Do you know how profitable is to sell women shoes online?

Do you know what are the top trending women shoes to sell online?

Well, if you are thinking about starting a profitable business online, then you are at the right place. Undoubtfully, footwear is something everyone would always love.

Especially when it comes to women, they love buying a variety of shoes on every single occasion. Therefore, selling women shoes never fails.

But to do a successful business, you need to know the best ways for sourcing wholesale women shoes, and what are top trending shoes to start selling. In this blog, you will learn about this information for having a good start for your wholesale women shoes business. So, let’s get started!

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Important Factors to Consider before Buying Wholesale Women Shoes to Sell

Chapter 2: Top 8 Trendy Wholesale Women Shoes in 2021

Chapter 3: Top 7 Chinese Wholesale Websites to buy the Best Wholesale Women Shoes

Chapter 4: What are the Best Places to Sell Women Shoes Online?

Chapter 5:  FAQs About Wholesale Women Shoes

Chapter 1: Important Factors to Consider before Buying Wholesale Women Shoes to Sell

Well before we tell you about the best trending wholesale women’s shoes to start selling online. It is important to know some basic factors you should consider before start selling women’s shoes.

So, let’s dive right in!

Important Factors to Consider before Buying Wholesale Women Shoes to Sel

1. Do the market research and define the market positioning

First and foremost, you must select what sort of shoes that you want to offer to your customers.

For many retail sellers, they cannot find out what kind of products they want to sell. And some of them will feel confused in the beginning, then, doing researches is the first thing for you to do.

While researching, you can find a lot information about what kinds of shoes are hot-selling now. Follow those suggestions from professional can help you save a lot of time and money.

We are going to give ideas for selling the top 8 types of women’s shoes later in our blog. According to these information, you can try to decide which type of shoes will go for your business.

2. Select the best source of supply to buy wholesale women shoes from China

Once you have decided which women’s shoe style and type, you are going to start selling. Here comes another important factor to consider which is the suppliers.

You should also find the best source for buying women’s shoes. For this reason, Chinese wholesale women shoe suppliers may be your best choice!

There are tens of thousands of women shoe suppliers in China. Because the shoe making industry in China already well-known around the world, you can find good-quality products from those markets at good price.

The majority of them are located in four Chinese provinces naming Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Sichuan. From these main wholesale women shoe markets, you are able to get the best products for you shoe business.

3. Determine the prices of buying wholesale women shoes to sell

Determine the prices of buying wholesale women shoes to sell

Before you start wholesaling shoes, you need to know all of the product pricing. If you would like to wholesale shoes in China, you need to visit the markets to study what kind of shoes are selling at what prices.

Chinese suppliers provide different kinds of women’s shoes for their customers, and they also famous for their low quotation.

The cost of the product is critical to the final result. If the product’s price is high, it will be tough for you to enter the market and hope to profit.

4. Check the quality of shoes to make sure the price is reasonable

Before ordering a large number of wholesale shoes, we recommend to purchase few samples for testing. The product’s quality is much more significant than its price. Quality retains consumers, and quality decides your future.

In China, numerous suppliers produce the same shoes, but the prices might vary considerably.

If the price difference is significant, you must evaluate if the product is made of the same material. Purchasing samples for comparison from several suppliers is therefore essential.

5. Calculate transportation costs from China to your region

If you want to begin sourcing wholesale women shoes from China, you must calculate shipping costs along with the product price. In general, there are three means of transportation through which you can source products from China.

They are air, sea, and express. Sea shipping is the most cost-effective mode of transportation, but it takes a lot of time to reach. If you are simply sourcing a few dozen pairs of shoes, say fewer than 100 pairs, you may choose to ship by air or express.

6. Know tariff costs before shipping

When you import products from another country, you will also need to pay customs, taxes, and customs clearing fees. As a result, tariffs will have an impact on the entire cost of your goods in terms of profit.

If you are importing women’s shoes from China to your country, and want to know every detail about customs and taxes, please contact us for instant support. We can help you with customs clearance and other services in China.

Chapter 2: Top 8 Trendy Wholesale Women Shoes in 2021

Top 8 Trendy Wholesale Women Shoes in 2021

Now, you know which factors to consider before jumping into the footwear business. Still, confused to decide which kind of women shoes should you sell? Well, let us help you!

Based on our in-depth research and market analysis, we have found the top 8 trending wholesale women shoes you can start selling to maximize your profits. So, let’s get started!

1. Boots— Best wholesale women shoes

Best wholesale women shoes

Women’s fashionable boots never go out of trend and demand. Fashion boots are available in several designs ranging from ankle to thigh length and are appropriate for formal, casual, and business clothing.

Boots used to be worn for two reasons: to protect the foot and leg from water, mud, extreme cold, or hazards; and to provide additional ankle support for strenuous events that involve extra traction such as hiking.

However, today, women wear boots as a symbol of fashion as well. So, you can earn higher profits by selling fashionable boots in the winter season especially.

2. Athletic shoes — Best wholesale women shoes

The demand for women’s athletic shoes has significantly increased in 2021.

Functionally, athletic shoes are a must-have part of athlete’s gear and are designed for maximum performance. Athletic shoes offer a sports-specific level of comfort, stability, balance, grip, and durability.

Best wholesale women shoes sport

Athletic shoes are high in demand for both young and old ladies. There are many types of athletic shoes you can start selling online.

Some of them are running shoes, tennis shoes, cross trainers, basketball sneakers, soccer cleats, lacrosse shoes, and football cleats.

3. Fashion sneakers — Best wholesale women shoes

Sneakers are still popular for both casual and formal events for women in 2021. There are many styles & types of sneakers women love to buy, include classic sneakers, designer sneakers, colorful sneakers, and dress sneakers.

More and more fashion brands are making sneakers for earning profit from selling them. You can find more women buying those fashion sneakers not only for wearing more comfortable, but also those shoes are good-looking also.

Fashion sneakers

It is impossible for women to have no sneakers in their closets. So, you have a great opportunity to start your business by selling fashionable women’s sneakers online.

4. Flats — Best wholesale women shoes

The ever-green footwear that all women buy is none other than flats. Flats are not only fashionable to have in women’s closet, but it is also essential for everyday usage because of its comfort.

Flats provide extreme comfort to feet and it does not cause foot ache like heels and wedges even wearing it for the whole day. This is the reason why many business women love buying flats on daily basis.

5. Pumps — Best wholesale women shoes

Pumps shoes

It is undoubted that the wonderful and charming pumps are one of the trendiest women’s shoe types. It is the most adaptable shoe style, as it may be worn with nearly any other clothing.

There are so many types of fashionable pumps, you can start selling such as pumps with a heel, and sandal-style pumps. Additionally, pumps are also available with a peep toe, round toe, open toe, and pointed toes.

6. Outdoor shoes — Best wholesale women shoes

Outdoor shoes are another amazing category in women’s footwear business. You can boost your sales by selling outdoor shoes such as hiking shoes, hunting shoes, rain shoes, snow boots, water shoes, and sport slides, etc.

The demand for outdoor shoes remains high throughout the year. Women love to buy a specific type of shoes for specific events. And a good outdoor shoe seller must be able to know well about the special purpose shoes.

For the reason that it is the products that can protect people, the quality must be the best. Therefore, you need to find out the top suppliers in China.

And it’s better to use some adorable design because you need to attract female customers as many as you can.

7 . Sandals — Best wholesale women shoes


Walking scandals, like flats and sneakers, are a comfortable everyday substitute for high heels. Also, they are very popular and comfortable to wear on special occasions as well.

Sandals remain in high demand by every age group in women. Especially these days, platform scandals with ankle strap became the hot item all over the world.

When summer comes, women are looking for a pair of shoes that can keep themselves cool. Therefore, you can fill up your store by picking top fashionable sandals and start attracting customers!

8. Wedges — Best wholesale women shoes

Fashionable wedges are also getting more popular with time. Women who love to wear heels but want comfort as well would likely buy wedges.

These are more comfortable than high heels and pleasure fashion alongside. Generally, wedges are worn by women in workplaces, occasions, walking, and trips. So, wedges can’t be ignored to have some in the closet.

Chapter 3: Top 7 Chinese Wholesale Websites to buy the Best Wholesale Women Shoes

Chinese Wholesale Websites

As a business owner, your goal is to maximize your revenues. There, finding the best wholesale shoe sources is essential for you. For this, you must discover appealing products that will attract your consumer base.

We have found the top 7 wholesale websites from which you can find the best shoes to sell online. So, let’s get straight into it!

1. Buy from Alibaba.com

Alibaba is a well-known website among retail businesses. It is a one-stop-shopping solution for footwear, trendy women shoes, laces, and other related wholesale products.

This website offers a large range of shoes and hundreds of other products accessible on their website.

To place an order on the Alibaba website, you must first establish an account, although you may browse as a guest. To open an account, you will not require a wholesaler license.

Buy from Alibaba

Once you’ve arrived at the Alibaba home page, tap on the “Categories” option at the top left of the screen. Locate the “Shoes & Accessories” option to begin your search for the sort of shoes you want to buy. You can narrow down your search by selecting specific sizes, colors, and styles.

2. Buy from Global Sources 

Another website through which you can easily source high-quality, yet affordable women shoes at wholesale prices. Would you like to see what Global Sources has to offer? Navigate to their website.

Hover your mouse over the “Fashion Accessories & Footwear” option to reveal a menu with numerous footwear options.

Global Sources will not provide a guarantee, but it will provide a dispute center if your transaction is not finished to your satisfaction.

Buy from Global Sources

They also organize China Sourcing Fairs, which bring together manufacturers and suppliers to conduct business with prospective customers at trade fairs. These trade fairs take place in a variety of major cities across the world.

3. Buy from AliExpress.com

AliExpress is also a big name in the wholesale products category. At AliExpress.com, individual customers can also discover excellent bargains. You can discover a wide range of shoes at low rates on AliExpress.com.

For searching products, hover your mouse over the “Bags and Shoes” section under “Categories”.  Go directly to the “Women’s Shoes” category, you can start finding your ideal shoes for wholesaling.

Buy from AliExpress

From this page, you can even narrow down the search by selecting price and delivery choices, as well as the sort of shoes you wish to buy.

What is the best feature of AliExpress? Well, this website will allow you to negotiate with suppliers on pricing, quantity limitations, and other issues.

4. Buy from Made-in-China 

Made-in-China enables you to connect with Chinese suppliers. To discover what you’re searching for to buy, just use the drop-down menu and tap upon this “Apparel and Accessories” link, you will see the “shoes” category, click it or just put your exact keywords into the search area.

Buy from Made-in-China

For individuals seeking suppliers for their retail business, this website provides a bunch of choices. You can also discover fantastic discounts on this website.

Simply use the “Min. Order” search filter to locate wholesale women shoes that have a minimum order of one pair.

5. Buy from DHgate.com

If you are seeking to buy wholesale women shoes at reasonable prices, then DHgate is right for you. DHgate mostly offers products manufactured by small to medium-sized Chinese manufacturers.

DHgate supports all credit card payments and processes your orders via their system, ensuring that your personal payment information is secure. Additionally, here you can also find products in single quantities and do not need to buy in bulk.

Buy from DHgate

It also provides coupons and discounts, which may be delivered directly to your inbox if you sign up for their email newsletter. Some resellers provide free shipping services as well.

6. Buy from Yiwugo.com

Yiwugo has a massive range of stylish women’s shoes along with every other product you can think of. This site offers it all in Yiwu, China, with over 210,000 suppliers, and 1.7 million items.

The website yiwugo.com mostly lists the physical shop locations of their suppliers, but you can also search for specific goods.

On the left side of the website, you can look for the “Apparel, Shoes and Parts” option under “Categories”.

On this page, you can then browse the options or simply can input particular keywords into the search feature at the top of the page.

Buy from Yiwugo

At Yiwugo.com, some suppliers have predetermined pricing for their shoes, while others are prepared to bargain the prices with you.

To obtain a quote, just contact the supplier via the website and give them the relevant information.

7. Buy from 1688.com 

The website, www.1688.com, caters mostly to local Chinese clients. However, customers using US money can also make transactions. This website is in Chinese; however, it can be translated into English.

For translating this website into English, launch the site in the Chrome browser and right-click somewhere on the page. Wait for the website to load after selecting the “Translate to English” option.

Buy from 1688

Please keep in mind that if you live outside of China, you will require an agent to purchase and send your shoes and other products on your behalf.

The majority of 1688.com’s suppliers do not understand English and do not provide international shipping. Foreign individuals and firms (non-Chinese) are unable to buy and pay directly through the website. For additional information, please contact us.

Chapter 4: What are the Best Places to Sell Women Shoes Online?

Now that you know where can you buy the best wholesale women shoes online, you should also know the best places where you can sell them to earn higher profits.

Best Places to Sell Women Shoes Online

Don’t have your own website? No worries at all! Here are the best places where you can start selling women’s shoes instantly!

1. Sell best wholesale women shoes on Amazon

Among all the existing web markets, Amazon is undoubtedly the unchallenged leader. You can sell almost any kind of women’s shoes at Amazon.

Amazon is now placed higher than Nike in the list of top shoe retailers. The best factor why Amazon is so popular among others is due to its simplest methods for selling shoes online.

What you need to do is to register an Amazon shop, and try to buy products from those Chinese wholesale websites. The price differences between the two sides will help you earn a lot.

For more detail information about selling on Amazon, you can check our former blogs about starting an Amazon business.

2. Sell best wholesale women shoes on eBay

EBay is another well-known marketplace that can serve as an excellent platform for selling women shoes. Many people sell their products from eBay, it is a good platform to sell cheap women shoes.

Try to buy some cheap brand shoes from Chinese manufacturers, and you can directly register a eBay account and starting selling them.

Because on eBay, sellers can sign up before they’re even allowed to list any products, and it creates stiff competition. But the traffic is also well worth it.


3. Sell best wholesale women shoes on Kixify

Kixify is a free website that primarily allows you to sell shoes online. Many shoe retailers would like to sell their shoes on Kixify, for the reason that it is a specialty store, and the traffic comes only for different shoes.

You must first build a showcase in order to sell women shoes for cash on Kixify. There have been no placement or setup costs, allowing you to create your store free of cost. But once you sell the goods, you will then need to pay a commission on sold items which is 8%.

4. Sell best wholesale women shoes on Flyp

If you want someone to handle the major headache work required for selling your products, then Flyp is just for you. It is another useful website that works differently from Amazon and eBay.

How does it work? Well, Flyp will connect you with a skilled salesman who handles all of the “hard” work. That salesman will already a Flyp Pro seller who will assist you in selling goods for a commission and compensate you for each product sold.

Which dirty work he will handle? He will gather all professional images of products for you. Additionally, you will not need to worry about delivery and customer service as well.

5. Sell best wholesale women shoes on Etsy

Sell best wholesale women shoes on Etsy

Etsy is another web-based marketplace on which you can design & sell women’s shoes online. The website focuses on handcrafted or vintage products such as shoes, clothes, and other accessories.

This website caters to those searching for unique products rather than famous brands. Etsy has 45 million shoppers all around the world.

There is a $0.20 per item cost, as well as a 5% transaction fee. Additionally, you will also need to pay a payment processing fee.

6. Sell best wholesale women shoes through Custom Website

Above all profitable methods for selling shoes online— your own website will serve the best. If you want to expand your business, build your own client base, and generate genuinely promising profits, then your own website may be the ideal place to sell women shoes online.

The work will start with designing your own shoe brand, and you can find the suppliers who provide customized services in China.

With the unique shoe brand and shoe designs, you can start selling the products from your brand’s official website. However, raise it’s prestige will be the first step for you.

Chapter 5:  FAQs About Wholesale Women Shoes


1. Is there a type of shoes is profitable to buy and sell all year round?

Seasonality is a significant issue in the shoe industry. For instance, you cannot offer flip-flops all year since no one wants to have icicle feet throughout the winter. In addition, no one would like to wear knee-high boots in the hot sun of July.

This simply implies that different styles of shoes are in high demand at different times of the year. The only need is that you be aware of your market.

2. Where is the cheapest place to buy wholesale women shoes?

China is known for being the cheapest wholesale women shoe supplier in the world. Chinese wholesale shoe providers are not only famous for their low costs, but at the same time, they also have a diverse shoe collection.

If you want to know about the Chinese offline wholesale shoe markets, we have those detail information on the blog: How to Buy Wholesale Shoes from China: a 2021 Complete Guide.

3. Which styles of women shoes sell best?

In chapter 2 of our blog, we have already listed all famous styles of wholesale women shoes that sell the best. For example, you can find that sneakers, flats, boots, and scandals are very popular these days.

In summer, many customers are looking for some comfortable shoes which can keep themselves cool.

4. Where to buy wholesale shoes from China?

In chapter 3 of our article, we have listed the top 7 websites where you can easily find Chinese wholesale women shoe suppliers online, such as Alibaba, 1688, Yiwugo and so on. You can negotiate with them and they also offer discounts when you buy in bulk.

And there are lots of the offline shoe wholesale markets in China, you can find good women shoe suppliers from Wenzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou and many other cities.

For more detail information, please read our former blog about wholesale shoes, here provides the most detail information about how to wholesale shoes from China.


Well, the guide about the best wholesale women shoes comes to an end. We have discussed all the necessary things you should know before start selling women shoes online.

We believe now you have understood how to buy wholesale women shoes and where to sell them online.

If you want to know more about the wholesale market of China and the best Chinese suppliers, you can check this link – Best 10 Shoe Wholesale Manufacturers & Suppliers in China .

You will have more information about the main manufactures and markets for wholesale shoes from China.