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Are you interested in importing Wholesale Women Clothing from China?

It is a booming industry and there is no turning back once you start gaining profits.

So, why not look for the best women’s clothing wholesale suppliers in China?

For that, you have landed on just the right page!

There is no doubt about it that China has emerged as the “World’s Factory” They are producing literally everything and that too at an affordable price. The key lies in the established supply chains they have. The true challenge is to pick the best wholesale women’s clothing distributors China to start gaining profits.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to select the best wholesale women clothing from China. We will do this by letting you know which are the best markets to go to, how to determine whether a supplier is reliable or not and how to source the products to your hometown.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Why Should You Opt for Women’s Clothing Wholesale Suppliers in China?

Chapter 2: Tips to Find Good Women’s Clothing Wholesale Suppliers China

Chapter 3: Different Types of Wholesale Women Clothing China

Chapter 4: Women’s Clothing Wholesale Suppliers Challenges in China

Chapter 5: Markets to Visit to ShortList the Best China Wholesale Women’s Clothing Distributors

Chapter 6:  8 Best Online Market Places to Check Out

Chapter 7: Tips to Lock the Best Price From Women Clothing Suppliers

Chapter 8: Tips to Check the Quality of Trendy Wholesale Clothing for Women in China

Chapter 9: FAQs About China Women wholesale Clothing

Chapter 1: Why Should You Opt for Women’s Clothing Wholesale Suppliers in China?

Generally, there is this misconception that products from China might not be of good quality. On the contrary, the opposite is true.

Being the number 1 exporter of clothing in the world, China produces a staggering 50% of fiber used all over the world. Moreover, in the textile industry, China has a 58% share worldwide. With these statistics, it is no wonder the cost of production is very low. Hence, China is attracting buyers from all over the world for their wholesale women clothing.

China has already emerged as one of the best markets sourcing markets for all of the products and the reasons are as follows.

1. World’s Factory for Women Clothing


When it comes to manufacturing products, China is known as the “World’s Factory”. This shows that whatever you need, you can source from China. So, if you are looking for the best wholesale women’s clothing distributors China, you have dropped by at just the right place today.

China does not restrict itself to manufacturing only traditional Chinese clothes. The presence of large brands ensures the high quality of the clothes being made. Big shots like Calving Klein, Nike, Levis Strauss, Adidas etc are being manufactured in China.

2. Up-to-Date Designers for Women Wholesale Clothing

The fact multiple brands have their presence in China; the designers are up-to-date and know the new trends that emerge even before they hit the market. Therefore, you will see an increase in the demand for boutique women clothing wholesale China.

3. High Turn Around Time in Clothing for Women

With up-to-date designs, lower production costs, skilled workers and a highly efficient work force, the turnaround manufacturing time in clothing for women is quick.


Usually, you get the order before the promised time or within the time frame mentioned. Most of the production processes are automatic and the human error element is zero.

4. Economies of Scale for Wholesale Women Clothing

With huge factories, established supply chains, good supplier relationships and mass production, China has already reached economies of scale for Wholesale women Clothing. This is what other countries have yet to achieve. Hence, they can’t offer the price which China do.


The rule is simple. As the cost of production lowers, the price of the product lowers too. On the other hand, when selling in bulk and in the wholesale market, the manufacturer/suppliers tend to keep a low profit margin. This leads to a further reduction in price.

Consequently, the price of wholesale clothing is much cheaper than around the world.

Chapter 2: Tips to Find Good Women’s Clothing Wholesale Suppliers China


As discussed earlier, the major concern people have when buying from China is the quality of the clothes. True, there are all types of people out there in the market. You need to know how to choose the best. For that, follow the checklist provided below.

1. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Women Clothing in China

You will come across many suppliers that do not require a MOQ or have a very small one like say a 100 pieces or so. Be aware of those, especially if they are offering a cheaper price as compared to the market.

The reason is simple, when you product in bulk, the price goes down. All good suppliers have a minimum order quantity starting from 500 or even 1000 pieces usually.

2. Wholesale Price for Women Clothing China

One of the mistakes we make is calculate the cost per article and decide if it is affordable or not. When it comes to wholesale women clothing China, you need to consider a lot of other factors, namely:

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Tax/Import duties
  • Shipping costs

All these affect the price per piece and you need to be aware of these. Another important thing to look at is the quality you are getting for the price. Is the cloth of good quality? If a supplier has a slightly high price, but giving a very high-quality cloth, you should pay a little higher.

3. Experience in Buying Clothing for Women

There is no doubt in the fact that you need to be an established supplier to provide good quality. When you are sourcing from China, experience of the supplier/manufacturer matters a lot.

Check with the previous clients and dig into the background of the supplier. Getting products from abroad requires a lot of technicalities and there is so much that can go wrong. A lot of paper work, packaging and handling go into it. So, a supplier with experience in this field will benefit you.

4. Shipping Time in Women Clothing from China


Opting for Women’s Clothing Wholesale Suppliers China who offers express delivery is preferable. That way, the shipping time is reduced and you get the package quicker.

5. Scope of the Product

A lot depends on the type of clothing you are looking for. If you are looking specifically for boutique women clothing wholesale China, you will be focusing more on the quality rather than the price.

On the other hand, the trendy wholesale clothing for women distributors China will be offering a much competitive price as compared to the boutique ones.

The difference is because of the different niche markets and scope of the product.

6. Fabric Quality in Women Clothing


This should be one of the first things you do. If you think a supplier is not offering a good quality fabric, you should not proceed further. Go ahead and ask for samples before locking the deal.

7. Test Results

Thanks to modern day technology, there are a lot of fabric tests that are done to ensure the quality standard are being maintained or not. Check whether your supplier conducts them on the materials or not.

If they do, well and good, ask for the results. If they don’t, seek permission to perform your own tests.

Chapter 3: Different Types of Wholesale Women Clothing China

The clothing in China is not restricted to just long dresses and traditional Chinese dresses

1.China Wholesale Summer Clothing


Summers are the time to go easy on yourself. Women have so many types of clothes to choose from in the summer. Each and every style can be wholesaled from China. The best thing is that you get the highest quality. You can get the following styles:

  • Beach wear
  • Club bodycon
  • Vestidos Mujer
  • Skirts – short and long both
  • Blouses
  • Formal dress shirts
  • Plazos etc.

The entire summer range can be found in super affordable prices. You can find the best ones in Zhejiang province.

2. China Wholesale Winter Clothing


Almost all the countries in the world face winters. Therefore, winter clothing is in demand all the year round. You can find a variety of winter clothing in China. These clothes include:

  • Sweaters
  • Coats
  • Overcoats
  • Mufflers
  • Vests
  • Fur jackets
  • Velvet jackets
  • Jeans etc

You can find a wide range of winter clothes from Jiangsu. Most of the manufacturers and suppliers here have very prompt delivery times and you can get your order processed in no time.

3. China Wholesale Sarees

Interestingly, wholesale women’s clothing distributors China are experts when it comes to manufacturing sarees. Even though this is the traditional dress of mainly the people in the subcontinent, it is being produced in an affordable price in China.


The Chinese manufacturers were quick to jump on the bandwagon of producing sarees after seeing the high demand all over the world. Even Pakistan and India don’t produce such high quality sarees like the ones made in China. Jiangxi is famous for its saree markets.

4. China Wholesale Gym Wear

Another thing that never goes out of fashion is the gym wear. A large number of women all over the world go to gym. Even if they don’t work out properly, they do so at home. As a result, the demand for gym wear in women is high.


To cater to this market, you can find a lot of producers of high-quality gym wear in Zhejiang. You don’t only get tracksuits etc, the entire gym wear is covered. For example:

  • Fitness bras
  • Yoga clothes
  • Track suits
  • Fitness undergarments
  • Fashion sports wear
  • Simple sportswear etc

They key element is that the China wholesale gym wear is very comfortable and easy to wear.

5. China Wholesale Maternity Clothes

Talking about what women’s clothing wholesale suppliers China excel at, maternity clothes is a relatively new concept. A few decades ago, pregnancy only meant sitting back at home and wearing you comfortable pajamas.


Now, maternity clothes have their own designers and space on the shelf. Some of the different types you can find are as below:

  • Breastfeeding dresses
  • Formal dresses for the office going pregnant women
  • Gym wear for pregnant women
  • Dresses with side slits etc

6. China Wholesale Lingerie

China has been a large manufacturer of lingerie. The catchy, vibrant colors have caught the eye of the world and the affordable prices further this notion.

Lingerie includes:

  • Nighties
  • Sleep wear
  • Undergarments

To find the best suppliers for lingerie, Shanghai markets are the place to visit.

7. China Wholesale Chinese Traditional Dresses

To buy amazing quality wholesale Chinese traditional dresses hop over to Shanghai, Zhejiang and Hangzhou. Apart from these, all the other markets also have good Chinese dresses.


8. China Wholesale Gowns

Do you want to import the red-carpet looked gowns?  Jiangsu, Shanghai and Guangzhou are the best places you can get the beautiful gowns from at very affordable rates.

9. China Wholesale Sports Wear

Just like gym wear, China also produces the best sports wear in the world. Guangzhou City has a number of manufacturer’s who produce different types of sportswear like:

  • Rugby clothes
  • Basketball clothes
  • Cycling gear
  • Kids polo shirts
  • Running wear
  • Badminton and squash skirts etc

10. China Wholesale Women Undergarments

If your aim is to increase your profits by buying high-quality good undergarments from China, you should have a tour of Guangzhou clothing markets and Yiwu city. Most of the cities have the best quality undergarments at reasonable prices.

11. China Wholesale Wedding Clothes


Once you roam the cloth markets, you will see there is so much variety of different wedding dresses like:

  • Sarees

  • Gowns
  • Heavy formal Indian/Pakistani dresses
  • Chinese wedding wear etc

Chapter 4: Women’s Clothing Wholesale Suppliers Challenges in China

There is no doubt about the fact that some of the world’s best suppliers are Chinese, but you need to be sure on your part as not all the people are same, right? Know these 3 challenges that you can face while buying Wholesale Women Clothing China.

1. Checking Quality for Women Wholesale Clothing

You can do all your research and ask around and still not be happy with the quality of the cloth as everyone has different demands. The suppliers know their way around. So, be careful and always ask for physical samples.

Most of the manufactures have A, B and C quality if the same cloth and depending on the price and demand of the buyer, they show them that quality.

2. Fake Products in Women Wholesale Clothing


Another issue that can and does arise is of fake products. Further down the article, we will discuss in detail how to identify fake products from the real ones.

3. Size Difference of Women Clothing in China

Another consistent issue is the issue of different sizes around the world. Well, that is one issue you can face anywhere in the world. Even the standard UK and US sizes vary from country to country. You can end up ordering Large and the measurements can be for medium. So, check for that.

Chapter 5: Markets to Visit to ShortList the Best China Wholesale Women’s Clothing Distributors

Distributor/Supplier Address Types of Clothes
Baima Clothing Market 16 Zhannan Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China Fashion, high-end, Boutique
Liuhua Garment Market Zhanqian Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China All clothes type
Shisanhang Wholesale Market 11 Xinglong N Rd, Changti Road Shopping Leisure Street, Liwan District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China Knitted items like blouses, socks, jeans etc
Shahe Clothing Market China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Tianhe District, 濂泉路15号 High quality clothes
Huimei Fashion Apparel Market No . 139 Huanshi West Road. In Guangzhou Zhanxi fashion market circle Fashion clothing
Zhanxi Clothing Market Zhanxi Road, NO.57 Zhanxi road, yuexiu district. Guangzhou Copies of high end brands
Zencheng Jeans and Denim Clothes Market 321 Renmin Middle Rd, Changti Road Shopping Leisure Street, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China Denim clothes, jeans.
Xindadi Knitted Sweater Garment Market 122 Zhanqian Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China Knitted clothes, fashion clothes
Haining Fur and Leather Clothing Market (Zheijang) 201 Haizhou W Rd, Haining, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China High quality, high end leather and fur clothing
Zhongshan Kids Clothing Wholesale Market Kids and teenage girls clothes
Wenzhou City Clothes Wholesale Market Poor quality material. Should go there only for checking designs

When in China, it is advisable to visit the major cities which are the hub of the clothing industry.

Remember that these are only the best of the best; you can also go ahead and visit other places like Shantou and Dalang to find more suppliers/manufacturers

Chapter 6:  8 Best Online Market Places to Check Out

Visiting the markets in person is the best thing you can do. But, if that is not an option, there are many reliable websites from where you can connect with suppliers. Some of the top ones are as follows:

1. ChinaBrands


Being a leading global drop shipping website, it has clients from all over the world. It has a lot to offer from cheap wholesale women clothing China to the high-end first copies of brands. On the website, you can find high-quality products at very affordable rates.

The blouses that sell for $35 in the market internationally, you can be buy the same quality for as low as $15.

2. Ali Express

When it comes to being reliable and trustworthy, no one does it better then Ali Express. If quick and prompt service is what you want along with high quality and an affordable price, Ali Express is the site to check. There are literally millions of suppliers who are selling all kinds of clothes.

3. Alibaba


Alibaba does not only provide a platform where the buyer and supplier can come together and make a deal. It goes a step ahead and provides proper trade assurance, quality check and also gives shipments and financial solutions to the buyer.

When we talk solely about Wholesale women clothing China, Alibaba has some of the best suppliers onboard.

4. 1688

Targeting the Chinese domestic market, 1688 is also widely used by buyers around the world. It gives even better rates than Ali Express. This platform does not have hundreds and thousands but millions of buyers and seller coming together to make deals and buy Wholesale women clothing China.

5. DH Gate


It is an e commerce website that has some of the best wholesale clothes for women and trendy wholesale clothing for women distributors China.

A customer base of almost 400 million customers speaks volumes for the quality and reliability of the website. Along with the giants Ali Express and China Brands, it is also one of the leading suppliers of wholesale clothing in China.

6. Taobao

It is a Chinese shopping website that aims at providing quality products at a lower than market price. According to the Alexa Website Rating app, it is the 8th most visited website in the world. Yes, that is how reliable it is. It is run and owned by Alibaba.

7. Banggood


A relatively new addition to the online wholesale clothing world, Banggood was initially a research and development website. It uses that knowledge and expertise to bring to you the best suppliers at the best prices.

8. Tmall

This is an interesting business to consumer (B2C) website where there is an option to choose from many different clothing categories and that too in good prices. You can find designer clothes and even clothes for day to day wear.

Chapter 7: Tips to Lock the Best Price From Women Clothing Suppliers

Have short listed the supplier and decided to go ahead by placing an order? WAIT! NEVER rush things. The price they initially quote is flexible and all the suppliers keep a margin of negotiation, so why pay high?

1. Research on Women Clothing from China

The key to locking the best price is to do your homework well. Search the market. Research and know about the clothes you are going to buy. Are you going for China wholesale lingerie or boutique women clothing wholesale China? Your choice is going to affect the price.

Ask the competitors, take quotations from them and then set your price across the table to the supplier.

2. Referrals in Buying Women Clothing


Try to find a referral. People tend to give discounts to someone who has come by reference of a client. Even if you are not referred, you can ask someone to refer a supplier who is selling high quality clothes at an economic price.

3. Sourcing Agents to buy Wholesale Women Clothing China

If the sourcing agent you have hired is good, this is the way to get the best price you can. Good sourcing agents have contacts; they know the market, the language and even the supply chains in detail. As a result, they can lock the best price for your Wholesale Women Clothing China

4. Factory Visit to buy China Women Clothing

Interestingly, it has been seen through experience that when deals are made in person, it has a much positive impact then those made in absence. So, there is a good chance of getting a better rate if you meet the supplier in person.

Of course it is not necessary to be present; you can hire a sourcing agent who makes the deal on your behalf. It works the same way.

Chapter 8: Tips to Check the Quality of Trendy Wholesale Clothing for Women in China

Afraid you are going to face the challenges discussed above? No need to be. There are a few tips and tricks to make sure you get high-quality.

1. Samples Testing

Always ask for samples. The good manufacturers will not hesitate to send them. Sometimes, they are free of cost and sometimes you need to pay for the samples.

2. Tradeshows for Women Clothing

We think of them as visiting the factory virtually. Not only do you meet the suppliers in person, you can also talk to other people from the same field and market. Moreover, most of the suppliers display their samples at tradeshows and you can get a fair idea of the quality there and then.

3. Verified Directory of Women Clothing Manufacturer Suppliers


It is always good to check a verified directory for information on the supplier. It will not provide you with samples or anything, but you will get to know the supplier is legitimate. If they are not on the verified directory, there is a big change they don’t meet the quality standards.

4.Visit the factory clothing in Person

It can’t get better than this. You should visit the manufacturing plant, see the cloth and conduct various tests on it before approving it. Especially for the high-end clothing types like the boutique women clothing wholesale China manufacturers and the trendy wholesale clothing for women distributors China should visit there in person.

Chapter 9: FAQs About China Women wholesale Clothing


1. What should be the Mode of Payment to the Women Clothing Distributors in China?

Usually, the payment process in China is through wire transfer. But, you should never pay the entire amount up front. Generally, an initial deposit is made when the order is place.

The remaining needs to be sent when the buyer gives a go ahead that the quality and order is up to the agreed requirements. Some suppliers accepts PayPal and western union too.

2. Is there any Option of Women’s Wholesale Clothing China Free Shipping?

Usually the supplier will charge shipping cost separately or include it in the price of the product.

3. Is there any way of Identifying Fake Designer Clothes?

Yes, there are a few ways in which you can know if the clothes are fake or not.

Price: Don’t blindly go for suppliers that are offering a deal too good to be true. Mostly, if not all, are fake and the product quality provided is very low.

Logo: You need to check the logo carefully. Sometimes the brand name is spelt wrong with just one syllable. Keep an eye on that. Also, the logo is engraved at most places and not attached separately, check for that too.

Finishing: If you have dealt with designer wear before, you will know that just by touching the cloth you get to know about the quality of it. Designer wear has a clean, straight finishing and that can be seen with a naked eye.

4. Do the Wholesale Women Clothing China Offer Samples?

Yes. Most of the wholesale suppliers offer samples. It is a red flag if they don’t. Because, if you are not visiting in person, how can you know what quality of cloth is going to be used. They can say one thing and give another.

5. Is Boutique Women Clothing Wholesale China Reliable and High Quality?

Yes. If you buy from the right and legitimate suppliers, you can find the most reliable and high-quality boutique women’s clothing wholesale in China. That too, at very affordable rates. The key is to do your research properly and go for reliable and known suppliers. Try to avoid shady suppliers that do not allow factory visits or samples.


With the article on Buying Wholesale Quality Clothing from China, we have covered both physical markets to visit and even have included the best and most reliable online websites from where you can order Wholesale Women Clothing China from.

Along with this, we have included some tips and tricks to ensure the clothes you are ordering are of the highest quality and tips to save you from ending up with low-standard clothes.