Are you a shoes wholesaler? Or a newbie to import Wholesale shoes from China and sell in your country?

China is the world leader when it comes to manufacturing different types of shoes. If you want to do a successful business of selling shoes, it is essential to know where you can get the best wholesale shoes in China.

In this article, we will talk about the best places in China to buy wholesale shoes, and teach you how to determine a trustworthy supplier. Yes, then this daunting task will become easier as you reach the end of the article.

Table of Content

Chapter 1. Why Should We Consider China for Wholesale Shoes?

Chapter 2. Which Kind of Shoes Are Popular in China? Some Key Points You Need to Know

Chapter 3. How to Judge a Wholesale Shoe Supplier is Good or Not?

Chapter 4. What Is the Major Cost of China Wholesale Shoes?

Chapter 5. Best 13 Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers in China

Chapter 6. Ways to Get the Best Prices for Wholesale Shoes

Chapter 7: What Is the Best Mode of Fulfillment for Wholesale Shoe Shopping?

Chapter 8. Are Custom Agents Required While Buying Wholesale Shoes from China?

Chapter 9. What Are the Documents Required to Import Wholesale Shoes in China?

Chapter 10. 3 Major Shipping Methods When Buying Wholesale Shoes from China?

Chapter 11. How to Get Wholesale Shoes from China to Amazon FBA?

Chapter 12. 4 Tips When Wholesale Shoes from China

Chapter 13: FAQs about Wholesale Shoes from China

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Why Should We Consider China for Wholesale Shoes?

There is a reason why whenever the word “wholesale” comes up, the first place to come into your mind is “China”. The biggest reason is the low-wage workforce, which you can find in abundance.

For this reason, most of the large brands get their shoes manufactured in China. The other reason you can find the best wholesale shoes in China and even wholesale Jordan shoes from China are as follows:

1. Wholesale shoes Costs are Low

Firstly, China has a broad business ecosystem. They have strong supply chains and have strategically positioned suppliers near the factories. Therefore, the overall costs of producing wholesale shoes in China are comparatively low as compared to the other countries.


2. Shoes in Bulk Quantity

Again, the biggest strength of wholesale shoes in China is the huge skilled labor force. This allows Chinese factories to produce in bulk quantities and even at a very quick pace. Like all the other industries, the shoe industry in China also produces in bulk quantity. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy from China.

3. Affordable Prices

If you are looking for wholesale shoes at the best prices, China is the country to source from. The economies of scale and easy material supply allow buying products at a very affordable price.

4. Brand Manufacturing Shoes in China

For us, multiple big brands are manufacturing shoes in China. Especially, if you are looking to source cheap Jordan shoes from China, you will find good wholesale Jordan shoes here.

5. Refined Production Lines

Chinese shoe industries have the latest technologies and which allows them to support refined production lines. Hence, making it the biggest wholesale shoe market in the world.

Chapter 2. Which Kind of Shoes Are Popular in China? Some Key Points You Need to Know

Even though new trends keep coming after every few months, generally with the new season, new trends are established.

1. Summer Wholesale Shoes

A good time to source wholesale shoes in China is the summer season. During this time, open shoes, sandals, and high heels come into fashion.

2. Winter Wholesale Shoes

In winters, new trends of coat shoes, sneakers, pumps, high heels, etc come into fashion, and this is also the right time to source shoes.

3. Sneakers Wholesale Shoes


Sneakers are the most worn shoes all year round, all over the world. Moreover, these are also the most sourced ones.

4. Trendy Fashion Shoes

The other two popular types of shoes are high heels and cute, funky shoes. You can get trendy shoes from the wholesale markets in China.

5. Athletic Wholesale Shoes for Men

Nike has their manufacturing unit in China, and this is why they produce cheap Jordan shoes in China. Just like Nike, other brands also source athletic shoes for men.

6. Women Dress Wholesale Shoes

One thing women can’t do without is shoes. The more they have, the more they want. Chinese factories produce some of the most durable and classy women’s dress shoes you can find on the market. This is why most brands get shoes from here.

7. Casual Shoes for Women

High-quality, casual shoes can easily be sourced from China. Because of the multiple brand’s presences, China has already achieved economies of scale and this is the reason for a lower cost.

Chapter 3. How to Judge a Wholesale Shoe Supplier is Good or Not?


What do you do if you find a wholesale shoe supplier that seems nice? How do you know if he is reliable or not? Well, for this, keep the following pointers in mind.

1. Wholesalers Shoes Reviews

How did the previous clients find the wholesaler in your shortlisting? Were they satisfied? Were they unhappy? Did the supplier meet the deadlines? All these questions will guide you better and let you know how the supplier performs.

For this, you can check different review websites. Of course, the official ones will only have good reviews. So, do your homework and ask around. If the reviews are good, you can know the supplier is trustworthy.

2. Wholesale Shoes Factory Visits


Whenever possible, ask for factory visits. A supplier that does not allow factory visits can come across as shady. Usually, most of the manufacturers allow factory visits before locking a deal. You can see the production unit, the pace of production and can decide if they can even provide you with the quantity you are asking for.

3. Face to Face Meetings With Wholesale Shoes Sellers

“The first impression is the last impression.” While this might not be true every time, you can sense a lot about a company/person/supplier when you meet them face to face. Find qualified wholesale sellers in China requires multiple face-to-face meetings.

4. Quality of Materials

Check the quality of materials being used. Are they of high-quality or not? You don’t want to be compromising on the quality. Sure, it will give you a lower price, but not benefit you in the long run. So, it is important to check if they are compromising on quality for price cuts or not.

5. Manufacturer Wholesale shoes Size Accuracy

If you are importing in your country, check whether the size the manufacturer is producing is the same size as you want. For example, UK 7 and USA 7 can be different.

6. Look of the Shoe

If they have a sample, check if the look of the shoe is EXACT as you want it to be. It will also be wise to check other shoes they have produced. Are they the same as the requirements or not?

7. Manufacturing Capacity

Does the supplier even have the capacity to produce the order you are placing or the minimum order requirement they have provided? This can be done by going and visiting the factory and even looking at previous orders. Have there been bulk orders or only a few pieces are brought?

8. Delivery Time

Do they deliver on time? If they have the proper staff, production capacity, and refined production lines, they must be meeting the desired delivery time.

Chapter 4. What Is the Major Cost of China Wholesale Shoes?

When wholesaling shoes from China, you need to realize that you are going to pay for each and every service you are going to avail.

Generally, you pay for everything from samples, to production, to final shipment and customs clearance. But, depending on whether you hire a sourcing agent or go yourself, the cost can vary.

-Product Fee


This is a percentage you have to pay when you sell a new product. Moreover, this is imposed by the government and can vary from product to product.

-Agent Fee

If you have hired a sourcing agent, you need to pay the fees. But, if you haven’t hired one, still there is an agent fee attached. It is the fee of the agent who will be inspecting the goods when they reach the place of destination.

-Custom Broker Fee

Just like a sourcing agent, if you plan on hiring a customs broker, only then you will be required to pay the fees. Otherwise, you don’t need to count this in your cost of production.

-Inspection Fee


If you can’t visit personally, you will need to hire someone to go and check the products on your behalf. Are they of good quality or not? Are they exactly what you want or not? There are so many IF’s that it is impossible to accept the order without getting it inspected by a pro.

-Import Duties

Did your cargo leave China easily? Good. This is not the end of the payments though. Once the cargo reached the destination country, you need to pay the import fees.

-Warehouse and Port Entry Fee

Where will the order be placed once it is made? For example, if you have an order of 1000 wholesale shoes from China, you will need a place to keep them, right?

So, the warehouse fee is another fee you will have to incur. Moreover, once the shipment enters the port, you need to pay a fee.

These are just a handful of factors that will affect the overall cost of the wholesale shoes from China that you will have to pay.

Your fees will vary depending on the following elements:

  • Order size
  • The transportation mode
  • Involvement of middle man
Name Contact Number Address Website
Red Dragonfly Brands 86-577-6737-0000 Red Dragonfly Group Dong’ou Industrial Park Wenzhou, Zhejiang, 325105 Chin http://www.chinahqt.com/
Spider King Shoe Brands +86-577 65028888 No A888 Sunao Rd, Feiyun New Distr, Ruian, Zhejiang, China http://www.spiderking.cn/
Belle International Brands +852.3929.0675 9/F, Belle Tower, 918 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong http://www.belleintl.com
Daphne Inter- Brand +86.21.39762468 No. 3908 Huqingping Road, Zhaoxiang Town, Qingpu County SHANGHAI https://www.daphne.com.cn/
Anta Shoe Brands 400-858-2020 Jinjiang, Fujian, China https://en.anta.com/
Camel Apparel https://www.camelstore.com/
Zhejiang Aokang Shoe Brands Aokang Ind. Pk. Oubei Town. Yongjia County. Wenzhou
Wenzhou; Zhejiang; Postal Code: 325102
Yearcon Shoe Brands 0578-6617777 No. 239, Wendong Road, Wenxi Town, Qingtian County, Zhejiang http://www.yearcon.cn/

This table explains which Are the Leading Shoe Brands in China.

When it comes to wholesale shoes from China, the major brands available are listed down below. You can even contact one of them to source wholesale shoes.

Chapter 5. Best 13 Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers in China

1. Shenzhen Dancebeauty Clothing Co., Ltd

They have 15 years of experience in making shoes for the masses. Their niche is ballet and dancing shoes.

2. Xiamen Itec Shoes Co., Ltd


Built in 2002, they now have 6 production lines. Hence, they can cater to a wide market.

3. Sijun (Hangzhou) Commerce Co., Ltd

Established only 5 years ago, it has and is making a big name in the wholesale shoes China industry. Some of their customers are the big shots like Springfield, Jazz Start, and many more


4. Xiamen IDX Network Technology Co., Ltd

Established in 2015, it has quickly climbed the ranks as being one of the best wholesale shoe manufacturers in China. The quality of the products speaks for itself.

5. JinjiangShike Shoes and Clothing Co., Ltd

With 2 decades of experience, if you want to source hiking shoes, sports shoes, designer shoes, or even casual wholesale shoes in China, it is one of the best companies to look into also can make wholesale clothing.

6. TaizhouZhibo E-Commerce Co., Ltd


Being a top manufacturer of women’s sandals, kids, and sports shoes, it has a strong market presence.

7. Quanzhou World-Win Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd

Having their own factory, they are making shoes for multiple big brands like Kappa, Koha, etc. They make espadrille, sports, kids, women shoes.

8. QuanzhouLuojiang District Baitao Trading Co., Ltd

With a large production line and 20 years of experience under their name, they are producing some of the best men and women casual and sports shoes.


9. Guangdong Infinite Import & Export Co., Ltd

Offering a range of shoes for women, men and children alike, they have one of the most competitive prices in the market.

10. QuanzhouHallelu Co., Ltd

If you are looking for the best shoes wholesaler in China, this company can help you. It does so because of the excellent research and development team and 20 years of experience they have in the field.

11. Ningbo Jago E-Commerce Co., Ltd

With a showroom spanning over 1500 sq m, it has something for everyone. With the vast production lines, they produced a staggering 250,00k pairs of shoes. Just let that sink in!


12. Chengdu Aishanglili Commerce And Trade Co., Ltd

With over 10 years of market experience, they are the leaders in providing hand-made women’s shoes. Because they are targeting a specific niche, and they gain huge profits.

13. Chenxuan Shoes Products Co., Ltd

They not only give you production services but also work towards planning, designing, and getting materials.

Chapter 6. Ways to get the best prices for wholesale shoes


Did you think that the Chinese wholesale shoe price is the same for everyone? This is not true. There are some tips to lock the best prices and we are going to tell you some of these below.

1. Purchase Wholesale shoes From the Manufacturer

The first thing you should do is to eliminate the middle man. Yes, try to wholesale shoes directly from the manufacturers in China. If you probe deeper (like we did), you will realize that the manufacturer gives much better rates than the wholesale suppliers.

So, if you can get your hands directly on the manufacturer, you will end up with affordable and best prices.

2. Wholesale shoes in Bulk

Suppliers will give you huge discounts if you purchase in bulk quantities. If you listen to experienced suppliers in China, they have a simple motto, “the more shoes you buy, the better the price gets.”


The reason is the economies of scales you benefit from when you are purchasing in bulk from China.

3. Consult an Agent to buy wholesale shoes from China markets

For people who want to benefit from someone on the ground that has the proper knowledge and contacts with the local market, hiring an agent is going to be a wise decision.

Chapter 7: What Is the Best Mode of Fulfillment for Wholesale Shoe Shopping?

1. Dropshipping Wholesale Shoe Shopping

The best method you can use for wholesale shoes in China is dropshipping. In this method, when a customer orders from you, you go ahead and contact a 3rd party.  The third-party will go ahead and link you with a suitable supplier.


Once everything clicks, the supplier will go on and ship your products directly to you. This makes it a very cost-effective and good method.

2. In House wholesale shoes Order Fulfillment

In this, all the orders are packaged, processed, and handled on your premises. Of course, when getting wholesale shoes in China, you might not be having a warehouse or factory in China, right?


Here, in-house order fulfillment means that you have to oversee all the processes and there is no 3rd party involvement. So, for wholesale shoes in China, this can’t be an option for you if you don’t have enough physical space present there.

3. Third-Party Order Fulfillment

In this, everything is done by a third party. They are the ones who store merchandise, check the orders, pack them and finally deliver them to the customer’s doorstep. You only pay the fees of the third party and tell them what to do.

So, if you are sourcing wholesale shoes in China, you can work with any of these 3 options. Amongst all, dropshipping is the best one.

Chapter 8. Are Custom Agents Required While Buying Wholesale Shoes from China?

Yes. Hiring a customs agent is going to be very important for you. They can help you to speed up the entire process when wholesaling shoes in China.

-On Ground Work

There is just so much that goes on when you are thinking of sourcing shoes from China. The customs agents do everything from helping you select the supplier and placing the orders. He/she also helps in getting the best price for you.

custom-agents-required-while-ruying-wholesale-shoes from-china

From here till your order is dispatched, all the checking, monitoring, and inspection is done by them without any hassle from your side.

-Legal Requirements

They also look after all the legal documents. There is ample paperwork involved and surely for a person who does not have any legal knowledge, things can get difficult to comprehend.

-Clearing Goods

They also help in clearing the goods for shipment from China.

-Maneuvering Logistics


Also, they will look after all the logistics and make sure your goods reach the cargo area in the most economical and efficient way. Also, they make sure to keep the prices economical and pay special attention to speed and pace of work.

Chapter 9. What Are the Documents Required to Import Wholesale Shoes in China?

-Commercial Invoice

This is the most important document when it comes to international trade. This is issued by the seller in the country of origin and states that they are exporting items to your country.

This is shown on the point of customs when your order is about to leave the sourcing country and is proof that the transaction took place.


– Bill of Landing

Initially just used for trade via sea, now the bill of landing is an important document in any types of international product movement.

It is a list of all the good present in a consignment. Moreover, it is made by the carrier and is provided to the shipping company. It is a receipt. It is supposed to be transferable and acknowledges that the goods have been loaded and are being shipped.

– Packaging List

This is a detailed list which has the information about all the products that have been shipped and you are going to be picking up.


– Air Way Bill

If the order is coming through airlines, be sure to check and keep the air waybill. This shows that your wholesale shoes from China have been brought over by this particular airline.

– Certificate of Origin

In this case, this certificate will show that the shoes you are importing are originally from China.

You may get it from the country where you export the shoes, i.e China, and get it from an authority place in that country.

– Proforma Invoice

Think of it as a preliminary bill of sales. This is issued before the delivery is made and is done by the seller.

Chapter 10. 3 Major shipping methods when buying wholesale shoes from China?

There are Majorly 3 different ways to get your wholesale shoes from China to your destination country. The medium of transport you will use will depend on the following factors:

  • Cost
  • Size of package
  • Budget
  • Type of goods being purchased
  • How far you are from China

1. Ship your wholesale shoes via Railway shipping

One of the cheapest and fastest methods of transportation is railway shipping. But, keep in mind that this works only when your country has well-established rail lines.

If yes, all you need to do is get the package loaded on a rail and wait for delivery.

2. Ship your wholesale shoes via Airfreight

When it comes to speed, air freight is the fastest mode. But, it is also the most expensive one. If you need the order in time, this is the transportation method to choose.

3. Ship your wholesale shoes via Sea freight

Sea freight is the most widely used way to ship wholesale shoes from China. Sea freight is much cheaper than air freight and can be used to ship huge and bulk quantities of products.

Chapter 11. How to Get Wholesale Shoes from China to Amazon FBA?


There are two basic steps to get wholesale shoes from China directly to Amazon FBA.

1. Purchase Your Wholesale Shoes

The first thing is to log in. You need to go to websites like Aliexpress of Alibaba and choose a wholesale shoe supplier in China. In this step, you will select the shoe design and negotiate the terms of payment and make the purchase.

2. FBA Outlet

Now, in your profile, go ahead and select Amazon FBA. As you want the products to land directly in your warehouse. After you make the payment, the goods will easily be delivered to the pre-mentioned warehouse.

Chapter 12. 4 Tips When Wholesale Shoes from China

Even after you do your homework, things can end up going wrong. Keep the following tips of the trade-in in mind and try to follow them. These are simple little things you can do to be safe from scammers and keep a check on your shipment:


Confirm and re-confirm the products before paying: You need to do is the design, dimensions, colors, weight, size, all match the template or sample you provided to them. Once you have approved payment, they are not liable to make changes if required.

NEVER pay via money transfers.

Get your tracking number.

BEWARE of scammers: They are present literally everywhere. You can do all your homework, check reviews of the previous clients and still end up getting scammed. For that, you need to ask for in-person meetings, factory visits, client testimonies, and a general tour of the entire company. If a company refuses that, you can’t take the bait and leave before it is too late and you end up doing business with them.

Chapter 13: FAQs about wholesale shoes from China


1. Overall, How Is the Shoe Industry Growth? Are There Any Chances for Solid Returns?

Shoes are one thing absolutely everyone needs to wear. So, there is no chance of that industry going into loss. Looking at the statistics, the industry is growing and there are very good chances that done right, you can get solid returns from the shoe industry.

2. Is Online Research Beneficial When It Comes to Looking for the Best Wholesale Shoes in China?

Online research is not only beneficial but also a crucial step in deciding from where to source wholesale shoes in China. Not only can you get detailed lists of suppliers and manufacturers, but you can also plan and execute so much more than that. Thus, saving you time, effort and hassle. Even factory audits and visits can be booked online.

We advise doing all your preliminary research and then going ahead to explore other methods in which you can wholesale shoes from China.

3. What Are the Colors That Never Go out of Fashion and Ensure Sales All the Year Round?

Black. This is the most popular color when it comes to shoes. It is also the most popular color when it comes to getting cheap Jordan shoes from China.

4. What Are the Top Selling International Brands?

Nike gets cheap Jordan shoes from China. Who has not heard of Nike, right? Other big names include Daphne International, Ante shoes and so many more.

5. Is Shipping Door to Door a Feasible Option?

Even though it is one mode through which you can ship goods from China, it is not one of the smartest choices. The reason is simple; air transport is one of the most expensive forms of transport.

6. Are Designer Shoes Available in China?

Yes, you can find all sorts of designer shoes in China. All the large brands get their shoes manufactured from here because of the advantage of economies of scale.


Undoubtedly, the idea of shopping on wholesale websites or visiting China for wholesale shoes in China can be an inviting one. But, things can quickly go wrong and you can lose out on your investment if you don’t have a plan and have done your research.

Luckily, we have compiled all the information you will be needing. We helped you to choose some best suppliers and also added a few tips and tricks that will ensure you don’t go wrong!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let go of this golden opportunity and take these points to do your business!

When it comes to wholesale shoes from China, the major brands available are listed down below. You can even contact one of them to source wholesale shoes.