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Are you looking to stay ahead of the curve and stock your store with the hottest products on the market?

Look no further than the Chinese market. With a vast selection of high-quality goods at competitive prices, China is a go-to destination for savvy retailers. From fashion and beauty to electronics and home goods, there’s something for every retailer to capitalize on.

In this blog post, we’ll be telling you “what products are trending now?” and providing a step-by-step guide on how to import them from China. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your business, this is a must-read for anyone looking to stay on top of the latest trends and grow their bottom line.

So let’s get started!

Chapter 1. Overview of Trending Products

Trading companies and online shopping platforms are making a whopping turnover by selling trending products. They observe the market trends and track their customers’ demands for purchasing the most in-demand products from China at wholesale prices.


What is meant by trending products?


How can one know what products are trending now?

These things must not bother you. We have researched for you and jotted down the importance and benefits of selling trending products online. We have also highlighted some vital statistics explaining the trending product market.

So, let’s dig into them.

1) What are Trending Products?

Trending Products

Trending products refer to goods or items that follow market trends. These goods emerge as popular products widely discussed on the internet or social media websites.

Trending products are always the best-selling because their sales increase through advertisement and marketing on different shopping platforms.

Customers tend to add trending products to their shopping carts following the shopping trends. For Example, hoodies, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, woolen caps, blankets, etc., are the trending products in winter. Therefore, these products sell best throughout the winter season.

2) The Growth of the Trending Products Market


Every year, in different seasons, new trends prevail, and the old ones fade out. It happens in all types of trends, whether it be dressing trends, home decoration trends, jewelry trends, trending kitchen appliances, trending beauty accessories, or in-demand gadget items.

The newly trending goods consistently surpass old-fashioned leftover goods’ sales rate and profitability. 

The trending products engage the customers with their modified designs and other qualities adhering to the demands of a particular year’s season. The market for trending products has been leading its way in an ascending position on the growth chart after the disastrous COVID period. Therefore, it is incredibly beneficial for all traders and online sellers to keep track of trending products.

The traders can boost their customer base and profitability by importing low-cost trending products from China and selling them to their target customers.

The product trends keep fluctuating according to the market demands. So, you must be fully aware of the ongoing market demands and statistics of the trending product market.

3) Why You should Sell Trending Products Online?

The innovative digital technology, assisting online sales from different brands, has spread its wings worldwide and made the trading business exceptionally convenient.

Globally famous platforms, such as Amazon, Alibaba, etc., have made it easier for sellers and buyers to interact online while sitting on their bedroom couches and trade goods online in their comfort zone. 

Now, most sellers find solace and satisfaction in selling their goods online on powerful platforms, putting a full stop to the bargaining hustles. Many traders and merchant have turned their attention to selling products online besides running a physical store.

Here are the key benefits of selling online that induced amateur and established merchants to turn to e-commerce platforms;

  • Fast go-to-market time, unlike traditional retail. (an online store is just a few clicks away from opening and running)
  • It costs less to sell online on e-commerce marketplaces than to set up a physical retail store.
  • The increasing traffic of online customers buying goods from e-commerce platforms. (about 87% of shoppers are buying online from digital marketplaces showing)
  • It is pretty easy to track and act on customer data when selling goods online.
  • The already-established extensive customer base of renowned online shopping platforms benefits online sellers in increasing their sales.
  • Excellent content marketing strategies by online sites help you boost your online sales.

4) Why are Chinese Products Cheap?

a Chinese girl is checking something in a document

China has consistently been recognized as the first option for importing wholesale products at cheap rates. China, being the manufacturing hub in the world, has an excellent reputation for manufacturing low-cost products without compromising on their qualities.

Traders and importers from around the globe consider Chinese factories and suppliers as their priority for purchasing various trending products at affordable rates.


What causes Chinese products to be cheaper than other countries?

Many people assume that Chinese products, being more inexpensive, are forfeited or have low quality. But this is not true. Chinese manufacturers enjoy various large-scale production benefits and duty concessions from their government.

Following government facilities to the manufacturers and surrounding factors make it possible for the factory owners or suppliers to produce and sell cheap products;

  • Availability of skilled and trained labors
  • Low labor cost
  • Concentrated supply chain
  • High-efficiency machinery and manufacturing units
  • Excellent business environment
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Higher labor productivity
  • Government-created Special Economic Zones (SEZ) for increasing the trade balance

Chapter 2. What Products are Trending Now?

For a successful business venture, retailers must know what products are trending now. Sourcing the right product requires a lot of research and knowledge regarding consumer demands.

Businesses must know the current trends and identify product demand accordingly. Therefore, businesses must keep up with the latest products and make sure they are available.

This chapter will discuss all the profitable trending products based on consumer demand. For businesses that need help searching for trending products, this chapter will help them out. We’ve shortlisted some trending products that a business can sell.

1) Men’s Watches

Men's Watches

Gone are the times when the watch was only used for a time-telling purpose, but now watches are considered an important style statement in men. And with that being said, men’s watches are one of the most trending products in 2023.

According to a report, the industry is expected to reach $18.8 billion by 2025. With the rise in demand for luxurious watches, the market is expected to grow immensely in the future; therefore, businesses must trade in this niche.

According to Google Trends, men’s watches have seen an increase in search volume since 2008. It is one of the best-trending products to sell over the holiday season because December typically marks the peak season.

To ensure year-round profitability, many well-known watch brands sell watches in the fall and winter and other accessories in the spring and summer.

2) Shoes


The following most trending product to sell is shoes (men’s shoes). Men’s shoes are in high demand throughout the year, including all sorts of preferences and designs.

For those searching for trending products, men’s shoes are out to be the most significant because men’s footwear is essential for various occasions.

The shoe industry is growing, be it for men or women! According to research, the market is expected to skyrocket by $176.1 billion by 2026, making it a trending product of 2023. One of the key factors driving the market’s expansion is the rising demand for both comfortable, fashionable, and high-quality footwear.

3) Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Toys

Here is another lucrative product to sell for scaling your business. Stuffed toys have a potential demand globally for their versatility. It can be used in numerous ways, like playing, collecting, and decorating, because of its customization.

Stuffed toys are equally popular among kids and adults, and the market is considered to grow immensely in the future.

Selling stuffed toys is not only profitable but easy to store and ship worldwide. Although the market is competitive, brands can stand out by adopting unique selling points and robust marketing strategies.

4) Tea Accessories


Tea is the most popular beverage worldwide, more than coffee, and with that being said, tea accessories are ultimately the following trending product on our list. Businesses can offer stylish tea accessories to make customers enjoy the sips luxuriously.

Items like teapots, cups, infusers, strainers, and mugs are considered tea accessories.

These accessories can satisfy a wide range of customers with various tastes and price ranges, ranging from basic and functional to high-end and decorative.

The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5%, and businesses can profit significantly in this niche. So it’s a worthy option for retailers.

5) Air Fryers

Air Fryer

Air fryers are one of the trending home appliances that businesses can sell. This product has a huge demand worldwide because of its healthy perspective.

Unlike conventional fryers, air fryers tend to be healthier for cooking food as it consumes less oil and fat. Similarly, it is easier for chefs to cook a crispy meal which is challenging to make in conventional fryers.

The size of the global air fryer market was estimated at USD 3.09 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.3% from 2021 to 2028.

The market for air fryers is also anticipated to expand significantly over the course of the forecast period as a result of rising consumer awareness of the health advantages of air fryers and a rise in demand for home-cooked meals amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

6) Phone Cases

Phone Cases

Phone cases are among the products that are always going strong because the trends are constantly emerging. Since new featured smartphones are introduced every year, the demand for relatable accessories is rising simultaneously, and silicon phone cases are one of them.

Selling phone cases is a lucrative niche because new styles will significantly increase. Similarly, phone cases are the ideal solution for protecting phones from damage.

Selling phone cases offers a variety of opportunities for success because the market for phone cases is quite large and diverse. The quality of the cases, the price point, and successful marketing techniques can all impact how successful the company is.

In order to differentiate the product and meet consumer needs, it would also be crucial to conduct market and competitor research.

7) Ear Buds

Ear Buds

Speaking of smartphone accessories, there is another trending product that has a vast global demand―earbuds. Selling wireless earbuds is the trending business nowadays, and almost every online business offers earbuds.

Earbuds have great features as they are portable and easy to carry on the go. Similarly, it offers better sound quality and an additional noise-cancellation feature. That’s why it has potential global demand and can turn fruitful for businesses.

Earbuds are a well-liked and fashionable item. The popularity of wireless earbuds has contributed to the significant growth of the earbud market in recent years.

Consumers frequently choose wireless earbuds due to their portability, ease of use, and compatibility with smart devices. The rising popularity of podcasts and music streaming has also contributed to an increase in earbud demand.

8) Dog Beds

Dog Bed

Dog essentials are some of the most trending products so far. Consumers consider pets as their family members, spending wholeheartedly on their well-being. That said, dog beds are our trending product on the list.

A soft and cozy resting area, like a comfortable bed, can ease joint pain and discomfort in dogs. A designated bed can give a dog its own space while training them to stay off of the couch and other household items.

Considering the high demand for them, it might be a profitable venture. People are becoming more likely to own pets and are prepared to spend money on them. Additionally, as more people see their pets as family members, they are becoming more willing to spend more money on premium dog products.

Due to the fact that people will continue to purchase these items for their pets regardless of the state of the economy, the market for dog necessities is also comparatively stable.

Businesses can boost sales by carrying trendy items and learning more about the products that work well by high-potential testing items in demand.

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Chapter 3. How to Import Trending Products from China?

Importing from China

We know many more benefits to importing trending products from China. Nobody can deny the fact that Chinese-manufactured goods are inexpensive. But, at the same time, we must admit that performing this trade is not a piece of cake. To conduct trading business in China, one must abide by different rules and regulations. 

Though everyone is hustling to find best-selling products from China at wholesale prices. 

But what makes it possible for a beginner importer to source Chinese products without getting scammed?

Don’t worry! 

This chapter is the best guide for you as it highlights all the key points and preventive measures to make your trading business convenient. 

So, let’s discuss the essential measures to import trending products from China;

1) Perform Complete Research


Conducting proper research before trusting anyone blindly is the fundamental thing to consider when doing a trading business. Researching and verifying these things must be your permanent habit when starting an import or sourcing business.

You must learn about your target customers, the types of products they want, Chinese business culture, and the customs requirements in your country.

Pay heed to the following crucial details when researching your sourcing business;

a) Geography

Understand China’s manufacturing and supplying infrastructure to find the best factories and manufacturing units to import your goods.

Analyze the geographical location of a Chinese factory or a supplier’s warehouse to determine the best shipping routes. This way, location analysis will allow you to choose a suitable shipping option for your goods.

b) Product Restrictions

China has banned the exports of some products. The importers or exporters may also require a specific license or permit for importing particular goods.

Therefore, it is mandatory to know all the product restrictions for importing such restricted items according to the legal processing.

You can see the requirements for each thing you want to import by visiting the official websites of China’s exporting agency.

c) Chinese Business Traditions

Learning the Chinese business culture is another critical requirement for conveniently performing business in China. One must have the ability and skill to communicate and convey one’s message to a Chinese supplier. 

So, improve your communication skills and adhere to the Chinese business culture for building long-term business relationships with a Chinese supplier.

d) Customs clearance

Knowing the document requirements for customs clearance is another crucial point to consider. Research and prepare the required permission letters and invoices for importing trending products without any hindrances. Also, keep track of customs duty and inspection processes to pass customs clearance easily.

2) Choose a Reliable Supplier

Reliable Supplier

Selecting a reliable and experienced supplier is a challenging task. You may confront a fraud supplier in case you hire a supplier without proper investigation. 

Then, How can one find a trustworthy and experienced supplier online?

The following guidelines may help you find a suitable and responsible supplier;

  • Find suppliers from famous online shopping platforms like Alibaba, DhGate, etc., or online directories such as GlobalSources.
  • Choose a supplier with positive product ratings and customer reviews.
  • Hire a supplier who agrees to start with a low MOQ.
  • Request samples from the supplier for quality inspection.
  • Hop on a direct call with your supplier and ask business-related questions.
Types of Suppliers

Understand the supply chain of different suppliers and identify their types to find a suitable supplier for your trading business.

The following are three types of suppliers operating in China;

a) Factory Supplier

A factory supplier produces and supplies its goods directly to individual importers or trading companies. They offer the goods at the lowest prices but have the highest Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

b) Trading Company

 A trading company refers to a company that imports a variety of products from factory suppliers at wholesale prices. They have friendly relations with different manufacturing units in China. Established connections with the factory suppliers help them source multiple products cheaply.

Trading companies offer various items at higher prices, and they feature low MOQs.

c) Intermediary

An intermediary is a local representative that you may hire to find and source trending products on your behalf. There are many China sourcing companies and agents who act as intermediaries for sourcing different products from China.

EJET is one of the best-known China sourcing companies and intermediaries that flourishes in importing high-quality products from China at affordable prices. We will help you import the best-selling products through a worry-free experience.


We take care of everything from finding the right supplier to arranging shipping and delivering the goods directly to your doorstep. With EJET, you can be confident in the quality of the products you’re receiving and have peace of mind knowing that all logistics are handled by us. Therefore, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the sourcing process.


For more information and assistance, please contact our sourcing consultant Sunny Qiu. She will guide you through everything related to your business over a free consultation call.

3) Conduct Proper Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

The best trader does not compromise on the quality of products. He understands the fact that the quality of goods is the only thing that keeps the customers engaged in its shopping stores. Customers would not buy a faulty or low-quality product at any cost.

Quality issues are the most common problems that lower the sales of retailers. Faulty and bad-quality products also cause product returns and investment loss. Therefore, a trader or importer must conduct proper quality research or QC inspection when importing Chinese products.

Here are a few quality control guidelines that may help you find the desired quality products;

  • Make sure the product samples are made of desired quality material that your customers want.
  • Visit the manufacturing unit physically or hire a third-party inspection company to perform a quality inspection.
  • Consult and discuss the product specifications with your QC inspector to find top-notch products.
  • Prepare a product specification checklist and source the quality goods adhering to your product specifications.
  • Do not force the suppliers to lower the prices because they may compromise on product quality. So, do not be hard on bargaining.

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Chapter 4. Things to Avoid When Importing from China

things to avoid

Importing wholesale accessories from a foreign country without proper guidance and knowledge can be risky. By trusting a supplier blindly, you must not push yourself into the deep and hollow pit of repentance and grief.

A beginner importer cannot even bear the scam risks and first-hand product importing loss. Therefore, you must do your homework and prepare yourself to tackle the fraud suppliers who are looking for a chance to double-cross you.

The scam suppliers and vendors do not miss any opportunity of taking you into their trust and betray you on some occasions that you cannot even imagine. So, you have to be careful of such black sheep.

Following are the top 5 things to avoid when importing from China;

1) A Supplier offering Very Low Pricing

Many scam suppliers use this trick to betray you. They offer you some products at the cheapest prices even lower than their actual market prices. However, some amateur importers get slipped and caught in their trap. 

Such fraud suppliers ditch the innocent importers eventually. They may send you low-quality or counterfeited goods and may also disappear after receiving the payment. So, you have to be fully aware of such fake suppliers to survive and progress in the trading business.

You should improve your concentration and judgment skills to distinguish between fraud and real suppliers. Avoiding a supplier selling extremely cheap products does not mean you should opt to buy expensive things.

Not to mention, relatively expensive and uneconomical goods can also bring loss to your business reducing your profit margins. You can negotiate the product prices if you find them to be much higher than the market prices.

Contacting more than one supplier is also a great option as it gives an immediate insight into what are the latest market rates and pricing differences from various suppliers.

2) Not Knowing Your Cargo

many cargo containers in a person's hand

It is another major thing to avoid when importing trending goods from China. Understanding the cargo and the type of shipment is an important point of concern for an importer when engaged in a foreign trading business.

A vigilant trader can reduce transportation expenses to a great extent by thoroughly investigating the cargo packaging requirements and shipment routes.

On the contrary, if an importer does not pay heed to fulfil his cargo requirements and choosing an appropriate shipment method, he may spend more on transportation expenses than average.

Suppose an importer selects Air Freight as the transportation option for his cargo if Express Freight is the most reliable choice for him. He will ultimately have to pay more bucks because Air Freight is more expensive than Express Freight.

Similarly, selecting a cost-effective and suitable packaging material for your goods can also lessen the expenses and protect your cargo during transportation.

3) Selecting an Inexperienced Supplier

The entire responsibility for Chinese products lies on the shoulders of the importer once the cargo reaches the receiving port. On receiving the goods, an importer cannot hold the supplier responsible for any quality mishap. Moreover, a supplier also would not declare himself responsible for sending counterfeit or damaged products.

So, being an importer, one has to be fully prepared and equipped with essential techniques for finding a reliable supplier. Conduct proper research and dig into the supplier’s profile before importing the wholesale trending products because you will be held accountable to customs if anything goes wrong.

Make sure you carry out proper research into the production process and perform a quality inspection before signing an agreement with a supplier.

An importer can also understand and administer the reliability of a supplier through its customer base, buyer reviews, and product ratings. One can also check the reliability of a supplier by verifying the essential permission letters and certificates granted to him by the Chinese government.

We highly suggest you travel down to the production unit or hire an experienced sourcing company or agent to perform quality inspection on your behalf and source the top-notch trending products for you.

One more thing that you must consider when selecting a Chinese supplier is never to buy products from a supplier who is not ready to send product samples. A proficient and trustworthy supplier will always send samples to gain customers’ trust.

4) Avoid Making Full Payment in Advance

avoid making advance payment

It is another major thing that an importer should avoid when importing products from China. There is no point in making the full payments in advance when you are working with a supplier for the first time.

There are significant chances that a supplier may deceive you after getting the full payment.

However, you can make the full payment in advance if you have been working with a supplier for the past few years and have cordial relations with him. But, we would not recommend taking such risks because one cannot know what is brewing in the supplier’s mind.

5) Not Planning in Advance

Plan A and Plan B

Planning the proper importing journey and constituting the essential strategies help importers dodge various scams and find reliable suppliers. Proper business planning builds confidence and helps you smoothly complete a specific task. Alternatively, if you start anything unplanned, you will have to face various difficulties and problems coming your way.

The same strategy goes for the trading business. If you are willing to start a wholesale trading business and want to import products from China, you have to be fully prepared and acknowledge the adequate China sourcing details.

You must decide on the suitable shipping route, the product specifications your customers want, and your profitability scale.

In this business, time is also an essential factor to consider because it waits for none. You must understand the suitable shipping method and route to your warehouse from China, as it would save most of your time and money. It will also help if you book the shipment a few weeks before the vessel sails.

Booking the shipment in advance will give you more time for your agent to prepare the necessary documents and make the shipment arrangements.

6) Not understanding the Chinese Way of Doing Business

two persons are meeting with each other where one is trying to shake hand while the other is bowing

Learning the native language of a country is a fundamental necessity if you are planning to start a business in that country. Trading business requires proper communication between the customer and vendor.

Running the selling business is almost impossible if you are unable to convey your message or dictate your product requirements to the seller in his language.

Communication plays a vital part in striking a business deal. China is the most populated country with different linguistic cultures and traditions. It is home to different dialects with seven to ten languages being spoken there.

You should at least learn to speak two of the most common languages being spoken there. Let’s say Chinese and English. Also, have a command of Chinese culture to understand their way of doing business.

Some habits or business rules may sound polite to you but may annoy a Chinese businessman or supplier. So, have a firm grip on their business rules and regulations to lock a deal with an experienced Chinese supplier without any issue.

7) Choosing the Wrong Incoterm

Incoterms are the binding terms and conditions that an exporter and importer must abide by when performing international transactions. These are the widely-used terms of sales that define the individual responsibilities of a supplier and importer.

Incoterms specify who is responsible to pay for the shipment, managing the cargo, customs clearance, preparing the documentation, and other logistics.

Choosing the wrong incoterms may result in misinterpretation and confusion over costs and management of shipment. An importer must study the advantages and disadvantages of incoterms before selecting them.

The following are three common incoterms used for imports from China;

a) Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF)

It says that the charges covering the cost, insurance, and freight of an importer’s order have been paid by the supplier.

b) Free on board (FOB)

It indicates that the ownership of goods has been transferred from the supplier to the importer. Moreover, the seller will not be answerable if the goods get damaged during shipping.

c) EX Works (EXW)

This incoterm states that the buyer will pay the total amount of the goods when the supplier delivers those goods to the buyer’s given location.

Chapter 5. FAQs “what Products are Trending Now”


1) How much money can I make by selling trending products?

The profitability depends on the market demand and profit margins of the products. You can make sufficient revenue by selling trending products. Also, you can import in-demand goods from China at a lower cost and sell them to your local customers at market rates. 

Also, you can generate huge profits by selling cheaply imported trending products on renowned e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, Wayfair, Walmart, etc. All such online shopping platforms have a significant customer base and can benefit you by increasing your sales at enhanced profit margins. This way, you can make millions of dollars by selling a variety of trending products online.

2) What is the best option for shipping products from China?

The urgency of importing the goods or the location of the receiving country decides which shipping method would work the best. Air freight is the most appropriate shipping option if you are in a hurry and want the products to be delivered earlier. Air freight services such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS are renowned freight companies that perform international shipments from China.

However, Sea Freight is an excellent option if you are looking for the cheapest delivery method for your bulk orders weighing more than a ton. But ocean shipping requires patience because the shipment may take 20-25 days to reach the destination port.

3) What is the cheapest way to purchase products from China?

Importing the product quantities in bulk ultimately costs the traders cheaper as compared to the goods purchased in small quantities. Similarly, if you want to buy a few Chinese products, find those goods on e-commerce platforms or China-based online selling websites and process the order.

On the contrary, if you desire to purchase wholesale products in large quantities, then directly contact the manufacturers. Find the contact details of those product manufacturers or factories, negotiate your prices, and confirm your order to get the goods delivered to your doorstep.

4) Trading Companies vs. Factories, which is best for my business?

Trading companies and factories both deal with the selling of products. However, here are some fundamental differences that distinguish a trading company from a factory;


Trading Companies

Factories design and manufacture products. Trading companies do not manufacture goods.
They supply goods to trading companies or directly to customers. Trading companies source and store a variety of products from different factories.
They are the actual manufacturers of products. They act as intermediaries between the factories and importers.
They have higher Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) than trading companies. They have a lower Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).
Factories sell products at lower prices than trading companies. Trading companies have higher product prices than factories.


The Chinese market is a great source for finding the latest trending products at low prices. By staying informed and following the guidelines provided in this blog post, retailers can easily import high-quality goods to their stores and stay ahead of the curve.

Remember to always do your research and due diligence when importing from China and ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. With the right strategy, sourcing from China can be a valuable addition to your business growth.