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If you are looking to start a dog toy business, you are at the right place. Undoubtedly, buying bulk dog toys is going to be a wise decision. Firstly, as a seller, you will get the best prices possible. Secondly, you can keep a larger profit margin when you pay less.

So, the best option for you is to order these dog toys in bulk from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. In this blog, we will cover all the major suppliers and where you can find them. Moreover, we will also include some tips and tricks to help you stand out from the competitors.

Chapter 1: 7 Reasons Why the Dog Toy Market is a lucrative One? 

lucrative business, bulk dog toys

According to research, the global pet toys market is estimated to reach a whopping 19.8 billion US dollars by the end of 2026. The majority of toys are made for dogs. We will now list the major reasons why this is the case.

1) Dogs Make up the Largest Percentage of Pets Worldwide

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Out of all the pet toys, the dog toy industry is by far the most lucrative one. The reason for this is simple. Dogs make up the largest percentage of house pets across the globe. In 2018, 470 million dogs were kept as pets. Cats came in second at 370 million. This number and gap have increased in the last 5 years.

Even if you look at it geographically and not globally, dogs are kept the most as pets in every country. The reasons for these are many:

  • Dogs are the most faithful animals in the world.
  • Several people keep dogs as pets and guardians also. They can keep you safe by alerting you against burglars and thieves.
  • Dogs are companions for lonely people. Many young couples don’t have kids but rather prefer keeping pets (mainly dogs)
  • Dogs are excellent company etc.

2) Toys are Essential to Correct Certain Behavioral Issues

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If you are a dog parent, you will understand how much energy dogs have. They simply don’t get tired! Moreover, they need different activities to keep themselves entertained. With the hectic lifestyle of today, providing full attention to your pup is not possible. Therefore, you need to ensure that they don’t get bored quickly and have an outlet for that bottled-up energy. This is why the market for bulk dog toys is huge.

When proper stimulation is unavailable, dogs can become destructive and anxious. This is where toys come in. Toys are an excellent medium to keep the dog busy and occupied. Additionally, dog toys come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the pup’s energy level, you can go for different toys. There are so many puzzles, interactive toys and other things available to choose from.

3) Helps Curb Dog Anxiety

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Surprisingly, dogs are very similar to humans. People tend to become anxious when they either have too much to do or nothing to do. The same is the case with dogs. If the owners don’t provide their dogs with toys, it can lead to anxiety. Proper stimulation is imperative to keep the dog on its toes and busy.

The best toys to go for anxiety-prone dogs are puzzles and other stimulation toys. These are challenging and can keep the dog busy for a long time. Hence, tiring it out and leaving it less time and energy to be anxious.

4) Toys Help Prevent Dementia

Without proper stimulation, the dog’s brain can be affected. Being human, we can’t provide the right level of entertainment and interaction that the dog requires. Interactive toys are excellent for providing the level of stimulation required. Playing with these toys ensures that the dog’s brain remains sharp and active.

5) Toys are Excellent Companions

Interactive Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy

 True, a dog is a man’s best friend. But, a dog has feelings also. If you are at work all day and don’t give enough time to the dog, it can get sad and lonely. Generally, even if the particular dog does not face separation anxiety, it can become lonely when left alone. Therefore, toys can act as perfect companions.

Just as a toy soothes and comforts a child, it has the same effect on dogs. Playing with the right toys can be very healthy for dogs. Interactive toys are best to keep your pet busy for longer when you are not around.

Remember: It is important to keep the size of your dog in mind when buying toys. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. A toy that is good for a smaller dog can pose a choking hazard for an older dog. Hence, choose carefully.

6) Dog Toys Help in Mental Stimulation

Dogs are very intelligent animals. In fact, there are some breeds of dogs that thrive on their ability to be mentally stimulated. Keeping these dogs busy with various physical activities that stimulate their mind is not always possible. Rather, it is impossible as humans can’t provide those sophisticated activities all the time. For instance, there are many treat-driven puzzle games available in the market. Once the dog completes these puzzles, a treat is dispensed. This keeps them hooked for hours and they understand that they will be given a treat after the puzzle.

7) Pet Humanization

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We can’t ignore the fact that people who own dogs are sometimes called “dog parents”. The level of love, commitment and care they have for their dogs can be seen just by this. Dogs and pets in general are thought of as family members. People who keep pets don’t just keep them for the sake of it. They develop a strong and unbreakable bond with them.

This is why they are not reluctant to spend on pet toys. For most pet parents, pet toys are not a luxury but rather a necessity for the above-mentioned reasons. So, you will not see spending on dog toys decrease, rather it will keep on increasing,

If  you are still wondering how profitable the bulk dog toys niche is, you can have a chat with our sourcing representative. She is here to help! So, book a free consultation with her today and clear any queries or confusions that you have.


Chapter 2: 6 Ways to Buy Bulk Toys 

When it comes to options to buy bulk dog toys from, you will be surprised. To add to this dilemma, there is no right or wrong way to source bilk dog toys from. This is why most buyers can get confused. In this chapter, we will talk about the different methods available through which buying is easy and efficient. Next, we will also provide a list of the top manufacturers are suppliers who can help you with the best prices.

When it comes to buying anything, China is the country of interest for you. The reasons for this are many. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • China is known as the “World’s Factory” as it manufactures and produces different products.
  • Labor force is very cheap in China which allows the manufacturers to reduce their production costs.
  • Automation in China is on the rise, allowing them to achieve economies of scale in the production of the majority of the products.
  • China has an abundance of natural resources.

Now that you know why you should source from China, let’s look at some ways in which you can do so.

1) Referrals


The best and most effective way to find a supplier for your dog’s toys is to go for referrals. If you know someone who is in the business, ask them. Just remember, you should trust the person who is referring you. If a friend, colleague, or family member or acquaintance knows of a manufacturer or supplier who can provide you with bulk dog toys, it can’t get better than this.

Through referrals, you save so much time, energy, resources, money and the headache of finding, shortlisting, selecting and finalizing suppliers. If someone has had a good experience with a supplier/manufacturer and can personally vouch for them, this is the best way to start a business. Nonetheless, you should still carry out the formalities and make sure they are legit, but there is less chance of scams when someone else refers you.

Best of all, you can also get discounts. Many companies have referral discounts and give better prices to people coming to them after someone has told them. So, talk to people already in the dog toys business and see what you can gather from them.

2) Visit Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Attend Trade Fairs

We understand that not everyone can personally visit China to source bulk dog toys. But, if you are serious to start a business and do it right, attending trade fairs and exhibitions is a must for you. Otherwise, you will not be able to lock in the best deals. These pet fairs are some of the largest in Asia while some of the largest globally. Exhibitors and purchasers come from all over the world to attend these fairs.

Where else are you doing to find thousands of suppliers/manufacturers of the product you want in one place? Check samples, check prices, compare and contrast costs, negotiate prices, make deals and place orders – everything under one roof.

  • Pet Fair Asia Shanghai

A must-attend pet fair, if you are looking to source bulk dog toys, is the Pet Fair Asia which is held in Shanghai. It has exhibitors and buyers attending from all over the world once a year. Moreover, it has high-quality products and caters to the pet products market specifically. The best thing about the fair is that it is not limited to pet products, rather it covers different aspects of the pet product industry too. For instance, vertical business interactions, machinery supply and much more.

This fair is the largest one of its kind to be held in Asia. Therefore, you must take out time and plan accordingly to visit it. It spans over five days in which different events are held on different days.

Tentative Dates: 16th August 2023 till 20th August 2023

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center – SNIEC, 2345 Long Yang Road Pudong Area, 201204 Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Website: https://www.tradefairdates.com/Pet+Fair+Asia-M9349/Shanghai.html

  • China International Pet Show

Excellent for business-to-business trade, the China International Pet Show is known as THE MOST important sourcing platform for any kind of pet supply globally. So, if you are looking to source the best bulk dog toys, you know where to go! The pet show is an amazing opportunity for different people to come together, trade, network, connect and build their brands.

Tentative Dates: 26th May 2023 till 29th May 2023

Address: 382 Yuejiangzhong Road, Guangzhou, China

Website: http://en.cipscom.com/CIPS.htm

  • China Pet Expo

China Pet Expo, buy bulk toys

China Pet Expo is by far the largest pet supplies exhibition in entire China. Moreover, it is a haven for buyers interested in any type of pet product, including bulk dog toys. Not only dog toys, but you can also find supplies even for unique pets like reptiles, fish and other smaller animal species which aren’t easily available elsewhere.

The area of concern is not only providing pet supplies. There are hundreds of other activities that can interest you. For instance, new product releases new technological advancements in the field, industrial exchanges, trade promotion etc.

The event attracts hundreds of pet product manufacturers, mass-market buyers, independent retailers and other people. With an exhibition area of more than 70 thousand square meters, almost 100 thousand visitors will be coming from across the globe. Furthermore, there will be almost 1000 exhibitors displaying their products. The main product categories include:

  • Pet food
  • Pet technology
  • Pet bedding
  • Pet medicines
  • Pet beauty care
  • Pet toys
  • Pet clothes
  • Pet backpacks and much more.

Tentative Date: 23rd February till 26th February

Contact Number: 86-10-82962322; +86-18610782409

2) Online Marketplaces

If you are unable to visit these fairs and exhibitions, you can still find the best suppliers and manufacturers of bulk dog toys. A simple google search can give you a list of different manufacturers. But, not all of these are legitimate. There are many ways in which you can avoid scams from suppliers. Read our blog on “Scams to Avoid While Sourcing from China”. Some of the best marketplaces to find suppliers for dog toys are discussed below.

  • Alibaba


Alibaba is one of China’s biggest e-marketplaces for buying and selling different products. It was established in 1999 and has since made a name for itself as one of the biggest e-marketplaces in the world. It provides a platform for businesses and individual buyers to come together and trade.

When we talk about bulk dog toys, Alibaba has more than a thousand suppliers providing them. You name the type of toy you want and you can find many suppliers/manufacturers/retailers selling it. Just type dog toys in the search bar and see the options you get.

bulk dog toys. buying in bulk

Remember: If you want to be sure that you are dealing with the best, select all the options that you can see on the right of the page. Tick Verified Supplier, Trade Assurance and Less than 1 hour response time. These filters will make sure you are not wasting your time on irrelevant suppliers.

  • AliExpress

Aliexpress, best for bulk dog toys

AliExpress is another e-marketplace that is owned by the Alibaba Group. It was launched in 2010 to cater to small businesses in Singapore and China. What makes it different from Alibaba is the target market it caters to. AliExpress focuses on B2C while Alibaba focuses on B2B.

Hence, Alibaba has suppliers that take larger orders whereas AliExpress has suppliers that take smaller orders. You can even find suppliers with a very less minimum order quantity of a few units.

There are many different categories of dog toys available on AliExpress. These range from chewable, interactive dog toys, to agility toys and much more. With different filters like minimum and maximum price, color etc, you can be more specific in what you are looking for.

  • 1688.com

Advanced features provided by 1688

Established in 2010, 1688.com is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. What started as a domestic platform for carrying out trade has now grasped the attention of the world. The reason is that the products provided are of very high quality at very affordable prices. The manufacturers/suppliers are domestic and smaller once. Therefore, they don’t charge much for the products.

Undoubtedly, this is a big attraction. Secondly, you can find many different products here also. The variety is exceptional with the best prices. It is a complete package. The website has more than 50,000 sellers and around 120 million active users.

But, there is one downside to it. The website is in Chinese and the majority of the sellers converse only in Chinese or Mandarin. Worst of all, we have seen that even if they know English, they don’t speak comfortably in it.

Remember: If you want to source from 1688.com, it is best to hire a translator. We have seen people use Google Translate only to get confused with the meanings and end up in miscommunication. So, it is best to hire a professional to do the negotiating for you.

4) Social Media Presence

Do you know where you get to find the latest trends and what’s hot and not? Yes, it’s social media. You can get to know a lot through different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Therefore, it is a good idea to join relevant groups. For instance, you can join groups related to sourcing bulk dog toys or dog toys or pet toys etc. Use different keywords to see what is trending and what is new.

5) Sourcing Agents

EJET, sourcing company , pet product sourcing

When it comes to sourcing from China, the best way to do so is through a sourcing agent or agency. They are professionals when it comes to getting different products for you. Not only this, there is no worry of getting scammed as agents visit the premises in person and do different quality checks.

The best Chinese sourcing agency you can hire is Ejet Sourcing. They have years of experience and a network of different suppliers and manufacturers on board with them. Moreover, they can cater to different sourcing needs and provide all types of logistic solutions to clients.

If you  want to know more about the different sourcing solutions we provide to different clients worldwide, let us know. Book a free consultation with our Sourcing Representative today and clear any confusions and queries you have. She will be happy to be of any help to you! 


Chapter 3: 5 Qualities to Look for in Dog Toys

Now that you know where to find the best suppliers and manufacturers in China for bulk dog toys, do you think your job is done? Surely, you must have a type of dog toy in mind too. The key is not in providing bulk toys or cheap prices, the key to success is to provide high-quality dog toys which others don’t have. Below are the top 5 qualities that make a dog toy good and need to be present if you want to provide the best to your buyers.

1) Size of the Dog

“Jack of all Trades, Master of None” – This holds for any business. When dealing with dog toys, you need to realize that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. A toy that is good enough for a smaller breed can pose a choking hazard to bigger dogs. The smallest breed of dogs includes Chihuahua, Poodle etc. whereas the largest breed is Irish Wolfhound, British Dane etc. These dogs are very different in size.

Understandably, a toy that is big enough for a Chihuahua is going to be small for a Wolfhound. So, you need to establish what size dogs you are going to cater to.

Remember: It is best to start small. If you are just starting your bulk dog toys business, include toys for smaller and medium-sized dogs or medium-sized and larger dogs. Once your business establishes and grows, you can add different toys for other breeds of dogs too.

2) Type of Toy

cool colors, vibrant colors, dog water toys

There are many dog toys to choose from. The toy categories mainly include:

  • Plush toys
  • Interactive toys
  • Chew toys
  • Rope toys
  • Rubber toys
  • Puzzle toys
  • Dog water toys etc

Plush toys and chew toys make up the majority of toys dogs play with. Therefore, if you want to play safe, it is best to include these toys in your e-store. These are the most popular ones amongst all breeds of dogs. Puzzle and interactive toys are for those dogs which are more active and need to burn energy. Hence, choose which toys you are going to sell.

3) Durable

Durability is essential for any type of dog toy that you provide. Even though pet owners don’t hesitate in spending on good quality toys, surely, they look for durability. If they have to buy the same toy again and again, you are going to lose customers. No one wants to spend a lot on the same toy.

Remember: When it comes to toys, durability can translate into safety too. If the dog toy breaks or comes apart, it can be a choking hazard for the dogs playing with it. They don’t know when to stop and that can be dangerous worst of all, life-threatening.

4) Safety

B2B safety

Just like toys for children, dog toys also need to meet different safety standards. Not all toys are safe. Try to avoid keeping toys that have a lot of strings and other detachable items attached to them. Why take the risk when you can include something simpler in your shop?

Remember: You can always compensate ribbons and bows by making your toy colorful and attractive.

5) High Quality

Undoubtedly, customers get greatly attracted to low prices. But, that does not mean that they want to compromise on quality. This is one dilemma that every buyer faces. They look for low prices but high quality. Hence, you need to provide them with high-quality products at affordable prices. Pet owners are willing to spend a little extra for that durability, safety and high quality.

Chapter 4: 4 Major Categories of Dog Toys to Pick From

bulk dog toys

Dogs have different needs and desires just like humans do. They even get bored while playing with the same toys again and again. Hence, it is a good idea to include toys from different categories in your store. The major 4 dog toy categories you can go for are discussed below.

1) Distraction Toys

Distraction toys are different from your normal toys. Generally, this category includes those toys that provide treats to dogs. For instance, large feeders or busy boxes. These provide treats to the dogs once they achieve a little milestone. Puzzles and interactive toys are other examples. They are excellent for mental stimulation and keeping the dog on its toes. So, you can include the following distraction toys in your shop:

  • Dog puzzles
  • Treat feeders
  • Interactive toys
  • Tricky treat balls etc.

2) Active Toys

Rubber toys are excellent for keeping dogs busy. These can be chewed upon and played with. Mostly, you can find active toys like rubber balls, bone-shaped rubber toys etc. Some people try to save money and include tennis balls in their e-store. This is a big mistake. Even though we see many dogs playing with tennis balls, they don’t stand the test of chewing. If unsupervised, the dogs can even choke on little bits of the tennis balls. So, try to include good active toys like the following in your shop.

  • Rubber balls
  • Rope bones
  • Frisbees
  • Cat-shaped rubber toys etc.

3) Plush/Soft Toys

Just like us, dogs love stuffed toys too. But, you need to be very careful while choosing which stuff toys to include. Some dogs are aggressive chewers and you can’t include stuffed toys with fillings that can be dangerous for them. While sourcing plush toys, ensure that they meet all quality and safety standards.

The thing that makes plush toys popular is their versatility. They can be used to play various indoor games. Moreover, they can also be used for cuddling and snuggling. Many dogs have a favorite soft toy that they carry around with them all the time.

4) Squeak Toys

Are you a fan of the squeaky toys that make that little sound when pushed? Well, we can’t agree with you more! Even though squeaky toys are not an adult’s favorite, they do make it to the top of the list when it comes to dogs. Dogs can play with squeaking toys for hours at a stretch. It becomes a little activity where they need to press a certain part of the toy and it starts sounds.

Chapter 5: 3 Tips to Make it Big in the Bulk Toys Business

buy bulk dog toys The bulk dog toys market is not full of competition. Thus, this means that new sellers can enter and make profits. But, have you thought why someone will buy dog toys from you instead of the big brands in the market? Have you pondered on what you will offer which will attract customers to your e-store? In terms of quality, the big brands are already providing it to the masses. So, what will make you stand out?

No worries. In this chapter, we will include 3 tips and tricks that can help you give something to the market that the competitors are not. Moreover, these tips will help you attract customers and gain market share.

1) Do Proper Market Research

dog toy business

As mentioned already, the dog toys market is a big one. There are so many breeds you can target, geographical locations, types of toys etc. that you get confused by the sheer options. Firstly, you need to do proper market research. Keep the following things in mind.

Target Market: With e-commerce, the whole world can be your target market. It is a very lucrative idea but can’t work for everyone. Try to find a specific target market. For instance, there is a class of dog parents who don’t even look at the price tag before buying something. This market is smaller in size as they are the ones who are very rich.

Secondly, you can target the middle class. These are people who are willing to spend on their dogs but don’t look for durability and affordability too. Both classes need to be provided with different price points. Once you decide which market to target, you can go ahead with sourcing bulk dog toys. For luxurious items, you will need to source in smaller quantities. For the mid-market, you can source bulk dog toys and sell them for an affordable price.

2)  Provide Something Unique

pet product supplier

It is always safe to go with the flow. But, by providing the same dog toys that the majority of the competitors are giving, you will not be able to make your brand! You will just be a new seller with the same products. Try to bring something new to the table.

Remember: By something unique we don’t mean to try to provide totally new things. You can customize so many dog toys with the help of the right manufacturer. You can find that many sellers provide the option of customization.

3) Build a Reputation

It is very important to build a good reputation. Word of mouth goes a long way in the business. Therefore, go with promotions and provide free toys to a handful of people. When people know that you are providing good quality stuff, word will spread like fire.

The best way is to start locally. You can start by making a Facebook page or a store on Shopify. Building trust is very important when it comes to pets. People are very protective of their pets and only want the best for them. That is why they look for the best.

Chapter 6: FAQs Regarding Bulk Dog Toys


1) Which Material is the Best for Making Dog Toys?

Rubber is the best material with which you can make dog toys. Not only is it durable, but it also provides a little flexibility to the toy too. Additionally, it is easy to wash and maintain. They are also chew-safe and your dog can bite on them for a long and they won’t break.

2) Do Dog Toys Help in Curbing Anxiety in Dogs?

You can’t expect dogs to recover from anxiety only by giving them different toys It is not how it works. However, dog toys help to ease separation anxiety in dogs. These toys also help in promoting mental stimulation.

3) Do Dogs Ever Outgrow Chewing Toys?

Depending on the age of the dog, dogs do tend to reduce chewing on these toys. But, they don’t fully outgrow them.

4) What are Some Big Brands of Dog Toys Available in the Market?

Some of the major brands that have successfully made a big name in the dog toys market are Kong, Westpaw, ChuckIt, BeneBone and Nylabone.


Undoubtedly, starting a dog toys business is not easy as it means. Buying bulk dog toys from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers is a task alone. Therefore, if you are looking to source from the best, you can contact us at Ejet Sourcing. We are here to help you out with all your sourcing needs.

All you need to do is leave us a message and a representative will get back to you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start sourcing!