Are you looking to import the best China wholesale electronics?

Do you know the best markets and tips to buy electronics from China?

Undoubtedly, electronics are one item whose sales are constantly increasing. This is one industry that is surely going to give you a profit. However, it is also a very competitive industry and having the right knowledge is very important to build a successful business. Many people lost money in doing the electronics business because they did not understand the process or didn’t know the best ways to import products from China.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the entire process of getting electronics from the best Chinese wholesale electronics supplier. We will also talk about the cities which are famous for electronic products, top 10 hot selling electronic products as well as some tips for importing electronics.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Why You Should Buy Wholesale Electronic Products From China?

Chapter 2: Process to Buy Electronic Products in Bulk from China

Chapter 3: Where to Find and Buy China Wholesale Electronic Products at the Best Price

Chapter 4: Top 10 Hot Selling Electronic Products from China

Chapter 5: 7 Must-Attend Electronic Products’ Trade Shows and Fairs in China

Chapter 6: 7 Tips You Must Know Before Importing Electronics from China to Avoid Big Loss

Chapter 7: Certifications Required for Importing Wholesale Electronics From China

Chapter 8: FAQs About Wholesale Electronics From China

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why You Should Buy Wholesale Electronic Products From China?


China is the manufacturing hub of the World. All the products you can think of are being manufactured here and exported all around the world. Just like the other products, the best Chinese wholesale electronics supplier supplies electronic accessories wholesale China to the world.

1. High Value for Money when Buying from China (Higher Profit Margins)

China is producing electronics in bulk. This means that you get high value for money when you buy from China wholesale electronics online and the suppliers personally.

When you are buying at a low price and you are selling at a higher price, you will get better profit margins. The scale at which the Chinese manufacturers are producing because of large human resources enables them to provide attractive prices to the manufacturers.

2. A Large Variety of Goods – You Can Find Every Electronics Product in China

The Chinese wholesale electronics supplier knows that providing a wide range of electronics is a good idea. When you visit websites like China brands, Ali Express, Ali Baba etc, you will see they offer many electronics. This is easier for the buyer as well as the seller.

If you are going for a China seller electronics website, it is going to be easier to source different products from the same place instead of going to different suppliers. This is good for the supplier and buyer and this is why most of the suppliers have many different products.

3. Higher Number of Manufacturers Lead to Competitive Prices

With the profit margins it offers, more and more manufacturers are producing electronics that bring the overall cost down. There is no chance of market dominancy and the suppliers and manufacturers can’t raise the prices.

If one is offering high prices, the buyer has many options to go for. So the high competitiveness has been fruitful in providing best prices to all the buyers importing from China.

4. Option of Drop Shipping When Buying China Electronics Wholesale


A great attraction when buying electronic accessories wholesale in China is the option of drop shipping which most of the manufacturers/suppliers provide. This is what attracts small and medium-sized businesses.

You can save a lot of money by dropshipping the products to the client directly from the suppliers. You do not need to invest in inventory and keep the stocks.

5. New Innovative and Unique Products (Constant New Research and Development of Products)

Electronics are such products that keep updating and changing with the new technology. In China, the manufacturers are up to date with the new trends.

They come up with new products keeping in mind consumer demand and their liking. There is also a lot of research being done in this area which enables the suppliers to keep inventing new and unique products.

6. Worldwide Shipping Network Resulting in Fast and Efficient Delivery

China is already called the “World’s Factory”. They are producing products that are being delivered all over the world through different transport services. They have a well-defined and developed logistics system for worldwide shipments. Their rail, ship, air and sea transport is one of the best in the world.

Chapter 2: Process to Buy Electronic Products in Bulk from China


Some people have this misconception that for buying China electronics wholesale all you need is a good supplier and you are good to go. No, this is not the case. There are many steps involved in buying electronic products from China in bulk. Knowing these steps will help make the process easier and cost-effective for you.

1. Find Supplier Online and Perform Supplier Audit

Not everyone can come over to China to buy electronics. With the advancement in technology and the strict verification procedure, China electronics is quickly gaining popularity online. More and more people are buying in bulk from online suppliers after performing proper audits.

When you shortlist a supplier on websites like Alibaba, Ali Express, China Brands etc, check their gold standard and trade insurance. Most of the websites have strict rules and the suppliers have their transaction history with reviews from customers.


2. Request a Sample and Inspect It Carefully

It is very important to ask for a sample. You can be dealing with suppliers in person or online. In both cases, ask for a sample. If they don’t agree, it means they don’t want to show you their product and maybe have low quality.

If you look around you, in tradeshows and exhibitions, the suppliers/manufacturers always have sample products on display. This shows that a supplier that is not willing to give you a sample can be a scammer.

3. Be Specific with your Requirements and Provide Complete Details

You can’t expect the Chinese wholesale electronics supplier to know your demands if you are not clear about the requirements yourself. So, it is very important to know what you want. The best thing is to do your research well. If you want a customized product, show them pictures, blueprints, etc.

Moreover, it is important to provide all the details to them and then ask for a sample. From the sample, you can get an idea of how well they have understood your requirements.

4. Choose the Right Payment Method Which Is Most Suitable for You


Always choose the legal and low-cost payment method. Remember never to pay the total amount in advance. It is the biggest mistake people do while doing business with anyone. Look out for personal accounts, if someone asks you to send the payment in a personal account, he can be a scammer.

So, the best thing is to have proof of all the transactions and break the payment into different parts. Never pay upfront. Paying in cash does not leave any proof of the payment.

5. Consider Alibaba Trade Assurance to Protect Your Investment

When it comes to your investment, you need to take all the steps necessary to make sure it is safe. Most of the electronic accessories wholesale in China can be found on a China seller electronics website. But, how do you know the seller is reliable and honest?

Always check for trade assurance on Alibaba. This is a sort of assurance that Alibaba gives to the buyers who are buying from sellers on the website. In case the seller does not ship your products or the products are not according to your requirements, you will get a refund from the website.

6. Checklist of Documents and Certifications Required

Always be prepared. There is no point in ordering from China electronics wholesale if you don’t have the documents and certifications required. We have included a list of the documents required below in Chapter 7.

7. Perform Detailed Inspections During Production and Before Container Loading


A very common way to scam the buyers is by showing and promising something and not delivering that. Even the sample the manufacturer makes is according to your requirements and later on, they send something else.

To save yourself from this hassle, it is important to check the products while the production is going on.

If you can’t go to China or are not from China, you can always hire a sourcing agent to be there on your behalf. He will be responsible to conduct factory visits and keep an eye on the quality of production.

Once your order is made, the sourcing agent can go and inspect the products on your behalf. Proper inspection should also be done when the container is about to be loaded.

8. Have the Right Selling Strategy for Your Products

Surely, this is the last step but needs to be thought of beforehand. Before you get down to importing China electronics wholesale, it is important to know how and to whom you are going to sell them. You need to have a proper selling strategy and client base in mind before you source electronics from China.

Chapter 3: Where to Find and Buy China Wholesale Electronic Products at the Best Price

Apart from finding the best China wholesale electronics online, if possible, you should go to these places to get the best price with the highest quality.

1. Shenzhen Known as Silicon Valley of China


Shenzhen has been the technological hub of China since 1980.  The old connection it has with technology has dubbed it was the Silicon Valley of China and this is why you can find the biggest range of electronic accessories wholesale China here.

Here, the SEG Electronics Market can be the first place you visit in this area. It has a wide range of tables, headsets, phone accessories, mobile phones, monitoring equipment and so much more. You can find any electronics product out there in the market.

You can even go ahead and get many customized products here. Some suppliers even make a sample product right there at the premises. The rates are very reasonable, there are many options to choose from and you can even get customized products.

Another very big advantage is that Shenzhen is in the Guangdong province. Having a port further makes shipment of products so much easier and cheaper.

2. Huaqiangbei Wholesale Market Is the Biggest Electronics Market in the World

The Huaqiangbei Electronic Market is not only the biggest China electronics wholesale market but the biggest electronics market in the World. This is enough to say that you will find the best products at the best prices with the greatest variety over here.


As compared to the markets in Shenzhen, there are huge options for product customization. The reason is that you will find many manufacturers here who are directly representing the factories. Hence, there are many options of getting customized products from them.

The stalls are rented out monthly. Therefore, sometimes when you come again to buy from the seller, they are not there.

Apart from this, the range of electronics is very versatile here. All the products according to the latest trends can be found here. Mostly, in these markets, the middlemen and suppliers only understand simple English. It is important to have an agent or translator with you.

3. Yiwu International Trade City – Electronics Section


Yiwu is known as the “Largest small commodity wholesale market” because you can find almost every product known over here. Even though they don’t specialize in electronics, the market still has a variety of electronics to give a visit to.

Sometimes, you can find a difference in prices when buying China Electronics Wholesale from Yiwu City. This is because the middlemen in Yiwu buy from the Shenzhen electronic market and sell at a profit.

Hence, the price difference. Even though there is a slight price difference, it is worth to visit because the suppliers are consistent here.

The best thing about Yiwu is that all the electronics products can be found under one roof. Sometimes the suppliers may even provide better prices then from Shenzhen because of the bulk purchase and buying of electronics in Yiwu.

4. Hong Kong Arranges the World’s Largest Electronics Fair


For electronics, Hong Kong held the World’s largest electronics fair twice a year, in autumn and spring.

This is a perfect opportunity as suppliers, manufacturers are middlemen from all over China and all over the world showcase their products here. This is a must-attend fair if you are looking to buy the best China Electronics Wholesale from the best Chinese wholesale electronics supplier.

5. Dongguan City in China is the Hub of Electronics Factories

Situated in the center of Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Dongguan city serves as a corridor between the two.

 The four famous cities Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Dongguan form the Technology Innovation Corridor and bring together the electronic innovations from all four cities together.

Most of the factories in Dongguan produce electronic goods and their different parts and components. As you can get directly from the factories and manufacturers, you can get the best prices. Moreover, you can get customization on your desired product and quickly get the shipment.

Chapter 4: Top 10 Hot Selling Electronic Products from China

The trick is to know which electronic accessories or products are trending all over the world and are the hot selling products. Following is a list of the 10 top-selling products that can be sourced from China Electronics Wholesale.

1. Buy Mobile Phones from China Electronics Wholesale


Who isn’t aware of mobile phones? A mobile phone is one electronic that is popular all over the world and which every person has.

The fact that it is a communication device makes it popular all over the world. A mobile can keep you connected to loved ones across oceans, know what is going on in the world and connect with people on social media even.

You can find practically every brand of mobile phone being manufactured in China. These are not only efficient but also very economical.

The high demand for mobile phones all over the world and bulk production help maintain economic prices. If you visit different China electronics websites, you will see this is the most selling product worldwide.

2. Buy Digital Cameras from China Electronics Wholesale

Even though mobile phones have cameras, the market for digital cameras is increasing day by day. The reason that it is one of the hot-selling electronic accessories all over the world is that the newer generation loves taking pictures.


The increase in events and functions and the need to persevere those memories in the shape of pictures and videos is giving rise to a bigger market for them.

3. Buy Computers from China Electronics Wholesale

The reason why computers are a hot selling product is that is quickly gaining popularity. In the digital era and keeping in mind modern education, schools, colleges and universities require all the students to have a personal computer. So, selling computers is a good idea.

In China, you will find a lot of computer manufacturers. Most of the popular brands have their factories in China as the cost of production is low over there. You can also get computers from a Chinese wholesale electronics supplier at affordable prices with a good warranty.

4. Buy Tablets from China Electronics Wholesale

With computers in the market, people sometimes wonder if there is a good enough market for tablets or not. Surprisingly, the tablet tops the list of hot selling electronic products all over the world. Ease of use and portability are the biggest contributing factors to the popularity of these tabs.


Instead of carrying your laptop and cables around, a tablet is lightweight and super easy to carry. You can put it in your purse or backpack and be good to go. There are a large variety of tablets and accessories available in the electronics market in Shenzhen.

5. Buy Smart Watches  from China Electronics Wholesale

If you check the China seller electronics website or look around, you will see that smart watches have been increasing in popularity in the last 5 years.

People are becoming more and more health-conscious and these smart watches and bands help them monitor their health along with offering many other advantages. China makes some of the most versatile watches with the most features available.

6. Buy Electronic Cigarettes From China Electronics Wholesale


The reason why you can see a boom in the demand for electronic cigarettes is that people are becoming health conscious as mentioned above. They are quickly shifting from traditional cigarettes to E-cigarettes.

China produces some of the world’s best e-cigarettes. These are verified and are made following all the health and safety standards put forth.

7. Buy Drones from China Electronics Wholesale

What started as a toy has now become one of the hot-selling China Electronics Wholesale products worldwide. China has broken the record when it comes to producing multifunctional, economical and durable drones. Any other country has yet to come up to the standard of drones being produces in China.

8. Buy Bluetooth Speakers from China Electronics Wholesale

Looking at the top-selling products on different China wholesale electronics online, we can see that Bluetooth speakers are gaining popularity amongst other electronic accessories wholesale in China.


The reason is the absence of wires. China produces some of the most durable and high-performance Bluetooth speakers which are of export quality.

9. Buy Ear Buds from China Electronics Wholesale

Another very hot selling product is the earbuds. These have quickly become a necessity for music lovers. People all over the world are using these as they give a much better experience while listening to music. Again, the absence of wires makes it more popular. In China, the best earbuds are produced.

10. Buy Robots from China Electronics Wholesale


When it comes to technology, China is known as the world leader. They are way ahead of the others when comes to the production of electronics and the proof is the large-scale production of robots. They are already being used in China in hotels, hospitals and even in factories.

Chapter 5: 7 Must-Attend Electronic Products’ Trade Shows and Fairs in China

1. Hong Kong Electronics Fair – Hongkong City

The Hong Kong electronics fair is held bi-annually in Spring and Autumn. It is the largest electronics fairs that take place in Asia. In it, people from all over the world come to showcase their products and gain clientage.

Not only this, the visitors and people who are attending get a lot of information about the new technologies and innovations. You can learn so much here and also get suppliers from all types of electronics.

Fair Name Hong Kong Electronics Fair
Location Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Expo Drive, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Date 13.10.2021 – 16.10.2021*
Wednesday – Saturday, 4 days
Audience Professional visitors only

2. Electronic Asia – Hongkong City

Held once a year in October, the Electronic Asia fair is an event for sourcing display technologies, assemblies, electronic components and electronics productions.

It is held in Hong Kong and focuses not only on bringing different electronic suppliers/manufacturers and buyer’s together but also talks about new technologies and innovations.

Fair Name Electronics Asia
Location 1 Expo Drive Wanchai, Hong Kong
Date Oct. 13 – 16, 2021
Audience Trade Public

3. Canton Fair – Guangzhou City

Held twice a year in Guangzhou, the Canton Fair China’s oldest and biggest trade fair that has been around for a long time. The showcase of electronic products is going to be held in the first phase. It has some of the oldest and most established manufactures that attend the show.

Fair Name Canton Fair
Location Add: No. 382, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou 510335, China
Date April and October
Audience Trade Public

4. Electronica China – Shanghai City

Even though it was founded recently in 2002 and is not as old and well established as the Canton Fair, it has quickly become one of the most widely attended and leading fair when it comes to electronics manufacturing. It specialized in electronic components, applications and systems

Fair Name Electronica China
Location NECC (Shanghai)
Date April 14, 2021 – April 16, 2021
Audience Trade Only

5. CWIEME – Shanghai City

When it comes to coil winding and electronics manufacturing, the CWIEME is one of the most attended fairs in China. It has retailers and manufacturers from all around the world showcase their creations under one roof. It is held once each year and is a must-attend fair if you are looking for China Electronics Wholesale.

Fair Name CWIEME
Location Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center,1099 Guozhan Rd., 200126 Shanghai, China
Date 27.04.2021 – 29.04.2021 Tuesday – Thursday, 3 days
Audience Professional Visitors only

6. Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology

It is known by people as Asia’s premier platform when it comes to home automation markets and electrical buildings and engineering. So, if you are looking for electronics for use in the home, this is a must-attend fair.

Fair Name Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology
Location China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex, No. 382, Yuejiang Zhong Road, 510335 Guangzhou
Date 9 – 12 June 2021Guangzhou, China
Website ttps://
Audience Professionals ONLY

7. NEPCON China – Shanghai City

It is one of a kind trade show focusing on the electronics industry in China. The focus is on bringing new technologies and automation to the industry to help make better and better electronics.

If you want to know anything about the electronics industry, do visit this fair in Shanghai City. Not only will you find Chinese wholesale electronics suppliers but suppliers from all over the world here.

Fair Name NEPCON China
Location Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre
Date 21st ~ 23rd Apr, 2021
Audience Professionals

Chapter 6: 7 Tips You Must Know Before Importing Electronics from China to Avoid Big Loss

When you are thinking of going for China electronics wholesale, there are several different options you can choose from. You can either visit the fairs, trade shows, and markets in person or you can opt for a China seller electronics website. Both ways are good as the manufacturers and suppliers from electronic websites are very reliable.

But, this does not mean scammers are not present. There are scammers in every country and industry and it is up to you to save yourself from them. The following tips will help you avoid them and ensure you don’t get scammed.

1. Extensive Research is the Key Including Product and Supplier Research

Even if you visit the factory and supplier in person, it is important to do proper research about the supplier. Even before that, research the product you are going for. What are the chances that you can be scammed in it? Do the research and see how you can be dodged.

Secondly, look online for supplier reviews. If you like a supplier, talk to old clients. See how did satisfy the current clients are and why did the old clients leave them.

2. Always Check the Warranty of Electronics to Save Your Loss

Most electronic products have warranties. In some cases, it is good to have a warranty but in the case of electronics, having a warranty is imperative. Look at what sort of after-sales service are you getting from the China electronics wholesale supplier.

If the items are damaged during transportation how much covered are you? These things are important to look into.

3. Go for Quality Over Quantity, Poor Quality Electronics will not be Successful in Long Run


At times, we look at the price and quantity of products instead of the quality. In electronic products, a lot of investment is made. Therefore, it is important to focus on the quality of the product. If the quality is poor, it will break or malfunction quicker and you will lose clients.

4. Don’t Make Payments in Personal Accounts to the Suppliers

Never make payments in personal accounts. Always ask for company accounts and if the supplier does not agree, there is something fishy about him and you should not get products from them.

5. Compliance Testing of the Electronics Products

Always check that the supplier is following all the legal procedures while manufacturing electronics. Check beforehand with the China Electronics wholesale supplier if he has all the compliance certificates and keep a copy with you.

6. Check the Technology License of the Supplier


Is the supplier even allowed to manufacture the electronic goods? To know this, check the technology license of the supplier and then make a deal. Do not deal with him if he is not authorized to produce electronics products.

7. Get All the Proper Documentation and Certifications Required for the Electronic Products

It is very important to have the paperwork in order. You need several documents and certificates before you can move electronics from China to your destination. Therefore, it is important to have all these documents ready beforehand. These documents are required for customs clearance in your country.

Chapter 7: Certifications Required for Importing Wholesale Electronics From China

1. FCC Standards for Electronics


The Federal Communications Commission certificate is necessary if you are importing products in the USA which oscillate at 9 kHz or more. Keep in mind that this covers most of the electronic products as there are few which operate at a lower frequency.

If you have a very simple product, you can intentionally keep the power less than 9 kHz and avoid having this certificate. It is divided into 2 classes A and class B. All the consumer products need to pass this class.

2. Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

If your product is directly able to plug inside an AC Adaptor, you need this certificate for Canada and America. This is to certify that the product you are selling is not going to end up starting a fire due to any short circuit or something.

3. CE Standards for Electronics

CE standard is short for Conformité Européenne and is required if you are operating around the European Union area. This seal on your product tells that the particular product has passed all health, environmental and safety requirements of the European laws and regulations.


4. ROHS and EEE

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) certificate shows that you have not used any hazardous and dangerous materials in the production of the electronics. EEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) means that the electronics you are producing are environment friendly and recyclable.

5. CSA Certification

Just like the Underwriters Laboratories Certificate, the CSA is required for safety and security purposes. Without these, if there is some fire or mishap due to your product, you can be liable.

6. Bluetooth SIG


If your electronic product makes use of Bluetooth, it is mandatory to get the Bluetooth SIG before you launch the product. This shows that you have met the standards of Bluetooth before launching the product.

Chapter 8: FAQs About Wholesale Electronics From China


1. Do I Need to Visit China to be able to Buy the Best China Electronics Wholesale?

No. It is not necessary to personally visit China to buy the best China Electronics wholesale. You can either opt for a sourcing agent or go for China wholesale electronics websites and find the product you are looking for.

2. How it is possible that Technology is Cheap in China?

The biggest reason for this is the cheap labor cost. They are market leaders in making almost any product you can think of. The technology is not branded or patented like other countries. Moreover, the large number of manufacturers ensures that the prices remain affordable for all.

3. Are Chinese Electronics safe to use and purchase?

Yes. Chinese electronics wholesale are safe to purchase as they pass through various safety standards and tests before they reach us. Make sure to collect all the required test reports before importing them.

4. Does Buying from the China Electronics Wholesale Markets ensure I will get the Best Price?

Yes. If you follow our guide and buy from the best China electronics wholesale markets, you will get the best prices. It also depends on your quantity and also your negotiation skills.

5. What will happen if I do not have the required Certification?

First of all, you will not be able to take out electronics from the country if you don’t have the required certifications. Secondly, there can be a lot of problems with customs and you will need to pay double the price to get the documents at that point.


No doubt, when it comes to China electronics wholesale, the opportunities just keep on coming. The electronics market in China is so vast, diverse, economical and approachable, that buyers from all over the world are buying in bulk from China.

You don’t need to worry about where to buy wholesale electronics in China. The diverse markets, a great number of trade fairs and exhibitions and online suppliers are enough to help you make a decision.