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If you are looking to start a dog toy business, you are at the right place. Undoubtedly, buying bulk dog toys is going to be a wise decision. Firstly, as a seller, you will get the best prices possible. Secondly, you can keep a larger profit margin when you pay less.

So, the best option for you is to order these dog toys in bulk from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. In this blog, we will cover all the major suppliers and where you can find them. Moreover, we will also include some tips and tricks to help you stand out from the competitors.

Chapter 1: 7 Reasons Why the Dog Toy Market is a lucrative One? 

lucrative business, bulk dog toys

According to research, the global pet toys market is estimated to reach a whopping 19.8 billion US dollars by the end of 2026. The majority of toys are made for dogs. We will now list the major reasons why this is the case.

1) Dogs Make up the Largest Percentage of Pets Worldwide

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Out of all the pet toys, the dog toy industry is by far the most lucrative one. The reason for this is simple. Dogs make up the largest percentage of house pets across the globe. In 2018, 470 million dogs were kept as pets. Cats came in second at 370 million. This number and gap have increased in the last 5 years.

Even if you look at it geographically and not globally, dogs are kept the most as pets in every country. The reasons for these are many:

  • Dogs are the most faithful animals in the world.
  • Several people keep dogs as pets and guardians also. They can keep you safe by alerting you against burglars and thieves.
  • Dogs are companions for lonely people. Many young couples don’t have kids but rather prefer keeping pets (mainly dogs)
  • Dogs are excellent company etc.

2) Toys are Essential to Correct Certain Behavioral Issues

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If you are a dog parent, you will understand how much energy dogs have. They simply don’t get tired! Moreover, they need different activities to keep themselves entertained. With the hectic lifestyle of today, providing full attention to your pup is not possible. Therefore, you need to ensure that they don’t get bored quickly and have an outlet for that bottled-up energy. This is why the market for bulk dog toys is huge.

When proper stimulation is unavailable, dogs can become destructive and anxious. This is where toys come in. Toys are an excellent medium to keep the dog busy and occupied. Additionally, dog toys come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the pup’s energy level, you can go for different toys. There are so many puzzles, interactive toys and other things available to choose from.

3) Helps Curb Dog Anxiety

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Surprisingly, dogs are very similar to humans. People tend to become anxious when they either have too much to do or nothing to do. The same is the case with dogs. If the owners don’t provide their dogs with toys, it can lead to anxiety. Proper stimulation is imperative to keep the dog on its toes and busy.

The best toys to go for anxiety-prone dogs are puzzles and other stimulation toys. These are challenging and can keep the dog busy for a long time. Hence, tiring it out and leaving it less time and energy to be anxious.

4) Toys Help Prevent Dementia

Without proper stimulation, the dog’s brain can be affected. Being human, we can’t provide the right level of entertainment and interaction that the dog requires. Interactive toys are excellent for providing the level of stimulation required. Playing with these toys ensures that the dog’s brain remains sharp and active.

5) Toys are Excellent Companions

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 True, a dog is a man’s best friend. But, a dog has feelings also. If you are at work all day and don’t give enough time to the dog, it can get sad and lonely. Generally, even if the particular dog does not face separation anxiety, it can become lonely when left alone. Therefore, toys can act as perfect companions.

Just as a toy soothes and comforts a child, it has the same effect on dogs. Playing with the right toys can be very healthy for dogs. Interactive toys are best to keep your pet busy for longer when you are not around.

Remember: It is important to keep the size of your dog in mind when buying toys. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. A toy that is good for a smaller dog can pose a choking hazard for an older dog. Hence, choose carefully.

6) Dog Toys Help in Mental Stimulation