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Do you want to buy trendy wholesale phone cases for increasing your shop sales?

Are you interested in knowing about the best Chinese suppliers of wholesale phone cases?

Along with more and more customers are finding nice or customized phone cases, the business is also growing fast. In 2020, the phone cases market was worth $10 billion, and it has been expected to grow 7.5% per year until 2025.

For most retail merchants, it is not easy to find out better suppliers in such a big wholesale market like China. However, when you are experienced enough or find a sourcing expert in the market, you can avoid many issues.

In this blog, we will provide top wholesale phone cases suppliers in China for you, and discuss wholesale phone cases in detail here. You will also get to know the possible benefits of buying wholesale phone cases.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Top 10 Chinese Websites for Finding Good Wholesale Phone Cases Suppliers

Chapter 2: Things you Should Keep in Mind while Selecting a Supplier for Wholesale Phone Cases

Chapter 3: Top Trending Phone Cases That Can Help in Growing Store Sales

Chapter 4: How Can You Start Wholesale Phone Cases Business in 2021?

Chapter 5: FAQs About Wholesale Phone Cases From China

Chapter 1: Top 10 Chinese Websites for Finding Good Wholesale Phone Cases Suppliers

We all know that there are innumerable small commodities manufacturers in China. They produce the most trending products at good prices. There is a saying that when you find some new products’ ideas, the Chinese suppliers already have the final goods.

In this chapter, we will discuss the top 10 Chinese websites, with the help of that, you can find the suitable supplier of wholesale phone cases for your business.

1. EJET 


EJET is a world-class supply chain management company that is operational since 2006. It provides procurement outsourcing services of high-quality and profitable products.

We aims to provide diverse and genuine products at the best rates to help its partners in their business.

We have served 2158 satisfied customers up till now. The number of products sourced by EJET has reached 25721. In the near future, we will launch a new system called EJET Selection, which can help you in selecting products which are trending, profitable and hot-selling.

EJET sends almost 3269 containers every year. After all these successful years, it is still keen to keep improving and enhancing the quality of service.

2. TVC Mall 

TVC Mall has all the necessary phone-related stuff for wholesale buying. Through the website, you can check different sections, for example, some new arrivals, bestselling products and so on.

With these information, you can easily find out what kinds of phone cases are popular now, and buy wholesale from your suppliers.

TVC Mall

You can find dozens of different phone cases at the website of TVC Mall. Some of the most popular phone cases that are available have been listed below.

  • Hard phone cases
  • Hybrid phone cases
  • Silicone phone cases
  • Leather phone cases
  • Bumper phone cases
  • Waterproof phone cases
  • Rhinestone phone cases

3. SUNSKY Online 


SUNSKY Online is a leading wholesale website more specifically for electronics, mobile accessories, gaming accessories, and home appliances.

It helps you in getting the products directly from the factories. The prices are significantly lower than the retail prices.

SUNSKY Online provides a fast and easy way to get a variety of wholesale phone cases. It is operational in over 200 countries and supplies thousands of goods on a daily basis.

The website of SUNSKY Online shows phone cases relative to the phone manufacturing companies. You can get phone cases of the mobile phones manufactured by different companies like Huawei, Techno, Sony, Nokia, OnePlus, LG, and Infinix, etc.

Therefore, if you have to buy phone cases of some special sizes and curves, then you can get them at SUNSKY Online. Just mention the name of the mobile phone company and its model.

4. ePathChina 

The next wholesale phone cases supplier on the list is ePathChina. It is a Hong Kong-based company which was established in 2007, and it offers a very fast service. It can ship your order in 24 hours.


ePathChina provides different kinds of products from their suppliers database. Because all the suppliers are managed by the company, you can be given a 1-year warranty to ensure the satisfaction.

The refund, the repair, and the return of phone cases can only be done according to the conditions. You can get wholesale phone cases, phone lenses, phone screens, and phone cables from ePathChina.

5. Wholesale Phone Accessories

Wholesale Phone Accessories is a platform that bulk-sells mobile phone accessories at wholesale rate. It was established in 2005 by Karl Baxter. You can get all the phone accessories at better rates and within no time from Wholesale Phone Accessories.

Wholesale Phone Accessories

They claim to provide high-quality goods at cheap rates for bulk purchase. The best sellers of Wholesale Phone Accessories are:

  • Real wood cases for iPhone
  • Sublimation phone cases
  • Colored phone cases

6. Chinabrands 

Chinabrands is an Chinese platform of wholesale phone cases and thousands of other products. Chinabrands has its warehouses in the USA, Spain, China, France, Hong Kong, and Poland, etc.

It is one of the biggest B2B platforms which is providing its services in 250 countries across the world.


Chinabrands also deals with wholesale phone cases. It uses good quality products and guarantees fast shipping.

It can provide you with very versatile and low-priced phone cases. It manages all the shipment and delivery issues for its clients.

7. Global sources 

Global sources are yet another option for you to buy wholesale phone cases. It is one of the leading Chinese B2B marketplaces.

It has verified suppliers, and hence it connects buyers from around the world to the best suppliers. It claims to have more than 1.5 million international buyers.

You can get all sorts of appliances related to mobile phones through Global sources. It will connect you to the best suppliers to fulfill your demand.

8. DHgate 


DHgate is a platform that wholesales China-made goods and connects international buyers to Chinese wholesale sellers. The prices of their products are lower, and the quality is not compromised.

DHgate is concerned about the security of the buyer and has formulated a refund plan. It is committed to providing a fast, safe and easy experience if of buying.

For buyer protection, DHgate has introduced secure payments, guaranteed refunds, and also Escrow protection.

Among the wholesale phone cases, DHgate gives you a lot of options. There are many suppliers in the platform that also can provide customized services.

So you don’t need to worry about lack of phone case designs.

The price varies from $0.76 to $21.59 for different phone cases. You cannot order a single phone case because DHgate has set a minimum order limit which is different for different phone cases.

9. Made-In-China


Made-In-China is a company that connects Chinese suppliers to buyers around the world. It Made-In-China lists numerous products and sells them to buyers at a wholesale rate.

You can get a variety of wholesale phone cases from Made-In-China, all of them up to the market standards.

The rates start from as low as $0.32 and can be somewhere near $4.9 for a single phone case. Mostly their minimum order limit is at least 40 pieces per order.

They have liquid silicone, soft plain, anti-scratch, shockproof, and, luxury fabric stitching phone cases in stock.

Chapter 2: Things you Should Keep in Mind while Selecting a Supplier for Wholesale Phone Cases

Before starting your own business related to phone cases or other mobile accessories, you must know a few important things. You should know why this business is important, and what are the advantages of wholesaling phone cases.

In this chapter, we are going to discuss the crucial aspects of the phone case business like import taxes, the best shipping method, and all the necessary documents for wholesale buying of phone cases.

1. Why it is profitable to join the wholesale phone cases business?

Why it is profitable to join wholesale phone cases business

Phone cases are lightweight, easy to handle, and have a very decent profit margin. There is very little chance of breakage or tampering so, the rate of returns is low. You can easily buy trendy phone cases at wholesale rates and sell them by adding as high as 50% profit.

The market share of the phone case business is almost $10 billion this year. It is likely to increase and hit $35.5 billion in 2025 that marks 7.5% growth. So, the phone cases business is not at loss anyway.

It is easy to manage phone cases business because they are cheap and easy to ship. The best fact about the phone cover business is that you do not need a lot of investment to start.

You can set up an online store easily and wholesale different phone cases for selling.

2. Advantages of wholesaling phone cases from China

China is one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters. It alone exported more than 13% of total world exports in the year 2018. You can find all kinds of products at wholesale rates for your business from China.

The products of China are cheaper and have more variety, hence they maximize your profit.

You can find a lot of reliable, well-informed, and reputable suppliers from China and get high-quality goods. You are obliged to pay taxes when buying and selling goods from any country.

China implies very low taxes and has lenient rules and regulations with minimum restrictions for buyers.

phone cases

A simple account of the advantages of wholesaling phone cases from China is given below:

  • Maximum variety of goods
  • High-quality products
  • Low taxes and fewer restrictions
  • Easy shipping of goods
  • Cheap and affordable wholesale rates

3. What method is the best for shipping phone cases?

To ship the wholesale phone covers, you can take help from different freight shipping options available. You can use:

  • LCL Shipping
  • FCL Shipping
  • Sea or Ocean Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Truck Freight

No one can say with surety which option will suit you. This is because different situations require different solutions. However, the best option can be sea freight as it is a very cheap and frequently used freight service.

You should always have clear-cut communication with your freight forwarder to keep the process transparent.

4. What are the necessary documents for shipping phone cases?

What are the necessary documents for shipping phone cases

Different countries have different rules and regulations. What one country requires is not necessarily what the one requires. So the documents you need for the export of goods are dependent on the country of origin.

You should always do proper research about what you might need before starting the actual shipping process.

You need the following documents for exporting wholesale phone cases from China.

  • Commercial invoice
  • The Bill of Lading or Air Waybill (if shipping through air freight)
  • The Packing List
  • The Pro forma invoice
  • The Certificate of Origin
  • CITES Permit
  • Import/Export Declaration
  • CE Certificate
  • SAD – Single Administrative Document
  • The Fumigation Certificate

Chapter 3: Top Trending Phone Cases That Can Help in Growing Store Sales

Getting started with a new business idea comes with a lot of challenges and risks. To save yourself from losses in early business days, you must be well equipped with the necessary knowledge about the market.

You must know what is trending and I’m demand so that you can make profits.

In this chapter, we will be discussing the most trending and best-selling phone covers for your business. Following is a list of top trend phone cases for wholesale purchase and customization.

Top Trending Phone Cases That Can Help in Growing Store Sales

1. Liquid silicone cases

Silicone phone cases are in demand as these are inexpensive and soft. The durability is also good as they can work well even in high temperatures. These can also serve aesthetic purposes.

Colorful liquid silicone phone cover seems attractive and provides protection as well.

2. Slim and gel cases

Slim and gel cases are thinner and have aesthetic designs. These add grip to the phone, and easy holding becomes possible. These are flexible and made of rubber and silicone gel.

Slim and gel cases

The most interesting fact about these phone cases is that they are the cheapest and customizable. They have a very high print-on-demand value in the market. It means that there is a great demand for these phone covers.

3. Leather folio or wallet cases

There is a separate fan base of Leather folio and wallet cases. These are wallet-like phone cases that cover both sides of the phone.

The people who are more concerned about the protection of phone screens from dust and scratches always opt for leather folio and wallet cases. So, these phone cases are the priority of practical consumers.

Some of these phone covers also have extra wallet-like features such as credit cards and cash holders etc. Another very interesting feature of these leather phone cases is that, you can turn the cover into a stand for placing your phone in an upright position.

Being heavy and made of leather, these phone cases are costlier than other phone cases.

4. Tough cases

Tough cases

Some people prefer phone cases providing protection over those providing beauty and attraction. The tough phone cases form a category of phone cases that is specialized for serving the purpose of protection.

These phone cases are bulky and very heavy so that the phone of the user can be perfectly protected. The tough cases are bulkier and add more weight to a phone but afford customers greater protection.

These may also provide water protection. The product description mostly mentions the drop test results and other such experiments done with these phone cases for the satisfaction of the customers.

5. Battery phone cases

For some people, battery timing is a constant headache. They want to keep their phone charged and get rid of charging cables. The battery phone cases are their favorite option.

Battery cases are the most innovative phone cases that serve a dual purpose. They keep making up for the lost battery and also protect the phone like a normal phone case.

These have special charging circuits inside them so, the phone keeps getting charged. Just because these phone cases provide extra benefits, these are very costly than the normal phone cases.

6. Shock-Absorbing phone cases

As the name indicates, these phones covers have been specially made for protecting phones against shocks due to drops. People who value the money they have invested in buying phones are very likely to opt for these shock-absorbing phone cases.

Shock-Absorbing phone cases

These covers are both aesthetic and protective.

7. Anti-scratch and drop protection phone cases

A good phone case investment can be the one that can ensure drop protection. There are anti-scratch and drop protection phone cases that are manufactured specially to protect the phone from scratches and breaking.

These phone cases are experimented with by performing special drop tests on them, and the details are mentioned in their product description. So, wholesale phone cases with anti-scratch and drop protection qualities can win the business game for you.

8. Soft TPU Bumper phone cases

Soft TPU Bumper phone cases cover the borders of phone and the protect the back from scratches. These are made of a shock-resistant material and are often tougher than ordinary slim phone cases.

These can be a good bet for your money invested in the business by growing your store sales.

Chapter 4: How Can You Start Wholesale Phone Cases Business in 2021?

How Can You Start Wholesale Phone Cases Business in 2021

Setting up and running a business is not a piece of cake. You need to make a proper plan and execute it at the right time for success.

After reading the above information, if you are thinking about running a business of mobile phone covers, then this chapter is especially for you. We are going to discuss all the crucial milestones of setting up business in this chapter.

1. Do the market research, find out a niche market to start with

The first thing that should be on your to-do list is having complete market research about the market and your niche. You will have to check the websites of your competitors and maximize your knowledge about the market.

The more you know the better it is. Identifying the need of the market is one important thing to do if you want to succeed in your business venture. The things that are unique always catch attention.

Today, people are fashion freaks, and you can find a variety of goods getting special attention. If you identify the need of the market and do a thorough study about it, then you will be able to set your mark in this phone cases business.

2. Make a practical business plan

Business plans always serve a great purpose by giving you a proper direction. Formulating a good business plan will make the process smooth for you.

You can take help from professionals for this step and you can also do research about how your competitor worked on his business. Learning from others’ mistakes is always a clever idea.

Make a practical business plan

You might get confused and discouraged by knowing that there is already a lot of variety available, but all you have to do is strive and innovate.

Hiring professionals to make business plans is helpful because they have more experience and they would give you a practical plan.

3. Clarify the target customers

We have discussed earlier that there is not a single type of phone case available in the market. You can find a variety of phone cases, all having different features and specialties.

Identifying the target audience or the target customer is necessary to make your business successful.

Completing your homework related to the target audience will help you get ideas about designing. You can design unique and fashionable stuff to attract your audience. Take help from designers and artists if you can and make a difference.

Design helps you in making brands and signature styles that can bring you fame and money in the future, so never take designing for granted.

4. Connect with suppliers and buy wholesale phone cases

After designing, you need to find a suitable supplier. There are a lot of options for getting wholesale phone cases. The top 10 websites for finding suppliers from China have been mentioned in this blog.

You can connect with any supplier of your choice and convey your demands and designs clearly. Buying wholesale phone covers will leave you a good margin of profit when you will sell them individually. Once your inventory is ready, you can ship it.

Connect with suppliers and buy wholesale phone cases

The first drafts of designs will not be the best designs, and you will learn about the market demand after a few tries. You will have to analyze which phone case design works best and which gets low traffic.

Keep eliminating the design that gets less traffic, and start bringing innovative ideas to life. This is very crucial for brand building also.

5. Identify the price range of your products

Now, after getting the phones cases at a wholesale rate from a reputed supplier you will have to set a suitable price range.

As you will sell these phone cases individually like a unit, so you should make sure the total price of retail is more than the price you invested in the business involving all the costs.

You can easily earn almost 50% profit for the phone covers by setting a reasonable price range.

6. Creation of an online store to sell phone cases

It is 2021, and everything has a digital presence. So, your store should also have a digital presence where people can easily see and order your stuff. Online stores have made the process so much easier.

It takes a very short time to set an online store, and of course, a lot less energy and money as compared to that you need for physical stores.

While creating an online store, you will need a brand name and logo. Go for a unique name and design as unique things always stay in mind. Once your online store is all set, you will be ready to launch your business startup to the masses.

7. Marketing for your business

Marketing for your business

How can someone buy something without knowing about it? The first requirement for customer trust is visibility.

Your consumer will only order something from you when it is visible to him. Investing all you have in designing and sourcing and not giving attention to marketing products can bankrupt your company.

Digital marketing is the solution! There are millions of people who buy things online without asking for samples. This is because the marketing campaign is so strong that the customer cannot resist.

Social media is a powerful weapon in this era. You can get reach the most diverse audience through it and flourish your business in a short time span.

Market your business by making accounts of your business on different platforms used by the masses and promote your brand/company.

Chapter 5: FAQs About Wholesale Phone Cases From China


1. Do I need to have some special license to buy wholesale phone cases from China?

There is no need to get any license for the purchase of wholesale phone cases in China. However, you might not be able to ship certain goods to some countries due to their policies.

It is always the best idea to first consult the regulatory agencies and then do something practical.

Get connected to reliable suppliers so that you can avoid any mishap in the process. However, you must have all the necessary documents while shipping otherwise, you might face serious problems.

2. What are the features that nice phone case suppliers should have?

The best wholesale supplier is the one that is reputable and willing to communicate clearly. If the wholesaler is not replying to your queries, then you must not opt for it.

Because this communication gap makes things even worse. It also makes your bargaining efforts useless.

The wholesaler that is hesitant to provide you with samples is also not a good option. Get the paid samples if you want to check the quality.

The best supplier of wholesale phone cases will be the one who will keep the whole process transparent. And there is also no any hidden costs that add to the deal.

3. What can be the possible cost of wholesale phone cases?

For the reason that phone cases are light, and the material is also not very expensive. When you go through, there are lots of suppliers sell them less than $1 per unit. And for more specific type of phone cases, they take more money.

Buying premium quality goods and things made of rare material is costlier. So, when you buy the wholesale phone covers, you must check which phone covers can be bought and sold at the best prices.

The total cost of wholesale is just a fraction of the sum of retail prices.

4. What should I do when I need to customize phone cases?

To customize phone cases, you will first have to develop a business plan and identify the target audience.

Next step is to design the phone covers according to the need of the target audience, and source these phone cases by connecting to a manufacturer. A print-on-demand service can also serve the purpose.


As the number of phone users increased, there has been a rapid increase in the demand for phones accessories. The manufacturing of things like phone cases and phone stands, etc. have also increased.

One of the most promising ideas for growing businesses is to deal with such accessories and make them available for people.

We hope you got maximum information about wholesale phone cases in this blog. If you still have any confusion, you can ping us on as we will be really happy to answer your queries.