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Christmas is a time of year when people decorate their homes and gather with friends and family for a festive time. This can also be a great time for businesses that sell Christmas decorations because they earn a lot of money through the sale of these items.

So if you have been thinking about starting an online business selling Christmas decorations, or if you already have one, this blog post will show you how to import wholesale Christmas decorations from China and sell them on your e-commerce website.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what wholesale Christmas decorations are, how to import them from China, how to choose the right manufacturer to close the best deal, and more.

So let’s get started!

Chapter 1. Overview of Wholesale Christmas Decorations Business

Christmas is around the corner, and it’s the time of year when people around the world decorate their homes with dazzling decorations. The bells, twinkling lights, Christmas trees, and candles are widely purchased globally to welcome Jesus Christ. The immense demand for Christmas decorations shows how lucrative this business is.

In 2021, the Christmas sales revenue was $889.3 billion, which is why sourcing wholesale Christmas decorations is a viable option for retailers. This chapter will cover every aspect of commencing a successful online venture. So without any delay, let’s get straight into it.

1) What is Christmas Decoration Business?

wholesale Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration business is selling items used for decorating a Christmas festival. It includes products like lights, robes, Christmas trees, candles, socks, etc. The Christmas decoration business is profitable because of the immense global demand. Everyone celebrates Christmas and decorates their homes.

For retailers, it’s a lucrative option to purchase wholesale decorations in bulk and sell them in their online or offline stores. China is the most extensive root of sourcing wholesale Christmas decorations at economical prices.

Thousands of suppliers and manufacturers offer incredible deals to grab. However, finding the right supplier takes work. Don’t worry; the next chapter will reveal all the essential ways to find ideal manufacturers in China.

2) Who Uses Christmas Decorations?

Christmas decorations represent faith, hope, and harmony on the birth of Jesus Christ. Earlier, Christmas decorations were not frequent among Christians, but with the passage of time and innovations, they became an integral part of every Christmas Eve.

People around the world have a massive demand for decorations, and without them, the celebration is considered incomplete. Along with Christians, people who belong to other religions also use Christmas decorations to show love for the savior.

Each decoration is filtered with love and faith to reflect unity among every religion, sect, nation, culture, and tradition.

3) What are the Advantages of Importing Christmas Decorations from China?

What are the Advantages of Importing Christmas Decorations from China?

China is at the forefront of manufacturing the majority of consumer products worldwide. It has a significant role in the rotating world’s economy, and thousands of brands collaborate with China every year.

Chinese wholesale markets are renowned for offering high-quality products at low prices. There has been a massive rise in e-commerce business since the pandemic breakout. During this course, China has helped many online retailers to generate revenue.

They are the major sourcing partner for online brands and have skyrocketed many startups globally. Above all, China is the leading manufacturing country for home decor and Christmas decorations.

If you are wondering where to source Christmas decorations, then China is the only answer we have for you. Let’s give you a glimpse of the advantages of importing wholesale Christmas decorations from China.

Check them out!

a) Affordable Price

For its refined design and captivating material, Christmas decorations seem expensive at first glance. This gives great leverage for retailers to sell at a good margin. Chinese wholesale markets offer these expensive-looking decorations at very affordable prices.

This is the first advantage to avail on importing from China. Chinese labor and production cost is lower than other manufacturers, which is a massive benefit for importers.

Moreover, Chinese wholesale markets are saturated due to the presence of hundreds of suppliers. This keeps the product price competitive to retain customers. Eventually, it benefits the retailer.

b) High-Quality Production

There is a rumor that China produces low-quality products, which is harmful to a source. However, China is the leading exporting country in the world, and it can’t be true if the products manufactured are under quality.

With that said, China produces state-of-the-art products that are both unique and superior. The production houses in China involve high-tech assistance to ensure product quality.

Chinese high-quality production is another advantage to avail for importing Christmas decorations. So take it!

c) Convenient Shipment Globally

shipping from China

Whether you own a personal blog or are engaged in dropshipping business, shipping wholesale Christmas decorations is always a matter of concern. These decorations are delicate and require extra care while shipping, and there you need a reliable sourcing country to take the responsibility. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about it.

China offers convenient shipping modes globally that are quick and safe. It dispatches your consignment and makes sure it delivers within the given deadline.

Chinese shipping modes include air freight, sea freight, and express freight. The shipping cost varies with each mode, but it is worth receiving orders efficiently.

d) Responsible Manufacturers

Finding a responsible manufacturer for importing Christmas decorations takes time and effort. Retailers look for professional manufacturers to take and receive their orders with responsibility. Fortunately, China takes care of this need efficiently because the present manufacturers are known for their professional attitude.

They assist you throughout the deal and ensure your requirements are catered to effectively. In fact, Chinese markets have trained agents that guide you through the market. They negotiate on your behalf and get you the best possible deal.

It shows another flex to import Christmas decorations from China.

e) Presence of Multiple Suppliers

Chinese Suppliers

Many suppliers step into the market during the Christmas season to offer their services. Every supplier tries their best to showcase better products from others to hook customers. This ultimately creates more options for retailers to check on.

Chinese suppliers are available in both online and offline markets.

For e-commerce retailers, online wholesale markets like Alibaba and AliEpxress are viable options. You can search for Christmas decorations in the search bar and see a list of suppliers dealing in the niche.

Similarly, if you want to inspect products physically, visit famous Chinese wholesale markets like Canton fair and Yiwu market. There too, you will get multiple suppliers.

Chapter 2. How to Choose the Ideal Christmas Decorations Manufacturers from China?

Chinese Wholesale Christmas Decorations Supplier

As discussed above, China holds unlimited opportunities to source products for your online store. There are multiple categories for each Christmas decoration and each manufacturer. However, choosing the ideal manufacturer requires great effort and planning because suppliers are solely responsible for the success and failure of your business.

So here are some practical ways to choose the right supplier for your business. Make sure to give it a thorough read and apply it afterward efficiently. Let’s get straight into it!

1) Identify Your Requirements

This is, first and foremost, an essential factor to consider before importing wholesale Christmas decorations. Identifying your requirements refers to all the product specs like decoration category, design, material, color, quantity, etc. It isn’t mandatory; however, doing so will prevent a lot of inconveniences. Otherwise, it would be best if you spent a lot of time and energy finding relevant suppliers. So just do it.

After that, you can easily shortlist the available manufacturers based on these requirements. You’ll be able to see the product catalog and then move on to the next one.

2) Hunting Manufacturer


Now that you’ve identified your product requirements, it’s time to hunt suppliers/manufacturers for it. As said earlier, China is the leading manufacturing country worldwide, showing the significance of suppliers in it. The best way to commence your hunt is through the internet.

There are famous Chinese wholesale platforms like Alibaba and AliExpress. Thousands of suppliers are offering their services in every product, which makes it easy for importers to search from the comfort of their laptops. Search for your relevant products in the search bar, and hundreds of suppliers appear on the screen.

3) Hire an Agent

Chinese sourcing agent

Hiring an agent is an available option if you’re unwilling to do a search on your own. Chinese wholesale markets have made it a lot easier for importers to do the job. Wholesale market agents are present in both online and offline markets. They are professionally trained to market research on behalf of a client and are proven worth it.

However, hiring an agent for the job will cost you some extra bucks. These agents work remotely and have various rates for various jobs. But if it’s your first time importing Christmas decorations from China and you can afford an agent, then it is suggested to must go for it.

Pro Tip:

There are so many agents available in China, but you shouldn’t trust anyone blindly. Otherwise, you may end up paying extra bucks while receiving bad quality products. So verify the certificates and details before hiring any sourcing agent from China.

If you’re looking for a reliable sourcing agent, EJET is your final stop. Why? We are a native sourcing company in China. We can help you find the most cost-effective supplier that is most suited to your needs. The following sourcing services are offered by our company:

  • Supplier Management
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If you want further information, please contact our sourcing consultant Sunny Qiu. She will guide you through the whole process over a free consultation call.

sourcing consultant

4) Get Quotes from Manufacturers

Upon finding the relevant suppliers, it’s time to get a quote from each of them. If you’ve shortlisted manufacturers from online markets, then take a quote from them via email. In an email, briefly write regarding all the required products.

Keep the email concise and easy to read, as most Chinese manufacturers need to be better versed in English. Be specific and use a friendly tone in the email to inquire about the quote. Do it with all the relevant suppliers and wait for their response.

5) Shortlist the Manufacturers


After receiving a quote from manufacturers, shortlist the most suitable ones. Ideally, you should shortlist at least 3 manufacturers to pick the ideal one. The best way to select is by verifying legal compliance.

Dealing without inquiring about legal compliance could cause your business to suffer considerable losses. Make sure the dealer you’re dealing with fulfills all the essential criteria.

Ask about their product quality and license to export consumer products. Communicate everything about your required product and price. This will help you ensure the authenticity of the supplier.

6) Communicate with Previous Clients

Although Alibaba and AliExpress are reputable online Chinese wholesale marketplaces, fake suppliers are still present. The best way to prevent fake suppliers from targeting you is by communicating with previous clients.

Previous clients leave feedback on the supplier’s profile, and a satisfied customer says much more about the supplier than the supplier himself.

Therefore, it is the following way to pick the ideal manufacturer from the Chinese wholesale market. Communicate with some previous clients and ask about their experience with the supplier. It will surely let you know a lot about the supplier’s credibility.

7) Pay a Visit to the Supplier

If the shortlisted supplier belongs to the offline wholesale market, then it is suggested to pay a visit to them. While you can order wholesale Christmas decorations online, we recommend you visit. Buying wholesale products in person helps you know the quality better.

Some suppliers send pictures and videos of products which could not be an optimal way to check quality.

Hence paying a visit to the supplier is suitable to close the deal rightly.

Chapter 3. How to Deal with Chinese Wholesale Christmas Decorations Supplier?


We’ve come a long way in finding the proper manufacturer for sourcing your Christmas decorations business. And now, it’s time for the negotiations. Dealing with suppliers requires effort and knowledge to come to a viable conclusion.

Most retailers are unknown of these strategies that result in the failure of the deal. Therefore, there are some essential stages to negotiating with suppliers effectively. Let’s read it out!

1) Ask for Products

The first step to deal begins by inquiring about the products you’re looking for. Greet and ask whether the demanded products are in stock or not. For more convenience, specify your product name, quality, and quantity and ask for a catalog.

Chinese suppliers need to be better versed in English; therefore, keep it short and straightforward. Demand the products you’re looking for. If the said products are available, ask to quote the price.

2) Quoting Price

Pricing matters a lot when you are looking for wholesale products. Although the Chinese wholesale market price is very competitive and affordable, you have to ask to quote the price. Different suppliers have different product prices, and the price is the only best differentiator.

As soon the supplier quotes the price, ask for the quantity in exchange. Some suppliers offer different prices on several orders. Or in other words, it can be called minimum order quantity (MOQ).

3) Ask for Samples

Sample products

Samples are an integral part when dealing for the first time. Samples help you know the original product quality than the displayed images. Authentic suppliers are willing to give paid samples for customer satisfaction.

Make sure you ask for the samples; if the manufacturer avoids sending them, then it’s a red flag. Drop the deal immediately.

4) Compare with Different Prices


It would help if you kept several options to land on the suitable one. Collect the price quote from different suppliers and compare them with each other. Whoever’s price fits the best, go for it.

However, remember to consider quality while comparing prices. Quality varies with price as well, and most importers need to pay more attention to this aspect.

5) Show Yourself Bigger than the Supplier

Dealing with suppliers is an art and the best way to minimize risk as much as possible. Chinese suppliers judge you while negotiating, and if they figure out you own a small-scale business, the possibilities are that they’ll least bother to give you a reasonable price. Therefore always come forward and quote yourself as a team.

Tell your role as a source to find a supplier for wholesale Christmas decorations. Mention that you have a boss to report regarding the entire conversation. Make the manufacturers believe you’re aware of all the insights. Ultimately, they’ll have to come with clean hands.

6) Inquire about Initial Test Order

Asking for initial test order is better than samples. This, too, will leave a significant impression on a supplier that he’s working with people that knows what they are doing. An initial test order refers to all future commitments if everything works as expected.

This ultimately gives you significant leverage on your supplier that they will consider you their dream buyer. The supplier will definitely respond positively, and you’ll avail of an offer you can’t refuse. This is what wholesale market agents do; they represent them as an entity and drive the best deal out of the supplier.

With all these tactics, you’ll be able to get the best wholesale Christmas decorations from Chinese manufacturers.

7) Move to Next Supplier

supplier in China

Say that you will need to find a new supplier if you are negotiating with a supplier you have previously done business with, and everything you have tried has failed. They frequently take something like this to lower their prices or recognize your sincerity.

Sometimes suppliers refused to budge on any requests you made or even tried to offer better pricing because they knew you relied on them for a particular product. As they became self-satisfied with your business, the quality declined.

In that case, you must move on to the next supplier to retain business goodwill. For the next supplier, negotiate on the same rules as mentioned above.

Chapter 4. What are the Best Christmas Decorations Products to Import from China?

Christmas is a religious festival that is very close to the hearts of Christians. But now, it has become a secular family holiday, celebrated by all (Christians and non-Christians) with equal grace. Their excitement level shoots higher with the arrival of the Christmas festival, and they all celebrate it yearly with full zeal and zest.

As Christmas begins, folklores search for ornaments and decoration products to embellish their houses. They look for charming and engaging decorations to welcome the Christmas festival. That is why several importers have their warehouses and store rooms filled with Christmas ornaments during the Christmas season.

They import Christmas decoration items from China at wholesale prices and sell them to their native customers, earning a considerable profit margin. You can also import the in-demand Christmas ornaments from China and profit considerably by selling them to local buyers.

So, import the ornaments printed with traditional Christmas motifs like Santa, reindeer, snowflakes, snowmen, gingerbread, bells, etc., to grow your product-selling business.

Following are some popular Christmas decoration products to import from China;

1) Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles

Lighting a significant amount of candles at different corners of the houses is the most loved and traditional adornment activity during the Christmas season. Christmas candles also have religious importance because the folklores symbolize them as the Christmas Star that guided “wise men from the east” to travel to Jerusalem and meet the King Herod of Judea.

People adorn their houses with various candles, including unique novelty and scented candles spreading their fragrance around the home. Other types of Christmas candles include electric candles, flameless candles, tree lights, and candlesticks.

The high demand for candles during the Christmas festival makes them the best-selling product in the market. So, it is one of the leading and finest products to import from China for earning some handsome bucks.

Where do customers incorporate Christmas candles?

They can include multicolored plain, scented, and novelty candles in their house decorations for Christmas. They choose the colors for the candles that adheres to other ornaments and suits the house’s theme.

People like to add candles to the dining table, mantel, foyer, guest bathroom, and living room coffee tables.

2) Christmas Garlands

Christmas Garlands

Christmas garlands are one of the ornaments used at Christmastide and the more excellent holiday season for decoration purposes. The artificial bouquets look pretty realistic and give the home a natural look with their green plants-like appearance loaded with beautiful lights.

They come in different varieties like pine cone Christmas garlands, battery-operated LED garland lights, LED red garland string lights, glitter leaf Christmas lights, etc. You can import all these varieties of Christmas garlands from China at reasonable prices.

How do people adorn Christmas garlands?

One can decorate the entrance of their home and the fireplace mantel at home with mesmerizing garland strings. They can also use garlands to cover other Christmas decorations, like Santa with his sleigh and mirror candle holders.

3) Holiday Ropings

Holiday Ropings

Holiday ropings are another in-demand Christmas decoration used as an alternative to garlands. One may also use them with Christmas garlands to embellish their home at Christmastide. Different types and shades of garlands fit best with other Christmas ornaments.

They come in different shapes in the form of ropes or strings covered in artificial green leaves. You can import all kinds of holiday ropings conveniently from China.

How do customers decorate with holiday ropings?

Customers can adorn the house mantel, staircases, and entrance area with beautiful holiday ropings. They can also decorate the Christmas tree with pearl-like beaded holiday ropings.

4) Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas tree ornaments include all the decoration pieces used to decorate the Christmas trees. People have multiple decoration options that can be used as Christmas tree ornaments. People mostly prefer adorable angels, stars, novelty ornaments, snowflake ornaments, and heirlooms as engaging decoration items for Christmas trees.

One may also choose traditional hand-blown ornaments and round glass balls to adorn Christmas trees. You can find all these Christmas tree decorations from China without any hassle through a China-sourcing agent.

How do customers decorate Christmas trees with ornaments?

Loading the Christmas tree with engaging ornaments is the only way to make it look appealing. Customers can use different-sized decorations for the embellishment of trees at the Christmas festival. They may also use different-colored ornament hangers to keep the Christmas tree decorations in place.

5) Christmas Swags

Christmas Swags

Christmas swags are also one of the most demanding Christmas products to import from China. They are unique ornaments that can entirely transform a home, giving it a Christmassy look.

These are the decorations made from greenery and decorated with ribbons, bows, elegant strings, and other festive ornaments.

Holly plants, red berries, and bristle pine cones are some flowering plants used in making Christmas swags. Christmas swags also have warm, clear white lights, festive ribbons, and evergreen strings.

Where to use Christmas swags?

The home entrance and living room wall sconces are perfect places for hanging Christmas swags. Christmas swags hanging below the wall lighting fixtures are a treat to watch. One may also use a swag of greenery to decorate the mailbox installed in the outdoor garden.

6) Festive Ribbons

Festive Ribbons

Festive ribbons are excellent decoration objects used for the beautification of Christmas ornaments. Besides Christmastides, festive ribbons are used on several happy occasions and family functions such as birthday parties, marriages, and other family functions.

Christmas ribbons come in different colors and designs. Customers choose a color that compliments their Christmas decoration ornaments and matches the color theme. You can easily import all varieties and colors of festive ribbons at wholesale prices from China.

Which decorations to tie with festive ribbons?

One can use festive ribbons to tie garlands across the fireplace mantel in the house. They can also connect a matching ribbon to wreaths placed at the welcoming door of the home. It can also be used at each point of the porch swing, lamp post, and mailbox post.

7) Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are popular decorations made by twisting evergreen branches into circular shapes. Different ornaments and colorful ribbons are then used to decorate these wreaths.

People traditionally adorn wreaths with pinecones and a red bow. The circular shape of Christmas wreaths exhibits the creation of new life, Christ’s eternal love, and his powers.

You can use living plant branches for making natural wreaths or buy them from the market. Moreover, you also have the choice of importing unique designs of artificial Christmas wreaths from China.

Where do customers place Christmas wreaths?

Initially, wreaths were used as ornaments for decorating Christmas trees, but now they are placed at the front door to welcome guests. Folks also place them over the mantels and on their front windows. A few of them use the Christmas wreaths for decorating their car fronts as well.

8) Colorful Poinsettias

Colorful Poinsettias

Poinsettias are commercially important ancient plants widely used in Christmas floral displays. Its flowers bloom in different eye-catching colors. Creamy white, light pink, and bright red are the attractive colors of poinsettia plants that can amaze you with their fascinating displays.

People usually grow living poinsettia plants in their gardens and use the fresh blooming flowers as Christmas decorations. You can also have artificial poinsettias in your homes as traditional Christmas decorations. You can import artificial poinsettias and their pots filled with different colored foil papers from China.

Where do customers place Poinsettias?

A fireplace hearth is a special place where bunches of multicolored poinsettias can be placed. One can also have them on each end of a sideboard and around the Christmas trees. The staircase is another perfect place to place poinsettias to achieve a Christmassy look.

Chapter 5. FAQs about Wholesale Christmas Decorations


1) Where can I find the cheapest Christmas decorations?

Generally, decoration product sellers and traders offer leftover decoration pieces during the off seasons at the cheapest rates. They also sell Christmas decorations in sale garages and auctions at affordable prices. So, you can purchase the most inexpensive Christmas ornaments during the off-season sales online or from physical stores.

However, you can also import Christmas ornaments from Chinese suppliers at reasonable prices. You can access them through online websites like Alibaba, Global Sources, etc.

2) How many ornaments does an 8-foot tree require?

People usually prefer 15 – 20 ornaments per foot for a 9-feet or taller tree. Similarly, professional Christmas decorators suggest 10-12 ornaments per foot for an 8-foot or smaller tree.

So, considering the standard size of ornaments per foot, we recommend 80 – 90 decorations for an 8-foot tree.

3) Is it beneficial to buy used Christmas decorations?

Christmas is a sacred festival for Christians that comes once every year. Buying new trending ornaments for decorating your house and trees is appropriate. However, purchasing old Christmas decorations is also acceptable if your pocket does not allow you to buy unique ornaments.

But, the decorations you purchase must be in good condition. They should be relatively old and intact. On the contrary, you can buy reasonably priced ornaments during the off-season and save them for later use.

4) Why aren’t my half-LED Christmas lights functioning?

Sometimes the half-LED Christmas lights stop functioning, disturbing and spoiling the whole decoration string lights. It happens because a particular section of your LED lights dies or burns out.

In this case, you can fix that fault by finding the dead or burnt bulb and replacing it with a new one.

5) How can I decorate my home for Christmas?

People use multicolored lights and unique ornaments for furnishing their houses during the Christmas festival. You can also decorate your home for Christmas by using Christmas trees, hanging out Christmas lights, and beautiful decoration balls.

Decorating the outdoor gardens and making a snow village in your house lawns is another way of making your home look appealing during the Christmas festival. Moreover, you can adorn it with engaging wall stickers and Christmas pillows to give your home a Christmassy look.


We have thoroughly discussed the wholesale Christmas decoration business, trending Christmas products, and their ideal manufacturers in China. The detailed elaboration and discussion of Christmas decoration products have brought us to the point that wholesale is a high-yielding business, especially near the Christmas festival.

You have also learned how to earn more profit by importing wholesale Christmas decorations at affordable prices during the off-season. Moreover, you can import all varieties of Christmas decorations your customers want at a reasonable price.

Just convey your demands and product specifications to your supplier and have all the worthy Christmas products shipped to your address.

So, what are you looking for?

Find a reliable Chinese wholesale supplier or contact EJET to import the trending Christmas ornaments at wholesale prices.