Are you importing wholesale sunglasses from China?

If yes, then you must read this blog. As China is the biggest manufacturers of sunglasses in the world, more and more people are importing sunglasses from China.

But exactly do you know how to verify a qualified sunglasses supplier? How to import the best sunglasses from China? And how to conduct follow up after placing an order?

In this blog, we will introduce tips on buying wholesale sunglasses from China, the best sunglasses wholesale markets in China, and every detail related to wholesale sunglasses from China.

If you have any questions or need buying service from China, you can contact EJET directly, we will help you achieve a successful buying in China.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Wholesale Sunglasses – Why from China?

Chapter 2. Different Types of Sunglasses by Function

Chapter 3: Where You Can Wholesale Sunglasses in China?

Chapter 4: 5 Leading Sunglasses Brands in China

Chapter 5: 4 Tips You Must Know When Buying Wholesale Sunglasses from China

Chapter 6: Must Check with Supplier When Wholesale Sunglasses from China

Chapter 7: Package and Shipping You Should Consider Before Wholesale Sunglasses from China

Chapter 8: FAQs About wholesale Sunglasses from China

Chapter 1: Wholesale Sunglasses – Why from China?

Nowadays, more and more customers prefer sunglasses to wear not only because it can reduce glare, but also as an accessory in modern life.

We can see that sunglasses sales grew fast in China. As statista.com showed, sunglasses market size expand at a healthy CAGR over the forecast period. It has reached 138.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and will reach a value of 258.63 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.


The rising demand attracted a lot of wholesalers going to all over the world and finding their sunglasses suppliers.

Among lots of countries, why China is the best choice for wholesale sunglasses? The reason is showed below.

1. Good quality of Made-in-China

As more and more customers buy sunglasses as a fashion item, they will consider its quality as important as the price. Therefore, local suppliers provide higher quality sunglasses and service for their buyers.

These years, many large Chinese companies can provide good quality goods and reliable service to their buyers, so select a Chinese sunglasses supplier to collaborate is one of the best choices when you need to wholesale sunglasses.

2. Big amount of sunglasses manufacturers

You can many wholesale markets selling all kinds of sunglasses in China. While choosing the best manufacturer to work with, you can list your requirement as much detail as you can. Then you will find some factories still can provide the sunglasses that exactly you want, and it will save a lot of your time.

3. High-fashioned sunglasses brands in China

Made-in-China now is not only a synonym of producing but also a word about China Brand. We can see that many Chinese brands have become famous all over the world, such as Chinese Li-Ning, HUAWEI.

More and more overseas consumers agree that China factories also made some popular goods. As sunglasses became a fashion accessory nowadays, there are lots of China sunglasses brands coming out, and attract consumers with their high-fashioned designs.

For example, there are sunglasses brands like Percy Lau, THE OWNER, MIEU, which are popular among influencers.

Chapter 2. Different Types of Sunglasses by Function


Before starting your sunglasses business, you need to know these types of sunglasses and ensure which ones you want to sell before connecting with suppliers.

1. Eyes-protect Sunglasses

As the most common use of sunglasses, sunglasses can stop the UV absorption and reflection when you are outside. It will keep the skin around eyes far away from UV rays.

What’s more, it also can ease the ciliary muscle of the eyes when you are exposed to bright sunlight. Prevent dust particles from entering eyes is also a function of sunglasses.

2. Special-use sunglasses


Sunglasses also are used on some special occasions, such as land vehicle driving, aircraft piloting, sports, space, and so on.

  • Land vehicle driving

While driving cars, especially at high speeds, wear sunglasses will help greatly with having a clear sight.

According to Wikipedia, the Automobile Association and the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians have produced guidance for the selection of sunglasses for driving. Some manufacturers produce special photochromic lenses that adapt to the varying light conditions when driving.

  • Aircraft piloting

When piloting an airplane, there are many criteria of sunglasses that are similar to those for cars. Polarized glasses cannot use in this situation. One of the reasons is that UV rays will stronger as they goes higher, and also the aircraft windscreens are often polarized.

  • Sports


The sunglasses lens should be more shatterproof and impact-resistant when they are used during exercise. Some of them will be required to set a strap or other fixing for keeping glasses in place during doing sports.

The water sunglasses, glacier glasses, and the special shaded visors which used in American football are one of the sunglasses used in sports.

3. Prescription sunglasses

There are many nearsighted people that always considering buying prescription sunglasses. For those people, wear sunglasses out of eyeglasses is very difficult and not pretty, but it’s another thing if they wear contact lenses.


The prescription sunglasses combined the myopia glasses with sunglasses, and it is useful because of its tinted lens. This kind of lens not only can help a short-sighted person to get a better view but also avoid the hurt from sunlight.

4. Fashion sunglasses

Sunglasses became popular for a long time. Many people will wear sunglasses even their aim is not to correct eyesight or protect their eyes. Following the trend is one of the reasons for those people to find some fashion brand’s sunglasses or special-shaped sunglasses as the accessory.

Especially those famous people prefer to wear sunglasses to hide their eyes, and you can get money by selling the sunglasses which are the same/similar to theirs.

Chapter 3: Where You Can Wholesale Sunglasses in China?


It is true that the wholesale market in China is too big to find the right way for those newcomers. Here are some information about where you can find sunglasses manufacturers in China:

1. Wholesale Eyeglasses Markets

Wholesale eyeglasses market in China or you can call it eyeglasses city, there are lots of manufacturers, suppliers of eyeglasses. As one of the eyeglasses, all kinds of sunglasses are displayed in showcases.

The good thing is that wholesale sunglasses from the eyeglasses city, you can check the quality of sunglasses on the spot, as well as comparing with different shops and haggling with sellers face to face.

There are some famous eyeglasses market in China, if you considering wholesale sunglasses from China, the most famous sunglasses wholesale markets are shown below:

  • Danyang Wholesale Eyeglasses Market


Danyang Wholesale Eyeglasses Market is in Danyang city, Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu province, right in front of the Danyang train station.

It is one of the biggest eyeglasses markets all over the world, and one-third of the eyeglasses in China is produced in Danyang. There is also a national Eyeglasses Quality Supervision Test Center in Danyang too.

  • Duqiao Wholesale Eyeglasses City

Duqiao Wholesale Eyeglasses City has a certain scale of eyeglasses making, from electroplating to coating, all kinds of parts, molds, lenses can be found in the market.

In Duqiao Wholesale Eyeglasses City, you may wholesale sunglasses less than 5 Yuan.

  • Yiwu International Trade City


The eyeglasses shops concentrate on District 3, Yiwu International Trade City. This place is one of the most famous wholesale markets in China, there are dozens of foreign wholesalers who came to buy wholesale in bulk from Yiwu.

There is a complete system of export goods from China, so you don’t need to worry if you cooperate with those veterans.

  • Shenzhen Longgang Eyeglasses City

Here produce the most high-quality sunglasses, lots of big brands have their cooperative factories in Longgang. For example, there are original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of Dior, Channel, Porsche, and so on.

  • Panjiayuan Wholesale Eyeglasses City

Panjiayuan Wholesale Eyeglasses City is located in Beijing, the capital city of China. Sunglasses can be retailed here, and because of the favourable positions, there are many choices of different sunglasses brands from different countries.

2. Online Wholesale Sunglasses Websites


With the rapid development of Internet and e-commerce in China, many manufacturers and suppliers open online shops to supply all kinds of products.

The most common online wholesale websites that people will use when they want to wholesale sunglasses from China are Alibaba.com, 1688, DHgate.com, and so on. Lots of sunglasses suppliers built online stores on those wholesale websites.

The platforms are large and formal, thus most of time, you can get our money back even you are cheated by the suppliers.

The other one is eyeglasses wholesale websites, which is a professional supply platform for eyeglasses, spectacles, sunglasses, and related products. For example, aliyj.com, yjq.com, and so on. But do not order before you ensure that the supplier is reliable. When you place an order, find a well-known brand, and this is not a time to be cheap.


The advantages are that more information and all kinds of sunglasses suppliers can be found throughout the country on the Internet. What’s more, prices are more transparent and often lower here. By ordering goods on your mobile phone, you can save your time and effort to go to the eyeglasses city.

There also are disadvantages, product quality control is difficult because you can’t see the real thing. And cheap sunglasses could be of poor quality, be careful of checking everything with your supplier.

3. Fairs for Sunglasses


  • SIOF – China (Shanghai) International Optics Fair

Official optical trade exhibition in China and one of the largest optical exhibitions in Asia that showcases most of the international brands and products.

SIOF takes place in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

  • LASER Photonics China

LASER Photonics China is the largest photonics trade fair of Asia. The trade fair covers many photonics sectors, if you are interested in the photonics, go to the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (SNIEC) on March to find your products here.

  • WOF – Wenzhou Optics Fair

As one of the International Optics Trading Fair, Wenzhou Optics Fair will showcase sunglasses, lens & optical blanks, glasses frames, glasses cases & accessories, lenses manufacturing & processing machinerie, and so on.

You can meet all kinds of sunglasses brands and manufacturers when you come to Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in May.

  • CIOF – China International Optics Fair

China International Optics Fair takes place at China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC) in Beijing. You can find sunglasses, sunglasses lens, sun clips, spectacle frames, and so on in this trade fair. It attracted 807 exhibitors who were from 21 countries and regions in 2019.

4. Finding Sourcing Agents for wholesale sunglasses

If you have no idea about wholesaling sunglasses from China, finding a sourcing agent will be a good choice for you.

A sourcing agent could help you with finding the best-matched supplier at the most competitive price. What you need to do is placing your order to the agent, and telling them about what you want, they will find the right products, and finish all the delivery things for you.

In return, you need to pay some agency fees to them.

Chapter 4: 5 Leading Sunglasses Brands in China

Do you know which Chinese sunglasses brand is trustworthy now? Here are some of the most famous Chinese sunglasses brands in recent years:

1. Bolon/Molsion/Prosun

These brands belong to the same company — ARTGRI Group, the leader of the middling and high-level sunglasses market in China. After these brands were acquired by Essilor Group from French, they paid more attention to the middle of the sunglasses market.

As one of the biggest sunglasses brands in China, Bolon has different types of fashion sunglasses, with its prices are between 500 to 1500 yuan. And Molsion is a brand for the youth, it provides more fashion designs of sunglasses.


Prosun has the top-quality sunglasses frames among the brands that prices are less than 1,000 yuan. Prosun became the first few manufacturers which made polarised glasses in China and is known as a big brand that concentrates on the sunglasses business.

2. Prsr(Yingchang Glasses)

Prsr belongs to Yingchang Glasses, which owns its own factory in Taizhou, Zhejiang province. Prsr designs the fashion sunglasses which combined the popular elements and for those oriental facial outlines.

3. Parim

Parim generally used lighter material to made sunglasses frames, such as aluminum magnesium. Because of this, the sunglasses of Parim are more texture, look more beautiful, as well as the color and detailed things of its sunglasses are done quite well.

Chapter 5: 4 Tips You Must Know When Buying Wholesale Sunglasses from China


There are still many traps that need to be noticed when a newbie tries to wholesale sunglasses from China. Following the guide below is quite important for you if you come to China for the first time:

  1. Be careful when the price is too low

When you try to wholesale sunglasses from China, you need to watch out, some suppliers often attract buyers by the low prices. It is true that most of the buyers prefer to find low-prices sunglasses to reduce costs, but there is an old saying that “the higher the price, the better the quality.”

If the price is too low, you should be careful, so as not to purchase inferior or fake products.

  1. Check supplier qualification

Ensuring your business partner is reliable is the most important thing when you wholesale sunglasses from unfamiliar countries. If you have the opportunity to visit the factories, I suggest you go to see them in person.


And if you can’t go there, you should ask for some relevant certificates, such as quality management system certification, Product quality inspection reports and some certificate of products or manufacturer’s certificate.

Additionally, even ask for a few clients’ accounts for verifying their products are good or not, and also checking the manufacturer’s commercial reputation is good or not.

  1. Know-well about suppliers

When you are wholesaling sunglasses from China, observe the supplier’s attitude during negotiation, and pay attention to their methods in dealing with problems. And how about their service, delivery to promise?


After checking all the things you want to know, you need to have a comprehensive and detailed understanding and analysis of the sunglasses suppliers.

Through these ways, you can screen out some good manufacturers to avoid being cheated.

  1. Find experts for help

Having no idea how to pick out the most suitable supplier in this huge market? Then finding an expert for helping you to complete the deal.

There are lots of sourcing agents in different cities in China, such as EJET Sourcing,  the leading sourcing agent in China. They help the clients to find the best product at the best price in the market. They provide the clients with high-quality source to delivery service.

Chapter 6: Must Check with Supplier When Wholesale Sunglasses from China


Good-quality sunglasses have the function of protecting people’s eyes, while a bad one hasn’t a protective effect. And how to find good-quality sunglasses? Here are standards you need to check:

1. UV Standard of Sunglasses

UV protection is the most basic function of sunglasses. What you need to know is the depth of lens color has nothing to do with UV protection, even colorless lens can also provide UV protection as if their transmittance is up to standard.

The normal transmittance of the lenses ranges from 5% to 45%. And when the UV value of the sunglasses lens are up to UV380, then they are able to reject UV radiation effectively.

2. E-SPF Certification

E-SPF is the approved sun protection standard by EU, with a range of 3 to 50, the higher the number, the better the UV protection. The E-SPF number of Bolon is 25, and Prosun is 15.

Some brands didn’t do this certification, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot meet this standard.

3. Color of Lens Coating

The color of lens coating generally is divided into tawny, gray and dark green. And the dark green lens is the best one during driving.


4. Polarization sunglasses or Non-polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses lens are not advanced, non-polarized sunglasses are not worse than polarization ones. It depends on the quality of the sunglasses lens.

Actually, they’re about the same, just as a cheating way for those manufacturers when they are doing business.

5. Material of Lens and Abbe number

The Abbe number is approximately equal to the resolution of the lens and is inversely proportional to its refractive index. Popular to say is you cannot ask a thin lens to be greater clarity.

Chapter 7: Package and Shipping You Should Consider Before Wholesale Sunglasses from China

After making a deal, what you are going to check lots of things about packaging and shipping staffs.

1. The package of sunglasses

There are two different packages of sunglasses: cases and pouch. The suppliers usually provide sunglasses without the package, thus you need to find another manufacturer which is specializing in the production of the package.


Sunglasses cases are made of leather, paper, plastic or EVA, while the sunglasses pouches are mainly made using cloth or leather. Normally, pouches will be cheaper, but it depends on the price of the material.

2. Loading and shipping way of sunglasses

While shipping, you should be careful about when you importing sunglasses by sea. Make sure that your products is sealed, and if the sunglasses frame contains metal material, it won’t be corroded by sea water.

What else, wrap them up one by on in air bags and carton them. After cartonning, stick on anti-pressed labels outside the containers.

Checking all the things above is done to ensure the sunglasses will not be damaged during shipping.

Chapter 8: FAQs About wholesale Sunglasses from China


1. How to confirm whether the sunglasses products are reliable?

The certification and testing of the sunglasses must be provided by the suppliers. You need to request the compliance documents first, which may include Test reports for the FDA Declaration and Personal Protective Equipment Directive Declaration of Conformity.

To be very careful about those manufacturers who refuse to show you the documents, what you need to do is that buy from this kind of manufacturers as little as possible.

2. How do I choose different frames, lenses, and designs of sunglasses?

Before contracting with manufacturers, you need to understand what is the popular sunglasses style now. For example, we could see all kinds of designs of sunglasses are sold around the world, cat eye sunglasses, heart sunglasses, one piece clear lens sunglasses, and so on.

Because of this, some may feel difficult to find several designs of sunglasses to sell. The one thing you can do is to find out what designs of sunglasses those hot brands like Ray Ban, Pilkington and Gentel Monster(GM)are selling now. The other is to ask the suppliers, which types of sunglasses sell well.

3. How can I ship the sunglasses from China?

If you ordered sunglasses in small quantities, you can use a courier service. For example, choosing those reputable express companies like DHL and FedEx.

Order sea freight when the quantity is large and not urgent. In case of emergency, air or rail transport can be used.

4. I have no idea about wholesale, what should I do?

You can search the keyword “Buying from China” on Google, then learn some knowledge about importing goods from China first.

Or you can find a sourcing agent like EJET Sourcing, they can help you to deal with all the things while importing, include finding the products, purchasing, containing, shipping stuff, and so on.


If you are going to wholesale sunglasses from China, all things above are the latest information to learn.

Choosing a reliable supplier and finding the right products is quite important. In China, you could either go to the sunglasses wholesale market, sunglasses Fairs, or source from online market. If you are still uncertain about something, check with sourcing agents in China, such as EJET Sourcing, for help. We will surely bring you a successful buying experience.