product is on its way to being delivered. Therefore, the website can cancel the shipping price with an incomplete refund.

5. Is my payment method safe at Wish?

Never feel any doubt regarding the safety of payment procedure on Wish. This website follows a safe payment system so that you do not encounter any scams. So, don’t worry about the payment method and enjoy your shopping experience with Wish.com.

6. How does Wish.com mobile application work?

The working phenomenon of Wish is similar to other popular online business applications. The simple thing you need to do is visit the Wish mobile app or look at the retail store and look for the products you cannot help purchasing.

It would be best to observe reviews of items and the community TV of the Wish application to clarify your favorite products. The costs of products are also cheap on Wish.

7. Why are products so Cheap at Wish?

There is no involvement of a third party when you purchase on Wish. You only need to pay for the actual product directly to the firm. The Wish website and app provide an online platform to connect to clients and traders.

No money is used to cross-check products, so this saved amount goes to the client. Therefore, you find products so cheap at Wish.


All critical information regarding Wish.com you can in detail in this blog. Overall products quality is according to the prices of products on this website.

So, don’t worry about the authenticity of this website but go through proper research and product reviews before buying items on this website.

The return and refund policy of Wish.com is also mentioned above in detail, and you can return products if you find them incorrect by using its return and refund policy.